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Chapter 604: Reward

“Let’s go too.” The woman in white clothes of the Piaomiao Peak saw the people of the Tianjian Peak left, and she also left together with Jia Lan and several other female disciples.

The bells rang again and again. After 36 consecutive ringings, the entire Void Spirit Tower returned to calm.

“36 bell rings, an outer disciple has passed the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower!”

In the Piaohong Courtyard, Jiang Zhong was discussing something with Liang Zhange. Suddenly, there was a deep bell ringing in their ears. They couldn’t help looking slightly shocked.

“It seems that this is true, but which outer courtyard’s disciple?” Liang Zhange stood up and said in amazement.

“Go check it now.” Jiang Zhong immediately instructed after a hint of thought flashed in his eyes, but his mind couldn’t help flashing Liu Ming’s figure.

In a pavilion of the Fengling Courtyard, the old man with yellow eyebrows held a tea cup firmly in his hand, facing the direction of the Void Spirit Tower and looking thoughtful.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps came, then a disciple rushed in.

“Report to the courtyard master. I have just received the news that an outer disciple has passed the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.”

“You think I’m so deaf that I can’t even hear the bell ringing? Go and see who did it, then report back to me.” The old man with yellow eyebrows put down the cup and said calmly.

When the disciple heard this, he naturally went to execute the command quickly.

Similar scenes were being staged in the 8 courtyards of the outer door at the same time…

At the top of Emerald Cloud Peak, under an ancient pine, Hao Yue Tongzi, dressed in a gray robe, looked at the Void Spirit Tower in the distance. There was a wry smile on his face.

Compared to the courtyard masters, he already knew who had passed the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

“Unexpectedly, this disciple is able to improve to such a level within just a few years. He can already beat the beastkin at the Pseudo Pellet State. His strength didn’t get to such a level yet 7 years ago in the major competition. Does this disciple only have Three Spiritual Pulse? Or he has some kind of obscure spiritual body, so his cultivation rises so fast?” Hao Yue Tongzi couldn’t help wondering if his original test was wrong. He also felt a little bit of regret in his mind now.

If he knew this would happen, he should insist on taking Liu Ming into his Emerald Cloud Peak after the major competition. Even if his senior fellow apprentice objected, it would be better than the current result.

But it was too late now. Liu Ming passed the test of Void Spirit Tower, which meant that he could join any inner door peak at will, and Emerald Cloud Peak basically had no chance.

At the same time, in the 36th floor’s lobby of the Void Spirit Tower.

A purple glow suddenly rolled up from the ground nearby and landed in front of Liu Ming who was sitting cross-legged.

As the light converged, a lavender jade slip appeared.

Seeing this, Liu Ming released Divine Thought immediately. After a hint of realization flashed in his eyes, he shook the token at the jade slip.

According to the instructions on the jade slip, if he wanted to continue the challenge, he could wait for 10 seconds. If he wanted to stop, he just needed to activate the enchantment in the token to teleport out.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s spiritual power had almost exhausted. Even the Nine Skulls Shield, which he relied on, had suffered some damage. If he wanted to continue to challenge in this situation, it was naturally impossible.

After 10 seconds, the purple jade slip collapsed and turned into a cloud of glow that wrapped his body.

Liu Ming felt that the surrounding scenery was blurred, then he was teleported to a strange hall with a scarlet enchantment underneath his feet.

He glanced around and found himself in a tall cylindrical hall with a diameter of 300 meters. The surrounding green rock walls were inlaid with red crystal stones that were flashing like stars in the night sky. An old man in a red robe stood in front of an enchantment with his hands behind his back.

“You’re Liu Ming? I’m the elder in duty of the Void Spirit Tower. With such an age and cultivation level, you can pass the 36th floor Void Spirit Tower. You really did well. You will be qualified to call me Master’s Junior in the future.” The old man in a red robe who seemed stern unexpectedly smiled at Liu Ming and said.

“Greetings to Master Uncle.” Liu Ming naturally bowed hurriedly.

This old man in a red robe was also a master of the Real Pellet State.

“Cut the nonsense. According to the regulations, you should get corresponding rewards. One is contribution points. In addition to all the contribution points paid before, you will be rewarded with 50,000 contribution points.” As the old man in a red robe spoke, he waved his hand. The contribution point in Liu Ming’s token was increased by 100,000.

Liu Ming’s heart was moved. His sect contribution points at the moment had reached 450,000.

“Secondly, you can now join an inner door peak at will and be promoted to inner disciple. In addition, the law enforcement hall will also reward you a superb spiritual weapon.”

“Thank you, Master’s Junior.” After Liu Ming heard this, he couldn’t help being overjoyed. He quickly bowed while cupping his fist.

“These are what you deserved. No matter what your qualifications are, as long as you can pass the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower, you are qualified to accept all of this. Next, you can come with me first.” After that, the old man in a red robe waved his sleeve and launched a faint red light toward Liu Ming, then they blasted out of the hall.

After a dozen minutes, the 2 appeared on the mountain peak where the Taiqing Sect’s law enforcement hall was located.

Speaking of it, Liu Ming had gone to the law enforcement hall not long after joining the Taiqing Sect, but it was his first time coming here in these few years.

The law enforcement hall was built on a green mountain peak that was high in the clouds. At first glance, it gave people a heavy and depressive feeling.

Liu Ming had learned from the sect’s classics that the name of this mountain was Taiyin Peak, which was also very famous in Taiqing Sect. The Black Prison Peak was nearby. The entire peak was covered by black clouds. Light would be absorbed when it shone on that peak.

“You don’t need to see, that’s where the Taiqing Sect punishes someone; Five Mountains Bipolar Hell. Let’s go.” The old man in a red robe said faintly, then he brought Liu Ming into the law enforcement hall.

Liu Ming’s heart shuddered, and he quickly retracted his gaze and followed up.

The old man in a red robe took many turns and came to a big hall. There was 1 deputy disciple in green clothes on both sides of the door.

“Greetings to Elder Mian.” The 2 deputy disciples obviously recognized the old man in a red robe and bowed respectfully.

“I have something important here, take me to see the deputy hall master.” The old man in red robe instructed.

“Yes.” A deputy disciple hurriedly lowered his head and responded. He curiously glanced at Liu Ming who was following, then he led the 2 of them into the hall.

Liu Ming followed the deputy disciple and the old man in red robe without looking around; he didn’t even dare to simply release his Divine Thought.

After a short while, the 3 of them walked through the hall and came to a back room. After the deputy disciple bowed at the old man in a red robe, he entered into the side door.

“It turns out that Brother Mian is here. Sorry that I didn’t welcome you at the door.” Not long after, a somewhat hoarse voice came from the side door, then a middle-aged man in gray clothes shirt and gray hair slowly walked out.

His face was purple-red; he was burly and tall; the corners of his mouth slightly curled up like he was crying and smiling at the same time.

“Hall Master Ouyang, this is Liu Ming, a disciple of the Piaohong Courtyard. He has passed the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower today.” The old man in a red robe said faintly toward the burly middle-aged man.

Hearing this, the burly middle-aged man gave Liu Ming a pleasantly surprised look, and said with some appreciation.

“It turns out that the bell rings of the Void Spirit Tower just now were caused by this disciple. His strength must be close to invincible among the disciples of the same realm.” The burly middle-aged smiled slightly, and his eyes flashed a hint of admiration.

“Thank you senior for the compliment. It was just a fluke.” Liu Ming replied respectfully after bowing.

“Hehe, you don’t need to be humble here. Okay, leave the following matters to me. Brother Mian, you can be busy with your own matters first.” After Hall Master Ouyang laughed, he turned his head and spoke to the old man in a red robe.

“Okay, then I’ll leave first.” The one man in a red robe nodded, then he walked outside.

After the burly middle-aged man watched the old man in a red robe walked out of the inner hall, he turned to look at Liu Ming.

“According to the rules in the door, the outer disciple who has passed through the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower will be directly accepted as an inner disciple and will be carefully cultivated from then on. You must be very clear about this.” The burly middle-aged man looked at Liu Ming up and down, then he said with a solemn expression.

Liu Ming’s heart palpitated slightly. He nodded respectfully.

Seeing this, the burly middle-aged man raised his gray sleeve, and a cluster of black light swept out, densely arranged and suspended in front of Liu Ming.

There were more than 100 shining tokens.

Unlike the outer disciple token, each side of the token was engraved with the name of a peak which was obviously a sign of inner disciple.

How many outer disciples worked hard consistently all day long just for this small token. Seeing this scene, a calm person like Liu Ming couldn’t help beating faster in his heartbeat.

“Nephew Disciple Liu, choose a token from them now.” Seeing the disciple in front of him seemed quite calm, Deputy Hall Master Ouyang couldn’t help looking surprised.

“I was originally just a small outer disciple, so I didn’t know much about the various peaks of the inner doors. I hope senior can give me some pointers.” Liu Ming glanced over the tokens. After thinking slightly, he said very sincerely.

“Although the techniques in each peak are broad and profound, they naturally have different focuses. Some focus on the practice of enchantment; some focus on the study of the talisman alchemy; some are dedicated to the Sword Cultivation. En, all the information is recorded in this jade slip. You can take a look at it first.” Hall Master Ouyang glanced at Liu Ming, then he nodded and said.

After speaking, he threw out a jade slip.

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