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Chapter 602: Fierce Battle with Liger Part 2

At this moment, in the gray hurricane, the aura of the 4 beastkins also soared.

A loud sound

The hurricane was burst open by the hill phantasm, but the press was being blocked by a gray mist.

With a thought, Liu Ming spat out a blood arrow into the hill phantasm.

The spirit patterns on the surface of the yellow hill phantasm suddenly flashed wildly, making a loud rumbling sound. After sinking slightly, the mist was being suppressed bit by bit.

At this moment, a burst of cold air gushed out from the mist below, instantly condensing a layer of frost under the hill phantasm.

Then another deafening roar came from below. The hill phantasm shattered and collapsed in an instant.

Accompanied by a tremendous spiritual pressure soaring into the sky, a giant half tiger and half lion beastkin jumped out of the mist.

Liu Ming was shocked. While retreating quickly, he called back the Heavy Water Droplet that had returned to its original shape back and disappeared in a flash.

He took a look carefully at this newly emerged huge beastkin.

This beastkin was about 40 meters tall and 60 meters long. Its body was full of red, white, blue and golden spirit patterns. Its face was similar to a lion, and a black “王” (usually a tiger’s forehead will have this pattern) could be seen in the middle of its forehead. It was somewhat similar to the beastkin young man whom he met at the Green Sky Illusory Palace. The pressure it released was even stronger than the one-horn horse. It was already close to the Pseudo Pellet State.

With a Pseudo Pellet State beastkin guarding the 36th floor, no wonder there were only a few outer disciples able to break through this floor in these years.

After all, the outer disciples who managed to reach this floor definitely didn’t have sufficient spiritual power. In addition, the power difference between the perfect stage of the Condensation State and the Pseudo Pellet State was a world apart. Besides, under various restrictions in the Void Spirit Tower, they couldn’t use spiritual pets. Therefore, it was almost impossible to get past this floor.

After Liu Ming thought slightly, the Nine Skulls Shield flew out from his forehead.

Just when he took out this shield, the giant monster on the opposite side suddenly roared. As it lifted its pair of sharp front claws, its figure gradually became blurred. After another moment, it turned into several phantasms and pounced at Liu Ming. It was surprisingly similar to the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique used by Liu Ming.

Liu Ming pushed the bone shield horizontally with one hand while making a gesture in another hand. Black gas rolled out and transformed into a 20 meters huge black mist tiger.


The black mist tiger collapsed into traces of black mist under the claw of the giant beastkin.

Liu Ming’s face turned dark. He threw the bone shield forward while making gestures with both hands. 2 black mist dragons rushed out from his body with a roar. They intertwined and combined into a giant mist dragon of a hundred meters more.

It was lifelike with crystal light constantly flowing in its eyes. The pair of black claw hooks looked astounding in momentum.

This was also the effect of Liu Ming cultivating the 3rd level of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

Although he could not enter the Sky Wind Cave to train the 3rd level of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison to the perfect stage, he had almost mastered the technique for about 80%. The mist dragon was more powerful than before.

As soon as the giant dragon appeared, it shot a thick black light beam from its mouth.

The liger beastkin also shot out a crimson fire beam ferociously.


The raging crimson flames collided and entangled with the black light beam. The black light beam was being pushed back and collapsed bit by bit in an instant.

Liu Ming let out a groan, and his spiritual power surged out like a waterfall. More and more black gas rolled into the black dragon in front.

The black light beam was thicker as it made a threatening pose. The pressure of the flame beam was stopped, and the speed of collapse slowed down.

This beastkin also seemed to feel the power of the black light beam greatly increased. The blue spirit patterns on its body lit up immediately. The monstrous flame wave disappeared suddenly, and it was replaced by an overwhelming cold air.

When Liu Ming sensed the power of the cold air, his face changed abruptly. He immediately retreated with the bone shield defending in front.

As black light beam was swept past by the blue cold air, it immediately turned into a blue-black crystal icicle. Even the giant mist dragon froze, and a layer of blue frost appeared on the ground nearby.

There was a thunderbolt.

Liger beastkin opened shot a golden lightning and shattered the icicle in front.

Liu Ming, who had already flown more than 100 meters away, looked solemn seeing this.

Obviously, this beast was a combination of 4 Condensation Period later stage beastkins, and it retained 4 different attributes. So, the terrifying power of this beastkin could be imagined.

Just as Liu Ming’s face was uncertain, the whistling sound had already come from the opposite side. The liger beastkin’s huge body trembled, then more than a hundred transparent wind blades were launched.

Liu Ming grabbed in the air, and a small gray sword appeared.

With a flick of one hand, dense gray sword lights rolled out, colliding with the oncoming wind blades.

After a burst of crackling sounds, the sword shadows and the wind blades collided and disappeared immediately.

A cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. After pouring his spiritual power into the small sword in his hand, he immediately launched a dozen of sword strikes in the air.

The sword qis blasted at the giant beastkin in whistling sounds.

The liger beastkin slammed its limbs on the ground and actually leaped into the air from the ground, passing by the sword lights.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes. He shook his wrists, and the small gray sword shot out in an astounding rainbow.

The giant monster groaned. After becoming blurred, it rose into the air of tens of meters vacated for several feet again to avoid the flying sword at the right timing.

Liu Ming had already flicked 3 fingers and launched 3 sword qi right when the giant beastkin jumped.

“Poof poof poof!f“

From the body of the liger beastkin, 3 small holes were punched through.

The beastkin was furious. After a furious roar, the wound healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye. At the same time, there was a thunderous sound from its mouth. It spat out a thick golden lightning arc, and it blasted into countless golden sparks that went at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming cast the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique. As his body blurred, he flashed through the golden sparks. After that, he flicked his wrist, releasing sword light at the giant beastkin.

At the same time, the number of disciples gathered outside the Void Spirit Tower gradually increased. There were also some inner discipled who wanted to challenge the Void Spirit Tower. They were surprised to hear that a Condensation Stateouter disciple had actually reached the 36th floor, so they also stopped and watched the situation.

At this time, it had been more than an hour since Liu Ming entered the Void Spirit Tower’s 36th floor. Long Yanfei, Jia Lan and others all had different looks.

In the Void Spirit Tower, 2 shadows flashed constantly; sometimes appearing in the corner of the hall and sometimes in the center of the hall.

If other people watched from the side of the hall, they would only feel that Liu Ming was teleporting in the hall as if teleporting.

Although the liger was huge, under the blessing of several wind attributes mystic arts, it also turned into a green phantasm that kept chasing Liu Ming.

Wherever the 2 passed, there were bursts of crackling sounds due to the hit exchange.

Liu Ming had channeled the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison to the extreme, only then was he able to barely resist the continuous attacks of this beastkin.

After 15 minutes, when the giant beastkin tore an afterimage created by Liu Ming, Liu Ming appeared ghostly behind it.


Liu Ming raised his hand and threw out the black bone shield. It became a cloud of black mist that wrapped the giant beastkin in it. At the same time, 9 skull phantasms were looming in the black mist with a frightening growl.

The giant beastkin was trapped in the dark corner, and its body was enveloped by the black mist. It seemed to sense something wrong, then it crossed its sharp claws. Waves of invisible wind blades circled around it at high speed, making the black mist tumbling. It was about to escape out of the black mist.

At this moment, Liu Ming flicked his sleeve to release golden light spots into the black mist. Simultaneously, he consumed a golden yuan pill swiftly before dashing into the black mist.

He made a dangerous move, intending to trap himself and the beast in one place to have a showdown.

The 9 skull phantasms in the mist spouted more black mist crazily.

The liger apparently discovered the weirdness of these skulls. With a tremble of its body, all the wind blades scattered and turned into violent winds that surged in all directions, and there were vaguely some golden lightning arcs among them.

However, in the black mist, the 9 skull phantasms grew larger, and they spouted black mist to resist the golden lightning arcs. The Golden Fallen Sand in the black mist voided the attack of the winds.

When the liger saw this, it immediately let out a weird roar. It stomped its hind legs and pounced at 1 of the skulls under the wrap of the hurricane. Before it got close, several large wind blades had already blasted out!

“Poof poof poof!“

This skull phantasms devoured all the wind blades, then it self-exploded, making the liger miss its pounce.

At this moment, with a “swoosh“, a spiral sword qi was launched from the nearby black gas, instantly piercing through the giant beastkin.

Does the liger

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