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Chapter 514: Tai Yin Cave

It had been more than a year since Liu Ming entered the Taiqing Sect and became an outer disciple. However, he had never been collecting the contribution points issued every month, so there were more than 1,000 points.

An hour later, Liu Ming came out of the Hall of All Things with a calm face, and he got another 1,500 contribution points on the token on his waist. At this moment, his contribution points totaled more than 4,000 points.

“This should be enough.”

After he muttered to himself, his sleeves flicked, and took out the map of Thousands Spirit Mountain. After he read it with Divine Thought, he put it away again. He then made a gesture and flew toward the Tai Yin Cave in the sect.

Before going, Liu Ming had naturally inquired about the situation of “Tai Yin Cave”.

The so-called Tai Yin Cave was actually a cave in the Taiqing Sect that specialized in collecting underground yin wind. The cave was divided into several small yin caves, which were especially used by some people who cultivated the yin attribute technique.

Due to the limited capacity of Tai Yin Cave, among all the disciples, the esoteric disciple could use it for free; the inner disciple only needed to pay a small amount of contribution points; the outer disciple needed to pay a little more; the ordinary disciples had to pay a lot of contribution points to use it, and they could only enter when there were more slots in the cave.

In addition, in order to prevent the yin qi in the cave from leaking, a grand elder in the sect also set up a huge enchantment around and above the yin cave, so that yin qi could only enter but not exit. Thus, the high concentration of yin qi in the cave could be imagined.

Even so, the concentration of yin qi in the whole cave was different. There were few spots that had double the concentration of yin qi, and there were also special effects of the yin qi in these places; they were beneficial to cultivators in a certain aspect.

But this was not what Liu Ming could think of now, because these places were generally used by the inner disciples.

However, if he used this place to break the bottleneck to the Condensation Period later stage, it would naturally be of great benefit.

Half a day later, one of the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range was hidden in front of one of the two emerald peaks.

Liu Ming was standing at the canyon entrance with his green robe floating in the wind. He was slightly squinting while looking forward.

A gray stone gate tens of meters high stood majestically on an open flat ground not far in front. A gray boulder in front of the cave was painted with three large silver characters “Tai Yin Cave”.

Liu Ming walked slowly to the gate, shook his waist token toward the gate, and a green light flashed into the door. The door slowly opened with a rumbling sound.

He walked into the cave door calmly. What first caught his eye was a small hall about three hundred meters. At the top of the hall, a fist-sized moonstone glowed in white halo, illuminating the entire hall. Except for a few stone tables and chairs, the hall was empty.

At the back of the hall, there was a narrow corridor that was five meters wide. Liu Ming was taken aback before walking straight toward the corridor.

The corridor was a hundred meters long. At the end of the corridor was connected to a stone chamber of a hundred meters in size.

In the center of the stone chamber was a large blue magic array. The array was surrounded by several yin attribute blue crystal stones. This should be a teleportation array.

Before the array, an old man in yellow robe was sitting cross-legged on a futon with his eyes closed.

“Senior.” Liu Ming could not feel the old man’s realm cultivation. After feeling shocked, he cupped his fist and said.

“Which courtyard are you belong to? You should know the rules.” The old man didn’t open his eyes, but he said lightly.

“Reporting to senior, junior is a Piaohong Courtyard disciple, and I have enough contribution points.” Liu Ming replied respectfully.

“Very well, for outer disciple, entering Tai Yin Cave to cultivate will cost one hundred contribution points every day. How long do you want to rent?” The old man asked again with his eyes slightly opened.

“Junior wants to rent for forty days.” Liu Ming replied calmly, then he took off the token from his waist and handed it to the old man.

Such a long time was enough for him to consolidate his cultivation in Tai Yin Cave. Moreover, the Tai Yin Cave was full of yin qi, which was also an excellent place for Bone Scorpion to cultivate.

The old man waved his sleeve hearing this. A jade pen appeared in his hand. He tapped lightly on the token. After a green light flashed, the contribution points on the token only had a hundred points left.

The old man kept away his jade and tossed the token lightly with one hand; the token quickly flew back into Liu Ming’s hand.

“Okay, you can go in. Once the rental time ends, you will be automatically sent back here.”

Liu Ming took the token, put it on his waist, bowed, and walked into the center of the array.

The old man in yellow robe took out a dark token and launched a symbol at the array, then he chanted silently.

Liu Ming only felt a slight tremor on the ground under his feet, followed by a buzzing sound. A faint blue light appeared around the circle and disappeared in a flash.

The old man closed his eyes again.

Liu Ming only felt a dazzling blue light flashing in front of him. When he closed his eyes and opened his eyes, he was already in a stone cave the size of a half acre.

A biting chill swept from all directions, and he felt that the natural aura in the nearby air was very thin. It was filled with thick yin energy.

The concentration of yin qi in the surroundings was several times higher than the yin cave of the Savage Ghost Sect at that time. Liu Ming was delighted to see this.

Taiqing Sect was worthy of being one of the four ancient sects. Even the yin qi caves that common sects had were far from comparable.

Liu Ming calmly looked at everything in the cave.

Except for a flat boulder in one corner of this place, there was nothing else but a white futon on it.

The top corner of the cave was covered with dense and gleaming gray spirit patterns. The spirit patterns were surrounded by a little gray mist which seemed to be a kind of enchantment.

There were some simple black spirit patterns on the cave walls which should be some ordinary defensive partition enchantment.

Liu Ming patted his waist. A burst of black air in the soul-recovering bag rolled out and turned into a mini silver scorpion several inches long.

“Master…” As the small silver scorpion appeared, it waved its giant pincers, seemingly very happy.

“The yin qi here is quite heavy. It should be a place you like. Go to that corner and cultivate by yourself. Don’t disturb me without my order.” Liu Ming pointed to a corner of the stone cave and commanded.

“Yes… Master…” Bone Scorpion appeared in a corner of the cave after turning blurry. It turned around and waved its scorpion tail at Liu Ming, then it started breathing in yin qi.

Liu Ming walked to the corner in a few steps, sat cross-legged on the futon, and closed his eyes. He started to think about the previous battles of the Sea Creature Clan to the moments when he joined the Taiqing Sect.

Now he had more than a month to break through the bottleneck. He didn’t want to be affected by the emotional fluctuations caused by his unstable mood.

One day later, Liu Ming slowly opened his eyes. At this time, there was no distraction in his mind, and his spiritual power was at its peak state.

“It’s time.”

After murmuring to himself, he took out a black pill and a blue pill from Sumeru Snail around his waist. With a thought, he took out the pulse connecting spiritual talisman and put it aside to be ready for use.

He picked up the “black condense pill” with two fingers, placed it in front of his eyes, and checked it again before swallowing it.

The elixir melted as it was swallowed; it became abnormally slippery, turning into a black blood qi that slid down the throat. The next moment, a refreshing qi rose from his dantian, and it quickly spread to the surrounding meridians.

Liu Ming felt that the meridians all over his body were immediately unblocked, and he felt a sense of comfort.

After adjusting his breath for a while, he picked up another “blue water pill”, and swallowed after scanning it with Divine Thought.

After a while, a burst of icy air immediately diffused in his mouth, then it turned into a blue yin qi which surged in his meridians.

Liu Ming kept making gestures with both hands. After the cold yin qi and the black blood qi kept colliding for a while, they turned into a blue and black intertwined qi that circulated in his meridians quickly.

He scanned his body with Divine Thought. The pale silver liquid in the Spiritual Sea seemed to be thicker than before. These liquids kept absorbing the yin qi that had penetrated all over the body, and they were rolling in the Spiritual Seam, releasing waves of amazing spiritual power fluctuations.

After Liu Ming took a deep breath, he closed his eyes silently to refine the medicine in his body.

This phenomenon had continued for two days. During this period, Liu Ming used Divine Thought to scan the Spiritual Sea in his body from time to time, waiting quietly for the spiritual power fluctuation to be at the critical period of the peak, while the blue and black qi was still circulating in his meridians without stopping.

On this day, Liu Ming consciously realized that the spiritual power in his body had condensed to the peak, and the spiritual power fluctuations in the Spiritual Sea were also at the maximum peak and could no longer be increased. He immediately picked up the pulse connecting spiritual talisman at hand, smashed it to pieces, and patted it on his chest.

Suddenly, a green ray flew out from it, enveloping his body. The ray quickly merged into his body.

Liu Ming only felt that a strong spirit invaded all the meridians in his body. As a tingling sensation came, his body suddenly burst into a crackling sound, and the meridians all over his body suddenly swelled under the stimulation.

Feeling the abundance of spiritual power rushing through his body, he couldn’t help flashing a hint of surprise in his eyes!

This pulse connecting spiritual talisman is really amazing!

As this strong spirit continuously circulated through the body, the light silver liquid that had already been releasing the peak of the spiritual power in the Spiritual Sea also surged again. Streams of pure spiritual power continued to gush from the Spiritual Sea, blending into his meridians.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. He let out a groan. After his hands closed, waved down and separated, a burst of crackling sound came from his body. His figure was a foot bigger. A black gas rolled out of his body, turning into black mist that enveloped him in it.

Then, he began to chant the formula of the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison silently, and slowly closed his eyes again.

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