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Chapter 610: Challenge

On a few dark wooden chairs placed next to the main seat of the hall, the middle seat was empty. There were 2 middle-aged men in grey robes sitting on both sides. One had white hair, and Liu Ming couldn’t see his face clearly. The other had black gas surrounding his body; he was playing a gray jade stone in his hand.

The strength of the 2 was unfathomable. Liu Ming guessed that they should also be the elders of the Fallen Serene Peak, but Elder Yan whom Liu Ming met when he first joined a few years ago was not among them.

After about 10 minutes, a soft cough sounded from the back of the hall, and all the disciples present immediately stopped talking and looked in the direction of the sound.

The next moment, a man in a black robe walked in slowly from the back of the hall.

The man’s face was half dry and half ruddy like a baby; the cold yin qi was looming all over his body.

Although Liu Ming was standing far back, he still felt a sense of pressure that made it difficult to breathe.

“Greeting to Master.” Xiao Wu took the lead to walk 1 step and bowed with a nod.

All the disciples also bowed respectfully.

“It turns out that this is the rumored peak master of the Fallen Serene Peak, Yin Jiuling.” Liu Ming muttered to himself, and he also bowed quickly as everyone else did.

At this moment, the 2 elders also stood up and cupped their fists.

“Alright, all of you don’t have to be so polite. I have left Fallen Serene Peak for more than ten years. I heard that Fallen Serene Peak is now full of talents. Within 10 years, we have recruited about 6 new disciples. In addition, several others have advanced into the Crystallization Period smoothly. This is really gratifying. While I was out, thanks to the few elders who presided over the affairs of the peak. Thank you all for the hard work.” Yin Jiuling said, and he cupped his fist to the men in gray robes.

“Master Yin, not at all.” The 2 elders immediately replied with respectful expressions.

After Yin Jiuling gestured the 2 to sit down, he strode towards the main seat in the middle and sat down with a wave of his sleeves.

“Today, I gathered all the disciples to come here is, first, I want to meet everyone, and second, it is for a rare opportunity.” Yin Jiuling said calmly.

Hearing this, the faces of all the disciples present suddenly changed, but the 2 elders looked calm instead.

“When I was traveling this time, I found a nine-color spirit deer cub in a secret spot in the Five Color Cloud Mountain.” After the Yin Jiuling slowly swept over the faces of the disciples present, he continued.

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this.

When he went to the read classics earlier, this nine-color spirit deer cub’s blood essence was one of the spiritual medicines that improved the success rate of breaking through the Crystallization Period.

Just as the disciples wanted to congratulate, Yin Jiuling suddenly changed the topic,

“But when I discovered the nine-color spirit deer cub, an old guy from the Haoran Academy happened to be there also. So after a conflict between the 2 sides, they finally decided to let our disciples fight for the ownership of this spiritual beast. “

As soon as this statement came out, a group of disciples in the hall was naturally in a commotion. The 2 elders of Real Pellet State sitting aside also glanced at each other, but they did not speak.

“So this time, I’m going to take 2 disciples together. One of the Condensation State disciples and one of the Crystallization Period disciples. If the disciples win this competition and get the nine-color spirit deer cub, I will naturally not be stingy to give heavy rewards. I can even agree to a reasonable request from these 2 disciples.” After a short pause, Yin Jiuling said with a straight face.

When Liu Ming heard this, he was immediately moved.

If he could participate in the competition and win, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to request some blood essence of the nine-color spirit deer cub as a reward.

“I will now select 2 disciples; Xiao Wu of the Crystallization Period and Mu Duanlong of the Condensation State. If you think you are better than them, you can challenge them now. I will only bring the winner to this competition.” Yin Jiuling glanced at the disciples present again, and he said with a slight smile.

“Anyone want to challenge your senior sister? Don’t hold back, just come up and have a try.” Xiao Wu, the glamorous “Sister Wu”, immediately turned around and smiled at everyone, then a powerful aura surged out from her.

The disciples in the Condensation State world behind her suddenly felt dizzy as if a giant mountain pressed on them. They staggered back for a few steps before standing still.

Even the dozen Crystallization Period disciples in the front row were also shaken by this aura. They all laughed bitterly; no one dared to look directly at this senior sister apprentice at all.

Liu Ming subconsciously channeled the spiritual power in his body to steady himself, but he was surprised too. This senior sister apprentice is able to release such a terrifying aura. I’m afraid her real strength is not inferior to the Real Pellet State cultivator.

Yin Jiuling was not surprised at this, but his eyes flickered slightly, he glanced at Liu Ming seemingly unintentionally.

The 2 Real Pellet State elders naturally noticed the abnormality of this Condensation State disciple; they also looked over with interest.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Tian, this disciple must be Liu Ming right? He is really extraordinary. He deserves to be the disciple who got the top 1 in the outer door major competition. If he can be trained properly, even if he can’t advance into the Crystallization Period, his strength won’t be worse than the other Crystallization Period disciples. Does junior have the intention to accept him?” The man in white hair suddenly spoke with a voice transmission.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Yu, you know that Little Girl Jing has already caused me a headache. How do I have the energy to accept another disciple? As for senior, your disciples have all graduated, and you place more importance on mentality rather than aptitude. Why don’t you accept him?” Another Real Pellet State elder who was playing jade in his hand said while rolling his eyes.

“If I encountered this disciple 300 years ago, even if he has only Three Spiritual Pulse, I would not hesitate to take him in. But now, my deadline is coming soon, so I can only focus all my time in breaking through the bottleneck of the later stage. How can I have the time training any disciple?” As Elder Yu heard the words, he could only give a wry smile.

“Hmm, if this is the case, the other people will most likely not accepting this disciple due to his Three Spiritual Pulse body. So, will our Senior Fellow Apprentice Yin accept this disciple? Afterall, he is the peak master, and he only has Xiao Wu as his disciple. This Xiao Wu also had ordinary aptitude back then. When Senior Fellow Apprentice Yin picked this little girl, we were both shocked.” Elder Tian asked with interest.

“This shouldn’t be possible. No matter how ordinary Xiao Wu was at the beginning, she was also of Six Spiritual Pulse, but if Liu Ming can really advance to the Crystallization Period, then the situation will naturally be quite different.” Elder Yu hesitated before replying with a voice transmission.

Just as the 2 Real Pellet State elders of Fallen Serene Peak were talking quietly, no one was going to challenge Xiao Wu, the “Sister Wu”.The a short and square-faced young man of the Condensation State leaped gently to the front of the crowd. After cupping his fist, he said in a solemn voice,

“I’m Duanlong, Xiamu, if any senior wants to fight for the slot, as long as you can win by even 1 move, I’m willing to quit.”

As soon as this statement was made, the dozen or so Condensation State disciples in the back row whispered suddenly. Some people were also eager to try.

Although this Mu Duanlong was known as a genius among Fallen Serene Peak disciples and he had always been valued by several Real Pellet State elders, since it was related to Yin Jiuling’s promise, most people would naturally not give up easily.

However, before waiting for the others to come forward, an enchanting woman in black actually took a few steps forward.

“I’m willing to challenge Senior Fellow Apprentice Mu, please enlighten me.” After the woman in black clothes smiled softly, a trace of fighting spirit was immediately revealed in her beautiful eyes as she cupped her fist.

Looking at the woman in black, Mu Duanlong nodded without any surprise.

“Very well, you all come with me.” Upon seeing this, Yin Jiuling nodded. After saying faintly, he stood up from the wood chair and walked straight out of the hall.

Seeing this, everyone naturally followed up.

After a while, everyone came to the back of Fallen Serene Peak. In a valley, there was a huge arena inside.

Mu Duanlong and the woman in black immediately went onto the arena; The rest of the disciples circled around the arena for 2 to 3 rows.

“This competition is just to decide who will participate in the competition with the Haoran Academy, so please stop before inflicting injuries. If there is something wrong, I will personally take action too.” Yin Jiuling said in a deep voice in the air, then he waved his hand to cast a white light curtain around the arena.

They naturally nodded and agreed to it.

After the announcement of start, the woman in black clothes immediately took out a small black flag. With a wave, 2 black gas rolled out. After rolling out, they turned into 2 gray ghosts. They looked like 2 cursed women who exuded a hint of yin qi.

After Mu Duanlong groaned, he spouted a small demonic flag and grasped it in his hand. He launched a symbol into it. With a “poof“, a 100 meters tall ghost bone with bull head and human body crawled out of it. There was gray qi wrapping around it.

As Mu Duanlong’s figure turned blurred, he disappeared into the bull head ghost bone.

As the ghost creature raised its head and roared, the overwhelming yin qi rolled to the opposite.

After a burst of strange roars, the 2 ghosts summoned by the woman in black clothes were torn apart by the bull head ghost bone within just 2 rounds. She could only admit defeat

When the woman stepped off the stage, another sturdy young man stepped forward to challenge Mu Duanlong.

As soon as the sturdy young man took the stage, he danced a huge fan full of yin qi and summoned 4 bone demons of 50 meters tall. They went into a fierce close combat with the bull head ghost bone.

There is indeed another important event. If Liu Ming won this competition, will he become an inner disciple of the peak master?

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