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Chapter 620: Spiritual Horse

Those who came with Liu Ming all looked at each other with hesitation.

They were all casual cultivators, and 30,000 spirit stones could be considered a considerable amount.

“Here are 30,000 spirit stones.”

Liu Ming flicked his wrist and threw a small cloth bag over.

“This fellow friend is forthright.” The middle-aged man flicked his sleeve and rolled up the cloth bag. After checking with Divine Thought, he nodded with a smile for the first time.

“Here is a time-keeping spiritual disk which can be used to calculate the time spent in the grassland. The 30,000 spirit stone is a one-year fee. If you stay more than 1 year, you have to pay more spirit stones when leaving.” After the middle-aged man put away the cloth bag, he took out a white jade disk, handed it to Liu Ming and explained a few words.

“What? 30,000 spirit stones are only a year’s cost!” The red-haired young man had already remained quiet, but now he couldn’t help yelling.

The others also looked at each other for a while, but the muscular man who had been here looked as usual after a frown. Apparently, he knew this rule a long time ago.

The middle-aged man glanced at the red-haired young man contemptuously. He was too lazy to bother about him. He continued to say to Liu Ming,

“This fellow friend seems to be coming to Pegasus Grassland for the first time. Then I would like to remind you that on Pegasus Grassland, no matter how high your cultivation is, try not to conflict with those Beastkin Clan cultivators. After all, half of this grassland belongs to the Beastkin Clan Longevity Pond. If you have any conflict with them, our sect won’t help you.

“Thank you for your advice.”

After Liu Ming asked the middle-aged man for the important things he needed to pay attention to in the grassland, he turned and walked outside the stone house.

Several others were still hesitating whether to pay the 30,000 spirit stone fee.

As soon as Liu Ming walked out of the stone house, he was shocked by the surrounding situation.

The market here was very small. There was only 1 main street, and the exits at both ends could be seen almost at a glance. The houses on both sides of the street were also simple stone houses, and there were many air leaks. They looked really shabby.

It was midday and there were very few pedestrians on the street. Liu Ming turned around and found that this market was small, but it had everything; there were a grocery shop, a spiritual weapon shop, a talisman shop and 2 pawnshops. There was a shopkeeper of Spirit Apostle Stage taking care of the business.

It was just that there were very few people in these shops.

Liu Ming pondered for a moment, and he also understood the reason.

The entrance fee to this Pegasus Grassland cost 30,000 spirit stones for a year. Those who came here were generally Condensation Period cultivators, and most of them were casual cultivators. They were not here for the fun of course. They must have gone to the depths of the grassland.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming wandered into a grocery store.

“Is there a map of Pegasus Grassland for sale here?” Liu Ming asked directly.

“Yes, but the maps here are divided into 3 types: simple, ordinary and exquisite, and the prices are very different.” The shopkeeper of this shop looked like a very savvy middle-aged man, and his cultivation was just at the Spirit Apostle intermediate stage.

“So there is such a difference, what are the prices?” Liu Ming asked with a move in his mind.

“The simple map only records a few main roads and ancient ruins of the Pegasus Grassland; the ordinary map adds quite a lot of content; the exquisite map not only marks most of the dangerous areas, it even has the sphere of influence of the Beastkin Clan cultivators. They are all explored by the cultivators with huge risks.” The middle-aged shopkeeper was obviously not the first time introducing the maps; he immediately spoke fluently.

“Your map is not cheap.” Liu Ming said with a slight frown.

“Senior, please don’t get me wrong. The maps sold in the markets managed by the Golden Ge Sect are at this price.” The middle-aged shopkeeper quickly explained.

“Give me the exquisite one.” Liu Ming said and threw out a small bag of spirit stones.

He had already learned about it before he set off. He knew that the area of ​​Pegasus Grassland was huge, so there were naturally many dangerous places in it. Even the Condensation Period cultivators couldn’t put their guards down. Moreover, there were many bases of the Beastkin Clan, and they held quite some hostility toward the human cultivator.

A detailed map was really necessary for him now.

The middle-aged shopkeeper reached out to take the bag, checked with Divine Thought, and put it away with a smile. He then turned around and took out a blue jade slip from the wooden shelf and handed it to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming put the jade slip on his forehead. After checking it, it was really a detailed map. Except for the details in the Pegasus Grassland, the small markets on the edge were also marked.

After Liu Ming nodded, he put the map jade slip into the Sumeru Ring and left the shop.

Next, he directly flew toward the direction of the Amano Ancient City.

And shortly after Liu Ming left the market, on another small market street controlled by Golden Ge Sect, the honest-looking young man, Peng Yue, from the Nature Work Sect appeared.

After he entered and exited a few shops, there was a blue jade slip in his hand. After checking with Divine Thought, he went into the depths of the grassland in a yellow escape light.

2 days later, on the other side of Pegasus Grassland, a certain teleportation array in the market to which Longevity Pond belonged, a pale young man walked out after a burst of light.

This person was wearing a blood-colored shirt, and his appearance was extremely handsome. Only the pair of pupils showed a touch of blood which made him look evil.

This person suddenly stopped as he walked slowly to the street. He seemed to be thinking about something.

After a while, the person walked straight into a shop on the side of the street.

And shortly after he walked in, the door was closed shut.

Over a vast grassland, Liu Ming dressed in a green robe was flying all the way in a black cloud, but he did not dare to fly too low.

The reason why Pegasus Grassland had this name was that it had spiritual horses and the grassland looked somehow like the shape of a horseshoe.

The grassland was flat with few ups and downs. The ground was densely covered with giant grasses up to 5 meters tall. Whenever a strong wind blew, it could set off the wave-like scenery which was quite spectacular.

Although Pegasus Grassland did not have many fierce beastkins, it was still easy to hide a peson in this grass. Afterall, he couldn’t always use his Divine Thought to check his surrounding.

Every time he flew a section of the road, he took out the jade slip that he bought and compared it with some prominent signs on the ground to avoid going in the wrong direction.

Along the way, he occasionally encountered some cultivators of the human race and Beastkin Clan. He tried his best to dodge anyone he met.

At this moment, a rumbling voice came not far from the front.

Liu Ming frowned and immediately stopped, then he checked with Divine Thought.

On the grassland 100 meters more away, a rolling white mist was coming at him.

After the white fog, 2 escape lights were following closely behind, and the shouting of people could faintly be heard.

Liu Ming looked clearly, and he found that there were a few white horses of 5 meters tall in the white mist. They were sprinting madly in the air.

“It turns out that this is the spiritual horse?” It was the first time Liu Ming saw this spiritual horse. From the appearance, it looked exceptionally majestic. These weren’t ordinary horses at all.

The adult spiritual horses produced by Pegasus Grassland had a market price of more than 100,000 spirit stones per horse. For most people, this was a large amount of spirit stone.

Although this kind of spiritual horse was only a low tier spiritual beast, its speed should not be underestimated. It was almost equivalent to the speed of an intermediate grade spiritual flying device. If one reared it well and fed with some spirit grass, its speed could be increased a lot.

In addition, it was said that there was a very few mutated spiritual horses; its speed was almost as high as the superb spiritual flying device, but this was hard to find.

As Liu Ming was thinking, the 2 escape lights had gotten close to the white mist in a few flashes.

A golden escape light suddenly accelerated, caught up, and turned around to block in front of the white mist.

A cluster of silver light flew out from the golden escape light, netting the spiritual horse in a big golden net.

“Neigh neigh…”

These spiritual horses were almost the strength of the later stage of the Spirit Apostle, and their intelligence was not low. Seeing the golden light covering them, they suddenly rushed away in all directions.

The golden net was faintly tightened, but it only caught 1 of the horses. The other 3 had already taken the opportunity to escape.

At this moment, among the lush grasses nearby, a few more figures flew out and blocked in a fan-shaped formation. They released a scented gray smoke into the air.

1 of the spiritual horses ran too fast and bumped into the gray smoke. It paused slightly, and its movement became a little sluggish. It collapsed to the ground not long after.

“It’s actually the Soul Pyschedelic Scent. They really spend a lot of money.” Liu Ming had already stopped. After seeing this scene, he sniffed twice and couldn’t help muttering to himself.

The spiritual horse could only be sold at a good price without injury, so it was a good choice to use net or scent.

Would Liu Ming catch a horse for himself as well? Who is the man in blood-colored shirt? Blood Emperor?

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