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Chapter 605: Fallen Serene Peak

So under the lead of this law enforcement disciple, they left the law enforcement hall. Soon, the 2 escape lights flew away from the peak and went to the depths of the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range.

Although Liu Ming had been in the Taiqing Sect for more than 10 years, he usually cultivated behind closed doors. Except when he first visited the Emerald Cloud Peak after he joined, he never had any relationship with the inner door. Because of that, he wasn’t clear about the position of the inner courtyards, so it was Lin Yue leading him all the way.

This Lin Yue was also quite talkative. In addition, the law enforcement hall had close contact with the major inner gates on weekdays. Along the way, Liu Ming deliberately inquired a lot of matters about the inner courtyards.

An hour later, the 2 came to a black mountain peak.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, here is Fallen Serene Peak.” Lin Yue pointed to the mountain in front of him and spoke to Liu Ming.

Liu Ming nodded his head with blinking eyes. At this moment, he had put on the black inner disciple costume of the Fallen Serene Peak.

The black mountain peak in front of them looked extremely dangerous. The front was straight and steep; the back was slightly better with a relatively gentle slope.

Like Taiqing Sect’s other inner door main peaks, the main peak of the Fallen Serene Peak was high into the cloud. The nearby mountains were lower than the peak. The lower part was a densely packed primitive jungle. Only dozens of tall buildings had been built on the top of the mountain.

“Let’s go.” Liu Ming looked around for a moment, shocked his sleeves, and flew up.

Not long after, the 2 landed on a platform on the top of the peak.

“This is the inner door Fallen Serene Peak, why are you 2 here?”

As Liu Ming and Lin Yue just stood firm, a man in black clothes walked out of a nearby hall and stopped in front of them. He glanced at the law enforcement disciple, then his gaze stopped on Liu Ming.

“Lin Yue, from the law enforcement hall, came here today because this Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu passed the 36th floor trial of the Void Spirit Tower, so he is allowed to enter the inner door. Now that he has chosen to join the Fallen Serene Peak, he is here to visit the master so that he can be officially registered.” Before Liu Ming could speak, Lin Yue spoke respectfully.

“Passed the 36th floor trial of the Void Spirit Tower?!” The man in black clothes was taken aback when he heard the words, and his gaze looking at Liu Ming changed abruptly.

“In that case, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, please come with me. However, our master is out recently. Now, Elder Yan is in charge.” The man in black clothes looked at Liu Ming up and down again before calming down.

Lin Yue bade farewell to Liu Ming after his mission was completed. HE made a gesture and flew away.

Liu Ming followed the man in black clothes ahead and walked into the hall.

Fallen Serene Peak was famous for its ghost technique. From the hall on this peak, a hint of cold air could be sensed. This feeling was somewhat similar to the yin qi of the Savage Ghost Sect.

If ordinary people stayed here for a period of time, they would feel discomfort due to the yin qi invasion into their bodies.

But for Liu Ming, this environment was the best to practice his Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

Not long after, the 2 came to a green stones hall.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, please wait here for a while. I will ask Elder Yan to come now.” The man in black clothes said and walked inside the hall.

Liu Ming looked around carefully while waiting.

The interior of the hall was spacious. It seemed to be a bit bigger than what he could see from the outside. The 4 walls were made of green stones. There was no trace on the walls as if they were carved out of a huge piece of green stone.

The hall looked very empty. 4 cauldrons were placed in the corners. Instead of putting incense, a large piece of black ore was placed inside them, which kept emitting strands of yin qi.

“Could this be… yin qi stone?”

Liu Ming was really shocked when he thought about it.

This yin qi stone was a very rare material. It contained very pure yin qi inside which was of great benefit to the ghost technique.

Liu Ming had seen it in Changyang Market before. A fist-sized piece of yin qi stone could be sold at a high price of tens of thousands of spirit stones, but Fallen Serene Peak actually used it as incense. No wonder the outer disciple said that the inner door peak was wealthy.

Just as he wanted to take a closer look at the yin qi stone, there was a sound of footsteps from inside the hall.

Liu Ming’s heart shuddered. He retracted his gaze and stood with his hands down.

Not long after, a middle-aged man walked out of the hall. He appeared to be about 40 years old with a yellow face and sickly look. Behind him was a glamorous woman who was about 26 years old.

“You are Liu Ming?” The man with a yellow face sized up Liu Ming with a pair of muddy little eyes, then he said with a hoarse voice.

At the same time, a feeling of extreme coldness swept across, making Liu Ming’s heart stunned.

“Disciple Liu Ming, pay respects to Master’s Junior.” Liu Ming channeled his internal technique to calm himself down, then he said respectfully.

“I’m Elder Yan Tiandu. Master is out today, so any matters will be handled by me. Alright, take out your inner door token.” The man with a yellow face saw Liu Ming being so calm, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. He said faintly instead.

Hearing this, Liu Ming quickly took out the Fallen Serene Peak’s disciple token and handed it over.

This token had been sacrificially refined on his way here. Liu Ming’s portrait and name clearly appeared on it.

The man with a yellow face waved lightly, and the token flew up from Liu Ming’s hand. The token appeared in the elder’s hand in a blink of an eyemade a single move, and the token flew from Liu Ming’s hand, and appeared in his hand in the blink of an eye. A jade pen appeared in his other hand. He made a few strokes in the air, and a white light instantly flashed into the token.

“Okay, now you can be considered a member of the Fallen Serene Peak. This jade slip recorded the rules of our Fallen Serene Peak, you should remember all of them. If you violate any regulations, you know the consequences.” The man with a yellow face said in a deep voice. He waved his hand, and the gray jade slip flew back into Liu Ming’s hand.

“Disciple remembers the teachings of Master’s Junior Yan.” Liu Ming put the token away and said respectfully.

“This is the direct disciple of the master, Xiao Wu. Her cultivation has reached the later stage of the Crystallization Period; she is also the senior sister. If you have any questions, you can ask her.” Seeing Liu Ming’s courteous and polite demeanor, the man with a yellow face revealed a smile. He turned around, pointed at the woman behind, and said.

“Liu Ming greets to senior sister apprentice.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and bowed.

“Since Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu can pass the 36th floor Void Spirit Tower, you will definitely rise in the future. I’m the 5th child in my family. If you don’t mind, just call me ‘Sister Wu (Wu means 5 in Chinese)’.” The beautiful woman looked up and down at Liu Ming, then she said with a smile.

Liu Ming was startled hearing that, but he could only nod and say ‘yes’.

“Xiao Wu, you bring Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu to receive the benefits of the inner disciple, then let him choose a cave house. As for which elder should Liu Ming follow in the future, it is not very easy to decide now. The several elders of this peak are not in the peak now, so let’s talk about it after they come back.” The man with a yellow face instructed a few more words, then he left with the same route he came.

“Don’t be offended by Master’s Junior Yan. He was cold outside, but passionate inside. You’ll know if you stay here longer. Since Master’s Junior Yan has instructed me, you come with me then.” The glamorous woman explained with a smile, then she gracefully walked out of the hall.

Liu Ming touched his nose, gave a wry smile, and followed up.

Under the lead of this woman, Liu Ming left the hall. After a round of twists and turns, they came to a black stone house.

“Siter Wu, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu.”

The man in black clothes walked out of the stone house, and he greeted them with a smile.

“Our peak is rather special, so ordinary disciples can’t stay for a long time. Therefore, although the junior fellow apprentice is the inner disciple of the peak, you also serve as the deputy disciple who will manage all the trivial matters here. If you don’t understand anything, you can go ahead and ask him. “The glamorous woman said without looking back

Liu Ming naturally nodded and gave a friendly smile to the man in black clothes.

He had just joined the Fallen Serene Peak, so he wasn’t unfamiliar with the operations of this place. He would definitely deal with this person more in the future.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is here to receive the inner disciple’s benefits right? Please wait a moment.” The man in black clothes didn’t wait for the glamorous woman to speak, then he turned back into the stone house and walked out with a storage talisman soon.

“Everything is inside, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu can check it out.”

Liu Ming thanked him, took the storage talisman, and checked it with mental power. He found that there was a black robe with the style almost the same as the inner disciple costume he was wearing; a silver machete that looked like an upper grade spiritual weapon; a few bottles of ordinary spiritual power elixir; and 300,000 spirit stones.

In addition, there was another yellow jade slip.

“Okay, let’s arrange your cave house next.” Without waiting for Liu Ming to take a closer look, Xiao Wu turned around and left again without any intention of waiting for Liu Ming.

Liu Ming had to put the storage talisman into his arms, cupped his fist at the man in black clothes, and quickly followed up.

Not long after, the 2 flew down from the peak.

“There are more than 50 inner disciples in this peak which is considered a small number as compared to the other inner door peaks. The cave house is located below the peak. There are still a few left, so you can choose at will.” Xiao Wu explained more on the way.

“Listening to senior sister’s tone, you should be quite experienced in choosing a cave house right?” Liu Ming asked with a move in his heart.

“The cave houses are all on the Fallen Serene Peak, so their spirit density is almost the same. However, our Fallen Serene Peak is mainly cultivating in ghost way and yin attribute technique, so the yin-gathering deep illusory great array was set up there. Therefore, the closer to the peak, the thicker the spirit, and the more beneficial in cultivating. Of course, if your cultivation isn’t good enough, staying for a long time will harm you instead.” The beautiful woman said without hesitation.

Liu Ming’s heart was moved slightly when he heard the words.

“However, most of the cave houses near the peak are already occupied, and there are not many on the mountainside, so you don’t have much choice.” Before Liu Ming could speak, the glamorous woman chuckled again.

Liu Ming widened his mouth without speaking. He smiled bitterly again in his heart.

This is normal!

He was just a new inner disciple. How did he have the right to choose a good place to stay?

Interesting🤔, I thought he would choose to join the Tianjian Peak since he is a sword cultivator, but Fallen Serene Peak isn’t bad too. Will be a great boost to his Tiger Dragon Prison Hell and his 2 spiritual pets maybe?

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