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Chapter 564: Joint Forces

Sha Tongtian seemed to be quite afraid of this black flame, but as a Taiqing Sect’s inner disciple, he did not panic too much.

His figure flickered and avoided the oncoming black fireballs. With a cold glance, the green flying sword in his hand trembled. Under the whistling sounds, several green sword qi had already been launched.

“Boom boom boom“!

The dazzling green sword qi accurately hit the fireballs. As the sword qi stirred from inside, the fireballs burst into spots of black flames.

His entire move was as smooth as flowing water. It could be seen that he had a calm nature.

A glimpse of admiration flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes when he saw it!

In contrast, the young bat people was obviously weaker.

At this moment, his whole body was wrapped in black air currents. He held a black flag of ten meters in size. It was embroidered with a hideous ghost face with a big mouth full of fangs, looking ferocious.

Wherever the black flag passed, billowing black gas would roll out. It would contain the black flames as it contacted it, then it shrank quickly with a light sound.

Although it was effective against the black flames, the black flag’s protection angle was limited. The young bat people could only keep moving his body to avoid contacting the black flames.

The three outstanding cultivators among their peers could still hold for a while replying on their own cultivation and powerful skills.

But as the strange one-horn horse shook its body in the air, countless black flames and fireballs swarmed down. In an instant, the empty large hall was filled with a black flame sea. Even the green stones on the ground began to melt.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart trembled.

After nearly two months, he had already discovered that the various halls in the Green Sky Illusory Palace were made of unusually sturdy materials. It might be some kind of special material that could be obtained during the archean era. Even a superb spiritual weapon couldn’t leave a mark on it easily.

This weird black flame could actually melt it. This showed how terrifying power it contained.

“You two, this strange horse is at the Crystallization Period later stage. It is so strong that it is definitely not we… can defeat each of us fighting alone. Instead… of waiting to die, why not we join forces… what do you think?” The young bat people was flushing at the moment. He continued to wave the black flag in his hand while proposing.

“It’s okay to join forces, but after killing this beast, the Green Sky Pearl we get is based on our own capabilities.” Sha Tongtian seemed to be at ease, but after hearing the suggestion, he just replied with a cold tone.

“I also have this intention, but I suggest you two make the battle quick. Otherwise, with our spiritual power, we can’t put up a long battle with this magical beast.” Liu Ming said lightly.

In this situation, Liu Ming naturally joined the two in a battle.

This magical beast could be said to be the strongest enemy he encountered after entering this illusory palace. It just used one move, and it was already so difficult to deal with. If the battle was prolonged, or if it used another magical move, then it would be troublesome.

With his current strength, if he went all out, it was not a problem to deal with the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period magical beast alone. However, he wasn’t so arrogant to the extent that he could guarantee killing this Crystallization Period later stage magical beast alone.

Having reached an agreement, the three of them immediately took the opportunity to leap back and started to form gestures.

Sha Tongtian, who was the first to rise in the sky, launched a dazzling green rainbow with the crystal clear flying sword. The rainbow increased to a hundred meters more as it blasted at the strange one-horn horse.

On the other side, Liu Ming raised both hands at the same time. The golden sand curtain surrounding his body suddenly flew away from his body, transforming into a golden spear of eighty meters long. Under the golden light, it blasted at the strange horse’s head with the same speed as the green rainbow.

The young bat people, who jumped up at the latest, threw up the black flag in his hand at this moment. His gestures changed quickly while chanting in his mouth. He seemed to be channeling some kind of skill.

The strange one-horn horse above obviously had already noticed the movement of the three. When the three left the ground, the rolling black flames on its body condensed into a black flame wall which pressured from above. Whether it was the sword light or the golden spear, they were all deflected away.


Seeing this, Sha Tongtian immediately yelled, and he made a sword gesture and pointed into the sky. The green sword rainbow turned into a hundred meters green python, and it was wagging on the flame wall.

The figure of the green python was vaguely tumbling in the flame wall. The original dazzling green light became dim under the burning of the black flame, but the black flame wall was also violently rolling under the force of the green python. Its speed of pressuring was slightly slowed, and an opening was torn apart forcefully on the flame wall.

Seeing this, Liu Ming made a gesture as his mind moved. The scattered golden light spot was condensed into a long spear once again. It was launched right at the opening on the flame wall.

Since the flame wall was less than a hundred meters away from the strange one-horn horse, and at such a close distance, the beast had no intention of avoiding the golden spear that suddenly went through the flame wall.


The golden spear hit the strange one-horn horse. As the spear trembled wildly, it pierced into its skin for a few inches, but it couldn’t get anymore deeper.

At the same time, the billowing black flames around the beast immediately spread along the spear tip to the whole spear, causing a chaotic burst of golden glow on the surface of the golden spear.


A violent shout suddenly came out from Liu Ming.

The next moment, after seeing the golden spear flashing wildly in the billowing black flames for a few times, it suddenly burst apart, turning into a sky full of the golden sand blades. They circled around the strange one-horn horse to make countless swift cuts. Although it couldn’t give fatal damage to the strange horse, it could still leave numerous small wounds on its body.

The strange one-horn horse suddenly wailed, and it looked down at Liu Ming. There was a hint of chillness in its eyes. It was obviously angered by his attack just now.

The magical beast immediately screamed, and a powerful and frightening aura burst out. It turned into a black flame pillar that rose to the sky, blowing away all the golden sand blades. Its body was also healed quickly.

Then the strange horse bowed its head; it seemed that it was about to make another move.

But at this moment, the young bat people, who had been chanting since the beginning of the fierce battle, had been constantly changing his gestures. He stopped abruptly. His eyes flashed red, then he spouted a mouthful of blood essence on the black flag.

The black flag hanging in front of him suddenly flashed strangely and disappeared.

At the next moment, a black light flashed in the air behind the strange one-horn horse, and the black flag appeared with the size of several ten meters.

As soon as the flag appeared, a black glow rolled out from the flag. Amidst the howls of ghosts, a huge ghost head phantasm about thirty meters in size emerged. As it laughed sinisterly without any sound, it launched countless dark green will-o-wisps from its mouth.

When the black flame on the strange horse touched these will-o-wisps, it seemed to have met its nemesis. It was melting and turning into green smoke.

The strange one-horn horse looked fearful in its eyes encountering this.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming and Sha Tongtian who were not far away were both startled; they were secretly surprised.

“You two, my soul devouring flag specifically restrains this kind of magical beast. Please buy me more time.” Liu Ming suddenly heard a voice transmission which came from the young bat people.

Sha Tongtian apparently received the same transmission too. As his face turned ruthless, he made another sword gesture at the green python inside the black flame wall.

The python burst into great light. Its movement was more vigorous than before, making the flame wall flickered a few times and became dim.

Liu Ming made a gesture with one hand, and the previously deflected golden sand blades rolled up again. He then cast the crimson flying sword from another hand. The flying sword turned into a crimson rainbow that flashed into the crack of the flame wall, joining the besiege.

The strange one-horn horse swayed its head furiously under the besiege. A spark flashed on its horn, and a thick black thunder was cast at the crimson rainbow. A wail came from the crimson rainbow before turning back into the inch size small sword.

Liu Ming, whose mind was connected with the flying sword, feel a tremor in his mind. He couldn’t help taking two steps back, but after a cold snort, he made another gesture.

The golden sand blades all over the sky suddenly combined and transformed into a golden saw blade that flashed past the strange horse’s neck. It unexpectedly opened up a wound of a foot long.

Seeing this, the black ghost head took the opportunity to bite on the wounded neck of the strange horse and sucked desperately.

The strange one-horn horse let out a bitter scream, and its body was shaking violently. The black flames on it immediately doubled in size. The black thunder from the horn was striking the surrounding chaotically, wanting to shake off the ghost head from its neck.

After the golden saw blade was hit by several black lighting arcs, it immediately dissipated into golden sand.

But this ferocious ghost head was sticking on the neck like glue. No matter what the magical beast did, it was still holding onto its neck.

In an instant, the extremely powerful aura of the strange one-horn horse suddenly shrank a lot. The black flames throughout its body became even thinner.

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