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Chapter 503: Gain

Liu Ming and the two looked at each other, then they briefly talked about the process of killing the fire spirit king. The old man couldn’t help but nod slightly, and said with a bit of praise,

“This is the end of the entry trial. You two are outstanding among the new disciples. Presumably, both of you know that in another two years, it will be the major competition that is held every ten years. You two are very strong. If you work hard in these two years, you may get a good ranking in this major competition. If you can get into the top 10, not only you will receive a rich reward from the sect, you may be favored by the inner master and be taken as an inner disciple.” Jiang Zhong smiled, and he instructed as such.

Naturally, Liu Ming nodded and said yes.

“Okay, you guys should go back and rest too.” Jiang Zhong nodded in satisfaction, then he waved at the two of them, sending them away.

After Liu Ming and Zang Xuan bid farewell to the master, they left the Piaohong Courtyard’s main hall. They chichatted outside the hall and flew away in different directions.

After ten minutes, Liu Ming returned to his cave house.

As soon as he stepped into the cave house, he strode into the secret room without saying a word. With a thought, he slapped the soul-recovering bag on his waist with one hand, and a black gas rolled out. After coming out, it turned into a palm-sized mini silver scorpion with a dark misty surface.

After Liu Ming used Divine Thought to communicate with it for a while, he asked Bone Scorpion to release its aura completely.

A green flame flashed in Bone Scorpion’s eyes. After the black mist on its body rolled over, a powerful aura immediately came at his face, causing the spirit of the secret chamber to fluctuate violently. Liu Ming was excited by it.

From the perspective of aura, Bone Scorpion at this time seemed to have the strength of the Condensation Period later stage.

Bone Scorpion also seemed to want to show off in front of Liu Ming’s master. Suddenly, a silver glow flashed on the surface of its silver body. It suddenly grew to more than a hundred meters in size, almost breaking the entire chamber. Another silver light flashed, and it shrank to the size of a few inches in an instant. It leaped to Liu Ming’s shoulder, and it touched his neck with its pincer very affectionately. It then flashed back to the ground while returning to its original size.

It lifted its pincers, then its size grew larger for several times. Its body surface was flickering silver light. There seemed to be even black runes on it. It then struck down its pincers.

“Boom“, a black light flashed. A long and narrow appeared on the seemingly hard ground of the secret room.

Liu Ming looked shocked in sight of this. He commanded Bone Scorpion to stay still, then he launched a wind blade at it.

“Bang“, the wind blade was deflected, and there was no mark on Bone Scorpion’s back.

Liu Ming was delighted again. After the Bone Scorpion evolved again, its power had obviously been greatly increased, and the hardness of its body had been increased by at least twice.

Bone Scorpion also let out a giggle, then it jumped onto Liu Ming’s shoulder again.

“What new abilities do you have? You can show them all…” Liu Ming gently stroked Bone Scorpion’s giant pincer, and he said with a chuckle.

At this time, Bone Scorpion seemed to have the wisdom of a twelve-year-old child. It could already understand what Liu Ming was saying directly without the need of using Divine Thought to communicate. It immediately bumped its pincers, making a “clang” sound. It jumped down and drilled into the ground.

The next moment, black gas billowed from the ground in a corner of the secret room, and Bone Scorpion emerged silently. It opened its mouth and shot a cluster of fist-sized black poison mist at the nearby wall.

A scene that surprised Liu Ming happened!

The enchantment on the stone wall, upon contact with the black poison mist, dissipated. A fist-sized hole was melted on the stone wall behind, and the hole was enlarged very quickly.

Liu Ming raised his brows. His figure became blurred, then he appeared in the corner. He immediately took a closer look at the nearby stone wall.

Strands of black poison mist slowly were swimming around the edge of the hole. The poison mist corroded the sturdy black stone wall into strands of black smoke.

After a moment, the black poison mist disappeared, and a five meters hole appeared on the stone wall.

“Good job.” Liu Ming could not help complimenting Bone Scorpion when he saw this situation.

The poison mist that Bone Scorpion launched was obviously stronger than before.

Bone Scorpion, lying on the ground, looked even more excited after hearing Liu Ming’s words. After its head and tail hooks shook lightly, a purple halo burst out suddenly, turning it into a crystal clear translucent appearance.

Then its tail hook moved with a loud hissing sound!

Liu Ming felt that there was a faint phantasm on the ground nearby, and there were many small pinholes in almost every inch on the ground within a radius of ten feet.

This time, he was really taken aback.

With his eyesight, he didn’t even see the traces of the Bone Scorpion’s tail hook attack. It could be seen that the attack speed was too fast. Another thing was that after its tail hook crystallized, it could make its attack become almost invisible.

“Okay, come here.”

Just as Bone Scorpion shook its tail hook and smashed toward the stone wall, Liu Ming waved his hand to stop Bone Scorpion’s actions.

Its crystallized tail hook seemed to be extremely powerful. If Bone Scorpion continued to launch attacks like this, the entire secret room would be in the danger of being destroyed.

As Bone Scorpion heard this, it shook and returned to Liu Ming’s shoulder. It called “master” stutteringly.

“I ask you, in addition to these abilities after waking up this time, do you still have any other magical powers.” Liu Ming asked after thinking.

When Bone Scorpion heard that, it immediately replied with a tender girl’s voice in a stutter.

It turned out that Bone Scorpion swallowed a large amount of purple crystal in the troll’s skull and body during the battle against the troll’s head that day. After taking a long sleep which allowed it to mutate, not only its intelligence was increased by a lot, it still obtained some weird abilities of the troll.

For example, in the pit of Small Flame World this time, it could faintly sense the silver elixir with its treasure hunting ability.

As for other abilities, although Bone Scorpion could vaguely feel that there were two or three, but it didn’t know how to use them and the specific effects, so it could only gradually explore and practice them in the future.

“By the way, mas… ter, I… seem to have some… troll memories, but… they are very fragmented. I just woke up… not long ago, so… I can’t piece them together…” The girl’s voice continued to say in a stutter.

Troll’s memory!

Liu Ming was startled slightly. Although he learned something from Luo Hu about troll and demonization, he was still quite curious in his heart.

“You just woke up, and you still need to rest more. About the troll’s memory, if you remember anything, please let me know.”

“Ok… ay, mas… ter.” Bone Scorpion replied vaguely.

Liu Ming nodded and patted his waist. Bone Scorpion’s figure blurred and turned into a cloud of black mist that went into the soul-recovering bag on his waist.

After mutating again, the strength of the Bone Scorpion had greatly increased, and the demand for negative qi was also increased by a lot. The soul-recovering bag was no longer suitable for it now. He must replace it with a higher grade item.

Liu Ming used Divine Thought to check the Demon Flying Skull Jiu Ying in another leather bag around his waist, and he found that the demon skull was still asleep.

He pondered for a moment, then he took out the jade box containing the silver elixir from the Sumeru Snail around his waist, gently peeled off the talisman on it, and opened the lid.

Immediately, the tri-color light flashed, and the silver elixir wrapped in the tri-color lamp flames appeared in front of Liu Ming again.

He took a quick glance at Small Flame World that day and put it away. Now returning to the secret room, he naturally had to study it carefully.

The silver elixir was slowly turning in the tri-color lamp flames, the three golden patterns on it were wriggling like a living thing.

Liu Ming stretched out two fingers and gently touched the lamp flames. Suddenly, there was a feeling of warmness and tenderness. After he pinched it hard, there was a great force faintly coming out from it.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. He slightly increased the strength in his fingers, and the resistance from the flames seemed to increase at the same time. After some attempts, he couldn’t do anything about it. He felt quite strange about it.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. He released his powerful mental power, but it was still blocked by the tri-color flames.

After thinking about it for a while, he shook his head. He didn’t dare to attempt more on the elixir. He put it back into the jade box, stuck the talisman and kept it inside the Sumeru Snail again.

The tri-color lamp flames are so magical, it can be seen that the silver elixir wrapped in it must be something rare and powerful. It must be related to the crimson furnace. I should read more of the elixir classics to figure out the effect of the elixir before.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming took out a storage amulet from his waist. After making a gesture, he threw it behind him. Densely packed materials appeared on the ground in a flash.

These were all his gains from the Small Flame World’s trial this time.

In addition to ten fire spirit king’s spiritual power crystals, there were more than twenty fire spirit essence cores, three golden ganoderma, a large piece of purple sun stone, two pieces of giant sun wood, and many animal skins and claws of fire spirit beasts.

After calculating them roughly, Liu Ming was delighted again. The various materials in front of him could probably be exchanged for more than 300,000 spirit stones.

He hadn’t included the contribution points given by the law enforcement hall and the Piaohong Courtyard.

“This Taiqing Sect is worthy of being one of the four ancient sects of the Middle Sky Continent. A newcomer’s entry trial will have such a gain.”

After Liu Ming muttered to himself, he put the materials away. He planned to find a suitable opportunity to exchange part of the unused materials into spirit stone, then he would get a soul-recovering bag of better grade for Bone Scorpion and Jiu Ying, and then purchase a sword.

The previous water attribute flying sword was destroyed in the fierce battle with the fire spirit king. If he couldn’t use the power of the Sword Cultivator, it would affect his current power greatly.

As Liu Ming thought about it in his heart, he sat cross-legged and adjusted his breath in the secret room.

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