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Chapter 608: Seeing Luo Hu Again

Peng Demon Double Fury’s complexion changed, and they quickly cast several symbols. However, their spiritual weapons seemed to have disappeared; they suddenly lost contact with their minds.

The black gas slowly faded, revealing Liu Ming’s figure. A head-sized black gas was condensed on his right hand.

In the black gas, 2 long and short bloody flying needles and a black flying blade floated quietly.

However, no matter how they channeled with spiritual power, there was no movement at this moment.

Peng Demon Double Fury’s faces were pale. How could they not know they had offended someone they shouldn’t. After looking at each other, they turned around and ran.

“Want to go?” Liu Ming sneered. As he opened his arms, the overwhelming black gas rolled over in an astonishing pressure.

Peng Demon Double Fury just flew more than a hundred meters away, then they were shrouded by the black gas.

They immediately lost their vision and sense of direction. They were surrounded in whistling black gas as if they were in another world.

This was exactly the “Hell Prison” that Liu Ming gradually realized from the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison after training his physical body with the power of the sky wind for 1 year. With his spiritual power as the foundation, he could cast an enchantment-like space and controlled it freely to trap the enemy in it.

This was a true magical power that included confinement, killing, and illusion.

Moreover, it was said that when the technique was cultivated to the perfect stage, he could even condense some ghost pawns, ghost generals, and even ghost kings to slowly torture the enemy to death.

Peng Demon Double Fury’s screams and continuous crackling sounds came from the black gas like they were desperately resisting something.

However, after 2 horrible screams sounded, the black gas dissipated quickly after tumbling for a while.

“Bang bang“, 2 headless corpses fell from mid-air.

Liu Ming waved one hand, and a few storage talismans flew out from the corpses into his hands.

Liu Ming checked the storage talismans with Divine Thought and nodded immediately. He was satisfied with the Hell Prison for the first time using it.

If this technique could be used together with the Nine Skulls Shield, it would be more powerful. Not to mention he just learned this technique, there was still great potential to be more powerful in the future.

Liu Ming waved his sleeve and launched 2 fireballs at the headless corpses, burning them into ashes.

Then, he changed his gestures, and the Golden Fallen Sand wrapped his figure and flew away in a cluster of golden light.

The trip to Changyang Market was just a small episode in Liu Ming’s cultivation. He forgot about the incident right away.

A few years later.

Fallen Serene Peak, in Liu Ming’s cave house.

A large cloud of black gas filled the cave house. It was expanding and shrinking rhythmically like a beating black heart.

Suddenly, there was a long roar from the black gas. After the black gas rolled violently, it condensed into 3 black dragons and 3 black tigers that wandered around Liu Ming.

For a time, the roars of dragons and tigers came one after another.

After rubbing his arms again and again and making several gestures, the 3 dragons and 3 tigers turned back into black gas and disappeared into his head.

There was a hint of excitement on Liu Ming’s face.

He spent 5 years a total of 300,000 contribution points to temper his physical body in the Sky Wind Cave for 5 times. Finally, he successfully mastered the 3rd level of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison and reached the perfect stage of the Condensation Period.

Feeling the surging spiritual power in his body, Liu Ming showed a very satisfied expression on his face.


Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion seemed to feel Liu Ming’s joy. They flew from the corner of the cave house and rubbed Liu Ming’s clothes intimately.

For the past 5 years, Liu Ming had been placing them in the cave house to let them absorb the yin qi here and cultivate on their own.

In the past 5 years, the strengths of Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion had also increased to a certain extent, but they had not yet reached the Condensation Period perfect stage.

However, whether it was the ghost creature or demon head, if there was no rare chance, they could only have huge progress after years of experience. Therefore, Liu Ming wasn’t worried about that.

Liu Ming calmed the 2 spiritual pets for a while, then he put them into the soul-recovering bag and strode out of the cave house.

During this period of time, although several Real Pellet State elders had returned to the peak one after another, they didn’t intend to take Liu Ming as their disciple.

And the rumored peak master still hadn’t shown up yet.

Therefore, even though Liu Ming was already the inner disciple of the Fallen Serene Peak, he had been practicing by himself.

He didn’t care too much about it too.

After all, Liu Ming’s main purpose for entering the inner door was to use the resources and identity of the inner disciple. He never really wanted the guide of others to continue cultivating.

Now that he had reached the Condensation State perfect stage, his next step was to prepare for breaking through to the Crystallization Period.

Not long after, a black cloud rose from the foot of the Fallen Serene Peak and flew straight to the top of the peak.

After a dozen minutes, Liu Ming came to a pavilion on the top of the mountain. After showing his identity token to unlock the enchantment, he went straight to the 3rd floor of the pavilion.

This pavilion was the Scriptures Pavilion of the Fallen Serene Peak. It contained not only some mystic arts for the inner disciples to practice, but there were also many other classics by the Fallen Serene Peak for the disciples to refer to. There were even some classics that couldn’t be accessed in the Scriptures Pavilion outside.

Of course, when the disciples of Fallen Serene Peak reviewed these classics, they spent a lot less contribution points than the Scriptures Pavilion outside. Other peaks generally had similar pavilions.

This was also one of the benefits of being an inner disciple.

After a while, Liu Ming found a classic’s jade talisman about breaking through to the Crystallization Period on the east side of the 3rd floor.

After he shook the token on the jade talisman, a green light shot into the classic. The gray spirit patterns on the classics flashed, and the enchantment was slowly unlocked. The contribution points on his sect token were deducted by 100 points.

Liu Ming put the classic on his forehead and released Divine Thought to read carefully.

According to the records in the classic, the so-called Crystallization Period originally referred to a state where the spiritual sea could no longer hold more liquid true spirits, then they condensed into crystal grains.

When entering the Crystallization Period, the more spiritual power crystal grains condensed by true spirit, the more abundant the cultivator’s true spirit was, and the more potential to advance in the future.

Generally speaking, when the Three Spiritual Pulse cultivator advanced to the Crystallization Period, he could condensed 9 spiritual power crystals; Six Spiritual Pulse for 18 spiritual power crystals; Nine Spiritual Pulse for 36 spiritual power crystals; Twelve Spiritual Pulse for 72 spiritual power crystals. As for the rumored Heaven Spiritual Pulse cultivator, he would have 144 spiritual power crystals.

Compared with the true spirit liquefying when breaking through to the Condensation State, the crystallization of the true spirit was naturally more than several times more difficult. The Condensation Period cultivator that broke through this bottleneck was naturally 1 out of 100.

After a dozen minutes, Liu Ming put the classic back in place. After that, he spend 200 contribution points to read another classic on increasing the success rate of breaking through to the Crystallization Period.

According to this classic, items like the pulse connecting spiritual talisman, which was used to break through the bottleneck of the Condensation Period later stage, were useless in breaking through to the Crystallization Period.

There several rare spiritual items that would be helpful in breaking through to the Crystallization Period, such as the roots of thousands years old ginseng king, the blood essence of psychic yin ganoderma, etc. However, these spiritual items were simply impossible to obtain from the normal market at all.

However, it was also mentioned in the classic that since the Taiqing Sect was one of the 4 ancient sects of the human race, it naturally had its own unique method to break through to the Crystallization Period. That was the Yin Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror, the top treasure of the Taiqing Sect.

This mirror could transform the natural aura into the yin and yang chaotic qi in a short period of time and infused it into the cultivator who was trying to break through. It could increase the success rate by 20%.

It was just that the Yin Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror consumed a lot of spiritual power for each usage, so the inner disciple needed to pay 250,000 inner contribution points to use it.

After reading the 2 classics, Liu Ming immediately sat cross-legged. After a deep contemplation, he analyzed his current situation.

Although he knew that his success rate of breaking through with Three Spiritual Pulse was close to zero, after the refinement of the mysterious bubble, his spiritual power had become more refined than the cultivator of the same realm. This had increased the chance of breaking through.

Moreover, the strength of his physical body and mental power was not what ordinary people could compare to. In addition, the mind imitation insect was also beneficial in breaking through to the Crystallization Period.

In addition, the Nine Skulls Shield owned by Liu Ming was the prototype of a magic weapon. If the treasure was warmed up for a period of time, then when he activated it while breaking through to the Crystallization Period, it could stimulate the enchantments in it to absorb the natural aura of the surrounding. This would help in breaking through as well.

Therefore, after thinking about it, he felt that if he could find 1 or 2 rare spiritual items, and with the power of the Yin Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror, he would have a decent chance in breaking through. What’s more, his current contribution points were also enough for him to use the Yin Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror once.

In the following time, Liu Ming flipped through several related classics and found that the contents mentioned were roughly the same, so he left the Scriptures Pavilion and returned to his cave house.

After he was ready to consolidate the perfect stage, he was ready to go out to find those rare spiritual items recorded in the classics. Then, he could break through to the Crystallization Period.

On this day, after Liu Ming completed the routine practice in the cave house’s secret room, he slowly poured spiritual power into the Celestial Tablet in the sea of ​​consciousness. He wanted to borrow the mental power of the mind imitation insect again to practice in the illusion.

As a result, as soon as he entered the gray space, a young man in a green robe who was over ten years old, had already been waiting there.

It was Luo Hu.

He hadn’t been showing up for a long time, why was he showing up this time? Was there any changes in Liu Ming’s body?

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