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Chapter 625: Fierce Battle

In the fight between Peng Yue and Blood Emperor, Blood Emperor won in the end. The bronze puppet was trapped by the blood sea, and it was consecutively hit by Blood Emperor that appeared in and out of the blood sea. The crystal core on its chest was shattered.

After Peng Yue lost the huge bronze puppet, although he used several other backup puppets later, he still couldn’t fight against Blood Emperor. After being severely injured, he had to explode his last 2 puppets and use the specially made Sky Escape Talisman by the sect elders.

Misfortunes never come singly. Although he got rid of Blood Emperor using the talisman, he ran into Black Phoenix Fairy at the entrance of a palace.

When the woman saw his embarrassed look, she was naturally overjoyed and immediately pursued him.

In desperation, Peng Yue could only run away again.

At this time, Black Phoenix Fairy looked at the already unstable yellow escape light and immediately made a gesture. She sped up, obviously trying to kill Peng Yue so that she could vent her anger from being chased previously.

However, just as the distance between the 2 was getting closer and closer, Black Phoenix Fairy’s escape light suddenly stopped. She turned to a certain direction and looked uncertain on her face.

Suddenly, she took out a white compass magical weapon in her hand. There was a motionless silver pointer on it.

Black Phoenix Fairy launched an unknown symbol at the compass right away.

The pointer that was not moving suddenly spun on the compass, turning into a blur of silver light. At the same time, the compass also flickered with a circle of silver runes.

Black Phoenix Fairy watched the change of the compass in his hand without blinking. When the silver needle finally stopped with an abrupt sound, the pointer suddenly pointed to the direction it was looking at before, and the entire compass was wrapped in a ball of silver light. In, made a low buzzing sound.

“Someone has found the true demonic qi. This Demon Leading Compass actually has such a big reaction. It seems that it is really the true demonic qi.” Black Phoenix Fairy immediately muttered to herslef when she saw the anomaly of the compass. Her face was full of surprises.

Next, the woman was holding the compass and blasted toward the direction pointed by the compass pointer. She no longer bothered about Peng Yue who was escaping.

On the side of a dark pool, a man in a gray robe was putting a motionless black beetle on the ground into the storage talisman. He suddenly raised his head and looked up with joy, then he fly away on a green mist.

In a pavilion built on a certain highland, 2 black men were still fighting in the first moment. The next moment, they put away their spiritual weapons at the same time and looked into a direction.

“Brother Feng, we have been fighting each other this demonic jade desperately, but we let the others find the true demonic qi first. The demonic qi around here isn’t even comparable to a single trace of the true demonic qi. Why are we still fighting endlessly here?” One of the middle-aged man holding a black blade retracted his gaze and said.

“Hmph! Fine, I will settle accounts with you for sneak attacking me after I leave the ruins.” The other person said and flew toward the location of the altar.

Seeing this situation, the another person also turned into a black escape light and surged away.

In this way, when Liu Ming broke the altar seal in the center of the ruins and began to absorb the true demonic aura, some demonic cultivators closer to the center sensed the existence of the true demonic aura. They rushed to the seal one after another ecstatically.

At the shattered altar, Liu Ming stood motionless on the edge of the circle, letting the black gas sink into his abdomen.

At the same time, at the entrance of the hall, 2 blurred figures were hiding in the shadows while talking quickly with voice transmission.

“I, Demon Green Mountain, never expected that someone found this place faster than me with my spiritual body that is extremely sensitive to demonic qi. The true demonic qi here is actually so much. If we can get it, it is enough for us to breakthrough the Crystallization Period and reach the Real Pellet State.” One of the hunched-backed men, looking at the black lines that appeared from time to time in the distant seal, said in a hoarse voice in surprise.

“Its simple. As long as we kill this kid quickly, the true demonic aura of this person can be extracted again through Ghost Spirit Technique. Its just the process is a bit troublesome.” The little black shadow said cruelly, but a middle-aged woman with an ordinary look cruelly said.

“Okay, it’s settled. You and I will join forces to divide the true demonic aura here.” The hunched-backed man who claimed to be Demon Green Mountain took out a gray trident with a sneer.

After the middle-aged woman nodded and said yes, she also took out an unknown black dagger.

Seeing this, Demon Green Mountain stomped his feet and blasted toward Liu Ming.

At the same time, the middle-aged woman shook her wrist, and the black dagger in her hand suddenly disappeared.

Although Liu Ming let the “bubble” in his body to continuously absorb the true demonic aura at this time, with his talent for multitasking, he was naturally clear about the situation around him.

Just when the hunched-backed man rushed over viciously, he turned around and flicked his 10 fingers. 10 green sword qi were launched like sharp blades.

The hunched-backed man shouted, and the pair of tridents in his hands immediately turned into 2 giant gray python.


The gray pythons immediately collided with the 10 sword qi and burst open at the same time.

At this moment, a black dagger emerged on Liu Ming’s side, and a black light pierced toward him fiercely.


The black light pierced through Liu Ming’s head, but it was just an afterimage.

At the same time, a figure flashed and appeared ghostly behind the hunched-backed man. Liu Ming launched the small green sword into a rainbow.

Demon Green Mountain screamed, and he was minced into a rain of blood by the rolling sword light.

“Big Brother!”

Seeing this situation, the middle-aged woman immediately let out a heart-piercing roar. Her eyes were bloodshot. Black gas rolled out from her body, enlarging her body by several times.

However, at this moment, a red light flashed out silently from her chest. Then, the red light was pulled out. Blood instantly gushed out from her chest.

After the vital part was wounded, the middle-aged woman’s aura dropped suddenly. When she turned her head slightly, she saw a man in a gray robe and wrapped by green flame was holding a red spear.

“Old Green Monster, its you…”

“Hehe, since your brother has been killed, what’s the use of you staying alone? You should go and accompany him.” The man in a gray robe sneered, and the green flames rolled all over her body, turning her into ashes.

“You have absorbed so much true demonic aura, it’s really hard work. Now, hand over all the demonic qi.” Old Green Monster turned around and looked at Liu Ming with a hideous expression.

As soon as he spoke, he launched the red spear, turning it into 60 meters long red light that blasted at Liu Ming.

At this moment, Luo Hu’s faint voice came from Liu Ming’s ear again.

“Don’t prolong the fight. Let the prison absorb enough true demonic aura. Now that the seal has been broken by you, other people are bound to swarm in. This true demonic aura will be lost bit by bit.”

Liu Ming frowned when he heard the words. Black gas rolled out and transformed into 3 mist dragons and 3 mist tigers.

After a few bangs, the mist dragons and tigers burst apart, turning into a large black light.

The red light from the red spear disappeared into it.

“How come……”

Old Green Monster exclaimed as his connection with the spiritual weapon was cut off. He looked gloomy all of sudden.

Just when he wanted to do something else, the sky was filled with black light.

Old Green Monster only saw darkness in front of him; he was already trapped in Liu Ming’s Hell Prison. It was pitch black on all sides, and countless black tentacles entangled him frantically.

Old Green Monster was horrified.

At the same time, Liu Ming appeared on the side of the seal again in a flash. After the bubbles in the Spiritual Sea spun slightly, it continued to absorb the black silks that emerged from the seal.

But after only a few minutes, in the Hell Prison that was more than 100 meters away from Liu Ming, a few green flames rolled out.

It didn’t take long for the billowing green flames to burst out of the black light, and they condensed into a hideous face that struggled desperately in the black light.

“This person can actually break the Hell Prison.”

After Liu Ming glanced at it, he murmured. With the talent of multitasking, he then launched the small green sword into a 60 meters giant sword light.


He pointed in the air and the hideous face of green flames was slashed into half. It flashed and disappeared back into the black light.

Liu Ming naturally understood that even though this person used his demonic technique to force open the Hell Prison, his body was still in the illusion. He was unable to withstand the full blow of his Sword Controlling Technique.

Sure enough, a painful scream came out from the black light, followed by a “bang!“

The black light of Hell Prison burst apart, and the billowing green flames spread around, revealing a man in a gray robe without a head. The blood spurted out from his neck was about 3 feet tall.

Old Green Monster, who was quite famous, just died like this.

Liu Ming waved his hand and recalled the green sword light.

But when the flying sword was flying, he lifted his hand again with a strange look.

The green sword light turned sharply, and it rolled toward a huge stone pillar not far away.

How fast can Liu Ming absorb the seal? Will he be swarmed by all the demonic cultivators? Good thing is that all the demonic cultivators are killing each other first before dealing with Liu Ming.

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