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Chapter 653: Sword Fighting Pill

Liu Ming turned around and walked into the alchemy room. After waiting for 2 hours and successfully refining a few ordinary yun spirit pills, he put away the Liu Ming Cauldron. His mind was still full of the order he had just received.

The so-called grand elder was different from the general deputy elders and the elders of each peak branch. The only criterion that could be included in it was that their cultivation had reached the Celestial State realm.

In Taiqing Sect, no matter what the person’s original status was, as long as he advanced to the Celestial State, he could immediately become a grand elder in the sect. He could have great authority in the Taiqing Sect and an unimaginable supply of resources, becoming the true pillar of the Taiqing Sect.

According to Liu Ming’s knowledge, even if Taiqing Sect was 1 of the 4 ancient sects, there were only a dozen of Celestial State grand elder.

Fu Zhi whom he met in the Separation and Reunion Hall before was one of them.

These grand elders were so overpowered that they could easily crush any ordinary sect in the entire Middle Sky Continent.

Although he didn’t know why this grand elder suddenly needed a disciple who was familiar with both sword cultivation and alchemy, since the rewards were 200,000 contribution points and a great merit, this was a pretty urgent matter for this Celestial State powerhouse.

It seemed that he must cooperate fully this time in the past, and must make this grand elder satisfied.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming immediately left the alchemy room and went to the bedroom to sleep so as to recharge his energy for tomorrow’s matter.

The next morning, Liu Ming left the cave house and flew toward the law enforcement hall.

Half an hour later, a black cloud landed on the mountain where the law enforcement hall was located. As it landed, Deputy Hall Master Zhao had been waiting there.

“Great, you finally came. Come with me!”

When Hall Master Zhao saw Liu Ming, he was immediately delighted. He waved at Liu Ming and turned around.

Liu Ming naturally followed up closely.

As a result, the 2 came to a side hall at the back of the law enforcement hall.

There were more than 10 teleportation arrays of different sizes, and each of the enchantments above had different colors.

When he came to the law enforcement hall before, he had also inadvertently come to this place. As for where these teleportation arrays led to, he didn’t know.

Before Liu Ming could ask anything, Hall Master Zhao handed Liu Ming a golden talisman, then he pointed to a certain teleportation array and said,

“Do you see that light green circle? This is a teleportation talisman. You only need to take this talisman to enter this circle, then you will be sent directly to this grand elder’s residence.”

“Yes, Master’ Senior Zhao.” Liu Ming reached out his hand to take the teleportation talisman and replied respectfully.

After that, he held the golden talisman and walked into the magic circle a few steps. As he channeled his spiritual power, a golden light flew out of the teleportation talisman and flashed into the edge of the teleportation array.

Suddenly, the entire array buzzed. Liu Ming only felt the green light burst, then after a slight tremor in the surrounding void, he could no longer the scene around him clearly.

The next moment, there was a “boom” in his ears.

When he saw everything around him again, he suddenly appeared in a small lush space.

Not only was this space about a dozen acres in size, but it was also surrounded by green air walls. But for some reason, this space looked extraordinarily bright.

After Liu Ming looked clearly again, he could easily see that not far in front, there were a few seemingly ordinary huts and a wooden pavilion. On one side of the hut was an acre of medicine field planted with countless spiritual grasses.

At a glance, he spotted a spiritual medicine called soul leading grass – a small crimson grass. In the previous auction, a 300 years old could easily be sold for nearly 1 million spirit stones.

As for the other spiritual medicines, although he could not recognize them one by one, they were definitely not ordinary.

In this medicinal field, in addition to these spiritual grasses, there were several spiritual birds inhabiting aside. Each bird had an extraordinary aura. 1 of them had 5 colors. It turned around and looked at Liu Ming, making him shock for it.

At this moment, the door of a hut was opened, and 2 old men walked out of it.

Both were about 60 years old. One of them was dressed in a white robe and had a childlike appearance while the other was in a red robe and had an ordinary look, messy gray hair and pale blue eyes.

After the Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought, he couldn’t see through their cultivation; they were obviously beyond the realm of the Real Pellet State.

“Disciple Liu Ming greets to 2 grand elders.” Liu Ming stopped right there, bowing respectfully toward the 2 of them.

“Oh, you are the disciple who came to help this time. Not bad, at a young age, your spiritual power is exceptionally rare.” The old man in a red robe glanced at Liu Ming, and he said with a sneer.

He could easily notice that Liu Ming’s spiritual power was far more pure than the general inner disciple at a glance.

“I’m Zhong Yi, the owner of this place and also the person who issued this mission. This is Elder Yao, Yao Fuwen.” The white-robed old man looked at Liu Ming and said slowly with satisfaction.

“Elder Zhong, Elder Yao.” Liu Ming was startled once again, and he hurriedly bowed again.

Although it was his first time seeing them, as Taiqing Sect’s few grand elders, Liu Ming had long heard their names.

Among them, Zhong Yi was the only Celestial State elder in Taiqing Sect who was proficient in alchemy while Yao Fuwen was proficient in forging. The 2 of them, together with another elder who was proficient in talisman, were called the Taiqing Three Spirits. Their existence was absolutely transcendent in the entire Taiqing Sect.

“Okay, no need to be polite. Junior Fellow Apprentice Zhong, that treasure cauldron, I will borrow you to use it for a while. You can return it to me after you finish your matter.” Yao Fuwen waved his hand to Liu Ming, then he spoke to the old man in a white robe.

“Thank you Senior Fellow Apprentice Yao for borrowing your treasure. He will come to the door in person and return this cauldron to Brother Yao.” Zhong Yi said very politely.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Zhong, don’t say that. You and I are both fellow apprentice for thousands of years, you don’t have been so polite with me. Okay, I still have other things, so I won’t watch you refining pill. Goodbye.” After the old man in a red robe laughed boldly, he turned into a red light and disappeared from the space after a few flickers.

Seeing this, the old man in a white robe turned to Liu Ming again and said in a deep voice,

“Deputy Hall Master Zhao told me that you are an alchemist who can refine the earth grade elixir and you are also proficient in Tai Gang Sword Tactics. Is this all true?”

“Reporting to grand elder, it is true.” Liu Ming replied without thinking.

“Very well, in this case, you can really help me a bit. I want you to assist me in refining an ancient elixir called ‘sword fighting pill’. Hearing this name, you should know why are you here. A disciple who assisted me before is cultivating behind closed doors, so he isn’t free now. Only a few people can take this role, but they are out for missions. But I need it urgently in the near future, so after several twists and turns, I found you…”

“Disciple will do everything I can to assist senior in refining this pill.” Liu Ming suddenly understood listening to it, and he hurriedly cupped his fist again.

“That’s great! After it’s done, it will naturally give you some benefits. Let’s not drag it and start now! Come with me.” After Zhong Yi nodded, he waved to Liu Ming and said with satisfaction.

Afterward, the old man in a white robe led Liu Ming into 1 of the huts.

This seemingly ordinary hut looked different on the inside. It was a square alchemy room of ​​about 100 meters. A few yellow wood bookcases and a simple bed were put on one side of the room. There was nothing else in the room.

On the ground on the other side, an array that formed by a groove of about 10 meters deep could faintly be seen.

Zhong Yi walked to the array and flicked his sleeve, and a small scarlet cauldron flew out. After turning around in the air, it turned 40 meters tall and landed on top of the groove array.

Above the huge cauldron, red, yellow and blue runes were clearly visible.

Liu Ming was slightly taken aback when he saw this.

This cauldron was exactly the Three Tastes True Flame Cauldron he saw in the Small Flame World before!

“Next, I will refine the sword fighting pill. What you have to do is, when this pill is about to condense, you have to continuously release your sword qi into the cauldron. Since you are an alchemist, you should be able to know when this pill will be condensed. Remember to grasp the timing, not too early or too late, otherwise once this pill cannot absorb enough sword qi, it will not be able to refine it smoothly.” Zhong Yi Chong instructed Liu Ming.

Liu Ming naturally respectfully agreed upon hearing this.

Zhong Yi then took a deep breath before making gestures, launching several symbols at the Three Tastes True Flame Cauldron.

The tri-color rune on the surface of the cauldron suddenly began to flash non-stop, and the cover also flew up. The tri-color glow swept out of Cauldron’s cover from time to time.

At this moment, there was a “boom!“

A symbol immersed in the array at the bottom, and an unusually hot crimson fire dragon rose into the sky and flew to the bottom of the cauldron.

With a flick of his sleeve, 3 storage talismans appeared in his palm hand. After the talismans were torn, many unknown materials flew into midair.

The next moment, the old man in a white robe waved his sleeves, sending waves of materials into the cauldron and closing the cauldron cover after that.

After finishing all this, Zhong Yi made a gesture to control the heat while waiting quietly. He launched a few symbols into the cauldron from time to time to control the crimson flame.

Sword fighting pill? Will Liu Ming be rewarded with this elixir?

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