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Chapter 651: Starlight Magnetic Refine Method

Tianjian Peak was mainly focusing on sword cultivation. The books here were naturally mystic arts skills related to sword cultivation. Liu Ming easily found a lot of true spirit flying sword techniques on a shelf near the inside.

The 2 major steps of forging the true spirit flying sword; the refine method of sword embryo body and sword embryo spirit. were all displayed here.

With a glance, Liu Ming skipped the classics about sword embryo spirit. After removing the light curtain with the token, he focused on the related books of sword embryo body.

“Golden Xuan Refine Method, Flame Heart Refine Method…”

On the jade plate suspended before the jade slip, the characteristics of the various sword embryo body refining methods were clearly marked as well as the contribution points required.

Looking all the way, Liu Ming did not find a method that he liked very much.

His Sumeru Void Sword embryonic spirit contained the spiritual power of the Void Bamboo, so he must take into account the problem of complementarity and multiplication of attributes.

At this moment, on a bookshelf in the corner, a jade slip exuding azure blue light attracted his attention.

Liu Ming walked to the bookshelf and glanced around. He saw the jade plate stated “Starlight Magnetic Refine MethodMagnetism”, and the contribution points needed were as many as 300,000 points.

He took a deep breath and looked at the above introduction carefully. After a while, his eyes suddenly brightened.

The Starlight Magnetic Refine Method was actually a secret method of refining sword embryo body with the help of the power of the stars. The attribute was very suitable with the Sumeru Void Sword Embryo. Once successful, the refined sword embryo body was not only extremely hard and sharp, but it also had a chance to have some kind of magnetic attribute depending on the material being used. The power was mysterious.

However, the only drawback of this refine method was that the power of the starlight drawn from the stars was very difficult to control. Once the refine failed, the original materials would be scrapped.

After reading these explanations, Liu Ming looked uncertain. After thinking on the spot for 15 minutes, he seemed to figure out something. After a sudden chuckle, he took the jade slip and walked downstairs.

There was a light enchantment attached to this jade slip, which needed to be unlocked before he could view the contents.

“Starlight Magnetic Refine method? You actually chose this mystic art?” In the study on the first floor, Liang Gong looked at the azure jade slip in his hand, then he looked at Liu Ming with surprise.

“Yes, this refine method is suitable for me. Please let me read it, Master’s Junior Liang.” Liu Ming said respectfully.

“You should have seen the notes. Once this kind of sword embryo is refined, it is indeed very powerful, but the difficulty of refining it is one of the hardest methods. Since the Tianjian Peak is founded, there is only one grand elder more than 10,000 years ago successfully refined a sword embryo body with this method. All the others had failed. It’s not too late to change your mind still. You can still choose another refine method.” Liang Gong said word by word.

“Thank you, Master’s Junior, for the reminders, but I have decided to use this method. If it really doesn’t work, then I will try another refine method.” Liu Ming said without hesitation.

“Since you have to try, I won’t stop you. Give me your identity token! But if you come to our peak again next time to look for other methods, the contribution points will not be as simple as 30% more.” After Liang Gong heard this, he sneered.

Liu Ming naturally affirmed to it and handed over his identity token.

Liang Gong took Liu Ming’s token and deducted 390,000 contribution points from it.

Then he patted the azure jade slip with one hand to dispel the enchantment on it and threw it back to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming reached out and took the jade slip.

His contribution points were about to be finished due to the constant exchange.

Liu Ming quickly made a copy of the jade slip, and after making a vow not to divulge the content, he returned the azure jade slip to Liang Gong and left the scripture pavilion.

After a while, a black cloud flew out from the Tianjian Peak and went toward the Fallen Serene Peak.

As soon as Liu Ming returned to his cave house, he entered the secret room right away. He sat cross-legged, took out the copied jade slip, and carefully read the refine method of the sword embryo body.

After a few hours, when Liu Ming fully understood the refine method in the book, he was already sweating profusely.

The book stated that a special array called the Starlight Array needed to be set up at a specific time and place in order to use the star power to refine the sword embryo body.

Liu Ming knew that with the illusion of the mysterious space, he could the specific stage of the star power infinitely, so he didn’t have to worry about the high difficulty.

However, there were only a few choices of sword body materials for this refine method, such as the metal attribute meteorite gold essence, the water attribute deep blue essence and so on.

These materials themselves were also extremely rare treasures. It was not easy to find just one of them. They could probably be found in some auctions.

However, the sword embryo spirit in his body still needed a long time before recovering, so for him, there was no need to rush to find the materials.

Next, Liu Ming went to find out the secret method to restore the power of sword embryo spirit.

As a result, although he found several ways, he either needed to use the rare spiritual items to nourish it or he needed a sword cultivator above Celestial State to help him.

In desperation, Liu Ming could only put the matter aside for now. He continued to comprehend Tai Gang Sword Tactics’ sword flying.

The so-called sword flying could only be practiced with a Crystallization Period cultivation.

He previously used the body and sword fusion’s sword light as escape light for a short duration. The effect was similar to that of sword flying, but the consumption of spiritual power was also extremely huge. If he encountered a strong enemy that he couldn’t get rid of in a short time, he would naturally be in danger.

However, the basis of this sword flying was indeed the body and sword fusion. He had to practice the Sword Controlling Technique to great success before he could truly master it.

After Liu Ming remembered all the symbols of sword flying in his mind, he closed his eyes again and began to meditate quietly.

The early morning of the second day, in a remote valley in the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, there were rugged gray and white rocks everywhere. The mountain breeze was making a strange weeping sound while blowing.

On one side of a huge rock under the mountain wall, Liu Ming stood on it with his eyes closed. The green spiritual sword in his hand was pointed to the ground.

After a night of meditation, he already had some insights into the sword flying. At this moment, he urgently needed to practice on the spot to verify what he had in mind.

He suddenly crossed the green spiritual sword before in front of his chest, then he made a gesture. His finger slowly slid from the hilt to the tip of the sword, injecting his spiritual power evenly into the sword body.

As his finger moved to the tip of the sword, the small green sword burst into bright green light.

When Liu Ming saw this, his arm vibrated. The small green sword immediately flew out and suspended in front of him. He pointed in the air to constantly inject his spiritual power into the small sword.


The small sword instantly grew to the size of 10 meters, turning into a faint green sword shadow. Liu Ming then stepped on top of it.

Immediately afterward, he chanted as he made gestures. Strands of green sword lights emitted from the green sword shadow quickly wrapped around his body.

Liu Ming groaned, and his body burst into green light. After the giant sword shadow under his feet trembled, it blasted toward the rocks like lightning.

From a distance, Liu Ming, who stepped on the green flying sword, had already turned into a green rainbow.

There was a loud sound.

The 50 meters tall rocks were penetrated with a hole of 10 meters in size. The green rainbow then blasted to the other side of the mountain.

Only then, Liu Ming hurriedly stopped his gestures to stop the escape light. However, due to the speed being too fast, under the impact of inertia, the green sword shadow still bumped toward a boulder on the mountain.

“Bang“, Liu Ming forcibly smashed the boulder with his tyrannical body.

Liu Ming’s first attempt of sword flying was obviously unsuccessful.

On the one hand, he couldn’t fully adapt to the flying speed. On the other hand, he couldn’t fully control the strands of sword light on his body.

Like what was stated in the Tai Gang Sword Tactics, before he had great success in sword controlling technique, he couldn’t really use sword flying for real long-distance flight.

However, he knew the root cause after the first failure. Liu Ming had made a quick progression in the following practice.

In the following, he continued to practice sword controlling technique in the secret room while studying various techniques of sword flying.

One day a year later, in the depths of an uninhabited rocky mountain in the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

A green sword rainbow the size of 10 meters was shuttling back and forth among the rocks.

As the green sword rainbow touched the gray boulder, the boulder was easily penetrated.

Before long, almost all the surrounding boulders were broken and holes were everywhere.

At this moment, a buzzing sound suddenly came from the sword light.

After letting out a soft “eh“, the green sword light faded, revealing a young man in black holding a green spiritual sword.

It was Liu Ming.

He flicked his sleeves, and a sound transmission disk array suspended before him.

“Come and see me in the main hall of Fallen Serene Peak.” In the disk array, Yin Jiuling’s deep voice came out.

A hint of surprise flashed across Liu Ming’s face. After a moment of hesitation, he grabbed in the air, and the yellow disk array flew back into his sleeve.

Then, Liu Ming put away the green flying sword and flew toward the direction of Fallen Serene Peak.

What is it about? Did Liu Ming achieve great success in sword controlling technique?

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