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Chapter 519: Fighting Lan Xi Again

One day after two years.

When Liu Ming took out a cold condensing pill with two pale silver elixir patterns on the surface from the silver cauldron, a look of joy flashed in his eyes.

This was the first cold condensing pill of the flawless grade that he had trained in two years. Although it was just a pellet grade elixir with an elixir pattern, the progress was huge as compared to those ordinary elixirs with low purity that he had refined in two years.

But at this time, Liu Ming’s success rate in refining cold condensing pills was still lower than 30%.

Three years later, after repeated attempts, Liu Ming’s cold condensing pill’s alchemy rate finally reached as high as 70%. If he was lucky, he could occasionally produce an earth grade elixir with a purity of more than 80%.

He could have such a high success rate in refining the cold condensing pill. This would dumbstruck most of the alchemists if it was out there.

After all, not many people would spend such a large sum of money to repeatedly refine this elixir. Even with such financial resources, they would not be able to collect so many materials.

Even so, Liu Ming did not seem to mean to stop here.

However, in the next few months, Liu Ming found that although he was still refining the same pill, the effect of improving the success rate and the quality of elixir seemed to have slowed down significantly.

After thinking about it, he judged that he had encountered a bottleneck in refining this pill. If he kept refining, he would only get half the results. Thus, he decided to put aside the cold condensing pill and started to refine the second elixir, golden yuan pill, recorded in the recipe.

With the previous experience of refining the cold condensing pill, the process of refining the golden yuan pill was smoother. Both were the elixir of Condensation Period, so he could apply some knowledge he learned from refining the cold condensing pill.

After only nine months, the first pellet grade golden yuan pill with a light golden spirit pattern on the surface was successfully refined.

Looking at the golden elixir in his hand, Liu Ming’s face was filled with thoughts.

Because the golden yuan pill was made of beastkin crystal core as the main material for forging, the beastkin essence core took a lot of time to be refined. This increased the duration of refining a cauldron of elixir to three days. As compared with the cold condensing pill before, the efficiency was significantly lower.

The success rate of the golden yuan pill was closely related to the quality of the golden yuan beast’s essence core.

He purchased a total of five golden yuan beast’s essence cores. Four of which were Condensation Period early stage golden yuan beast’s essence cores; the other was taken from a golden yuan beast of Condensation Period intermediate stage.

The result was as expected. The golden yuan pill produced by the essence core of the Condensation Period intermediate stage had a success rate of about 30. After repeated attempts, it was as high as 50 to 60%.

The condensation period early stage’s essence core’s elixir success rate was only less than 10%. After more than half a year of practicing, the success rate was only between 20% and 30%.

In addition, the level of the golden yuan pill by different grades of essence cores was also quite different.

The golden yuan pill refined by the Condensation Period early stage’s essence core would mostly be an inferior grade elixir with a purity of only 30 to 40%. Occasionally, he could refine a few normal grade elixir with a purity of 50 to 60%. As for the Condensation Period intermediate stage’s essence core, the elixir purity was about 50 to 60%. He could even refine a flawless grade elixir sometimes.

It seemed that to refine the high-purity elixir of the Condensation Period, the materials used were also very important, and it would also increase the cost of raw materials. However, it would still increase the value of the elixir which was cost-effective.

Those flawless grade elixirs were generally more expensive in the market, and everyone was vying for it.

After Liu Ming thought about it, he kept away the golden elixir. He stretched his arms, stood up and walked toward Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull.

In front of a gas wall, Demon Flying Skull, surrounded by a cloud of black gas, was breathing green flames to the front.

The mysterious space’s gray wall was some kind of unknown enchantment, but as the green continued clashing the wall, a vigorous spiritual power fluctuation spread from the surface. It even stirred up ripples in the air that were spreading to the surroundings.

Seeing Liu Ming coming, Demon Flying Skull shook its head in the air, and then a red light flashed in its eyes; a layer of green light on its body surface was faintly visible; its hair stood up, blasting endlessly at the gas wall in front.

After a burst of crackling sound, there were many small holes visible to the naked eye on the gray gas wall. It was obviously sharper than when they entered this space. But after only a moment, all the holes were closed again.

“Good job.” Liu Ming nodded slightly when he saw this, and he said softly in praise.

Hearing the words, Demon Flying Skull flashed with joy and flew around Liu Ming’s body.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help laughing a little.

Not Demon Flying Skull’s voice sounded like a child, even its mind seemed to be a little closer to a child.

He waved his hand to let it continue cultivating, then he turned and walked toward the direction of Bone Scorpion.

“Master…” Bone Scorpion was different from Demon Flying Skull. As soon as it saw Liu Ming coming, it jumped to his shoulder and waved the giant pincers to rub his black robe.

Liu Ming didn’t detest Bone Scorpion’s intimacy. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked its somewhat cold back, then he commanded it to show the results of its recent practice.

Bone Scorpion immediately jumped off Liu Ming and took another violent breath. As soon as the silver light on its body surface shone greatly, its body enlarged into the size of a hundred meters.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ming stepped back two steps and observed carefully.

The giant Bone Scorpion’s body surface had black mist rolling on it. The silver pattern on its back flashed endlessly, and the dragon head of the purple crystal tail hook, that curled forward, blurred and became faint purple light that disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, there was the sound of objects dashing in the air.

The attack speed of the tail hook had reached an incredible speed!

As the sound stopped, the purple dragon head behind Bone Scorpion appeared in a flash again. After looking back at Liu Ming with pride, it waved its giant pincers again. The black gas filled its pincer, and it punched the gas wall in front.

“Grr, boom boom“!

The gray mist on the surface of the gas wall rolled violently, and a lot of looming black gas was mixed in it.

After the mist slowly stopped rolling, there was a huge pit of several ten meters on the gas wall. It was recovering at a slow speed. Obviously, the black gas in it had the effect of hindering its recovery.

“Well done, you can stop now.” After Liu Ming judged that Bone Scorpion’s attack had improved a little, he immediately waved his hand to stop it.

Luo Hu once mentioned that the mysterious space was related to a sealed ancient demon. If he accidentally broke the gas wall of this space, he really didn’t know what the consequences would be.

After Bone Scorpion heard him, the black gas on its body surface faded. It returned to the size of a few inches. It then flicked and landed on Liu Ming’s shoulder.

Liu Ming smiled slightly. He lightly touched the giant pincer of Bone Scorpion and let it cultivate alongside him.

After giving the same instruction to Demon Flying Skull through Divine Thought, he turned and returned to the silver cauldron, sat down cross-legged, and continued to refine elixir.

Time flies, in a blink of an eye, Liu Ming had already been refining the golden yuan pill for three years.

At this time, he had mastered most of the skills in refining the golden yuan pill.

Both the quality and the success rate had been greatly improved. Using Condensation Period intermediate stage essence core, he could also occasionally produce a flawless grade elixir.

Liu Ming was quite satisfied with this.

Although the golden yuan pill was only a restorative elixir, the recovery effect was by no means comparable to that of normal grade elixir and spirit stone.

In some occasions that urgently need to restore spiritual power, the recovery speed of spiritual power could be as fast as one point. This might often determine the success or failure of the battle, and even life and death.

Moreover, one pellet grade golden yuan pill was enough to make up most of its spiritual power in one meal.

At this time, he also hit a bottleneck in refining this pill. No matter how he kept refining for a few months, his alchemy skills only increased by a little bit.

On this day, he once again finished refining and found that he hadn’t improved in any way, so he immediately gave up his plan to continue refining.

With a move in his mind, he lightly pointed at the silver cauldron, and the silver light in front of him dimmed and rose into the air. After a turn, it became inch-sized and flew into his sleeve.

But after thinking for a while, his figure became blurred. After another flash, he appeared in front of Celestial Tablet not far away.

There was still one to two years before the mysterious space disappeared. He could make good use of this “Illusive Demonic Pupil” now!

This thing could replicate the fierce battle situations he had experienced when encountering powerful enemies. If he trained with it more, it could greatly enhance his actual combat ability.

After all, the true strength of a cultivator depended not only on his cultivation, but also on his ability to respond to battles.

After Liu Ming finished his mind, he immediately stretched out one hand, touched the black vertical eye pattern on the Celestial Tablet lightly, and injected spiritual power in it.

As the Celestial Tablet trembled slightly, the black vertical eye slowly opened like it was alive, revealing the silvery pupils.

This pupil moved up and down slightly, and it stared at Liu Ming who was standing in front of the monument.

With previous experience, Liu Ming immediately stared at the pupil in the black vertical eye with full attention. He felt an impact in his Divine Thought immediately. After the surrounding space became blurred, he once again appeared in the cave where the giant troll head altar was sealed before.

Not far from him, a pair of ferocious eyes were staring at him, it was the Demonized Lan Xi with black spirit patterns all over his body!

Due to the limitation of the Illusive Demonic Pupil, the illusion that it produced could only be a scene of an opponent’s battle that impressed him. For this, Liu Ming had only two candidates, namely Siren King and the Demonized Lan Xi.

Siren King’s cultivation had reached the Real Pellet State; the difference in strength was too far apart. At that time, they didn’t really fight with each other. Liu Ming only detonated the sword embryo to launch one strike.

In contrast, in the battle of the Demonized Lan Xi, although it was only a few seconds, the opponent had never used any spiritual weapon, and Liu Ming easily defeated him by relying on the demonized body and speed. For Liu Ming who was stronger in terms of spiritual power and physical strength, he was a suitable opponent.

With the strength of Demonized Lan Xi, a cultivator in the Crystallization Period later stage would be seriously injured or dead, if he was careless.

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