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Chapter 555: Green Sky Illusory Palace

“This is……”

Liu Ming felt a slight scorching sensation from the leaf-shaped rune on his arm. At the same time, he faintly felt an inexplicable call from a distant place.

With a thought, he immediately got up and walked out of the room and appeared on the roof of Bai Lian Pavilion in a flash. The next moment, he saw the huge emerald green palace phantasm in the distant sky.

Even though it was far apart, the huge palace phantasm was like a towering high mountain range, floating majestically in the air. Anyone who took a glance could detect a strong sense of oppression.

Liu Ming stood on the roof in amazement for a while. After that, he sensed a strong calling from his arm. The source of the call was the mysterious palace phantasm in the distant sky.

At the same time, in the market, many people also noticed the abnormality in the sky.

Whether they were strolling on the street, buying things in local shops, or meditating in the house, they all put aside their things at this moment and rushed to the streets, staring at the palace phantasm in amazement.

Even many cultivators were like Liu Ming, leaping onto the roof to see what was going on.

“Green Sky Illusory Palace!” Someone shouted.

Liu Ming frowned. It was the first time he had heard of this name. He couldn’t help turning his head to look at the person shouting.

However, at this moment, several escape lights rose into the air and shot toward the direction of the palace phantasm in the distance. One of them was a young man with a brown face. It was the person who just shouted. But his expression was extremely excited.

After a while, several escape lights flew out of the market, closely following the young man with a brown face and others.

Soon, more and more cultivators flew toward the palace in the distance.

In a shop near the Bai Lian Pavilion, the young woman in purple clothes of the Ouyang Family walked out slowly. Qiao Ziyi, the old man in green robe, was standing beside her. They looked up at the palace phantasm in the distance, and a hint of surprise flashed in their eyes.

“I didn’t expect just after half a day when the Green Sky Mirror fragment had a reaction, the path to the Green Sky Illusory Palace is opened.” The old man in green robe gazed at the sky and slowly said.

“Old Qiao, let’s move too.” A hint of excitement flashed through the beautiful eyes of the young woman in purple clothes. She turned and spoke to the old man.

The old man in green robe nodded after hearing this.

The young woman in purple clothes immediately raised her hand and launched a dark red bead. After a flash of red light, a crimson-feathered spiritual bird appeared in the air. Its appearance was very similar to that of goshawk. It looked up and gave a loud chirp.

They flew up to the back of the crimson spirit bird. The spiritual bird spread its wings and set off a gust of wind, carrying them to the palace phantasm in the distance.

Liu Ming glanced at the galloping crimson spiritual bird from a distance. Seeing the young woman in purple clothes and the old man in green robe on the bird’s back, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Although it was only a glance, he recognized the old man in green robe. Although he hadn’t seen the young woman in purple clothes, he could roughly guess her identity.

At this moment, there was a slight wind beside Liu Ming; Shopkeeper Ye and the two forge masters in the shop also landed beside Liu Ming.

“Green Sky Illusory Palace… I never expect to witness it opening in my lifetime.” Shopkeeper Ye looked at the palace phantasm in the distance with complex expressions; surprise, longing, unwillingness, and all kinds of expressions flashed by. The two forging masters also sighed by the side.

“Shopkeeper Ye, what exactly is the Green Sky Illusory Palace that you are talking about? Many people have been calling this name since the beginning?” Liu Ming turned his head and asked faintly.

“Hehe, I forgot. Envoy Liu just came to Changyang Market not long ago. No wonder you haven’t heard of Green Sky Illusory Palace.” Shopkeeper Ye said mysteriously after hearing the words.

“Speaking of the Green Sky Illusory Palace, it is actually a cultivator relic of the archean era.”

“The archaic relic!” Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this. He couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Many related classics that he had read appeared in his mind.

According to the records in ancient books, the so-called archean era was a period of tens of millions of years earlier than the ancient time. The aura between heaven and earth was much stronger than it was now.

It was said that at that time, the ancient demon had not discovered the human world, and the Cultivation Realm was a hundred times more prosperous than it was now.

The magical mystic arts created during the archean era were even countless. Treasures like magic weapons were emerging endlessly. Even the division of the cultivation realm was very different from now.

However, for unknown reasons, the entire human realm suddenly suffered a great catastrophe, which not only made the aura of this world several times thinner than before, but it also caused the cultivators of all races to fight wildly. Many powerful cultivators were dead because of that.

But at this time, the human realm was suddenly discovered by the ancient demon, which led to a war between the two realms. Countless human race races were drawn into this battle, and the prelude to the ancient time that lasted millions of years since then began.

Regarding the legendary period, some ancient books had vague records; there were different opinions. After all, the era was too far away. Liu Ming could only read some fragmented information in the ancient books of the Taiqing Sect. When he was in Savage Ghost Sect, such information was even rarer.

“The Green Sky Illusory Palace is a special relic built by a powerful man named Green Sky Lord at the end of the archaean era to train his disciples.”

“However, after this great man fell for some reason, the key to this illusion palace, that is, a magic weapon called the Green Sky Mirror, was shattered into thousands of pieces. Only those who have the fragment can enter the palace and get great benefits from it. Moreover, the longer one stays in it, the better the benefits.”

“Fragment of the Green Sky Mirror…” Liu Ming’s face changed slightly. He glanced at his still slightly hot arm.

Everyone in Shopkeeper Ye was looking at the huge palace phantasm in the distance, so they did not notice the change in Liu Ming’s expression.

“The place where the Green Sky Illusory Palace appeared is near the Changyang Market, so if you stay here for a long time, you will usually hear this rumor. However, the opening time of the Illusory Palace is not fixed every time. If it is long, it will appear in a thousand years; if it is short, two to three hundred years. Therefore, many people will feel helpless when they get the fragments. Not many fragment owners are willing to wait near this Changyang Market. ”

After listening, Liu Ming stroked the emerald rune on his arm with one hand, and he somehow believed in Shopkeeper Ye’s words.

“The last time the Green Sky Illusory Palace opened was at least 700 years ago, so some people just regarded it as a legend. I never thought I could see it open one day.” Master Hua on the side also said with surprise.

“This palace is so famous, do you know what benefits can be gained from it?” Liu Ming touched his chin and asked calmly.

Shopkeeper Ye and the two forge masters had been in Changyang Market for decades, so they often heard a lot about these rumors. Seeing that Liu Ming was very interested in this, they immediately talked about everything they knew.

After hearing the three talked in turns, Liu Ming gradually knew more about the matter of the Green Sky Illusory Palace. Regarding the benefits, he couldn’t help but be moved.

According to the trio, this Green Sky Illusory Palace could only be entered by the cultivator of the Condensation Period, and the cultivator also had to go through some tests. If the cultivator didn’t have the strength, he couldn’t get in even with the fragment.

In addition, this illusion palace would exist for three months. Once the time was up, the people inside would be teleported out, then it would disappear again.

“Since it is a rare archaic relic that appears once in a thousand years, I will go and join in the fun.” Liu Ming bowed his hand to the three of them, then he turned into a black light and flew toward the palace.

“Envoy Liu is usually training behind closed doors. I didn’t expect him to be quite interested in these things.” Shopkeeper Ye smiled as he watched Liu Ming’s escape light go away.

“It’s not something to be surprised. When you and I came to Changyang Market for the first time, didn’t we also inquire about the Green Sky Illusory Palace before? Tsk tsk, I really didn’t think I could see it appear.” Master Hua said in surprise.

“Since the illusory palace is open, there will be a lot of cultivators rushing here in the next three months. It is a good time to earn spirit stones.” Shopkeeper Ye looked enthusiastic.

After the three of them discussed for a while, they soon returned back.

The news of the opening of Green Sky Illusory Palace was quickly spread by the major forces in the market.

On Middle Sky Continent, some cultivators with fragments of the Green Sky Mirror, they immediately departed delightedly if they could reach the Changyang Market in a short time. They didn’t hesitate to use the teleportation arrays to rush here anxiously.

However, some fragment owners and forces that were too far away were naturally frustrated. They had no choice but to give up this opportunity.

From Changyang Market, there were occasionally one or two escape lights one or two rays of light flying toward the Green Sky Illusory Palace.

These were all the cultivators near the Changyang Market; they were rushing here with their fastest speed.

The empty wilderness below the Green Sky Illusory Palace was originally lacking in aura, and people rarely came here, but it became lively in such a short time. It had occupied by many cultivators.

These cultivators either stood under the trees or directly floating in the air, but they all pointed to the huge palace in the sky.

At this moment, a cloud of black gas galloped from the distant horizon. It only stopped after reaching the nearby sky.

After the black gas was restrained, a figure appeared, which was the muscular man with a black face disguised by Liu Ming.

When he raised his head, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Only a side of the palace phantasm could be seen in the market. Now he looked at it in close distance, the Green Sky Illusory Palace phantasm became clear.

The majestic palace of more than one thousand meters was quietly floating in the mid-air of more than one thousand meters away from the ground. It emitted a faint green fluorescence from time to time. It looked elusive like a palace in heaven. It really lived up to the name of Illusory Palace.

Liu Ming looked at this palace for a long time, then he sighed and regained his senses. He then looked around.

There were thousands of cultivators here. All of them were whispering while looking at the palace phantasm.

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