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Chapter 618: Black Phoenix Fairy

The middle-aged man’s complexion changed, and the trident in his hand burst into green light.

As a result, a cold snort came out of the ​​blood sea. The others were fine listening to it, but this snort was like a thunderstorm in the Crystallization Period muscular man’s ears. After his body trembled, his limbs were stiffened. He felt extreme fear in his mind.

At this moment, with a “swoosh“, a blood light surged out from the ​​blood sea.

Everyone avoided in shock.

Only the middle-aged muscular man stood motionless. He was enveloped by the blood light, and it quickly rolled back into the ​​blood sea.

From beginning to end, the Crystallization Period cultivator seemed to have no resistance at all.

When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help stepping back in shock. They cast different lights with spiritual weapons to protect themselves.

Liu Ming also spat out an inch-sized mini bone shield that became several feet in front of him. He stared tightly at the blood sea at the same time.

If he didn’t guess wrong, the person, who could perform such a domineering blood technique that even the cultivator of the early stage of the Crystallization Period couldn’t resist, was most likely Blood Emperor who ranked 1st on the life and death list.

After the crowd stepped back a few seconds, the blood sea tumbled, revealing a bloody vortex that spun quickly. “Poof”, a dry corpse was thrown out of the vortex.

It was actually the middle-aged muscular man of the Crystallization Period early stage. His blood essence was sucked dry by the blood sea in such a short time.

Except for Liu Ming, the other five Condensation Period cultivators were completely scared witless. After looking at each other, they suddenly escaped into the air with escape lights.

“Want to leave? You all will become part of my power.” An icy voice came from the ​​blood sea.

As a result, several blood lights rolled out from the tumbling blood sea. The blood lights seemed to have mythical power. With just a blur, the blood lights appeared on top of the 5 escaping cultivators and rolled down, ignoring the protection of the spiritual weapons.

With all kinds of screams, the 5 cultivators were dragged into the blood sea in terror. The moment their protective spiritual weapons touched the blood lights, the spiritual weapons immediately lost connections and fell from the air.

At the same time, a certain figure flickered in the void like a ghost, following closely by a blood light.

This figure was Liu Ming.

A green sword light flew out of Liu Ming’s body and eliminated the blood light. He then stopped a hundred meters away, looking calmly at the acre-sized blood sea.

“Blood Emperor”

“Yes, I’m am.”

An icy voice came from the blood sea again. Followed by a few “bangs“, another 5 shriveled and fleshless bodies were thrown out of the vortex of the blood sea.

Okay, the mealtime is over, we can start now. “

Before Liu Ming could ask anything more, the entire blood sea tumbled violently. It stirred up a hundred meters tall giant bloody wave that swarmed overwhelmingly at Liu Ming.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s face turned dark. He patted the bone shield in front of him with 1 hand.

The Nine Skulls Shield buzzed and flew into the air. It turned into the size of a house instantly.

Liu Ming chanted as his 10 fingers changed and launched several symbols at the giant black shield in mid-air.

“Boom“, the giant shield burst open out of thin air, turning into a billowing black gas that protected Liu Ming in it.

“Pch pch“, the blood sea and the black gas immediately intertwined and collided with each other at the moment of contact. They were equally powerful.

In the black gas, Liu Ming changed his gestures and pointed in the air. 9 skull phantasms appeared with a wisp of black gas, making a burst of creepy laughter. They came out from the black gas and started to drain the bloody qi of the blood sea.

But after only a moment, the flames in the 9 skull phantasms’ pupils gradually dimmed.

It seemed that the bloody qi released by the Blood Emperor was not ordinary.

As the 9 demon heads were gradually exhausted, the area of the black gas gradually shrank to only 30 meters; the entire black gas was wrapped in the blood sea.

Liu Ming took a deep breath and shook his shoulders. With the roars of dragons and tigers resounding across the sky and a crackling sound from his body, 3 vivid black mist dragons and 3 lifelike black mist tigers rushed from behind him.

The 3 mist tigers pounced into the black gas, solidifying the black gas released by the Nine Skulls Shield. The black gas managed to push away the bloody sea for some distance.

After Liu Ming’s arm turned blurred, he slammed a punch into a certain direction of the blood sea. A terrifying force punched out a big hole from the bloody sea.

Behind the big hole, a bloody figure stood there. It was Blood Emperor. Although his face couldn’t be seen, his eyes were full of surprises.

The 3 mist dragons flashed into the big hole and ferociously pounced at Blood Emperor.

“Hmph, simple trick!”

Seeing this, the Blood Emperor snorted coldly. He waved in the air, and 3 bloody light from the blood sea slashed the 3 mist dragons into pieces.

Seeing this, Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, made a strange gesture and faintly uttered the words “Hell Prison”.

“Boom boom boom!“.

The six mist dragons burst apart and turned into a large black light that rolled forward.

Blood Emperor, who was surprised, was caught in a dark world. Tentacles were visualized from all directions, entangling him desperately.


Although the Blood Emperor was startled, he didn’t panic at all. He just grabbed, and a bloody bead appeared in his hand. The bead radiated dazzling lights in all directions.

The visualized black tentacles all disappeared after touching the bloody lights.

The bead in the hands of the Blood Emperor turned out to be a special spiritual weapon that could restrain illusion.

At the same time, the blood sea that surrounded Liu Ming made bursts of roar. Waves of blood rushed toward the black lights crazily, staggering the black lights.

Liu Ming squinted and formed gestures. The black gas on his body immediately rolled up frantically, and the black light that trapped the Blood Emperor on the opposite side condensed before stabilizing slowly.

As such, a very strange scene appeared.

Liu Ming was trapped by the blood sea, but Blood Emperor was also trapped by the black lights; they were desperately resisting the trap.

They both of course couldn’t let this happen. Just when they wanted to break this stalemate with powerful moves, a rumbling sound came from afar. Even the ground was trembling slightly as if something huge was rushing over.

Liu Ming’s heart shuddered, and he looked in the direction of the loud noise.

A black light blasted from the sky; there was a figure of a graceful woman in it.

On the ground not far behind the black light, a shining bronze puppet of 100 meters tall was pursuing her tightly.

The aura released by the huge bronze puppet was extremely terrifying. It was almost no less than the Crystallization Period later stage. There was a giant flickering yellow array on its chest. It spat feet-sized yellow light balls from time to time at the black escape light in front. The light ball would slightly distort the space when it was launched.

What was strange was that the black light in front just dodged the endless yellow light balls, but it didn’t intend to fly higher.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that the infamous Black Phoenix Fairy would be so embarrassed.” In the Hell Prison, Blood Emperor’s words came out. Although it was very cold, there was a hint of gloat.

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this. Black Phoenix Fairy, the female evil cultivator who ranked 2nd in the life and death list, was also here. It seemed that she was probably after him.

However, where did the giant bronze puppet come front? It was actually chasing this woman.

Just as Liu Ming was puzzled, the boundless blood sea around him suddenly shrank back, then a burst of bloody light rose from the Hell Prison’s black gas.


Under the impact of the bloody light, the black light of Hell Prison was at the verge of collapse.

Liu Ming immediately waved his sleeve, gathered the black gas around him and turned it back into the bone shield.

At the same time, Hell Prison in the blood sea also collapsed with a muffled noise after Liu Ming tapped at it.

In the next moment, wisps of black gas appeared out of thin air near Liu Ming, and it flashed back into his body.

At this time, the blood sea disappeared quickly after spinning frantically, and Blood Emperor’s figure was finally revealed.

Liu Ming and Blood Emperor both canceled their techniques when another person was approaching. They looked at each other across 100 meters.

At the same time, the woman, who was wrapped in black light in the distance, was 1000 meters away from Liu Ming.

Only then did Liu Ming see clearly, above the head of the huge bronze puppet behind, an honest-looking young man with simple clothes was standing on top.

After a second, the black light suddenly stopped and faded, revealing an enchanting sweet-looking woman in black clothes.

This woman glanced across Liu Ming and Blood Emperor, and her face immediately showed a smile.

Is the young man on top of the huge bronze puppet here for Liu Ming too? Or he will join forces with Liu Ming to battle with the evil cultivators?

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