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Chapter 521: Strength Increased

One day after a year.

On a black hillside.

Liu Ming stared at the Demonized Lan Xi with a broken arm; blood kept flowing out.

His face also looked pale. It seemed that he had lost a lot of spiritual power. There was also a big bloody hole on the side of his abdomen. Green light flashed on the surface, but no blood flowed out.

A few seconds ago, Liu Ming used himself as bait to lure Lan Xi, who was trailing behind him, to launch an attack.

However, he used the crimson scales’ defensive power and a kind of shrinking bone mystic art to make a dangerous move. When the Demonized Lan Xi’s palm was plunged into his abdomen, he forcibly twisted his muscle and organ to avoid the vital point, and he struck with the spiritual sword in his hand.

At such a close distance, coupled with the use of his own tyrannical body to deliberately hold the opponent’s arm, even Lan Xi’s ghostlike figure couldn’t dodge this strike. As a result, one arm was cut down by him.

But if Liu Ming didn’t retreat in time and put a talisman on his abdomen to cover the bloody hole, he would be dead a long time ago.

He had only recently figured out this strategy of putting himself into danger to launch a deadly attack. After a few battles, he successfully implemented for the first time.

He used the same method several times, and he couldn’t dodge as his chest got punched through.

Liu Ming was very clear, after the previous numerous fight, that the Demonized Lan Xi would slowly recover his injured part with demonic qi as long as his head and the vital parts were penetrated. For the case like one arm being broken, it would exhaust a lot of demonic qi to regrow it in a short time.

At this time, the Demonized Lan Xi was really unwilling to consume a large amount of demonic qi to repair his limbs. After letting out a strange roar, he rushed toward Liu Ming aggressively.

Seeing this, Liu Ming waved his sleeve and golden sand surged out from it. It condensed into a golden light screen to defend him; he flew toward a hundred meters tall hill below him, and his figure blurred and disappeared.

Although Lan Xi lost an arm and his strength was greatly reduced, the layers of golden light curtain only tanked for a moment before they dissipated into the sky.

At the same time, at the foot of the hill, Liu Ming showed his figure in a flash. He rubbed the two black beads together; the beads combined into one and spun continuously.

After Lan Xi broke the sand curtain, he scanned with Divine Thought; he accelerated in the air with a hideous face and appeared in front of Liu Ming again.

As soon as Lan Xi’s figure appeared, Liu Ming violently launched one hand!


The black bead flew out in a black afterimage. After turning in the air, it turned into a black hill phantasm of eighty meters high and fell down.

Seeing this, the Demonized Lan Xi only swayed slightly, and he easily avoided the hill.

After a bang, a huge pit of several ten meters deep appeared on the ground in front.

Just when Lan Xi wanted to jump over the hill with a sneer and rush toward Liu Ming again, Liu Ming changed his gesture with a cold expression. A crimson light burst out from the small hill and appeared under Lan Xi, and it exploded with a fire wave that swallowed Lan Xi.

It turned out that Liu Ming quietly hid the crimson flying sword into the ground nearby. With the cover of the Heavy Water Droplet, he unexpectedly made a gesture to explode it.

Lan Xi was unprepared, so he could only urge the demonic qi on his body to resist in a hurry. The crimson firelight and black demonic qi intertwined in the air, turning into an amazing black and red flame pillar. He let our several furious roars.

Liu Ming didn’t mean to stop at all. As he chanted, he pointed into the air, and golden light spots flickered around the flame pillar. The light spots turned into a golden sand curtain that curled up.


Lan Xi suddenly rushed out of the flame pillar, and he punched the sand and scattered it.


A golden figure suddenly flashed out behind him, and hugged him tightly. It was the golden armor rune soldier that was transformed by the yellow turban soldier talisman!

The sand curtain that had been dissipated suddenly turned into a set of golden chains, and it instantly bound the Demonized Lan Xi firmly.

Even though Lan Xi was struggling desperately in surprise, he now had only one arm and was double-bound by the chain formed by the golden armor rune soldier and Golden Fallen Sand. He was held on the spot for a while.

At the same time, Liu Ming moved forward with a series of afterimages. After he retrieved the Heavy Water Droplet with two hands, then he grasped and black gas rolled out from his body. It turned into the two black mist dragons and the giant tiger. He launched both punches, which left a trail of elusive phantasms, at Lan Xi.

After a continuous loud noise, the Demonized Lan Xi flew out like a kite with a broken string.

At the same time, Liu Ming groaned as his figure flicked. He appeared in front of Lan Xi. After his arm turned blurred, his punch holding the Heavy Water Droplet flashed and smashed at the opponent’s body. He then bounced backward, leaving the Heavy Water Droplet inside the opponent’s body.

The Demonized Lan Xi screamed, trying to forcibly stand firm, but at this moment, the Heavy Water Droplet inside his body burst into a cluster of black light.

Even the Demonized Lan Xi’s physical body was extremely tough, facing this attack from inside his body, he instantly burst into a bloody rain and died. The demonic qi also disappeared along with him.

Seeing this, Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief. For the first time, a smile appeared on his face.

Although he was seriously injured, this time was the first time that he truly defeated the Demonized Lan Xi in more than a hundred matches and finally survived.

Although this fierce battle still had a lot of fluke elements in it, it still showed that his actual combat capability had been amazingly improved.

After closing his eyes, there was a “buzz” in his Divine Thought.

Time flies quickly, another two years had passed in an instant.

In the past two years, Liu Ming had fought with the Demonized Lan Xi through Illusive Demonic Pupil more than two hundred times.

Until the last dozens of duels, Liu Ming, who had greatly improved his actual combat experience, had managed to narrowly win one out of ten matches and perished together with Lan Xi for two matches.

As for the remaining seven games, he could also deal with the Demonized Lan Xi through various means for more than dozens of rounds.

On this day, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged, recalling the flaws and mistakes in the previous battle with the Demonized Lan Xi in his mind.

There was a wave of fluctuations in the mysterious space all of sudden, then there was another “buzz” in his ears. As he fainted, he had already appeared in the secret room of the cave house.

Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull also appeared beside him.

At this time, the mysterious bubble in his Spiritual Sea had disappeared, and the sandglass on the Celestial Tablet was turned upside down again, and the sand on it began to drip down slowly.

With a movement in Liu Ming’s mind, he immediately felt a stream of extremely pure spiritual power surged out of the Spiritual Sea. He immediately closed his eyes solemnly and made a gesture to adjust his breath.

It was not the first time that Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull saw this situation, and they waited quietly.

After about an hour, Liu Ming’s expression moved. He finally opened his eyes again with a relaxed expression.


When Liu Ming woke up, Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull cried out with joy.

“It’s okay, you two also got a lot of benefits this time. Alright, you two go in first.

Liu Ming replied with a chuckle, then he slapped the leather bag on his waist, releasing a black light that retrieved Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

After instructing the two to continue to cultivate in the soul-recovering bag, he checked his body with mental power to feel the remaining spiritual power in his body. Although it was purer than before, his cultivation had also regressed from the Condensation Period later stage to the intermediate stage.

This made him laugh wryly.

It seemed that he had to restore his spiritual power as soon as possible at the following time.

Fortunately, his level of refining cold condensing pills had reached a very high level. As long as he kept taking this elixir, his cultivation would be recovered quickly.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming calmed his mood and two storage talismans appeared in his hand.

As he scanned with Divine Thought, one of them was empty. The elixirs, that he refined in the mysterious space before, disappeared after coming to the outside world.

The other storage talisman contained several alchemy materials prepared for refining the cold condensing pill and golden yuan pill. They were still intact.

He immediately left the secret room and went to the stone chamber used for alchemy.

In the stone chamber, Liu Ming gently poured a small bottle of pale silver liquid into the pill cauldron with a calm face, then he took out a handful of medicinal materials and threw them in. After that, he closed the cauldron cover.

Every movement of him appeared calm and unhurried. In the mysterious space, he had done this series of movements countless times. He had already mastered such a skill.

After doing all this, he stretched out a finger to point at the cauldron. A silver light flashed, and a red flame was ignited under the cauldron.

As time passed, a faint medicinal fragrance began to spread gently.

Liu Ming sniffed slightly, and he felt refreshed. A look of joy appeared in his eyes.

After about a day of work, the medicinal fragrance gradually changed from light to rich.

When the fragrance of the medicine reached a certain level, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he changed the gesture in his hand. The crimson flame under the cauldron was extinguished instantly.


He shouted softly as he launched a symbol, accurately hitting the Cauldron.

After the silver cauldron trembled slightly, the cauldron cover floated up on its own. As a white smoke rose up, a scent of fragrance came in.

Two thumb-sized, silvery cold condensing pill was lying quietly in the pill cauldron.

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