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Chapter 607: Peng Demon Double Fury

After the wind rolled out from the cave, Liu Ming felt his body tremble involuntarily as if being pushed from left to right by thousands of giant hands. He was almost blown away; he hurriedly channeled his cultivation to stabilize his figure.

And the next moment, a biting chill surged into his body. As a faint white light flickered around him, the biting chill was immediately reduced by more than half.

Liu Ming felt a little relieved in his mind, then he looked around at the surrounding environment.

The cave was totally dark. With a scan of Divine Thought, it seemed endless. He was unable to find any abnormalities.

This endless gust of wind seemed to blow from the Netherland.

The walls on both sides of the cave were green-black rocks that had been tempered by the wind for countless years.

On the ground under his feet, there was a pattern of an array. A half-foot-sized groove was in the middle which looked very similar to the inner disciple’s identity token.

Liu Ming immediately removed the token from his waist and put it in gently.

The surface of the token immediately flashed light, and the contribution points inside were deducted a thousand points.

Afterward, Liu Ming sat cross-legged right away. As black gas rolled out from his body, a burst of crackling sound came. His body was enlarged, and he started to adapt to the environment here slowly.

7 days had passed in a flash. The pale white light that the old man in a white robe applied to Liu Ming’s body gradually faded away.

Just halfway through on the 7th day, the faint white light on Liu Ming finally disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the whistling gale suddenly became stronger by several times. Bursts of piercing cold yin power enveloped his whole body. Even with the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison’s protection, Liu Ming still felt tingling pains all over his body.

It felt like invisible knives in the wind, slashing through in his meridians and slowly eroding his body.

“The sky wind power is really powerful…”

Fortunately, Liu Ming was prepared. He channeled the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison inside his body to cast rolling black gas. After the black gas turned into 2 dragons and 2 tigers, they disappeared back into his body. His body was enlarged by 1 size, and the erosion of the gale reduced drastically.

It seemed that if ordinary people stayed here for a while, their whole body would be corrupted into mud. It was no wonder that the disciples who came out of the Sky Wind Cave before were all in embarrassed state.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that as the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison was resisting the gale’s erosion, something in the limbs seemed to be slowly forced out of his body.

Liu Ming immediately consumed a golden yuan pill, took a deep breath and kept making gestures on both hands. The black gas became increasingly violent. According to the method stated on the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, he slowly channeled his power to lead the gale to temper his body.

2 months had passed in a flash. Liu Ming, who was sitting cross-legged, was covered with an inexplicable dark gray substance at this moment. It was sticky, giving off an indescribable smell.

Liu Ming suddenly opened his eyes. The 8 tentacle-like black gas flashed into his body. He made a gesture, and a cluster of water cleansed all the dirts on his body.

Then, he stood up and took out the inner door token from the array on the ground.

After 10 seconds, his figure appeared in the green stone hall with a flashed of green light.

In the hall at this moment, there were 3 inner disciples sitting aside and waiting. After seeing Liu Ming’s appearance, one of them looked joyful, and then stood up.

Liu Ming tidied up his clothes, then he cupped his fist at the old man in a white robe who was sitting behind the stone table with his usual expression. He strode out of the green stone hall.

After Liu Ming left, the white-robed old man suddenly opened his eyes. Looking at Liu Ming’s back, a thoughtful expression flashed in his eyes.

What Liu Ming didn’t know was that Sky Wind Cave was originally designed to let the inner disciple in the sect temper their bodies and enhance their physical strength. Even if one was not a Physique Cultivator, as long as he stayed in the cave for 7 days under the blessing of the Mystic Spirit Art, his physical body could be strengthened a lot.

But the general inner disciples usually couldn’t withstand the erosion of the gale after the Mystic Spirit Art faded, and they would choose to teleport out immediately.

However, if they could persist at this time, the tempering effect was far from the 7 days’ effect.

It would be rare even if a Crystallization Period Physique cultivator could persist in this Sky Wind Cave for more than 1 month.

Therefore, he of course shocked the old man for staying there for 2 months.

Liu Ming was flying slowly in the air. At this time, his face was full of joy.

As expected, the Sky Wind Cave had a great effect on the training body as recorded in the ancient books.

After being tempered by the power of the sky wind, some impurities were being purged out of his body. His spiritual power was also more refined.

What made him even more happy was that the bottleneck of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison had faintly begun to loosen.

However, according to his own situation, 2 months was already the limit. He could only do it slowly to truly complete the process of body tempering.

However, it was a pity that this cave could only be entered once a year. Liu Ming believed that as long as he entered a few more times, he would soon be able to truly master the 3rd level of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

After half an hour, Liu Ming returned to the cave house in the Fallen Serene Peak and immediately began to retreat.

After he took a cold condensing pill, he began to meditate, absorb yin qi, temper himself, and start preparing for the next visit of the Sky Wind Cave.

Time passed day by day, the No.9 cave house of the Fallen Serene Peak was still closed all year round.

Even the fellow disciples of the Fallen Serene Peak rarely saw Liu Ming, the newly joined junior fellow apprentice.

1 year later.

In the Changyang Market thousands of miles away.

The market was still bustling with people. There were endless cultivators coming in and out.

At this time, in the Bat Clan Shop in the southwest, a muscular man with black face walked out of the shop under the accompany of the shopkeeper in black clothes.

The muscular man with black face was disguised by Liu Ming.

After these years of continuous practice, the cold condensing pill on his body was already somewhat insufficient, so he once again came to the Changyang Market to buy the materials. He planned to refine a large batch of cold condensing pill and golden yuan pill to supply him in cultivating.

“Mr. Ye hasn’t been to our store in the past 10 years.” The shopkeeper in black clothes said with emotion.

“My master has been very busy these years because of a major event, and he hasn’t been free until recently. But the shopkeeper can rest assured that the elixirs that are refined will be traded with your clan. We will never sell to others.” Liu Ming said calmly.

When the shopkeeper in black clothes heard the words, he nodded naturally.

After the two exchanged another few words, Liu Ming said goodbye and left.

The shopkeeper in black clothes watched Liu Ming’s figure go away, sighed lightly, then turned back to the shop.

At the same time, less than a hundred meters away from the Bat Clan shop, a horse-faced man in a yellow shirt glanced at the ornately decorated Bat Clan shop. He then pretended to casually walk toward Liu Ming’s direction.

After half an hour, a black cloud left the Changyang Market,

Almost at the same time, a yellow escape light also flashed out of the market. It sneaked into the jungle and slowly followed the black cloud in mid air.

After a while, the black cloud flew at a faster speed.

The yellow figure was anxious, so he couldn’t care about being discovered anymore and flew into the air to speed up.

However, after the black cloud flew out for a few miles, it flashed and disappeared into black smoke that quickly dispersed in the air.

The yellow figure who was chasing was stunned by this. Before he could turned around, a faint voice came from behind him.

“Sir has been following me since I left the Changyang Market, may I know what’s your business?”

The man in yellow clothes was shocked when he heard the words. He turned around abruptly, only to see a muscular man with a black face standing quietly not far away and looking over with cold eyes.

The muscular man with a black face was naturally Liu Ming. With his powerful mental power, he could easily notice someone following him. So, he did some little tricks to bait the party out.

“Misunderstanding… Misunderstanding… I came here by coincidence…” The man in yellow clothes rolled his eyes and quickly apologized with a smile.

As he spoke halfway, a ruthlessness flashed in the man in yellow clothes’ eyes. He shouted abruptly,


2 looming red lines shot out from the dense forest on one side, and they came to the front of Liu Ming in a flash.

At the same time, the man in yellow clothes also rubbed his hands, and a black blade light slashed straight toward Liu Ming’s lower abdomen.

The distance between the 2 of them was originally very close, so the blade light got close easily.

Liu Ming snorted coldly and waved with one hand. Black gas surged out like ink which completely enveloped him.

The 2 red lines and the black sword beam struck into the black gas, then there were 2 sounds of collision. The black gas rolled violently due to the attack.

A muscular man in a red robe jumped out of the dense forest and pincered Liu Ming together with the man in yellow clothes.

“Haha, how does my blood needles taste? Obediently hand over all your spirit stones, and I will give you a swift death.” The muscular man in a red robe laughed; he seemed extremely proud.

The man in yellow clothes also sneered.

Their combination attack was extremely skillful. The man in yellow clothes was at the Condensation Period later stage; the muscular man in a red robe was at the Condensation Period intermediate stage. Therefore, their joint sneak attack had no reason to fail.

The 2 of them were the well-known Evil Cultivators, Peng Demon Double Fury. They entrenched near the Changyang Market for a long time, waiting for the opportunity to rob some cultivators who were alone.

Especially those who entered and left the large shops, most of them had a lot of wealth. Those people would be their main target.

Seeing Liu Ming in and out of the Bat Clan shop in the market today, the man in yellow clothes couldn’t help being moved.

“It turns out that this is your killing move. It really disappoints me a bit.” Amidst the black gas, Liu Ming’s faint voice suddenly came out.

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