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Chapter 513: First Time Seeing Magical Grade Weapon

At this time, the small white sword was quietly floating directly above the disk array. The sword body was crystal clear like glass, and the surface was like a substantial pale white halo flowing slowly, continuously releasing a stream of cold air to the surroundings.

Every wave of cold air would condense into pieces of ice when it spread out.

Before long, the bottom of the ice pool became an ice world.

Although Liu Ming was sealed by the ice, relying on the leather armor and his powerful body, he did not really suffer any damage. He still couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

Judging from the astonishing aura that this small white sword exuded, it was even better than the 35 layers enchantments Nine Skulls Shield.

This sword was a real magical grade sword!

But at this moment, a muffled sound suddenly came from Jin Yuhuan.

A little golden light on the female’s chest lit up, then a golden talisman appeared, instantly turning into a cloud of golden light that burnt fiercely. Circles of white light swept in all directions.

The nearby ice quickly melted into water under the scattering of white light. Within a moment, Liu Ming and Liu Ming recovered their mobility.

Liu Ming waved his numb arms a few times, and he glanced at Jin Yuhuan who was aside.

As soon as the woman got out of the frozen state, she came to the small white sword. She grabbed the small sword quickly.

The small white sword trembled in her hand as if it had spirituality. The cold light it emitted was very sharp. It cut open her palm, making her bleed.

Jin Yuhuan was bothered by it. She chanted as she formed a gesture. She then spat out a blue small sword phantasm, and under a chime, it merged into the small white sword in a flash.

Liu Ming on the side saw this scene, and he looked surprised.

This woman turned out to be a Sword Cultivator. What she spat out seemed to be a sword embryo spirit.

At the next moment, the small white sword trembled violently, bursting out a dazzling white glow. There were bursts of faint sounds from it.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help squinting his eyes, wanting to see what was going on. As a result, the white light faded abruptly, revealing the small sword in it again.

The crystal clear small sword had layers of extremely fine rune on it, and it emitted crystal light spots through the pool, which looks quite strange.

Seeing this, she changed her chant. The small white sword shrank into inch size, and it leaped and flashed into her forehead.

The moment the little sword was taken by this woman, the coldness in the pool began to dissipate instantly.

It seemed that the reason why this pool was so cold was all because of this little sword.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, it’s done. Let’s leave this place first.” Jin Yuhuan exhaled a long breath and said with a smile at Liu Ming.

After the woman retrieved this treasure, she seemed to have a sense of coldness.

Liu Ming nodded, made a gesture, and blasted toward the pool surface.

Without the invasion of the cold air, Jin Yuhuan naturally unscrupulously kicked the bottom of the pool with one leg and followed Liu Ming.

Half an hour later, outside the secret cave, Liu Ming was taking off his leather armor and returning it to Jin Yuhuan.

“This trip can be so smooth, it all thanks to the help of Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu.” Jin Yuhuan took over the leather armor, showing gratitude to Liu Ming.

“It’s nothing, since I received Miss’ pulse connecting spiritual talisman, these are naturally part of my job.” Liu Ming said with a slight smile.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu also saw that, in fact, I’m also a Sword Cultivator. The reason why the Sha Family’s Sha Tongtian wants to marry me as a dual cultivation partner is actually to plot this sword weapon left over by the Jin Family’s ancestors. Although this sword is just the most inferior magic weapon that has just left its embryonic form, and the sword embryo spirit in it has lost a lot of spirituality because no one has continued to cultivate it, it is enough to make ordinary families survive for a while. If it weren’t for the Jin Family is considered to be a Taiqing Sect’s affiliated family, and there is also a mountain elder who has some ties with the Jin Family, this treasure will be long gone.” The female crystal eyes flashed lightly. She sighed and confided the truth to Liu Ming calmly.

When Liu Ming saw this sword, he had actually guessed some of it. He just nodded and didn’t say much.

Jin Yuhuan continued to slowly say to Liu Ming,

“And the reason why the Sha Family wants to marry me as a dual cultivation partner, it is most likely related to this treasure called Ice Glass Sword. My ancestors had sealed it with enchantment, so only the descendants above the Condensation State of the Jin Family can take it. However, the Sha Family has a mystic art, it can steal part of the blood and aura of the partner. So, they can also activate this flying sword through mystic art.”

Hearing this, Liu Ming understood why this woman spoke so bluntly. She was not afraid of him having ill-intentions after seeing this magical weapon.

“Then I have to congratulate you. With this treasure, it isn’t difficult for Miss Jin to revive your family prestige in the future. Since you get what you want, let’s leave this place, lest the people of the Sha Family come to cause trouble again.” Liu Ming looked stern.

Jin Yuhuan nodded slightly and patted her waist. After a chirp, a giant eagle appeared in front of the two.

After the two jumped up, Jin Yuhuan gently stroked the head of the giant eagle.

The giant eagle’s wings spread out with a clear and long cry, and it flew in the direction of Thousands Spirit Mountain.

More than ten days later, above a valley in a remote corner of Thousands Spirit Mountain, there was a wave of ripples in the air. A gray giant eagle flew out of it and landed after fluttering its wings.

Then two figures jumped down from above.

It was Liu Ming and Jin Yuhuan who returned all the way!

On the way, this woman changed her silent state. She gradually talked more and more, telling him about the glorious period of her Jin Family.

Seeing this, Liu Ming asked her about her experience in Sword Cultivator and some tips for condensing sword embryo. He also asked about the magical spiritual weapon.

After all, the ancestors of this woman once had a Sword Cultivator from the Real Pellet State world. Although the family had fallen, the experience of the Sword Cultivator still passed down. If he could know a little bit of it, he didn’t have to detour a lot on his road of cultivation.

Because Liu Ming had saved Jin Yuhuan several times and even helped her retrieving her ancestral treasure, she tried her best to answer Liu Ming’s questions. He really gained a lot from it.

“Miss Jin, I have fulfilled my task in this trip. Since you have returned safely, we will bid farewell for now. In the future, I may have to ask about the tips of sword cultivation from junior sister apprentice if I have time.” After Liu Ming chatted a few words with this woman, he bade farewell.

“No problem, I will leave first then. Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, you take care too!” Jin Yuhuan chuckled lightly when she heard the words. She jumped onto the giant eagle and left.

Liu Ming watched the woman leaving. After a little thought, he flew in another direction in green light.

At the same time, in the cave house hall of a rather secret mountain in Thousands Spirit Mountain.

An old man with a yellow face was sitting on a gray stone chair, looking at the young man in brocade next to him with a serious face. He was questioning in a low voice,

“Tongtian, why don’t you go all out to take down Jin Yuhuan, but you let her retrieve the Ice Glass Sword. I don’t believe that you really can’t do it with your ability.”

“Second uncle, that Ice Glass Sword is not very suitable for me. Moreover, even if I use mystic art to obtain the Jin Family’s blood to control this sword through dual cultivation, I cannot really exert its full power. Jin Yuhuan is also the same, even if she controls this flying sword with her blood, she can’t control it at will as compared to the flying sword she condensed herself. She can’t be a real Sword Cultivator powerhouse. I just want to condense my own flying sword, so I don’t really think a lot about that Ice Glass Sword. Even if I get that sword, I only plan to use it as a backup sword.” Sha Tongtian replied calmly and indifferently.

“Oh? Since you really want to follow the way of Sword Cultivator and don’t want to take shortcuts, then I won’t force you anymore. However, this matter is plotted by our clan for a long time. If you return to the clan, you have to explain it to the other elders. Moreover, you have such an awareness about the way of Sword Cultivator, it seems that you have excellent perseverance. As long as you can advance to the Crystallization Period, it may not be impossible for you to be an esoteric disciple.” After this elder of the Crystallization Period of the Sha Family listened to him, he didn’t get angry and praised him instead.

“I will do his best.” Sha Tongtian’s eyes flashed. He cupped his fist and replied respectfully.

The old man nodded in satisfaction. He got up, waved his sleeves, and left the cave house.

As soon as Liu Ming returned to his cave house, he put a ‘no visitor’ plate on the door and walked into the secret room.

The stone gate behind him closed silently.

Liu Ming walked slowly to the middle of the secret room. With a flutter of his sleeves, a black pill and a blue pill were spinning in his hands. It was the “black condense pill” and “blue water pill” that he bought in the market.

He carefully looked at the two pills in his hand, looking thoughtful.

After ten minutes, he kept away the two pills and took out the green pulse connecting spiritual talisman from the Sumeru Snail around his waist.

At this point, he had everything ready. He just needed to restore his spiritual power to the peak of the Condensation Period intermediate stage, then find a place where the negative qi was heavier. After that, he could try to break through the Condensation Period later stage.

Since Liu Ming had already decided in his heart, he immediately sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and calmly adjusted his aura.

As a result, he sat for three days.

When Liu Ming opened his eyes again with a change of expression, he felt refreshed and his whole body regained full energy.

He immediately got up. After tidying himself up, he left the cave house and flew to the Hall of All Things on a black cloud.

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