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Chapter 51 – Victory

The two wooden pieces seemed abnormally smooth and were marked with black colored inscriptions. They were tightly bound to Jin Yu’s body by a thick mass of ropes.

The two wind blades carved two inch deep marks into the front of the wood piece. However, the wind blades were unable to cut through it in a single stroke.

The expression of Liu Ming, who was opposite to Jin Yu, was naturally slightly dismayed. He obviously did not think that the previous attack would fail.

Jin Yu slapped the piece of wood on his chest with his palm.

A “peng” sound rang out.

The two seemingly ordinary wood pieces suddenly began to change and stretch, in the blink of an eye a simple wooden armor covered Jin Yu’s upper body, protecting him from various harms.

“And you still say you did not give him this Mechanical Battle Armor!” After seeing this situation, Zhu Chi immediately became angry.

“This object really wasn’t from us, this we can swear that with a Heart Oath. However, even after this Mechanical Plating has transformed, it is very simple and crude, and is far from being called Mechanical Battle Armor. Tsk tsk. Yu Er, this child, can actually already create such complex Mechanical Equipments.” Da Shang hurriedly explained, before continuing to speak with a gratified look on his face.

Da Shang, who was to the side, also had an expression of being pleasantly surprised.

Judging from their praise of Jin Yu, he had something up his sleeve that even his teachers did not know about.

Hearing the two of them say they would be willing to make a Heart Oath, Zhu Chi became stunned for a moment. After that, he choose to stay quiet.

At this time, Jin Yu, who was half-covered in wooden armor, pointed his hand toward his forehead again. Then, he flipped his other hand over and grabbed hold of a short stick that was about a thumb thick. Afterward, he pointed the stick toward the Liu Ming without saying anything.

Several sounds of “Pu, pu, pu” echoed.

Two azure colored streaks shot out from the stick and appeared in front of Liu Ming after a few flashes.

They were two inch-long bamboo nails, covered in azure light and seemed extremely odd.

At the same time, the Green Light Praying Mantis Puppet, which was in the sky, started to vibrate its wings. After a weird cry, it rushed toward Liu Ming.

With “peng, peng” sounds, Liu Ming reacted subconsciously and raised the light shield on his wrist, blocking the two bamboo nails. However, they suddenly broke apart.

A white liquid explosively shot into the sky and condensed into a white silk net that started to fall down.

“Spider Web Technique”

Liu Ming’s heart trembled a little and a chant flew out of his mouth quickly before he raised one hand. A scarlet red fireball immediately shot out, hit the white silk net and exploded into flames.

But the scene that appeared afterward startled him.

The original silk net, which Liu Ming thought would be reduced to ashes, was actually untouched. In addition, after being slightly heated up by the flames, it put the flames out in a second and continued falling down.

The expression on Liu Ming’s face changed and he suddenly changed his hand signs. With a wave like motion above his head, bits of gray colored smoke appeared from nowhere, forming a gray cloud that was a foot large.

This was actually the Spirit Cloud that Spirit Apostles could form using the Soaring Sky Technique.

The falling white silk net was immediately stopped by the gray cloud, unable to fall any further.

This scene not only caused Jin Yu to stare blankly, it also caused the spectators outside the ring, Zhu Chi, Da Zhi, and the other people, to helplessly look at each other.

To use the Soaring Sky Technique as a defensive method, this was their first time seeing that.

However, after Liu Ming did all these techniques in such a flurry, the Green Light Praying Mantis Puppet had reached Liu Ming. Waving its two blade like forearms, it created a dozen or more cold lights when it chopped downward.


Liu Ming immediately dispelled his light shield. He held his arm with the bronze bracelet pointed toward the Praying Mantis puppet and a yellow tiger head replaced the shield. The tiger head composed of light then opened its mouth and spat out a blurry white sound wave

“Gu dong”.

Although the blades created by the forearms of the praying mantis puppet were as sharp as ever, the opposing sound wave was a shapeless attack that was unblockable. It was able to crash into the mantis, even though it was emitted after the mantis swung down its forearms, and managed to push the mantis back several steps.

However, the next moment, the Puppet Beast once again flashed forward toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s expression sank as he stimulated the Fa Li in his body and made another sound wave come out of the tiger head, causing the praying mantis to retreat once again.

Although this sound wave attack was very mysterious, it was a pity that the power of the attack would decrease greatly as the distance increased. In addition, even though it hit the praying mantis puppet twice, the puppet did not appear to take any damage. Instead it would pounce forward unceasingly with Jin Yu’s commands.

It was evident that Jin Yu knew that the attacks from Practitioner Weapons like the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet took little time to activate but wasted large amounts of Fa Li. Even if Liu Ming was a Middle Spirit Apostle, it was impossible to maintain this type of attack for too long.

Liu Ming naturally knew this. After hitting the Green Light Praying Mantis puppet back again, he suddenly gave a deep, loud shout. Both of his calves started to become thicker and larger. He then ferociously stepped on the ground, shooting his body towards Jin Yu like a crossbow bolt.

With the support of Liu Ming’s mastery of the second level of the Dark Bone method and the Lighten Technique from the Tiger’s Bite Bracelet as well as the use of a Mortal Secret Technique that aroused his potential, Liu Ming’s speed increased by quite a bit. Although this leap in speed did not place him at the level of the Green Light Praying Mantis puppet, his speed definitely was not inferior by that much.

Thus, after recovering, the praying mantis puppet lagged behind Liu Ming and was not able to block Liu Ming when Liu Ming charged toward Jin Yu.

However, Jin Yu gave out a “hmph” and stood his ground, neither escaping nor avoiding Liu Ming. With just a flick of his wrist, a flash of green light immediately shot out of the short stick in his hand; another two green colored bamboo nails once again shot toward Liu Ming.

“Sou, sou”.

Liu Ming raised both of his hands, two white lines shot out from them and after a flash, sent the two green colored bamboo nails flying.

The bamboo nails were pushed back in a smart, flexible manner and did not explode.

The two white lines were impressively two water arrows created using the Water Arrow Technique.

After the two water arrows hit the nails, Liu Ming had come within three to four feet from the gloomy teenager. With a one handed hand sign and reciting a chant in his mouth, Liu Ming formed a vague wind blade in his hand instantly.

Seeing that, Jin Yu still did not retreat. Instead, he threw down the short stick in his hand before reaching to his waist at lightning speed. A metal cylinder with the thickness of a forearm appeared in his hand, while the opening of the cylinder was aimed at Liu Ming.

Although Liu Ming did not know what was in the cylinder, his experience from countless life-or-death scenarios caused him to suddenly have a feeling of extreme danger.

Without thinking, he slammed his palm against his chest and after three flashes of black light specks, a black light shield immediately appeared around his body.

Almost at the same time, a few scarlet red inscriptions appeared on the metal cylinder. Moments later, a scarlet red flame shot out from it and enveloped Liu Min.

The moment the flames sprayed out, a black colored sphere rolled out from Jin Yu’s hand. After another finger pointing toward his forehead, the sphere turned into a giant, half person tall tortoise puppet, with a “ga beng” sound.

The giant tortoise reversed before standing up and acted like a huge black shield, protecting Jin Yu behind it.

Jin Yu then walked up and patted the shell of the giant tortoise with lightning speed.

“Ga beng”!

Dozens of small holes immediately appeared on the thick shell of the giant tortoise. After a glass-shattering sound came from within it, dozens of steel darts shot out, like a burst of torrential rain. The darts covered almost everything in front of them within their attack range.

When Da Shang and Da Zhi — who were outside the ring — saw this, they suddenly became overjoyed, while Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong both became gloomy.


There was a shadow of movement in the flames. Liu Ming shot out toward one side, effectively dodging the attack of the steel darts, and then somehow managed to instantly change directions while still in mid-air. He arced with unbelievable speed and shot directly toward Jin Yu.

This unexpected movement caused Jin Yu to become greatly shocked. He hurriedly turned around, trying to think of some method to defend himself, but it was already late.

When he had turned around halfway, he suddenly heard the sound of wind by his ears. Both of his arms felt a heavy weight on them and two lightning fast palms were placed on them. At the same time, a plain voice could be heard.

“Don’t move. Move again and I will behead you.”

In between the two palms, there were two faintly discernible wind blades flashing about.

Jin Yu expression immediately became ashen.

Even though Jin Yu had the Mechanical Battle Armor to protect his body, the area near his neck had no type of protection whatsoever. If the close range wind blade slide toward his neck, even if he had other combat abilities, he would not be able to protect his feeble life.

However, even though Jin Yu ended up in such a situation, he still turned his head a little, looking at the rival standing beside him with an ominous glint.

At this time, the light green clothes Liu Ming wore had already become gray shreds. He was covered in a burnt smell and the exposed skin on his nape, wrists and other places were covered in red blisters. It was obviously an appearance of being heavily harmed by flames. However, he looked at Jin Yu with a smile.

When Jin Yu swept his gaze across Liu Ming again, he immediately realized something.

He saw a long black rope that appeared to be wrapped around Liu Ming’s calf. It’s the other end was going into the ground where he was standing, reaching to an unknown depth.

Before, the reason why Liu Ming could increase his speed as well as change his direction mid-air, allowing him to suddenly appear on the other side of Jin Yu, was obviously all due to borrowing the power of this black rope.

But when did Liu Ming deploy the rope at such a close distance? Jin Yu actually did not notice when that happened at all.

“Good tactic! However, if it was a real one on one fight, you are definitely not my opponent.” Jin Yu stared at Liu Ming and chewed on each word slowly.

“Real fight? If I too could have this many mechanical items with the help of two or three puppets, it can be put into consideration.” Liu Ming said while smiling a bit.

“Haha, Cong Tian, you did well. You did indeed not disappoint the two of us. Fellow Da Zhi and Da Shang, how is this round?” After seeing this situation, Zhu Chi, who was outside the ring, was unable to restrain the joy in his heart and started to smile.

Martial Aunt Zhong to his side also naturally had a smile on her face.

“Hmph, losing is losing. Don’t tell me Brother Zhu is scared of us backing out? Yu Er, return. Your disciple is very shrewd and scheming, you have picked up a good disciple.” Da Zhi said with a sound of “hmph” while carrying an ugly expression on his face.

Jin Yu actually lost in this competition; this was extremely unexpected.

“Then about the stakes…” Zhu Chi said without thinking.

“All these Spirit Fruits belong to you, and we will send our sect’s disciples to personally deliver the fifty kilograms of Iron Essence later.” Da Zhi spoke, almost as if he was gnashing his teeth. Da Shang also had a gloomy expression, not saying a single word.

“Keke, then much thanks to the rich rewards of the two fellows.” After hearing this, Zhu Chi spoke with great joy.

“However, you two fellows should probably also tell us why these Spirit Fruits are so important to you?” Martial Aunt Zhong asked with a flash in her eyes.


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