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Chapter 623: Entering The Ruins

Not long after, there were skirmishes from other places outside the light curtain from time to time. Before stepping into the ancient demon ruins, these demonic cultivators fought with each other because they were rushing to absorb the demonic qi.

Some powerful cultivators and subordinates had also begun to break into the light curtain.

Among these cultivators, some were demonic cultivators who wanted to absorb demonic qi in the ruins. There were also some cultivators who came for the treasures. There were even a few who wanted to snatch the treasure by killing.

All of a sudden, there was chaos outside the demon ruins.

Liu Ming was not surprised by the situation. After a short observation, he also found a place where no one was there, broke open the light curtain and started to absorb the demonic qi.

However, at this moment, Luo Hu’s faint voice came from his ears.

“These are just ordinary demonic qi. There is no true demonic aura. If you don’t cultivate demonic techniques, it’s useless to absorb them. The true demonic aura should be sealed in the depths of the ruins. I can vaguely sense it. Go to the center first.

“Alright, since senior said so, it should be right.” After Liu Ming replied with Divine Thought, he cast the small green sword in front.

“Body and sword fusion.”

The small green sword burst into green light. It struck at the light curtain in a 100 meters long astounding rainbow.


Under the green rainbow’s full blow, the light curtain shattered inch by inch.

Liu Ming went in with a flash of green light.

Less than a moment after Liu Ming entered the ruins, a black escape light flashed and appeared at the place where Liu Ming was just now. It was Black Phoenix Fairy.

The woman looked at the 5 meters crack on the light curtain, and she smiled slightly. She flashed into the light curtain in a black escape light again.

Inside the light curtain, there would be 1 or 2 corpses on the ground every 100 meters.

These corpses were all pale without blood. Their shriveled bodies seemed to have been sucked dry.

“Swoosh“, another dry corpse was thrown out of a blood mist not far away; its vitality was all gone.

“My, most of the cultivators here have already been dealt with.” A black shadow flashed, and the man in black clothes appeared near the blood mist. He replied respectfully.

“These so-called demonic cultivators have these impure demonic qi in their blood essence which is really not very useful to me.” After a violent roll of the blood sea, it disappeared and revealed a handsome young man in bloody clothes. It was Blood Emperor.

After he had absorbed the blood essence of the dozen of demonic cultivators, his pale face became a little rosy.

“You guys stay here for another half an hour to see if there is anyone left out. The remaining followed me into the ruins.” After Blood Emperor glanced at the ruins, he licked his blood-red tongue and gave an order.

After Blood Emperor flashed and turned into a bright bloody light, he broke the light curtain and blinked into the ruins.

Behind him, as several cracks sounded, several men in black clothes also followed in one after another.

Liu Ming swiftly shuttled through the ruins non-stop.

As soon as he entered the ruins, he went straight to the center of the ruins without stopping. He encountered other enchantments on the way, and he destroyed them with a sword to save time.

At this time, he had already entered the ruins for about 15 minutes.

“Be careful ahead!”

When he walked through a small palace and came to the sky above a desolate corridor, Luo Hu’s prompt sound suddenly came from his ear.

Liu Ming stopped under his feet, and he looked forward cautiously.

There was a strange array with a broken corner.

At the center of the circle, there was a complicated strange purple demonic text. It was surrounded by dim gray spirit patterns. The location of this array was quite obscured.

“This is…” Liu Ming asked solemnly.

“This is one of the seal arrays left by the ancient demon. Although it is broken, it is more than enough to deal with a Condensation Period cultivator like you. Even if you are stronger than many cultivators of the same rank, if you are trapped in this array, it is impossible to break out from it without 1 or 2 hours.” Luo Hu explained lightly. Apparently, facing the pressure of the prison seal breaking, he did not hesitate to remind at this moment.

“Thank you senior for reminding me.” Liu Ming replied with a frown. He made a gesture and bypassed the array.

After that, under the reminders of Luo Hu, he avoided several enchantment traps left by the ancient demon, and he soon entered the entrance of a hidden palace. Under several twists and turns, he entered a narrow and long secret room the size of 100 meters.

The gray stone wall at the top was inlaid with a gray crystal stone that emitted white halos from time to time, illuminating the entire secret room.

The 4 walls of the secret room were made of huge black stones. There were only an entrance and no exit.

At the end of the secret room, there was a seemingly primitive stone pillar. On the stone pillar, there were many dense purple spirit patterns.

“Senior Luo, are you sure there is really true demonic qi here?” Liu Ming looked at this secret room, and he asked in his sea of ​​​​consciousness.

“Don’t worry, since I asked you to come here, I have naturally sensed the existence of the true demonic aura. I’m sure it’s here.” Luo Hu replied.

Liu Ming nodded and took a deep breath. When he was looking around, there was a sudden sound from behind the stone pillar. A gray shadow flashed out from behind the stone pillar; it was a giant gray python.

This python was about 140 meters long. Its whole body was abnormally shriveled. There are circles of black spirit patterns all over. As soon as it appeared, it circled up and stared at Liu Ming with its empty eye sockets. There were 2 green flames flickering in it endlessly.

“Corpse python!”

When Liu Ming saw this scene, his face changed slightly.

“This python should have been transformed from the protector beastkin bones left by the ancient demon. It has now been nourished by demonic qi for hundreds of thousands and becomes a demonic corpse beast. With your current strength, it is not difficult to deal with, but it takes too much time. Go. You can punch through the right side wall of the secret room and directly go to the place with the true demonic qi.” Luo Hu’s voice came again coldly.

As soon as the voice sounded, the corpse python had already spat black flames at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming used Three Shadowy Mirages Technique right away. A phantasm formed by black gas went toward the giant python while Liu Ming blasted to the right wall. He launched the spiral sword qi with a finger on the right wall.

After a loud rumbling sound, a 10 meters huge large hole was blasted out on the right wall. Liu Ming flashed into the hole and came to a rather spacious hall.

As soon as he landed, he immediately turned around and launched a few spiral sword qi again.

The rocks on top of the wall collapsed and blocked the hole.

The next moment, there was a crashing sound from outside the rocks. It was obviously caused by the demonic python.

Liu Ming glanced at the pile of stones, then he quickly flew deeper into the hall.

In an open space outside the ruins, a huge bronze figure more than 100 meters tall was standing there. A young man in coarse clothes was standing on its shoulder with a dignified expression. This man was Peng Yue.

He was delayed for a while because something happened on the road, so he couldn’t arrive at the first time when the ruins emerged.

When he came nearby, the ground outside the ruins was already pitted. There were also many mutilated corpses lying on the surrounding ground.

Without exception, the storage talismans of these people were completely looted, and their blood essence was sucked away completely.

Under the feet of the giant bronze puppet, it was the 2 men in black who wanted to sneak attack on Peng Yue. They were instantly stomped into a meat paste by the giant bronze puppet.

After thinking for a moment, Peng Yue controlled the giant bronze puppet to walk forward and throw countless punches at the light curtain.

After a continuous loud noise, the light curtain shattered under the intense punch shadows, revealing a rack gap of more than 100 meters.

Seeing this, Peng Yue immediately blinked in with the bronze puppet and dashed into the depths of the ruins.

Under the guidance of Luo Hu, Liu Ming finally came to a hall full of the bones of various unknown giant birds.

The temple was a few acres in size. Various faint silver spirit patterns were imprinted on the black walls around it. At the center of the temple was a black altar of 30 meters high with a mysterious black halo on the surface.

Altar had a black stone pillar on 4 sides. There were several giant bat-like monsters carved on the pillars. Each pillar was also inlaid with a fist-sized black crystal stone.

On the ground around the altar, it was engraved with circles of purple spirit patterns which vaguely formed an array. It looked like some kind of seal.

“I can confirm that the true demonic aura is in this altar. Although its breath has not leaked at all, it can’t hide from my sense…” Luo Hu’s faint voice came into Liu Ming’s ear again.

Liu Ming squinted and carefully assessed this black altar.

Will he accidentally trigger the seal and release the demon in it? What is Peng Yue doing in this demon ruins? Isn’t he here just for the spiritual horse?

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