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Chapter 556: Five Colors Stairs

The entire Green Sky Illusory Palace was surrounded by a layer of glittering white light curtain.

And directly below the palace phantasm, a somewhat vague five colors stairs extended from the palace gate through the light curtain. It should be the only entrance to the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

Liu Ming glanced at the five colors stairs and did not go over immediately. Instead, he looked at the white light curtain on the outside, curiously sizing up the defensive enchantment set up by the archaic cultivator.

The light curtain was as white as jade, and it looked tranquil, but it revealed an unusually thick feeling.

As soon as Liu Ming thought, he released a ray of mental power and swept it slowly.

When there was still a few feet away from the light curtain, his mental power seemed to have encountered an invisible barrier. It could no longer get any further, and there was even a faintly dangerous breath coming out from the depths.

Obviously, if there were people who want to force their way in, there would never be any good results.

As soon as Liu Ming turned his mind, he withdrew his mental power. A thoughtful expression flashed in his eyes.

The outer barrier of the Green Sky Illusory Palace was so magical, it was truly a relic of the archaic cultivator.

At this moment, there was a commotion coming from the five colors stairs. Looking from a distance, someone was already trying to climb the five colors stairs.

Liu Ming’s expression changed, and he cast his gaze calmly.

The one who was trying to climb the ladder at this moment was a young man with a brown face. Liu Ming recognized this man at a glance. This person was the first person in the market to call out Green Sky Illusory Palace.

It turned out that this person also had a fragment of Green Sky Mirror on him. No wonder he was so excited at that time.

When the young man with a brown face stepped on the first step of five colors stairs, the lower stairs immediately emitted a very faint five colors glow. His body shook slightly, and he quickly calmed down.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help frowning.

The man had reached the Condensation Period, so it was impossible for him to get unstable for no reason. Obviously, there was some special enchantment on the stairs that could make people unstable.

After thinking for a moment, he realized it. Shopkeeper Ye and others said that the test of entering the Green Sky Illusory Palace must be climbing this five color stairs.

The young man with a brown face took a deep breath and immediately stepped onto the second level, the third level…

The more he went up, the brighter the five colors glow on the stairs became as if it was desperately pulling his footsteps.

This long ladder had exactly one hundred steps.

Under everyone’s gaze, the yellow-faced young man’s upward speed was getting slower and slower. When he reached more than ten steps, his body was obviously unable to stably shake again.

Liu Ming’s expression has also become concentrated. It is rare for someone to walk in front of him to demonstrate. Of course he has to take a good look.

When the yellow-faced youth finally stepped onto the twentieth step, his forehead began to sweat. His right leg that was lifted up staggered as if he slipped over; his expression changed all of sudden.

But the young man with a brown face immediately groaned, and a burst of brown light appeared on his body. When the light condensed, he immediately stood still.

The following situation was similar to the beginning. After he used the spiritual power to stabilize his body, he was able to stabilize his step at first. However, after the thirtieth steps, he began to shake again.

Liu Ming shook his head secretly. There were still nearly half of the stairs left. This person had already looked tired; he was impossible to make it to the end.

As expected, when the brown face young man climbed to the fortieth level of the five colors stairs, he was already drenched in sweat. His figure was already staggering as if he was going to fall at any moment. A look of seriousness flashed in his eyes as he lifted his right leg, trying to continue climbing. However, his body trembled, and he fell to the side after a loud shout. Before his body touched the stairs, he was knocked out of the stairs by the five colors light.

Seeing this, Liu Ming shook his head.

After the brown faced young man flew out, a green light flew out of his arm and disappeared far away.

In the green light, everyone could faintly see a shining thing.

The cultivators who came to see the show suddenly made a commotion. There were a dozen escape lights pursuing in the direction of the green light.

Liu Ming did not show a surprised look. Shopkeeper Ye had already mentioned this situation to him.

This entry test of the Green Sky Illusory Palace, if one failed it, the Green Sky Mirror fragment on his body would fly away.

However, the same fragment could only be used once in a trial. Even if someone got the fragment again, he could only wait until the next opening of the illusory palace.

Even so, the Green Sky Mirror fragment was still very precious as the key to the next opening of the illusory palace; everyone wanted to get it.

The young man with a brown face finally managed to control his body. After slowly landing on the ground, his face was as pale as paper. It seemed that he had exhausted all his spiritual power in this period of time.

From time to time, some people in the surrounding crowd pointed at the young man with a brown face; some even laughed at him.

The young man with a brown face looked extremely embarrassed. He stomped and turned into a yellow light blasting away.

After someone failed the first attempt, there was no one coming up for a while. Everyone seemed to be waiting for the second person so that they could learn something from it.

Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t do such a compelling thing. He continued to wait with a calm expression.

In less than a moment, a purple light galloped from the direction of the Changyang Market and landed directly on the stairs.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. The aura from the escape light gave him a familiar feeling.

After the purple light faded, a pretty tall young man with purple eyes was revealed.

Liu Ming was taken aback.

This young man was none other than Zang Xuan whom he acquainted in the Small Flame World. He was obviously here for the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

His broken arm was now completely recovered. He must have recovered through some kind of mystic arts.

Under the shocked gaze of everyone, Zang Xuan stepped onto the five colors stairs without bothering the surrounding cultivators.

Liu Ming didn’t greet him either. Instead, he folded his arms and stood in the crowd with amusement.

He knew Zang Xuan’s strength very well; he believed that the result should be different from just now.

Zang Xuan’s climbing speed was really much faster than that of the young man with a brown face before. He was already in the middle of the stairs in a moment.

The young man with a brown face was blasted into the air nearly halfway through, but when Zang Xuan was halfway through, he still looked calm and relaxed.

“Tsk tsk, this person is not simple!”

“He is much better than the young man with a brown face; he obviously hasn’t used his full strength yet.”

There was a lot of discussion among the crowd. Obviously, they were more optimistic about Zang Xuan. Other than the people who were surprised, some were just like Liu Ming, carefully observing the climbing process of Zang Xuan.

Liu Ming suddenly moved his eyes and looked at the crowd somewhere.

He just felt a glance over there, but it was quickly turned away.

As a result, he focused his gaze and found out that among the group of people, the young woman in purple clothes of the Ouyang Family and Master Qiao stood there. The girl’s beautiful eyes looked moving; her expression was unusually calm.

“Could it be that young woman in purple clothes looking at me just now?” Liu Ming was a little puzzled. I didn’t seem to know this Miss of the Ouyang Family right?

He thought so in his mind, then he quickly looked away and continued to look at the five colors stairs.

On the stairs at this time, Zang Xuan had already ascended the eightieth step, but his body exuded a yellow body protection aura. His speed was significantly slower than before.

At the eighty-fifth step, the yellow light on Zang Xuan’s body looked even more dazzling. He was apparently using a lot of spiritual power.

On the ninetieth step, he was already struggling a bit. His chest was ups and downs, and big drops of sweat appeared on his forehead. Every step he took seemed extremely difficult.

At the last five steps, Zang Xuan took a deep breath and formed a weird gesture. The body protection aura around him flickered wildly. His eyes were even shining in purple light.

“Thump thump“, five consecutive steps, everyone around only felt a purple light flashed quickly to the above. The tall young man had already reached the hundredth step and appeared at the palace gate.

There was a burst of exclamation from the surrounding cultivators. Some were envious, some were jealous, and some showed a thoughtful look.

Standing in the crowd, Liu Ming frowned inadvertently.

He could see clearly that although Zang Xuan passed the test smoothly, when he climbed the last step of the ladder, a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The highest step was a wide slate platform that led directly to the palace gate. There were no five colors there.

Standing on the platform, a green light flashed on Zang Xuan’s arm, and he went through the light curtain on the gate. He disappeared in a flash.

Seeing that Zang Xuan entered the Green Sky Illusory Palace smoothly, among the cultivators with the fragments of Green Sky Mirror, they all looked envious. They could no longer wait. Someone immediately walked out of the crowd and wanted to try ascending the stairs.

After all, the longer one stays in the palace, the greater the benefits. Going in early would naturally take more advantage of it.

As for the people who could get the fragments of Green Sky Mirror, they were obviously not simple characters. Their cultivation was all at the later stage of the Condensation Period. None of them were weak.

After a while, three more people accepted the test, but only one of them barely passed through the help of the superb spiritual weapon, and the other two were mercilessly blasted down. The ancient mirror fragments flew out from their arms and caused another round of snatching.

This scene naturally discouraged the fragments holder. Their initial eagerness suddenly faded.

For a while, no one took the initiative to climb the stairs.

At this moment, among the crowd, another young man in brocade with a long and narrow face walked out slowly. His eyes faintly revealed a trace of sinister.

After seeing the youth’s face, Liu Ming couldn’t help showing a hint of surprise.

He also knew this person, it was the inner disciple Sha Tongtian whom he fought before before.

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