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Chapter 504: Three Methods

At the same time, in a mysterious space in Taiqing Sect, a building covered by layers of light curtains.

An old man was sitting on a red rocking chair, playing with a small crimson cauldron with a faint red light in his hand. It was the treasure, Three Tastes True Flame cauldron, that the law enforcement hall retrieved not long ago, but its size was a dozen times smaller than before.

The old man’s red robe was a bit old; he looked ordinary with messy gray hair; his eyes were pale blue, and his eyes flashed with a faint strange light.

After looking at this thing for a while, he suddenly got up, threw the little cauldron into the air in front of him, and launched a red symbol at it. The red light flashed into the small cauldron.

Suddenly, the red spirit patterns on the surface of the small cauldron flickered, and the cauldron increased in size as it kept spinning in the air. The thirty meters tall giant cauldron slammed onto the ground. Its spirit fluctuation also became thicker.

The old man waved his sleeve, and the cauldron cover slowly opened. A puff of white smoke rushed out of the cauldron.

Then he jumped into the air with a flicker. He looked inside the cauldron, then he looked confused.

“I remember that when this treasure was stolen, Junior Fellow Apprentice Zhong was using it, and there should be an elixir in it that was finished in refining, and it was kept in it to cultivate spirituality. It seems a test product that he simplified from some ancient pills. The pill isn’t stable. But what is the name of this elixir? Is it sword cultivating pill or sword fighting pill? Eh hem… I’m old now, my memory is not very good. It seems to be very useful for Sword Cultivator. But with the traitor’s ability, he couldn’t open the cauldron to take out the elixir inside. It seems that either the spiritual cultivation had failed, and the pill had been destroyed. Or the spiritual cultivation of the pill had been completed and it had flown out of the cauldron by itself. It still remains in the Small Flame World. Forget it, such a trivial matter, I can just tell Junior Fellow Apprentice Zhong when he returns. Now that this magic weapon is emptied, I can finally use it to forge that artifact.” The old man scratched his hair, then he sneered and said.

After he pondered for a while, he took out a golden bottle that had a silver talisman on it.

As soon as he opened the bottle, a stench immediately filled the air.

He poured the green liquid into the cauldron, then he took out some strange herbs from the waist storage bag and threw them into the cauldron. After stroking gently with his sleeve, the cauldron was slowly closed again.

The old man floated down gently. He began to chant while making gestures. Series of symbols went into the cauldron.

After the cauldron trembled slightly, the tri-color flames below suddenly burst out. The burning flames wrapped the bottom of the cauldron, and the tri-color flames were intertwined continuously. After a burst of tri-color brilliance, the flames were divided into three layers which were the inner layer, middle layer, and outer layer.

See this situation. The old man nodded in satisfaction. He turned around and returned to the rocking chair, closing his eyes to rest again.

The next day, Liu Ming was still asleep in his cave house. His trip to the Small Flame World made him exhausted physically and mentally, so he needed a good rest.

But he had always been using the talent of multitasking cautiously. He released half of his mental power to beware of the situation outside his cave house.

Suddenly, a yellow escape light flew toward his cave house. After the light faded, the entrance of the cave revealed the figure of a twenty years old young man in a blue robe.

Then, a faint voice came from Liu Ming’s ears, “I’m the disciple of the law enforcement hall. I’m here to give out contribution points. Is Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu here?”

Hearing this, Liu Ming got out of his bedroom. With a wave of one hand, the door of the cave opened slowly, and a handsome young man stood at the door.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I’m here to give you contribution points, please take out your token.” The young man in blue robe glanced at Liu Ming, took a look at him, and said.

Hearing this, Liu Ming immediately took out the token from his waist and handed it over.

The young man in blue robe flicked his sleeves, and a jade pen fell out. After lightly tapping, a golden light appeared on the jade pen and flashed into the token. The contribution points displayed on the token had already been increased by three thousand points.

“Thank you, senior fellow apprentice.” Although Liu Ming knew that he would get some contribution point after slaying the fire spirit king, it was still out of his expectation. He cupped his fist and thanked the young man in blue robe.

“You’re welcome, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu. I have heard about your performance in the Small Flame World.” The young man in blue robe seemed to know something and smiled at him.

Liu Ming was stunned slightly. It seemed that the young man in blue robe was just not a simple ordinary disciple. He then took back the token and hung it back to his waist with a calm face.

After a few brief conversations between them, the young man in blue robe bade farewell to Liu Ming. He turned into a yellow escape light and went in the direction of the other mountain.

“This law enforcement hall is really efficient.” Liu Ming looked at the young man in blue robe’s escape light direction, muttered to himself, then turned and walked into the cave house. The door behind him trembled slightly before closing slowly.

Liu Ming paced for a while in the cave house lobby. After thinking for a while, he walked toward the secret room.

Two months later, Liu Ming’s cave house secret room was shrouded in black mist.

A lifelike black mist dragon and black mist tiger were looming in the mist, circling endlessly.

In the middle, Liu Ming in a green robe was sitting cross-legged without moving. His hands were making gestures, and his body was flickering with a black light.

His expression suddenly changed as he opened his eyes. He changed the gestures in his hands, and the black mist dragon and tiger turned into a black gas and went into his skull in a roar.

Then the black gas also went into his body after tumbling slightly for a moment. He didn’t stand up, but he frowned slightly. His face showed a somewhat thoughtful look…

“Finally, my spiritual power has reached the bottleneck. I can prepare to break through to the later stage of the Condensation Period.” Liu Ming muttered to himself.

After meditating for nearly two months, he had already restored his physical strength and spiritual power to the peak state. After some cultivation, he finally felt his spiritual power in his body reached saturation a few days ago. No matter how he cultivated or took the elixir that increased spiritual power, his spiritual power could no longer improve. He was now able to ascend to the Condensation Period later stage.

Breaking through the Condensation Period later stage was naturally a big deal.

After he contemplated for a while, he decided to read some related classics in the Hall of All things to see if he could find a way to increase the success rate of advancing. Moreover, he could also read about the origin and function of the silver elixir.

He immediately got up, patted his robe, and left the secret room. After simply tidying up the cave house, he made a gesture and flew toward the Hall of All Things.

After about ten minutes, outside of Hall of All Things, a black cloud flew by. A young man in a green robe jumped down from the black cloud; the man was Liu Ming.

After looking at the plaque of Hall of All Things, he walked immediately.

After inquiring a few words with a deputy-looking disciple, he walked to a tunnel behind the hall.

The Hall of All Things hall was mainly for disciples to exchange elixir, talisman, and spiritual weapon with contribution points in the sect. They could also spend some contribution to read some rare classics in the small pavilion behind the hall.

After passing through a narrow corridor with a length of more than one thousand meters, there was an acre size flat land.

In the middle of the flat ground was a huge pavilion with a height of more than one hundred meters.

Liu Ming took a look, then strode in.

The first floor of the pavilion was not big. It was about one hundred meters in size. Two-thirds of the place was filled with bookshelves.

As Liu Ming glanced around, he noticed most of the people here were outer disciples. There was also a man whom he couldn’t feel any spiritual fluctuation from. This made him startled.

At the entrance of the pavilion, a tall disciple with a simple and honest appearance in deputy costumes was sitting cross-legged. He was reading a book in relish when Liu Ming came in.

“I want to borrow some classics about breaking through the bottleneck of Condensation State, may I know where I can find it?” Before waiting for the other party to speak, Liu Ming cupped his fist and asked.

“In the bookshelf on the east side of the second floor. There should be a few classics about what you are looking for.” The tall disciple said unhurriedly.

“I also want to borrow some classics about the types and introduction of elixir.”

“Introduction to elixir… it should be on the second floor, I remember it is in the southwest corner.” The tall disciple paused for a while, touched his head lightly, and replied.

“Thank you, senior fellow apprentice.” Liu Ming cupped his fists and thanked, then he walked to the second floor.

After taking a look at Liu Ming, the tall disciple didn’t say much. He continued to sit cross-legged again and read the book in his hand.

The middle-aged man, who had no spiritual fluctuation, glanced at Liu Ming from the side, then he continued to immerse himself in the jade slip in his hand.

In a bookshelf on the east side of the pavilion’s second floor, Liu Ming really found a jade slip about increasing the success rate of breaking through the bottleneck, but the surface was covered by a white light shield, and the required contribution points, which was 120, were stated next to it.

He took the token from his waist and shook it slightly above the jade slip. A green light shot out from the token and went into the jade slip. “Poof“, the enchantment above the jade slip disappeared in a flash.

Liu Ming immediately sat cross-legged, put the jade slip on his forehead, and began to study carefully.

A few hours later, Liu Ming walked out of the small pavilion with a calm expression. At this time, he had spent a few hundred contribution points of the token on his waist.

After some readings, he found several ways to increase the success rate of advancing the Condensation Period later stage.

According to the records in the classics, there were several types of elixir, all of which had the effect of improving the success rate of breaking the bottleneck of the Condensation Period later stage. They could be purchased in the market. Each one costs ten thousand spirit stones, and it was rare. There was always a market for it, but there was no source. Only one was needed for breaking through the bottleneck.

Second, the Taiqing Sect had a unique pulse connecting spiritual talisman. Once it was used, it could stimulate the body’s meridians to expand in a short period of time. It increased the impact of the spiritual power which in turn increasing the success rate of breaking the bottleneck. The blessing effect of this kind of talisman was even greater than the elixirs mentioned previously, but it cost twenty thousand contribution points in the sect.

The third was that Taiqing Sect had a magic weapon, Ying Yang Separation and Reunion Mirror, which could transform the nearby natural aura into the chaos aura of yin and yang which was helpful in breaking through the Crystallization Period bottleneck. However, only disciples above the inner sect were eligible to spend astronomical contribution points to use this treasure.

The last method was not available to Liu Ming at all, so he could only try to choose the first two options of using foreign items.

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