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Chapter 609: Daiyue Jade Boa

“Senior Luo Hu, it has been a long time.” Although Liu Ming was surprised, he still greeted respectfully.

Luo Hu hadn’t shown himself for more than 10 years; he would just automatically absorb the true demonic aura from the mind imitation insect Liu Ming brought into the illusion every few years. Today, he suddenly appeared in the mysterious space. Was it that he had something important to tell?

“Hmph, don’t be surprised why I show up. Your trouble is coming.” Luo Hu slowly said with a solemn expression.

“Trouble?” Liu Ming was naturally confused.

“Yes. Let me tell you straight. In recent months, the crack of the prison seal has been gradually enlarging. Now the demonic qi of the mind imitation insect is far from enough to maintain its stability. According to the current situation, If you can’t find enough true demonic aura sources within 2 years to make up for it, I’m afraid that the demon sealed in the prison may release its soul from the crack and try to steal your soul.” Luo Hu snorted.

“What? There is actually such a thing!?” Liu Ming’s face changed drastically.

“Besides, let me remind you again. The next time the prison absorbs spiritual power which is about 4 years later, if you still maintain your current cultivation level and fail to advance to the Crystallization Period, your spiritual power won’t be enough for the absorption. Your lifespan will also be reduced by more than half.” Luo Hu said blankly.

After Liu Ming listened, his face became really ugly.

It was not easy to find a large amount of true demonic aura, and he needed to find it within 2 years. In addition, breaking through to the Crystallization Period world seemed imminent. Otherwise, even if he found the true demonic aura to repair the prison, the next absorption would also drain half of his lifespan.

At this moment, Luo Hu didn’t wait for Liu Ming to ask more. After a blur of his body, he disappeared into thin air.

Liu Ming’s face changed for a while. After some consideration, he finally shook his head slowly and decided to temporarily set aside breaking through the bottleneck. He prepared to find the true demonic aura first.

After all, there were still 2 years between repairing the prison and the mysterious bubble’s absorption, which could let him break through to the Crystallization Period. It was just that the time was tight, so he probably had to in 1 attempt.

As for how to find the true demonic aura, he may only have to go to the Big Dipper Pavilion again.

With the well-informed knowledge of the Big Dipper Pavilion, as long as he could pay enough spirit stone, it should not be too difficult to find the place where the true demonic aura may exist.

But before that, he had to prepare again.

After thinking about it like this, Liu Ming lost the interest in practicing in the illusion. He immediately closed his eyes and left the grey and mysterious space.

After pacing back and forth in the secret room and pondering for a while, he left the cave house and flew toward the law enforcement hall.

After a while, in a side hall next to the law enforcement hall.

Liu Ming stared at the neatly arranged rows of jade boxes in front of him, and he released the Divine Thought to look into the jade boxes one by one. In each jade box, a superb spiritual weapon was placed in it.

According to Taiqing Sect regulations, 1 of the rewards for passing the 36th floor Void Spirit Tower was a superb spiritual weapon with more than 30 enchantments.

Shadow Dodge Needle, it was once used by Thundercloud Peak’s master, Yun Leizi. It had a set of seven. Because its launch speed was extremely fast, it was like a shadow that could hardly be traced. It was quite effective for assassination in close range.

This Shadow Dodge Needle seemed to overlap slightly with the magical power of the finger sword. After Liu Ming thought for a while, he shook his head and looked into the 2nd jade box.

Sky Thunder Pearl, a superb spiritual weapon with 31 enchantments. It was a bead made of the Crystallization Period beastkin thunderbird’s claw hook. It contained the power of the sky thunder. If it was refined into the prototype of a magic weapon, this spiritual weapon could be transformed. It had the chance to summon the soul of the thunderbird.

Liu Ming was moved by this item, but it was very troublesome to refine the 31 enchantments into 36. Not only did he need to collect various auxiliary materials, but he also needed a lot of spiritual materials with related attributes. He could only be able to gather all the materials for a few years. It wasn’t helpful to him at all. After sighing slightly, he looked into the next jade box.

After about 2 hours, Liu Ming walked out of the side hall of the law enforcement hall. In the jade box in his hand, there was a superb spiritual flying device of 32 enchantments, Daiyue Jade Boat.

Although there were still a few other superb spiritual weapons that made him moved, most of them could only exert their true power after being refined into the prototype of magic weapon; he had to refine them himself too.

However, this Daiyue Jade Boat was a finished item. He basically didn’t have to gather more material to enhance it. It could solve the problem of Liu Ming’s long-distance and time-consuming flight and greatly shorten the time required on traveling.

Therefore, this spiritual item was the most suitable for him at the moment.

As for the body and sword fusion technique, although the escape speed was extremely fast, according to his current cultivation level, he couldn’t use it as transportation. Only when he truly mastered the sword flying technique, he could use it for long-distance journeys.

At the bottom of the Daiyue Jade Boat, there was also a huge magic circle. If it was inlaid with a crystal stone with wind attribute, its flying speed could be increased.

Previously on Qingyu Island, the flying jade boat used by Feng Zhan of the Changfeng Association at that time made Liu Ming secretly envied for a long time. When he saw this device, he chose this flying boat without much hesitation.

As for the other reward for becoming an inner disciple which was to learn an inner door technique with half contribution points, he didn’t want to use it now.

After Liu Ming bade farewell with the law enforcement hall’s deputy disciple, he left the law enforcement hall right away.

On the wide platform outside the law enforcement hall, he patted the jade box, and a small white boat flew out.

After Liu Ming launched a few symbols, the flying boat turned into a giant jade boat of a hundred meters long and 50 meters tall.

The surface of the jade boat was shrouded in a layer of white light curtain, and several pale golden spirit patterns flashed on both sides. It seemed to have a mysterious charm.

Liu Ming couldn’t help being stunned when he saw it. Several Taiqing Sect disciples who had just arrived near the platform also cast their fiery eyes.

Liu Ming ignored other people’s gazes and jumped onto the jade boat, then he launched several symbols at the front of the jade boat.


Several clouds condensed on both sides of the jade boat, and the boat slowly rose up. In a blink of an eye, it flew toward the sect market.

Since he wanted to go out to find the true demonic aura, he must first go to the market to make some preparations.

He was in a hurry at Changyang Market before, so he did not catch up with the big auction in the market. Moreover, the 2 Heavy Water Droplets and Nine Skulls Shield in his hand were damaged when he challenged the Void Spirit Tower 5 years ago. To completely restore them, he had to purchase some forging materials from the market.

Of course, in addition to this, Liu Ming also wanted to shop for talismans and elixirs that could be useful to him.

A month later, in the cave house’s secret room, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged while playing with 2 black beads and a small bone shield in his hands. It was the Heavy Water Droplet and Nine Skulls Shield that had been repaired.

He directly handed the Heavy Water Droplet to a forge master in the market. After paying some spirit stones as a reward, he directly retrieved it the next time he visited the market again.

As for the prototype of the magic weapon, Nine Skulls Shield, he would naturally not show it to the others, and he wouldn’t let someone else repair it. So, he bought some expensive materials and spent a dozen days to repair it himself.

There was also a brand new small green sword in Sumeru Ring, which was also a newly purchased upper grade flying sword.

The original small gray sword was damaged too badly in the tower, and it was no longer worth repairing, so he simply bought a new sword.

In addition, there were a few sparkling wind attribute crystal stones and a stack of talismans in the Sumeru Ring.

After Liu Ming put the Heavy Water Droplet and Bone Shield away, he was thinking when to leave the Taiqing Sect; a buzzing sound suddenly came from his waist.

After frowning, Liu Ming waved his hand at his waist, and a circular disk array appeared in his hand. It was flickering with light silver text.

“What, the master is back? He wants all the inner disciples to meet him in the hall now?” After Liu Ming glanced at the words on the disk array, he murmured to himself with an astounded expression.

But since it was the rumored master who gave the order, Liu Ming had to go.

So after making some preparations, he flew toward the Fallen Serene Peak.

After a while, in a side hall of the Fallen Serene Peak, there were 20 more inner disciples gathering there.

These people were naturally all the disciples who were still in the Fallen Seren Peak.

Most of these people had different expressions. Obviously, they were also confused about this sudden call. The head was a glamorous woman with short hair and colorful clothes. She was the top disciple of the Fallen Serene Peak, who called herself “Sister Wu”, Xiaowu.

The man in a black robe behind her was the deputy, Senior Fellow Apprentice Feng. He cultivated some kind of technique that made his figure thin down in just 5 years, but his aura was much stronger.

Judging from the aura of the rest of the disciples, the Crystallization Period disciple and the Condensation Period disciple were basically half split; there were around 10 people in each realm. The Condensation Period disciples were led by a short young man with a square and ordinary face.

A young man in a black robe standing in the inconspicuous corner was Liu Ming.

He seldom came out from his cave house after he had joined the Fallen Serene Peak, so he was not familiar with the people around him except Xiao Wu whom he met at the beginning. He just stood there silently.

The others talked in low voices in small groups, but no one came forward to talk to him.

Is there any big event coming? Even if there is, does Liu Ming have the leisure to join?

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