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Chapter 563: Strange One-Horn Horse

When the man with a green face heard Hao Yue’s words, he seemed to be triggered. A green gas rose on his face, and a majestic murderous aura suddenly spread out without any obstruction.

Hao Yue still had a smile on his face, but a hint of purple glow appeared in his eyes.

At the next moment, two magnificent breaths suddenly collided in the empty space in the middle.

A muffled sound!

Countless small sparks appeared in the air immediately, and bursting noises continued one after another. A fierce wind blew up and dispersed to the surrounding.

The nearby cultivator couldn’t stand still being blown by such a strong wind.

Those who reacted faster could still fly away calmly; those who were slow were already blown back far away.

The old man with white hair on the side was the nearest; he was shaken slightly as he was caught off guard. After he frowned, he made a gesture to stabilize his figure.

At this time, waves of powerful winds surged one after another, forming waves of white air current that wrapped the young boy and the man into it.

The figures of the two became blurred in the white air current; they became two faint shadows that were looming in it.

“Alright, you two are at least a hall master of your sect. Today, you two left behind the important matters in the sect to come here from afar, you two don’t really intend to fight to the death here right? Both of you why not take a step back? Let’s wait until our disciples inside come out, so as not to disrupt the peace.” The old man with white hair persuaded.

Hao Yue and the middle-aged man surnamed Dai just couldn’t help but ridicule each other because of some suspicions in previous years. The old man’s persuasion gave them the chance to step down.

The two snorted each other coldly; they tacitly withdrew their aura at the same time. The strong wind current dissipated gradually.

It was just a moment, but the strength of the Real Pellet State cultivator still made the audience stunned and afraid to get close.

At this moment, the middle-aged scholar and the young man of the Haoran Academy flew over with a flicker, and they appeared beside the middle-agedd man surnamed Dai.

“Greetings toward Master’s Junior Dai.” The middle-aged scholar immediately bowed and saluted the middle-aged surnamed Dai; the young man in scholar robe also did the same quickly.

“En, get up, I happen to have something to ask about Nephew Disciple Bai.” The man with a green face nodded, then his lips moved slightly, using voice transmission to communicate with the middle-aged scholar.

After the middle-aged scholar answered everything respectfully, the man with a green face looked up at the phantom palace in mid-air, with a hint of thought on his face.

Seeing this, the middle-aged scholar and the young man next to him did not say a word, but they stood aside respectfully.

Hao Yue saw the sneaky movements of the middle-aged man surnamed Dai, and he sneered. He then seemed to think of something. He waved and launched a green light. In a flash, it wrapped around the fainted Zang Xuan and firmly landed on the open space in front.

Hao Yue looked at Zang Xuan for a while, frowning slightly. Then, he waved his hand and launched a white jade pearl from his sleeve. It flashed and stopped on Zang Xuan’s chest.

Then he made a gesture, pointed in the air, and started chanting. The white jade pearl emitted a three-colors ray that wrapped Zang Xuan in it. The ray slowly submerged into his chest.

At the same time, there was a crisp crackling sound in Zang Xuan’s body.

An amazing scene happened!

The broken and shattered bones in Zang Xuan’s body were actually healed, and the broken internal organs seemed to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Under the channeling of Hao Yue, the white jaed pearl roamed Zang Xuan’s whole body for one round.

Under the restoration of the three-colors ray, Zang Xuan’s injury was mostly healed. After making a few groans, he slowly regained consciousness and woke up.

Seeing this, Hao Yue nodded slightly. He stopped the gesture and collected the white jade pearl into his sleeve.

Zang Xuan got up slowly. After flexing his body with joy, he hurriedly bowed to Hao Yue. There was a trace of awe in his eyes, “Disciple thanks Elder Hao Yue for the help.”

“You don’t need to be polite, which courtyard are you from?” Hao Yue asked faintly as his eyes glanced at the outer disciple token on Zang Xuan’s waist.

“Reporting to elder, I’m the disciple of the Piaohong Courtyard.” Zang Xuan quickly replied respectfully.

Hao Yue nodded when he heard the words, then he stopped talking. He just sat cross-legged on the spot and closed his eyes to rest up.

He ran all the way to the Changyang Market this time to look at the prestigious Green Sky Illusory Palace. Besides, it was mainly because he was asked by his friend of the Tianjian Peak to take care of his disciple Sha Tongtian. He never thought he would meet the middle-aged man surnamed Dai of the Haoran Academy, so he couldn’t help cursing for his bad luck.

Seeing Hao Yue’s wandering look, Zang Xuan hesitated for a while. He then sat quietly behind Hao Yue just like the young scholar of the Haoran Academy.

At this moment, although the middle-aged Dai surnamed had a casual look, he was depressed deep in his mind.

This time, he also came for the important disciple surnamed Shang, but he never expected to meet the Taiqing Sect’s powerhouse who had conflicts with him. He was even more furious as his shameful past was revealed in front of the disciple of his own sect.

The cultivators outside the Green Sky Illusory Palace were full of complaints, but in front of the three powerhouses of Real Pellet State, they had to swallow their dissatisfaction and put their attention back to the palace above. They even subconsciously did not dare to speak too loudly.

At this moment, the battle in the illusory palace continued.

After Liu Ming beheaded the phantom of the first person who had previously entered the palace, another half month passed in a blink of an eye.

During this period, Liu Ming didn’t know whether he had a good luck or bad luck; he encountered two human-shaped magical beasts one after another. Although their cultivation was of the Condensation Period later stage, their strength had actually reached the level of the Crystallization Period.

One of them even faintly had the strength of the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period, so Liu Ming had to summon the Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull. He only managed to barely kill it after using all his killing moves.

However, after this battle, he was still slightly injured. His injuries only recovered completely after consuming some elixirs.

During the period inside this Green Sky Illusory Palace, Liu Ming had seen various strange-looking magical beasts which opened up his eyes. Some of the magical beasts were even not recorded in the previous books.

These magical beast attack methods were also various, in addition to some physical attacks and magical attacks, some could also use some strange soul and spiritual attacks.

If it weren’t for Liu Ming’s current mental power comparable to Crystallization Period cultivator and the mind imitation insect which took turn to replenish spiritual power for him endlessly, he might have suffered a little disadvantage.

He also accumulated a lot of Green Sky Pearls under the repeated tough battles.

Among them, there were as many as five silver Green Sky Pearls, more than twenty purple Green Sky Pearls, and more than fifty green Green Sky Pearls. As for the lowest grade gray and white Green Sky Pearls, he had almost hundreds of them.

Although he did not know the exact amount of Green Sky Pearl needed for those treasures when it was the time to exchange, Liu Ming didn’t think he would have less pearls than those who came in with him; he should be able to exchange the things he wanted.

Of course, just in case, Liu Ming would naturally continue to collect more of these pearls before the illusory palace disappears.

After many days later, in a hall, a crimson sword light rose into the air; a monster with a human body and a fish head was slashed into half. The separated corpse fell to the ground and burst into a cloud of black gas, leaving a purple Green Sky Pearl.

Liu Ming appeared in a flash. He recalled the flying sword blankly, picked up the pearl, and collected it into the Sumeru Ring after a short glance.

Just as he was about to open the side door and enter the next hall, he suddenly heard a strong wind outside the door. It seemed to be mixed with a burst of galloping sound.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. His body flickered, and he appeared in the midair of more than a hundred meters.

At the same time, the green stone door was crushed with a boom. Two figures flashed in.

Liu Ming stared straight ahead, and he was startled by what he saw.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you?”

When the two intruders saw Liu Ming who was floating in the air, they were slightly startled too; they both said the same words, but their tone of voice was quite different.

Liu Ming recognized these two people!

A stranger in black robes was the young bat people; another man in a robe who was stepping on a green flying sword was actually Sha Tongtian.

The bat people’s youth was slightly surprised, while Sha Tongtian was surprised with a slight scruple.

Just as the young bat people wanted to say something, the heavy footsteps rumbling outside the hall were getting close.

The next moment, a burst of strange neighing sounded in their eyes like shocking thunder. Immediately afterward, a strange one-horn horse with black flames leaped out from the other hall.

This strange horse did not seem to be very big; it was only ten meters tall, but its body shape was streamlined. It was totally in black. There were circles of looming dark spirit patterns around its body. The horn on its head was white and crystal clear, forming a strong contrast with its body color.

As soon as this magical beast stepped into the hall, a terrifying aura of the Crystallization Period later stage suddenly spread in the hall.

As Liu Ming’s pupils shrank, his face became gloomy.

But before he could do anything, the strange one-horn horse immediately neighed up to the sky. As it stomped on the ground, its figure turned blurred and appeared on top of them.

At the next moment, the black flame on this magical beast rolled and launched clusters of fist-sized black fireballs. The fireballs rained down on them like meteor rain. The momentum was shocking.

Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t let the strange black flame touch him.

He immediately raised with one hand, and the golden sand rolled out, turning into a golden sand curtain to protect him. His figure flashed to dodge most of the black fireballs at the same time.

A few hit on the golden sand curtain, but it was easily deflected in a flash of golden light.

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