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Chapter 573: The Magic Weapon Was Finally Done

“…Have you heard that it was an outer disciple named Liu Ming who killed Yin Yang Strong Demon? It seems that this person just became an outer disciple not for long. He actually has such amazing strength…” The disciples beside were not as focused as Jia Lan. They were now whispering on topics that had nothing to do with cultivation.

When Jia Lan heard the word ‘Liu Ming’, her expression moved slightly as if she had thought of something.

In a cottage in the Silver Spring Valley, Long Yanfei was sitting cross-legged in the room. There was a white jade slip on her white jade forehead. After a while, she took it down.

“Liu Ming… Yin Yang Strong Demon…” The woman muttered to herself. A strange expression flashed in her beautiful eyes.

In a cave house at the Tianjian Peak, Sha Tongtian was sitting on a wooden armchair chair. An outer disciple in yellow clothes lowered his head and reported something softly. Words like Liu Ming, challenge, and the list of life and death could be heard.

“Okay, get down.” Sha Tongtian waved his hand impatiently after listening.

After the disciple in yellow clothes bowed and stepped down, Sha Tongtian sat up straight from the armchair with a gloomy expression. He gently stroked the sword pouch on his waist with his right hand…

After reclaiming the cave house, Liu Ming made some minor changes to the forging room that was rarely used before. After summarizing the description of “Flame Cultivation Scripture” and what the two forgers of the Bai Lian Pavilion said before, he dug a deep and large trench in the center of the room.

For him who had returned to the sect, the materials needed for refining the last enchantment of the Nine Skulls Shield had all been prepared.

With Liu Ming’s current forging level, with the help of Yan Jue’s experience, he had some confidence in it.

At the moment, he only needed to spend some more time practicing with the spiritual weapon of higher grade, then he was ready to do it.

After Liu Ming arranged the cave house, he rushed to the market without stopping. He spent hundreds of thousands of spirit stones to purchase more than ten pieces of intermediate grade spiritual weapons and some forging materials. Then, he returned to the forging room and concentrated on refining spiritual weapons.

In the next month or so, he tried to refine the original enchantments of these dozen intermediate grade spiritual weapons.

What made him quite pleased was that, except for three times without successful refinement, the other attempts basically succeeded in one attempt. There were a few even had two or more enchantments being added.

The three failures did not result in the spiritual loss of the spiritual weapon itself, which also made Liu Ming more confident. After some preparations, he decided to refine the last enchantment of the Nine Skulls Shield.

On this day, Liu Ming took a nap for several hours. After adjusting the state to the best, he took out all the materials needed for the Nine Skulls Shield from the Sumeru Ring in his hand and put them aside.

He then took out a few sets of flags that were prepared earlier and set them around the room.

After doing all this, he sat cross-legged on a piece of futon while chanting something. He swept his sleeves around, launching several symbols at the surrounding flags.

Suddenly, these formation flags nearby lit up with various colors, and a burst of colorful aura intertwined and shot out. It turned into a pale golden light curtain that made Liu Ming’s figure blurred.

Suddenly, he waved his sleeve and dropped the filth yin liquid, demonic crow powder and other materials into the groove in front of him. The groove was immediately stained blood red. At the same time, a pungent bloody smell spread to the entire forging room.

After about 10 minutes, the blood in the pool in front of him suddenly rolled with a “swoosh“. Waves of bloody patterns started to become clear in the pool. These patterns crisscrossed and faintly formed a ten meters enchantment. The blood in the pool was gathering in the middle of the enchantment.

As soon as Liu Ming moved his arm, a transparent jade box beside him opened with a “swoosh“. A white powder instantly flew into the blood pool and disappeared after a while.

After the pool of blood water rolled over for a while, it suddenly turned from red to black, and it gradually became sticky.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered. He launched out a small black shield. It spun in the air and became ten meters in size. It was hovering on top of the enchantment.

After launching another symbol, the black spirit patterns on the shield kept flashing. The billowing black mist kept surging on its surface. Nine fish-sized hideous grimaces propped out under the shield. Their green eyes were flickering nonstop.

As Liu Ming kept launching symbols, the black blood in the pool tumbled again and gradually formed a black whirlpool.

At this time, the shield in the air began to tremble slightly, and the nine skulls opened their mouths and sucked desperately.

At this moment, Liu Ming stopped making gestures and pointed in the air with one hand. From the middle of the black whirlpool, a thick black water pillar rose into the air.

When the water pillar approached the shield, it was scattered into nine bowl-sized water pillars and went into the mouths of nine skulls.

The nine skulls slowly started to swallow the black sticky liquid!

This situation lasted for three days and three nights.

After absorbing the black sticky liquid, the green light in the skulls’ eyes gradually turned into pale gold.

At the moment the black sticky liquid in the pool was all drained, the shield suddenly made a deafening roar.

Golden light burst out from the nine skulls’ eyes, then they flew out from the surface of the shield. They flew all around in the forging room and kept clashing at the pale golden light curtain, making the light curtain and the ground of the forging room tremble slightly.

Liu Ming bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence, then he pointed in the air to redirect the blood essence into the shield.

At this time, on the surface of the black shield that was buzzing in the air, the black mist condensed and burst apart. After the nine skulls swirled around in the air, they blasted back toward the shield.


With a loud noise, the billowing black mist suddenly dispersed, revealing a shield with a black glow. On the shield, the 36 enchantment patterns slowly emerged and gradually became clear.

“It’s done!”

Liu Ming immediately muttered to himself with joy.

With a move of his mind, he lightly tapped the shield in the air, and the shield instantly rose to a size of sixty meters which almost covered the entire forging room. After he changed his gestures, the shield became inch size again.

Then he waved one hand to recall the small black shield, and it disappeared into his sleeve.

Liu Ming closed his eyes and swept across the sea of ​​​​consciousness. The shield was floating calmly beside the Celestial Tablet.

After he made a gesture again, this shield flashed out from his forehead and slowly fell into his hand.

“I wonder how powerful this spiritual weapon is after it has been upgraded to the prototype of a magic weapon.” After muttering to himself, he patted the soul-recovering bag on his waist, and a black mist rolled out. It was Silver Bone Scorpion.

“Congratulations, master. Finally…the prototype of a magic weapon is done.” As soon as Bone Scorpion appeared in front of him, the girl’s voice came intermittently into his ears.

Compared with before, her speech was obviously much smoother.

Liu Ming nodded slightly, then he communicated with it through Divine Thought to confirm that the injuries taken in the Green Sky Illusory Palace had almost recovered. He then commanded it to attack the Nine Skulls Shield.

As his wrist flicked, the mist on the surface of the small black shield in his hand rolled. It became dozens of meters in front of him.

Bone Scorpion’s figure enlarged to the size of forty meters. As the black spirit patterns on its giant pincers, it slammed down.

Suddenly, there was a loud rumbling in the forging room. As soon as the giant pincers touched the shield, Bone Scorpion was bounced away for several dozens meters after a slight tremor.

There was no mark left on the surface of the giant shield.

“You okay?” Liu Ming flashed and appeared beside Bone Scorpion. He stroked Bone Scorpion’s giant pincer and said.

Bone Scorpion waved its pincer, saying that it was fine.

Liu Ming was still a little worried. Bone Scorpion just recovered from its serious injuries, so he slapped the soul-recovering bag on his waist to keep back Bone Scorpion.

He checked another soul-recovering bag with Divine Thought. The Demon Flying Skull was seriously injured before, and it was still in deep sleep.

Liu Ming looked at the undamaged giant shield and nodded, then he changed his gesture to launch a series of symbols at it.

Suddenly, after the shield was blurred, it turned into a sea of mist and spread throughout the forging room.

In the billowing black mist, eighteen golden flames suddenly appeared. The flames were actually the fire in the eyes of the nine skulls.

Liu Ming pointed at a green boulder in the corner of the forging room. The nine skulls flashed in the black mist. They launched a golden flame in their mouths, striking the green boulder almost simultaneously.

After a muffled sound, the green boulder instantly turned into green smoke in the golden flames.

Liu Ming was overjoyed!

This shield actually has such devastating power after upgrading to the prototype of the magic weapon!

If I can trap my opponent in the black mist when fighting, these nine ghostly skulls alone can launch an attack that the opponent can’t defend. I can kill them without them realizing it.

Liu Ming thought so. He waved one hand, and the black mist that filled the entire forging room rolled violently, then they gathered from every corner to the center.

After a while, the billowing black gas condensed and once again turned into a large black shield. As the nine skulls laughed strangely, they flashed into the surface of the shield with a black light, turning into nine lifelike skull patterns again.

Liu Ming opened his mouth, and the shield turned into an inch size and disappeared into his mouth after a flash.

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