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Chapter 657: Sword Intent Fragmen

The two had been walking together for more than 10 days. Liu Ming, under the instructions of the Real Pellet State sword cultivator, had significant improvement in sword controlling techniques that was far more than his own realization for all those years. In the beginning, he had to go all out with the silver sword soul, but now he could slay them easily.

This was not to say that Liu Ming couldn’t crush the sword soul of the same level with Liu Ming’s current skills, but that he could only use the sword controlling techniques which were only 10%-20% of his true strength.

“Thank you senior fellow apprentice for the praise. Without the guidance of senior fellow apprentice along the way, I would not have made such rapid progress.” Liu Ming naturally thanked him.

Through more than 10 consecutive days of hunting and killing the sword souls, the invisible sword embryo in Liu Ming’s body had almost returned to its former state; Hong Longzi’s golden fairy sword had also completely recovered after killing a golden sword soul a day ago.

“Haha, not a problem, don’t mind about that! With the sword controlling technique of Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, even facing the golden sword soul, you should be able to deal with it. However, my time in the Sword Soul Hall is almost up, so I can no longer accompany you. You and I get along quite well, I’ll leave for now. See you later!” Hong Longzi said boldly when he heard the words.

Without waiting for Liu Ming to say anything, he crushed a gray token in his hand.

A gray light suddenly enveloped his figure, and he disappeared after a flash.

Liu Ming looked at the place where Hong Longzi disappeared. After a slight smile, he flew in a certain direction.

Through these days of getting along, this Hong Longzi gave Liu Ming a very good impression. It should be worth befriending him.

In the next 2 days, Liu Ming successively killed many gray sword souls, and even a few silver sword souls. But they were all at the early stage of the Crystallization Period, so Liu Ming could of course kill them.

After another day, Liu Ming flew on his sword to a hilly area surrounded by desert sand.

Due to the departure of Hong Longzi, Liu Ming would now slow down as much as possible when looking for the sword soul. Although he was now facing the golden sword soul, he should be able to slay it. However, it wasn’t the case if he was besieged by other sword souls.

As a result, when Liu Ming had just crossed a basin, he frowned slightly. With a rough glance, he found a flickering golden light spot.

As his face changed, he immediately stopped the escape light.

The bright light seemed to have also spotted Liu Ming, and it immediately moved toward Liu Ming.

“Golden Sword Soul? No, something is wrong…”

When Liu Ming looked clearly, he looked gloomy instantly.

He had seen the golden sword soul as the highest level sword soul. However, this sword soul seemed to be a little strange.

After a few seconds, the golden light flashed and stopped 100 meters away from him.

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and finally saw what was in front of him. It was indeed a golden sword soul, but it was a little different from an ordinary sword soul.

Since he entered the Sword Soul Hall, the sword souls he had encountered were pure energy bodies. Apart from the appearance, there were no other human characteristics, but the one in front of him had obviously mutated.

In the golden light, it was a pale golden translucent human figure. But on this translucent human figure, bones could be seen in it. On its right shoulder, a finger size hole was clearly visible. Strands of sword qi was faintly wrapped around it, seemingly slowly healing its wound.

This mutant sword soul seems to have been injured and has fled to this place!

Could it be the sword soul that escaped from battling other sword soul or from Hong Longzi?

Liu Ming couldn’t help being a little surprised.

“Human cultivator… kill…” When the golden sword soul saw Liu Ming, it suddenly spoke with a somewhat stiff voice.

Liu Ming frowned. This golden sword soul can actually speak. Its intelligence is obviously much higher than that of the ordinary sword souls.

Just as a trace of murderous aura appeared in the eyes of the golden sword soul, Liu Ming immediately pointed forward with a sword gesture without hesitation. The green flying sword under his feet blasted out.

Since this sword soul had been injured so badly, he naturally wouldn’t be polite anymore.

The golden sword soul groaned and clawed with 5 fingers. 5 golden sword lights shone on its fingertips. With a wave of its hand, a fierce sword qi was launched at the green flying sword from the claw.


The sword qi’s sharp claw immediately resisted the green flying sword; the 2 were on a par with each other for a while.

Liu Ming looked silent. With a change of gesture, the green flying sword shook and turned into a 100 meters giant green sword phantasm.

With a swing of the sword phantasm, it easily shattered the sharp claws and went straight to the sword soul.


A curved sword qi suddenly blocked the green sword light. After a clear collision, the green flying sword flew back.

Liu Ming was slightly startled. After retrieving the flying sword, he squinted his eyes.

A golden broadsword had appeared in the hands of golden sword soul. There were even some exquisite lifelike lines on the sword body.

Liu Ming sneered and made a sword gesture. The green flying sword trembled and released sword qi that wrapped Liu Ming into it, turning into a green rainbow that charged forward.

As the golden sword soul was astounded, it blocked with the broadsword hurriedly.

The 2 figures were suddenly in close combat. Their speed was both swift. For a while, golden and green sword qi scattered in all directions.

In just a few seconds, several deep gullies appeared on the ground.

At this moment, a green figure suddenly retreated and appeared more than 100 meters away in a flash.

Liu Ming’s figure was revealed with a fade of green light.

At this moment, his face was a little pale. Obviously, he didn’t get an upper hand in the melee combat.

Although the golden sword soul was hurt, its body was unusually sturdy. Ordinary sword qi couldn’t hurt it at all.

Without thinking much, the golden sword soul suddenly pursued in a golden rainbow. The golden broadsword flashed and turned into a giant golden python that appeared before Liu Ming instantly.

“Sword light materialization?” Liu Ming narrowed his eyes. He had seen Sha Tongtian use it once before.

With a quick thought, he made a sword gesture without delay. The 153 crystals in his Spiritual Sea trembled, and all his spiritual power surged into the spiritual sword. With a flash of green light, all over his body suddenly surged out and poured into the spiritual sword in his hand. An overwhelming sword light rolled out together with him, and a long green rainbow rose into the air.

Liu Ming used the body and sword fusion.

In the next moment, the green rainbow went straight at the giant golden python!


After the 2 contacted, the golden python was cut in half from head to tail.

The green sword light continued to charge forward and hit the golden sword soul directly. On the chest and abdomen of the latter, a huge wound was immediately opened up. It was knocked out at a faster speed than it came.

Without waiting for the golden sword soul to react, Liu Ming, with a pale face, appeared behind the golden sword soul in a flash. He extended his hand and grabbed the sword soul’s neck.

The spiritual sword in the other hand burst into green light. The small green sword turned into 3 feet long, then it flashed into the injured right shoulder of the sword soul; Liu Ming uttered “slash” simultaneously.

The sword soul screamed, and its whole body was cut in half diagonally from its right shoulder.

The 2 halves of the sword soul burst apart and turned into 2 golden mists. In the mist, there was no sword soul strand, but a golden flying sword fragment the size of a thumb came out.

“What is this……”

Liu Ming immediately took the golden fragment into his palm with a move of his mind. However, it flashed and turned into a golden powder.

In the next moment, an incredible sword intent energy surged into Liu Ming’s Spiritual Sea and soon combined with the sword embryo spirit.


A green light beam suddenly appeared on Liu Ming. The mist of the golden sword soul also slowly sank into his body.

With a thought, Liu Ming immediately sat cross-legged, and he kept making different sword gestures.

The invisible sword embryo spirit had almost recovered from its original state. At this moment, he received this pure sword intent energy, so the sword embryo spirit seemed to be inflated. Its size was expanded several times. Its surface was flickering with crystal light, almost turning into a substance.

The sword embryo spirit at this moment was surprisingly stronger than the Tai Gang Sword Embryo of Grandmaster Liuyin.

However, the sword embryo spirit at this moment was extremely unstable. It was making violent tremors from time to time.

Liu Ming cautiously formed a few gestures stated in the Tai Gang Sword Tactics to slowly channel his spiritual power.

As time passed, he sat in the same place for a day and a night before barely calming the sword embryo spirit that had become restless.

“It seems that you are in trouble again!” Just as Liu Ming was about to stand up, a man’s voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Senior Luo Hu.” Liu Ming’s heart shuddered, and he quickly replied.

“I don’t know whether you are lucky or bad. What you just absorbed should be the sword intent fragment left by a powerful sword cultivator. The sword intent contained in it is so strong that you can’t imagine it. Now what is in your body was something that is even more powerful than your sword embryo; it is beyond the limit of your body. Although you barely suppress it now, it can still break free by itself at any time in the future.” Luo Hu said coldly.

“What, there is such a thing?” Liu Ming suddenly broke into cold sweat when he heard it.

“To keep this invisible sword embryo, it is best to forge a true spirit flying sword as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the sword embryo spirit shows signs of energy leakage, it will immediately escape by itself. At that time, you will lose everything you have. You should think carefully about your next move!” After Luo Hu said 2 short sentences, he didn’t speak anymore.

TL: Lucky or unlucky? At his current state, he shouldn’t be able to stay any longer in this Sword Soul Hall right? Can he immediately forge the true spirit flying sword? What materials is he lacking?

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