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Chapter 54 – Spirit Communication Technique

“If it really is like that, our Kingdom of Xuan will have no peace. With the abilities of the Crystal Level dragon, if an ordinary level Spirit Master such as me meets it, we will definitely not be so lucky as to escape.” The expression on Martial Aunt’s face changed greatly.

“Do not worry junior. Although what senior has said is not wrong, do not forget that there are multiple elders at Crystal Level from the two sects, Heavenly Moon Sect and Hall of Blood. Even if the Serpent Dragon is able to escape from the attacks of Martial Uncle and Elder Ling Yu, once it provokes the two sects of Heavenly Moon Sect and Hall of Blood, the elders from the two sects will act. No matter how great its abilities are, there is only certain death for it then. Especially the Flying Sword Techniques of Heavenly Moon Sect, they are exceptionally powerful. This Serpent Dragon, without the Suppressing Dragon Sword, no matter how ferocious and vicious it is, will be unable to resist.” Zhu Chi instead spoke with a different opinion.

“Once the Flying Sword Techniques of the Heavenly Moon Sect have been properly practiced and mastered by a disciple, they are indeed a weapon of mass destruction. However, the Blood Blade Secret Technique from the Hall of Blood sect is also incomparably vicious. Once a person has reached complete mastery of it, as long as they can scratch the dragon, it will definitely die. But then again, it’s not just these two sects, all of the major sects have hidden treasures and techniques, even our Barbarian Ghost Sect. If it were possible to summon the Founder’s Barbarian Strength Ghost King permanently, which shook several countries back in the days, it would be enough to sweep away all the various sects. However, what is the use of saying all this now? Ever since the Founder passed away, the Barbarian Strength Ghost King disappeared completely, unable to be summoned by any other person.” After hearing what was said, Martial Aunt Zhong also sighed in admiration.

After Zhu Chi and Scholar Gui looked at each other, they could not help but have bitter smiles.

Back in the day, the Barbarian Ghost Sect was the leading sect, but afterward it became worse with each generation. If it were not for the reluctant support of a Crystal Level Martial Uncle right now, perhaps its placement in the five great sects would not be as stable.

This caused them, the younger generation, to feel ashamed.

“Alright, although this evil dragon is a big inconvenience, with Martial Uncle and the other people, it cannot create too big of a storm. We should now discuss some things regarding our own faction.” The scholar said with a slight cough.

After Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong heard this, they naturally did not object and immediately began a conversation with a new subject.

Ten days later, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged in the training house while playing around with a pure white, faultless jade bottle.

There were two exactly alike bottles placed on the ground near Liu Ming.

These were the three bottles of Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid which Liu Ming had obtained from the scholar today.

According to what the scholar said, when using these liquids, it was best to first exercise fiercely before using all of it within a few days. This way, the best results could be achieved.

Of course, the process was naturally not very comfortable.

Liu Ming thought for a while in silence before suddenly placing the bottle in his hand onto the floor with the others. He got up and walked with large steps out the door to the center of the small yard.

“Pi la”

He casually pulled off his clothes, revealing a somewhat robust and sturdy upper body. After taking a small breath, he started to practice a weird looking martial art.

Again and again!

His fists constantly made sounds of breaking wind. This was the exact boxing technique Liu Ming had learned when planting at the Spirit Farm.

As time passed, bit by bit, Liu Ming’s skin slowly began to turn red, with drops of sparkling and translucent sweat appearing on his back. He also started to give off steaming hot air which became thicker and thicker, until even the seemingly fierce wind coming from his fists was unable to scatter it.

Liu Ming’s hands suddenly stopped; panting slightly he returned inside the house with large strides.

After Liu Ming took off his pants with lightning speed, he picked up one of the small bottles from the floor, flipped the lid off and poured the milky white fluid onto his hand. Afterward, he directly spread and rubbed it all over his body.

When the fluids first touched Liu Ming’s hand, a bone chilling, ice cold feeling could be felt. After spreading it onto his scarlet red skin, it became a forceful, sharp pain as if Liu Ming was being cut by a knife.

Liu Ming grimaced, but his hand movements were not affected in the slightest as he continued to spread it over every inch of his body with lightning speed. After that, he sat down cross-legged exactly where he was, still naked, and silently began to cultivate.

Every time Liu Ming revolved the Fa Li in his body, the bone chilling coldness on his skin became colder by a little bit. After a full revolution, he felt as if his blood had frozen over.

However, Liu Ming was forewarned by the scholar and knew that this was the most crucial period. He clenched his teeth, purposefully continuing to forcefully revolve the Fa Li around his body without stopping. Only when his body felt extremely numb did he close his eyes, slowly forgetting about time and everything else.

After an unknown length of time, the coldness on Liu Ming’s skin finally disappeared. At this moment, a black, malodorous, grease-like substance was excreted from all of his pores.

Despite this, Liu Ming’s face was abnormally red and glossy, with a layer of glittering light constantly moving about.

After a long sigh, Liu Ming finally opened both eyes, but after looking at his own body he immediately frowned. After a few lines of chanting, he pointed a hand sign to the top of his head.

After a few sounds of “pu” “pu”, a few clusters of clean water showered down on Liu Ming, washing and cleaning away all of the black filth that covered his skin.

After sweeping his hair backward, Liu Ming suddenly thought of something and slowly closed both eyes. Sending his attention into his body, Liu Ming inspected his body at lightning speed.

His bones, blood vessels, Spirit Sea and other parts all had a somewhat indescribable change. His Fa Li also increased a bit, although not a lot, it was about equal to the results from half a month’s worth of hard training.

Liu Ming knit his eyebrows, then suddenly raised his arm and clenched his five fingers with a bit of strength. It seemed that his strength, compared to before, had increased by quite a bit. He then casually examined his whole body and realized that he had grown a bit taller too.

However, ever since Liu Ming began cultivating the Dark Bone Method, even without the support of Fa Li, his strength always seemed to slowly increase. Although it was not by much every time, but over the course of a year, the accumulated strength was not a small amount anymore. He was now twice as strong compared to the time before he entered the Ghost Barbarian Sect.

In the beginning, Liu Ming thought it was the effect of the Exercise Boxing technique he habitually performed before he cultivated. However, after investigating the matter by slyly mentioning the subject to older Nine Infants Mountain disciples, he found out that although the Exercise Boxing did have an effect of changing the body and increasing strength, it was definitely not as dramatic as his increases.

In this way, Liu Ming figured out that his constant increase in strength was most likely due to his cultivation of the Dark Bone Method.

Although, this cultivation method seemed extremely similar to the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s Ghost Spirit Method, the actual effect was barely the same. No additional secret techniques and spells unique to this method existed, or at the very least, the Martial Uncle Ruan from the Scripture Pavilion did not translate and write them in the cotton book.

So it could be said that other than the spells and secret techniques of a similar nature that can be found in the Barbarian Ghost Sect, there was no hope for the Dark Bone Method to provide any special techniques to be used in actual combat.

Ever since Liu Ming realized this, thinking about it always made him feel very gloomy at heart.

In this way, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had mastered several spells, he would have looked more and more like a Body Cultivator.

Pondering these things, Liu Ming shook his head and then once again sat down cross-legged, raised another small bottle, and began to spread the liquid all over his body.

On came the same chilling cold, the same sharp pain, causing Liu Ming to grimace again….

Three days later, when Liu Ming walked out of the house, his shoulders were clearly thicker than before and his height was now half a head taller.

At this point, if it wasn’t for his slightly immature facial features, perhaps everyone would think that he was a teenager of eighteen or nineteen years of age.

Each subsequent washing had resulted in a small change in his overall build, but the overall effect was extremely shocking.

After Liu Ming exercised his limbs, he practiced the Exercise Boxing once again.

The result was that the wind coming from his punches was able to raise a curtain of dust off the nearby ground.

This surprising result naturally could not be achieved by him three days ago.

Liu Ming himself was also extremely pleased with the effect of the three bottles of Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid.

After stopping his movements, Liu Ming once again returned to the training house to tidy up. After calming his spirit, he began to study the Spirit Communication Technique.

Among the disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect, this technique could be counted as one of the most practiced techniques. After all, if you could order a ghost around, it was as if you had an extra helper by your side. When exploring dangerous areas, the ghost could be used to scout out unknown dangers.

Although the cultivation methods of some disciples were not compatible with Spirit Communication technique, they would still purposely and forcefully practice it a little. For them, even if they could only summon the weakest type of ghost, it was still better than nothing.

Liu Ming had already understood eighty to ninety-percent of the technique with his previous comprehension session.

According to the Spirit Communication Technique, in order for a Spirit Apostle to obtain a strong ghost to control with the technique, there were two methods.

One method was to be like the senior in the Small Competition that practiced the Spirit Communication Technique. One would develop or find a special demon puppet like the White Demon Skeleton and use the Spirit Communication Technique to subdue some lonely wild spirit or ghost. These subdued ghosts could then be trained to be Battle Spirits with combat awareness and techniques before directly fusing them with the demon puppets they had.
TL: Demons + Ghosts aren’t supposed to mix in English but ghosts in china also incorporates demons. Think of solid ghosts. Also demon puppet = dead demon or puppet. Think of this as sealing souls to dead things.

This method was viable since low level Battle Spirits were extremely easy to train, and as long as one could find a demon puppet, one would be able to obtain powerful ghost allies.

However, the later growth in strength for this type of ghost was extremely slow. Whether it was the training of the Battle Spirit, or the non-stop refining of demon puppets, enormous time and effort was required by this method.

It could not be known how many Barbarian Sect Disciples, due to this choice, abandoned their own cultivation and were unable to make up for their loss.

The second method was much simpler. It was to borrow the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s spell formation which had been personally laid out by the Six Yin Master back in the days. The formation could directly transport one to a mysterious dimension called “Ghost Hell Region”. There, one could personally find a real, powerful, ferocious ghost to subdue.

The ghosts subdued by this method often retained most of their intelligence. As long as they stayed in areas full of Yin energy, they would cultivate by themselves, slowly increasing their own strength.
TL: Think of yin as dark.

However, the Ghost Hell Region was extremely dangerous and normal Spirit Apostle disciples wouldn’t dare to go too far into the place. Therefore, most of the ghosts subdued were of the lowest level, Soldier Level Ghosts. Helping this type of ghost cultivate would also lead to an unthinkable waste of time in the later stages.


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