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Chapter 616: Being Ambushed

According to Liu Ming’s knowledge, in order to prevent yin qi from invading the cultivators’ body, all disciples who entered the Evil Ghost Way must sign some kind of contract and must be blessed with a certain kind of imprint. Cultivators must stay for more than 10 years before they could leave freely.

Staying in there for such a long time; the various ghost creatures in the Evil Ghost Way were no less powerful than the 4 ancient sects disciples; and there were even powerful ghost creatures above the Celestial State, so the cultivator would be able to improve their strength or breakthrough the bottleneck through the life and death battles and the rare opportunities. However, they were more likely to die there and unable to leave this place.

Therefore, those who dared to enter the Evil Ghost Way were either the penalized disciples who had no choice or those who disregarded their life and death and had full confidence in themselves.

It’s no wonder why Yin Jiuling hesitated when he heard that Xiao Wu, his only disciple, wanted to go to such a place.

“Disciple has been staying in the Crystallization Period later stage for more than 10 years;l I have been unable to break through the bottleneck. After thinking for a long time, I can only go to the Evil Ghost Way to train myself and see if I can find a chance between life and death battles. I hope that master will fulfill my wish.” Xiao Wu said again without hesitation. Her eyes revealed a trace of firmness.

Yin Jiuling silently pondered for a while before sighing. He sighed before taking out a token with bloody light, then he sent it into Xiao Wu’s hand.

“Thank you, master.” Xiao Wu looked at the bloody token in her hand with a glimmer of joy in her eyes. She nodded again to thank him.

Yin Jiuling shook his head. After stroking the nine-color spirit deer a few times, he kept the spirit deer into the spiritual beast bag, stood up and left without saying a word.

After a while, only Liu Ming and Xiao Wu were left in the side hall.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, with the blood essence of the nine-color spirit deer, your chance to break through to the Crystallization Period will be increased by a little. I hope that when I meet you again in 10 years, you will also be able to advance to the Crystallization Period.” Xiao Wu spoke to Liu Ming with a charming smile.

“Thank you senior sister apprentice for your concern. I also hope senior can break through the bottleneck in the Evil Ghost Way.” Liu Ming cupped his fist at Xiao Wu.

“I hope so, take care.” Hearing that, Xiao Wu’s smile faded as she said faintly. After a flash, she disappeared from the hall.

Liu Ming watched Xiao Wu leaving with a thoughtful look flashing across his face. After a long while, he also slowly walked out of the side hall and flew back to his cave house.

Early in the morning of the second day, Liu Ming packed everything up and quietly left Fallen Serene Peak.

Half a month later, Liu Ming, who had transformed into a muscular man with a black face, once again came to the small teahouse at the Black Water Market where the Beidou branch was located.

This time, he did not see the elegant man in white clothes in the study on the 2nd floor. Instead. He was replaced by a young woman in a white dress of about 26 years old.

This young woman with long eyebrows had an extraordinary temperament. After checking the jade pendant presented by Liu Ming, she took the white paper from his hand and scanned it a few times, she then walked behind the screen.

Liu Ming was not here for the first time. He knew that this woman was looking for the information. He took a few sips of spirit tea on the table and meditated with his eyes closed.

After a dozen minutes, the young woman once again walked out from behind the screen. Like the previous middle-aged man, she held a crystal white jade slip in her hand.

“Sorry for letting you wait, the price of this information is 800,000 yuan.” As soon as the young beautiful woman sat down, she said a number.

Liu Ming heard the words, although he still looked the same, he was slightly surprised.

I can buy an ordinary superb spiritual weapon for this price. The Big Dipper Pavilion is actually asking for such a sky-high price; they really know how to make money.

So after he thought about it for a while, he took out 80 upper grade spirit stones from the Sumeru Ring and put them on the table.

While the young beautiful woman scanned with Divine Thought, she nodded, kept the spirit stones and handed the jade slip to Liu Ming at the same time.

Liu Ming immediately put the jade slip on his forehead and read with Divine Thought. He found that it was a map. The map marked the place where the ancient demon ruins might appear in the near future. The place was called Amano Ancient City.

After a while, when Liu Ming remembered the entire map in his mind,, the jade slip was spontaneously ignited out of thin air and instantly turned into ashes.

“Thank you.” After Liu Ming cupped his fist, he bid farewell to the young woman and left the teahouse.

As soon as he left the Black Water Market, he quickly flew away from this place.

Just after Liu Ming left the Big Dipper Pavilion, in a darkened room behind the 2nd floor screen, the young woman who had previously traded with Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged, playing with a gray jade slip in her hands. She seemed to be thinking about something.

In front of her, there was a small, gray array circle of about 10 meters.

Suddenly the array flashed, and a low buzzing sound came from it.

Seeing this, the young woman raised her eyebrows, and she immediately said coldly.

“The person who was suspected of killing the Withered Bone Monk just came before, and he has inquired about the ancient demon’s ruins. It is estimated that he is on his way to the Amano Ancient City at this moment. Okay, I have given you the information. Our pavilion has already cleared the debt with you. If you have the same enquiry next time, our pavilion won’t accept it.”

“Understood. Hehe, only this time will be enough.” A deep and hoarse voice came from the array; it sounded full of confidence.

3 days later, over a dense forest, a figure was flying in a black cloud; it was Liu Ming.

According to the news from the Big Dipper Pavilion, he had enough time to go to the place where the ruins appeared. In order to avoid attracting too much attention, he didn’t use the Daiyue Flying Boat. He flew all the way and spent some spirit stones to teleport through the common teleportation array.

After Liu Ming’s expression changed, he suddenly stopped flying. After sweeping his gaze toward the dense forest below, he suddenly flicked his 10 fingers downward without saying a word. Immediately, a dozen green sword qi flashed out and swept across the dense forest below.

Wherever the green light passed, the big trees were broken and fell down by the sweep.

“Get out, this kid has clearly found us.” After a hoarse voice came out, several black figures suddenly emerged from the falling leaves below and soared into the sky.

After a while, these people had surrounded Liu Ming; there were 6 of them.

Liu Ming put his hands behind his back with a calm face. He just narrowed his eyes to look at the 6 people who were obviously malicious.

All of these people were wearing black plain clothes and did not hide their faces. Each of them fixed their eyes on Liu Ming with grim faces.

The leader had his face full of bloody pustules; another person only had 1 eye; the other people all had strange looks, and they had only one eye, and the others were all strange-looking. They were tall, short, fat and thin.

“You all stopped me like this, don’t you want to say something first?” Liu Ming asked with a smile suddenly.

“Say something? After taking your head off, the few of us will naturally talk to you.” The one-eyed man with brown eyebrows said with a sneer.

The man with the pustule opened his mouth without being noticed. A small green strange bell flew out. After trembling in the air, a green halo burst out.

Accompanied by a deep and low humming sound, the surrounding space suddenly had a layer of invisible ripples.

Liu Ming only felt an inexplicable sense of pressure coming from him, and his limbs stiffened almost at the same time.

Obviously, the weird little bell was some kind of mental power attacking spiritual weapon.

However, Liu Ming, who had powerful mental power, immediately transferred his spiritual power into the Soul Lock in his sea of ​​​​consciousness.

A sense of coolness suddenly swept out of the small lock, and the original sense of depression disappeared instantly.

“Hehe, do it now, this kid has already been affected by my Soul Charming Bell Illusion; he should be unable to move now. Take him down and the reward of tens of millions of spirit stones will belong to us.” The man with pustules obviously did not know that Liu Ming had dispelled the mental attack with his mental power and the Soul Lock. After seeing Liu Ming’s face changed slightly, he said with a grinning smile.

After hearing the pustule man’s order, the other 5 people looked at each other and raised their hands. 3 spiritual swords and 2 spiritual blades turned into colorful light that assaulted Liu Ming from all directions.

When the various attacks were about 50 meters away, Liu Ming suddenly shook his shoulder while raising his eyebrow. Black gas rolled out of his body right away. He stomped the ground, and his figure split into 2 phantasms after turning blurred. The phantasms left a series of afterimages and immediately disappeared in the encirclement of the spiritual weapons.

The 6 people were shocked to see this.

Before they could react, a black silhouette appeared elusively in front of the one-eyed man. With one tap of his finger, a transparent spiral sword was launched in an instant, penetrating the one-eyed man’s chest in a flash.

“Bang“, an inch-sized hole appeared on the person’s chest; his defensive aura was unable to withstand the attack at all.

Almost at the same time, another phantasm appeared on the side of another tall man in a flash. With a wave of his sleeve, a small green sword shot out and instantly swept forward in a green sword light.

After the tall man screamed, he and the small shield in front were split into half at the same time.

These people in black were all at the Condensation Period intermediate stage except for the leader with pustules face and the one-eyed man who were at the Condensation Period later stage. They couldn’t locate Liu Ming’s position after using Three Shadowy Mirages Technique, let alone Liu Ming pretended to be affected by an illusion spell and suddenly counterattacked.

That’s all? They even traded with the Big Dipper Pavilion to get Liu Ming’s location, and they just lost like that? Perhaps the person who put the bounty on Liu Ming will make a move?

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