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Chapter 574: The Demonized Body

Today, Liu Ming had finally completed the sacrificial refinement of the last enchantment of the Nine Skulls Shield, making it a real prototype of a magic weapon with 36 enchantments.

As for the giant demon hair, the most important spiritual material, it had been ground into powder and blended into the blood pool during the previous refinement.

Otherwise, the 36 enchantments of this shield would collapse by themselves in the middle of the process. He wouldn’t succeed without it at all.

Now that he had this shield, even if he was at a disadvantage fighting the Crystallization Period powerhouse, he could guarantee to be alive.

Even facing a terrifying existence like the phantom copied from Jin Lieyang, he would have a certain chance to get away with this treasure.

Next, Liu Ming took out the Soul Destruction Fan of the young man in green robe and the black hammer of the tall and muscular man from the Sumeru Ring.

In the previous battle with the young man in golden robe in the magic palace, Liu Ming not only blew up many of the inferior grade spiritual weapons he had acquired before, to defend the enemy’s attacks, even the crimson spiritual sword that he used frequently was also exploded, but he still wasn’t willing to sacrifice these two superb spiritual weapons.

Liu Ming tried to use the Soul Destruction Fan again, and he found that the fan was indeed not suitable for his technique. He shook his head slightly and put it away.

Then he tried to use the black hammer again, but the power displayed by this hammer surprised him.

He just held the small hammer and injected some spiritual power into it to try its power.

As a result, as soon as he injected a trace of spiritual power, the black hammer suddenly trembled slightly; at the same time, a huge drain came from it, causing the spiritual power in Liu Ming’s body to boil abruptly and involuntarily surge into it.

Liu Ming was shocked and immediately made a gesture to stabilize his spiritual power, then he threw the small hammer at the ground.

There was a loud bang immediately!

A black light flashed, and a crack of a foot deep appeared on the floor of the forging room.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but frown.

Although this spiritual weapon was extremely powerful, it consumed spiritual power too quickly that even he, who had far more spiritual power than his peers, felt strenuous. It should be more suitable for the real Crystallization Period cultivator.

So after some thought, he decided to sell this spiritual weapon first, which should be able to sell at a good price.

As he decided in his mind, he put away the black hammer as well.

In the following time, he took out the beads of the 4 golden armor puppets, gently tossed them into the air, then launched 4 symbols in succession.

After the golden bead was transformed, it turned into 4 golden puppet warriors of heights and fell in front of him.

Before entering the Green Sky Illusory Palace, due to the rush of time, he had not really practiced the four puppets, so he didn’t use them to fight the enemies. If he really could skillfully mobilize the four helpers whose overall strength was comparable to the early stage of the Crystallization Period. Perhaps his trip to the Illusory Palace would be much easier, and perhaps he would be able to get more Green Sky Pearl.

The outer door major competition of Taiqing Sect would start soon.

Although he knew that the chance for him to be picked by the Real Pellet State powerhouse and enter the inner door wasn’t great, he didn’t want to give up easily.

Apart from anything else, the rewards of getting into the top 10 of the major competition were extremely generous. Especially in the first place, it was said that the winner could choose to practice a mystic art that only inner disciple could learn. This alone was very tempting.

Liu Ming thought this way and waved his hand again. He launched 4 golden runes at the forehead of the 4 puppets.

The golden puppets suddenly glowed in golden light…

After half a month, in the forging room, Liu Ming was floating in the air, and his gestures kept changing constantly.

Below him, amidst the strange rumbling sounds, 4 golden puppet warriors were changing formation in the surroundings under the control of Liu Ming. 4 enormous auras were identical as if they were like a whole, and they faintly reached the early stage of the Crystallization Period.

The 4 golden armor puppets suddenly stopped after a golden light flowed down.

“Strange, although I can control these 4 puppets freely, why do I still feel something wrong with them.” Liu Ming stopped the gesture in his hand, and he muttered to himself with a hint of doubt in his eyes. After that, he fell into contemplation…

A month later, after several different sounds such as dragon roars, clear chirp and the like came out from the secret room, there was a loud bang. The whole cave house trembled slightly, then Liu Ming’s laughter came out,

“Haha, it turns out to be like this. This is the real secret of the 4 puppets. If anyone knows that these 4 puppets have such a killing move, I’m afraid people would still bid for them even if the price was doubled.”

In the secret room, the 4 puppets stood motionless around Liu Ming, but there was an amazing aftermath of spiritual energy in the air.

Liu Ming just flicked his fingers happily, and 4 symbols disappeared into the four puppets.

After a burst of crackling noise, these puppets transformed back into the 4 beads.

In the following days, Liu Ming concentrated on taking cold condensing pill in the cave house secret room, practicing in retreat, and making the final preparations for the upcoming major competition.

In addition to cultivating, he also constantly entered Celestial Tablet every day. He used the mental power of the mind imitation insect to activate the Illusive Demonic Pupil and entered the illusion to practice.

On this day, Liu Ming changed his mind and planned to change the opponent in Illusive Demonic Pupil for the first time, replacing the Demonized Lan Xi with Siren King in the Real Pellet State.

However, as soon as he entered the illusion from the middle of the mysterious space, he raised his brow and instantly noticed his own abnormality.

Before he could make a gesture, his body immediately emitted a layer of black flames and burned fiercely. At the same time, his body made a burst of cracking sound and became bigger by one size. Faint purple spirit patterns also emerged instantly on his skin.

Liu Ming immediately raised his arm and stretched out his hands to look at himself.

As his previous speculation, he was indeed in a demonized body at the moment!

When Liu Ming was in the giant demon altar of the Abyss, he witnessed with sober consciousness that his demonized form easily killed the Demonized Lan Xi and crushed Siren King. This memory was still fresh.

Now that he was able to control this body freely, some faint hopes emerged in his heart.

At this moment, a few dozen meters away from him, a young man in white robe with a delicate face was looking at Liu Ming coldly; it was indeed Siren King!

The next moment, Siren King waved a crystal clear short ruler in his hand, and layers of blue cold light rolled out.

Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately kicked the ground with his legs without saying a word. His body blasted backward, appearing more than 300 meters feet away in an instant.

However, Liu Ming didn’t get used to his demonized body. After staggering a little, he barely stood firm.

At this moment, Siren King flicked lightly with one hand. The crystal clear short ruler spun in the air, and faint blue light spots appeared in the air immediately.

A clear chirp sounded. After the blue light spots quickly condensed in the air, they turned into a blue spear.

Liu Ming’s eyes looked cold. He flicked his sleeves and held two Heavy Water Droplets with both hands, then he charged at Siren King.

According to the speculation in his mind, the terrifying body that he possessed after being demonized not only moved much faster, but his power was also doubled, so it shouldn’t be difficult to deal with Siren King.

Seeing Liu Ming charging at him, Siren King waved his hand blankly. The blue spear suddenly released bright blue light. After a slight vibration in the air, it was launched at Liu Ming.

Seeing this, Liu Ming groaned. The arms with purple spirit patterns and black mist flashed. They enlarged in an instant and went at the oncoming blue spear, trying to take this blow headon.

A loud bang!

As the black gas tumbled and dissipated, the hands covered in crimson scales were holding a crystal clear blue spear tightly. The cold aura demonic qi were intertwined in the air, forming a black and blue glow.

In the next moment, Liu Ming only felt cold in his hands. The cold chill was coming at him, slowly freezing the crimson scales and his hands.

In a shock, he realized that he had obviously underestimated the strength of Siren King, the Real Pellet State powerhouse.

His thoughts turned anxiously, and he immediately groaned. After a few flashes of purple spirit patterns on his arms, a huge force suddenly poured out. The hands that grabbed the blue ice spear suddenly tightened.


The blue ice spear shattered.

Liu Ming’s hands were covered with dense and small scars under the backlash of bursting the blue ice spear. The blood was flowing nonstop.

However, the next moment, he suddenly felt a hint of coolness in his hands. It was the demonic qi that went back into his hands, healing the wound quickly.

At this moment, Siren King, who was not far in front of him, suddenly pointed to the air with one hand. After the crystal clear short ruler trembled violently, a cold current burst out instantly.

“Not good.”

After Liu Ming’s figure flashed, he appeared more than 100 meters away, but a faint layer of ice had formed on his legs and arms.

At this moment, Siren King’s figure turned blurred and appeared above him. Simultaneously, a powerful spiritual pressure struck as a 10 meters blue giant palm phantasm pressed down.

Liu Ming frowned and channeled his demonic qi to launch a palm into the air. The billowing black gas condensed slightly into a 10 meters demonic palm that rose into the air.

Another unexpected thing happened!

The black giant palm transformed by demonic qi dissipated into wisps of black gas as it clashed with the blue giant palm.

At the next moment, Liu Ming only felt an air pressure around his body, then there was a buzzing sound in his ears. After his vision became blurred, he appeared in the grey mysterious space again.

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