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Chapter 569: Liushen Cauldron

“You, as a Taiqing Sect disciple, don’t even know this person? He was the only Condensation Period cultivator who had become a true esoteric disciple of the Taiqing Sect, and he is now the number one true esoteric of the Taiqing Sect. Seven hundred years ago, he also ventured into the Green Sky Illusory Palace. This human form magical beast actually replicated his phantom, no wonder it is so terrifying.” Seeing Liu Ming actually didn’t know about it, the woman in purple clothes looked surprised and stopped using voice transmission.

Liu Ming was naturally surprised when he heard this.

But before he could answer anything, the half-beastkin young man appeared after a series of afterimages. He snorted and said,

“More than that, this person even had a record of fighting against the great ancestor of the Celestial State and made it out alive. Even if it was a phantom when he was at the Condensation Period, the three of us aren’t his opponent even if we join forces. He was also the only person who survived until the end at the Green Sky Illusory Palace that time. The other contestants were teleported out of the Green Sky Illusory Palace due to heavy injuries.”

When Liu Ming heard this, he was shocked.

This person actually comes from the same sect as me, but why I haven’t heard of such a person for two years I have joined the Taiqing Sect.

“With this phantom still alive, if we separate and run, I’m afraid we would be defeated one after another. It’s fine if we are teleported out of this place, but the worst case scenario is to die here. If we team up, we can deal with the danger together. What’s more, there is only around one day left before the trial ends. As long as we make it through the end, we can safely retreat.” The beastkin young man said coldly.

After Liu Ming and the young woman in purple clothes heard about that and looked at each other, they had no objection.

So the three of them took turns trying to defend the sword light attack behind them and continued to escape all the way.

It was strange that this Jin Lieyang’s phantom seemed to be strong only when someone fought back hard. When the three were fleeing, he didn’t launch any killing move. He just chased all the way, launching golden sword lights from time to time and forcing them to defend. He seemed to be exhausting their spiritual power.

During this period, the three encountered two other cultivators on a hill. Without knowing it, the two of them released their spiritual weapons, trying to take the blow of the golden robe’s phantom.

As a result, the shield spiritual weapon of one of them was shattered by a sword. He used several defensive talismans in a hurry, so he was seriously injured before being kicked out of the palace.

And the other person didn’t seem so lucky. The spiritual weapon in his hand and the protective aura were directly slashed away by a sword qi. His body was cut in half and sent out of the palace under a flash of golden light.

After the two were killed, Green Sky Pearls were left all over the floor, and the young man in golden robe directly absorbed all of them.

In the following period, the three of them met several other cultivators in this endless space. None of them could withstand Jin Lieyang’s phantom’s blow, and they were kicked out of the palace with serious injuries.

In the last half day, the sword light launched by the young man in golden robe became more frequent. Even at the last hour, a golden light flashed almost every ten seconds.

Liu Ming and the two were helpless. They could only continuously absorb spirit stones, consum elixir, and cast the spiritual weapons in their hands to resist.

Except for the magic weapon Luo Yu Blade in the hands of the young woman in purple clothes, it could still defend the blow without suffering much damage. For other spiritual weapons, if they were careless, the weapons would either lose their spirituality or even worse, be cut in half.

After the few superb spiritual weapons in the beastkin young man’s hands lost their spirituality, he immediately took out a lot of spiritual weapons that ranged from the intermediate grade to the upper grade and exploded them one by one to defend the golden sword light.

After Liu Ming exploded the last few spiritual weapons in the Sumeru Ring that he used for forging, he had to use the black glove and other upper spiritual weapons left by Yin Yang Strong Demon. His crimson spiritual weapon was also destroyed after taking the blow of the golden sword light.

Just when Liu Ming only had a few superb spiritual weapons he got from Ying Yang Strong Demon and the tall and muscular man, besides the Golden Fallen Sand and the other weapons, he was hesitating how he should deal with the next blow. Suddenly, the space around him fluctuated slightly..

With a deafening muffled noise, the silhouette of the young man in golden robe behind him suddenly turned into a wisp of white smoke and disappeared. Waves of golden sword light in mid-air also disappeared all of sudden.

“The trial has ended.” Seeing this, the beastkin young man immediately stopped and said delightedly.

Although the young woman in purple clothes on the side looked extremely pale, she also breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Ming was feeling the exhaustion of the spiritual power in his body. Before he could even speak, he saw a glare of white light. The next moment, he found that he had appeared in a strange hall with a lonely green altar in front of him.

Liu Ming was startled slightly. After checking the surrounding situation, he found that the half-beastkin young man and the woman in purple clothes were not nearby. He then carefully checked the altar in front of him.

This altar was only about thirty meters high. There was a faint blue light curtain floating on the top with the names of various treasures, spiritual medicines and spiritual materials written on it. However, all of them were bleak.

Liu Ming’s heart moved. As soon as his mental power touched the light curtain, an unfamiliar message immediately came from above.

It turned out that this altar was originally set up by Ancestor Green Sky to reward the disciples who passed the trial. They could exchange the Green Sky Pearl for all the treasures of the altar, but they could only take one treasure each time they entered the palace.

In the top row, most of them were all kinds of magic weapons left over from the archean era. Just hearing the names made Liu Ming’s eyes red and swallow saliva. When his mental power touched the relevant text, some brief introductions immediately came into his mind.

One of them was Donghuang Bell. It was said to have existed in the archean era. It was simple and dark yellow. It was covered with spirit patterns. It was the signature treasure of the Green Sky Illusory Palace here. Its power was unimaginable.

The other magic weapon Huoqi Mirror, about three feet high. It had a bronze frame and an ancient seal character embedded in it. At first glance, it looked like an ordinary mirror, but it possessed the terrifying power that could devour heaven and earth.

Liu Ming settled his mind. Knowing that these magic weapons had not been exchanged from the archean era until now, it could be seen that the difficulty of exchange was beyond his consideration.

So he smiled bitterly and kept looking down.

The second row was mainly magic weapon prototypes with thirty-six enchantments; there were blades, spears, rods and swords. There were even the long lost ancient weapons.

Although they couldn’t be compared with the magic weapon in the first row, they could still make everyone in the Middle Sky Continent to fight for them.

After seeing the top exchange item, Liu Ming glanced over the remaining rows in a quick glance, and did not look at them in detail.

In the third row, it contained some rare spiritual medicines, spiritual minerals, and a few rare superb spiritual weapons with special effects.

The fourth row was the superb spiritual weapons and spiritual materials used by some ancient cultivators, and the fifth row and below were some spiritual weapons and materials that could be bought in the market. The last row even had spirit stones as reward.

At this time, Liu Ming had hundreds of Green Sky Pearls of different colors in the Sumeru Ring. With a thought, he took them out one by one and put them into a deep hole in front of the altar.

After a while, the last row of dim text on the faint blue light curtain flashed and lit up.

As he put in the remaining five-color Green Sky Pearl into the deep hole one by one, the rows of names on the light curtain flashed one by one from the bottom to top.

When it finally reached the fourth row, it stopped.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help frowning. Obviously, he was not very satisfied with what he could exchange in the fourth row.

When Liu Ming carefully took out the golden bead dropped by the Crystallization Period later stage magical beast, he put it into the deep hole of the altar.

A golden light flashed away, and some names in the third row finally flashed up.

When Liu Ming saw this, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes. After a slight relief, he used Divine Thought to check the spiritual weapon materials lit up in the third row.

Thousand layers condensed ganoderma, it was a kind of extremely rare spiritual medicine that could only be seen in the chaotic deserts. Because the desert had yin wind all year round, so the only chance to get it was when the yin wind became weak for every one thousand years. Thus, this spiritual medicine had at least one thousand years of maturity which was the necessary material for making the thousand condense liquid.

Black light dust, it was a kind of auxiliary material for forging magic weapon. If this material was added during forging, it could make the magic weapon almost transparent during the day, making it hard for people to defend against it.

Rainbow Flying Boat…

After some careful selection, Liu Ming finally chose a superb spiritual weapon cauldron, “Liushen Cauldron”.

According to the introduction, this cauldron was used by an alchemy master known as “Immortal Liushen” during the ancient time. It was enchanted by him with a special enchantment that generally increased the pill refining success rate for 20%. Sometimes, it could even increase the purity the elixir a little bit.

What’s more, the medicine cauldron spiritual weapon was originally very rare outside; the superb grade was even something that one could only get by chance. Therefore, Liu Ming chose this item.

After he lightly tapped the blue light curtain with his finger, a small emerald green cauldron with a ten meters height condensed from above the altar and flew into his hand.

At the same time, the altar in front of him was transformed into a phantasm and disappeared.

Liu Ming lowered his head and looked carefully at the little cauldron in his hand.

This cauldron was full of spirit patterns in six colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It gave people a rampaging and primitive feeling, which should be some unknown ancient spirit patterns.

At the bottom of the cauldron, there was a small enchantment in a feet size, and it emitted a faint golden light.

After thinking for a while, Liu Ming launched a symbol at it.

This cauldron turned into an inch-size and was stored into the Sumeru Ring.

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