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Chapter 624: Altar and Seal

“Demonic stone?” Liu Ming asked with a frown while looking at the things on the stone pillar.

“This is not a demonic stone, but a special kind of black crystal. There can be a certain connection between these crystal stones. According to their locations, it can form a certain kind of enchantment. Because of the existence of this enchantment, this altar is still intact.” Luo Hu explained faintly.

“So that’s the case, is it that I can get the true demonic aura after breaking the enchantment?” Liu Ming asked slowly.

“Yes. It’s urgent. You must break the enchantment and seal as soon as possible to let out the demonic qi before anyone else arrives here. However, let me remind you that once the true demonic qi leaks, it may be exposed to other demonic cultivators. They will find this place quickly.” Luo Hu reminded again.

Liu Ming nodded upon hearing that. He walked a few steps forward and flicked his sleeves. 2 Heavy Water Droplets appeared on his hands, and he rubbed them into 1.

After combining the Heavy Water Droplet, he chanted and released rolling black gas from his arms. With a groan, he threw a punch fiercely that caused a black gas surged out wildly.


After a fluctuation occurred in the space in front of the altar, an invisible light curtain emerged. The Heavy Water Droplet buffed by Tiger Dragon Hell Prison only caused a ripple on the light curtain.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. He raised his other arm and pointed his finger at it, launching a spiral sword qi instantly.


With a flash of sword qi, it easily penetrated the light curtain, but after an instant, the hole was closed again.

“The enchantment of the ancient demon is not so easy to break. Use your spiritual weapons to attack on 1 point. When the aura on that point is exhausted, the enchantment will be breached.” Luo Hu said unhurriedly, then he said nothing more b.

After hearing this, Liu Ming continued to smash at 1 point with the Heavy Water Droplet.

At the same time, in the hall of a certain palace in the ruins, 4 men wearing the same sect costumes were crouching in front of a 10 meters tall black toad beast that was exceptionally shriveled.

This beast was obviously the same as the corpse python Liu Ming had seen before; a demonic corpse beast. It was making strange “cooing” sounds from time to time.

“Second Brother, if we can take down this corpse beast and loot its beastkin core to refine into a few upper grade xuan demonic pill, we will have hope to breakthrough the bottleneck of the Crystallization Period.” A man with a rough outline stared at the giant monster in front and said in a low voice.

“This beast’s body has long been eroded by demonic qi and became a demonic creature. It has just broken through the Crystallization Period. If we can work together to take it down to refine into pill, it will naturally be better than those cultivators that only absorb some demonic qi. However, its venom is very powerful. Don’t get spat by it.” Another mature man reminded cautiously.

The other 3 people immediately responded, cast out their spiritual weapons and pounced toward the giant toad.

In an underground secret room of the ruins, a young man in a purple robe was playing with a somewhat broken black ancient sword in his hand. On the hilt of the ancient sword, there was a pattern of a demon head.

“Although this sword has been damaged and cannot be used directly, it must be forge with some precious materials of the ancient demon. If I can re-smelt it, maybe I can get some rare materials.” The young man in a purple robe murmured to himself.

At this moment, a bloody light flashed out. Before the young man could react, a half-foot-sized blood hole appeared on his neck. After opening his mouth slightly, he fell into a blood pool. He was still holding the broken black ancient sword tightly in his right hand.

“Hmph, so weak.” The next moment, after the blood light faded, an extremely handsome young man was revealed; it was Blood Emperor.

He waved at the man in a purple robe, and fresh blood gushed out from the neck, turning into countless blood lines that went into his palm.

In just a few seconds, the man in a purple robe was sucked dry.

At this time, in a hall not far from the secret room, there were heavy footsteps. Every step could make the ground shake slightly. A 100 meters tall giant bronze puppet was walking quickly to the secret room.

“Another person who overreaches himself?” In the secret room, Blood Emperor sneered when he heard the sound. After keeping away the broken ancient sword, he blasted out in a bloody light.

After a while, he appeared outside the secret room in a bloody light. Not far away, a huge bronze puppet was striding toward him.

“Blood Emperor!”

When Peng Yue saw the Blood Emperor, he was also slightly startled. The bronze puppet stopped abruptly in place.

“It’s you! Very well, to be able to control such a puppet, you must be the disciple of the Nature Work Sect. Your blood essence belongs to me now.” Blood Emperor saw Peng Yue, but he laughed wildly. After the blood qi condensed on his body, he lifted one hand and a huge bloody palm of 10 meters immediately slapped at Peng Yue.

Hearing the words, Peng Yue’s face sank. The bronze puppet had already launched its golden punch at the bloody palm.

A loud collision!

For a while, yellow light and blood cloud tumbled in the air. The giant bronze puppet shook slightly; Blood Emperor’s face turned pale, and he couldn’t help staggering back.

At this moment, the faint golden spirit patterns of the giant bronze puppet’s body flashed. It then stomped at Blood Emperor. The speed was even faster than the Real Pellet State cultivator.

The Blood Emperor snorted, but he didn’t actually dodge it. Instead, he quickly made a gesture with both hands. A blood cloud immediately emerged above his head.

There was another loud noise.

The bronze puppet’s huge feet landed on top of the cloud, but it was blocked forcefully in the air.

Blood Emperor sneered slightly. The blood cloud tumbled and formed into a giant bloody hand that shook the giant foot.

A huge force rushed onto the bronze puppet’s giant foot. It could only stand firm after staggering back for a few steps.

At this moment, the blood mist tumbled and cast 2 giant bloody palms of 10 meters. The palms smashed at the chest of the bronze puppet.

Seeing the scene before him, Peng Yue’s complexion changed slightly. He launched a symbol at the huge bronze puppet, and the bronze puppet shot out a golden light beam.


When the golden light beam collided with one of the giant bloody palm, they turned into a golden-red light cluster that burst apart.

Then there was a loud noise!

The golden bronze puppet staggered back a few steps. A huge bloody palm print was clearly visible on its chest.


A cold light flashed in Peng Yue’s eyes, revealing a hint of anger. After swiftly making gestures with both hands, the giant bronze puppet appeared in front of Blood Emperor in a flash. Its 2 arms blurred and launched countless giant punch shadows.

Blood Emperor sneered and shook his shoulder. Rolling blood qi instantly rolled out from his body. It turned into a giant bloody vortex that rolled the bronze puppet and Peng Yue into it.

Blood Emperor himself quickly disappeared into the blood qi.

At the altar seal, there was a loud noise!

In the space, a wave of ripples came from the center to the surroundings.

The next moment, Liu Ming appeared in a flicker.

Through the previous non-stop attacks, he finally relied on the power of the Heavy Water Droplet and his great power to finally break the invisible enchantment that shrouded the altar.

Liu Ming looked at the intact purple seal array under the altar, then he flicked his sleeves. A small green sword shot out and turned into a giant green sword of 30 meters.


He muttered.

The green giant sword struck on the seal in a flash.

“Bang“, the altar shattered like porcelain.

But the strange array under the altar only had a shallow sword mark after trembling slightly and flickering with a purple light.

Liu Ming kept away the small green sword after seeing this. His gestures changed quickly, and invisible sword qi was condensed on his 10 fingers. The sword qi blasted all at once.

There was a continuous cracking sound. A corner of the seal flashed with purple light, and it began to make a low buzzing sound.

Seeing that his attack had worked, Liu Ming’s eyes of joy flashed. He immediately lifted his spirits and continued to launch the sword qi.

After a while, a muffled noise came out from the array. The corner of the seal already had an inch-sized seal.

At the same time, strands of black silk-like mist slowly overflowed from the cracks. It looked crystal clear and shiny.

“Yes, it’s a true demonic aura that is extreme purity!”

Luo Hu’s joyous voice sounded in Liu Ming’s ears. At the same time, a fluctuation occurred in the Spiritual Sea in his abdomen. A clear bubble emerged silently.

Those black silk-like true demonic qi all surged toward Liu Ming as if they were alive. They flashed into the bubble inside his Spiritual Sea.

If others looked from afar away, it seemed like Liu Ming was absorbing these true demonic qi.

Half a quarter of an hour later…

In a dilapidated pavillion in the ruins, a slender black shadow was flying fast like a ghost. It was Black Phoenix Fairy.

A hundred meters more away, another yellow escape light was fleeing in front.

It was Peng Yue, the disciple of Nature Work Sect, who had fought with the Blood Emperor not long ago.

It’s just that at this moment, not only was he in ragged clothes and he was vomiting blood, the huge bronze puppet who was always with him was also gone.

Without the puppet, Peng Yue would most likely be dead in the hands of Black Phoenix Fairy. Can Liu Ming absorb the true demonic qi before being disturbed by anyone?

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