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Chapter 502: The End of Trial

After Liu Ming listened, he was of course surprised. So after separating from Zang Xuan, he quietly returned to the giant pit.

After Bone Scorpion flickered, it jumped on his shoulder.

Liu Ming followed the instructions of Bone Scorpion and performed the escaping technique to dive a thousand meters deep under the position of the furnace location.

Suddenly his expression moved. After a while, his body became light, and he appeared in a spherical space the size of ten meters appeared. The soil here seemed to be dug out by someone forcefully. The inner wall was very smooth.

And in the center of the space, there was a fist-sized dark red light cluster, which flickered slightly. There seemed to be something hidden inside.

Liu Ming squinted and cast his gaze on the spherical light cluster.

“It…it … is… it” Bone Scorpion on his shoulder suddenly made a vague girl’s voice.

He immediately made one gesture and scanned with his mental power, but it was blocked by the light cluster. He actually couldn’t detect what was inside. However, the energy of the light cluster seemed to feel pleasant. It should be harmless.

After Liu Ming frowned, he waved in the air and grabbed the light cluster in his hand. After rubbing it, the red light dissipated, revealing the item inside.

“This is……”

He could see the item inside clearly, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Between his hands, there was a cluster of tri-colorlamp flames, and the flames were wrapping a silver elixir.

The elixir rotated slowly in the center of the lamp flames. Every time it rotated, the tri-colorlamp flames flickered as if a heart was beating.

After taking a closer look, it was discovered that there were three unusually slender and twisted golden patterns on the surface of the silver elixir. They were wiggling on the silver elixir like a living thing.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. Although he didn’t know what this elixir was, this item looked unusual at first glance. He was really lucky to be able to obtain this item.

After he praised Bone Scorpion, he immediately took out a jade box and put the silver elixir and the tri-colorlamp flames in it.

The elixir was trembling in the box as if it was alive. The tri-colorflames flickering on its surface seemed to be able to permeate through the jade box at any time.

Liu Ming’s eyes looked shocked. He immediately closed the lid, took out a pale yellow talisman, stuck it on the jade box, and he put it into Sumeru Snail at ease.

After doing all this, he immediately scanned the surroundings. After confirming that there was nothing left here, he went up to the surface in yellow light. His figure shook and disappeared into the nearby clouds.

After a dozen minutes.

In a cave under the canyon; the underground was filled with a pale red mist everywhere.

In the deepest part of the cave, an underground magma river flowed slowly.

On the reddish rock ground around the river, there were eight green brilliance shimmering on it, and some slender spiritual grasses grew here.

This spirit grass was only half a foot tall. It was verdant like ganoderma.

Being able to survive in this environment, it was naturally not an ordinary thing.

“Golden ganoderma!” Liu Ming recognized this thing at a glance. Before he set off, he deliberately checked some classics about medicinal materials in the Taiqing Sect. It was recorded that this kind of spiritual grass was a kind of upper grade material of refining fire attribute pill. It was very valuable.

Liu Ming plucked all these spiritual grasses with joy and packed them in a jade box, then he searched around again in the cave. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any other spiritual objects.

An hour later.

On a mountain wall with red mist somewhere in the canyon, a green light flashed. The figure of Liu Ming appeared.

At this moment, he was holding a piece of dark red ore with the size of a head. It was covered with spider web-like purple lines that were flickering. It looked a little strange.

“Purple sun stone, I didn’t expect to find such a big piece here.” Liu Ming murmured. The joy couldn’t be concealed from his face.

Purple sun stone was an unusually rare forging material. It contained both yin and yang spiritual powers. It was an excellent material for forging high grade furnaces.

What made him so happy was because according to the classics, if he wanted to forge the thirty-sixth layer of enchantment of the Nine Skulls Shield, this was one of the auxiliary materials.

After Liu Ming carefully kept the item, he kept moving far away.

In a hidden underground cave; in a large red pit full of scarlet ore.

Liu Ming was covered with a light blue water attribute shield. He was holding a golden hoe, concentrating on mining something.

On the inner wall of the big pit, there were a number of bulged cylindrical sticks. They were almost the size of a fistl; golden in color. An annual ring-shaped pattern of trees could be seen faintly. They looked like a piece of rotten wood. One end was exposed while the other end was deeply sunken in the mountain wall.

The name of this object was giant sun wood, which sounds like a kind of spirit wood, but it was actually transformed from the corpse of the giant sun insect.

Giant sun insect was a kind of spirit insect that lived in magma. Its appearance was similar to that of maggots. After death, its body would be mixed in magma. After hundreds of years, it slowly hardens and absorbs a large amount of volcanic magma gas, finally forming a segment of a giant sun wood.

Giant sun wood was a product of living creature essence; it was mixed with flame essence. It was a rare spiritual material, and once it was formed, it was extremely hard.

Liu Ming wielded a hoe. After about half an hour, he finally dug out the giant sun wood the size of a child’s arm.

After more than two hour, the materials in the entire canyon were mostly collected by Liu Ming and Zang Xuan.

Shortly after, there was a whistling sound from the sky; the escape lights of several people appeared faintly.

One month later, in the nameless hall!

The teleportation array in the center of the main hall flickered. Not long after, eight figures appeared inside. It was Liu Ming, Zang Xuan and others finally walked out of the Small Flame World.

“Okay, these should be the last batch. This is the end of the Small Flame World’s entry trial.” On the eight high platforms above the hall, the old man with yellow eyebrows of the Fengling Courtyard took out a bronze mirror, checked it, and said slowly.

Liu Ming and Zang Xuan immediately walked out of the array. After giving a respectful salute to the eight masters, they hurriedly walked to the high platform where Jiang Zhong was and stood with their hands behind their back.

The several others also did the same.

“Brother Jiang, according to the law enforcement hall, it seems that these two disciples from your courtyard joined forces to kill the fire spirit king. With such strength, I’m afraid they won’t be nameless in the outer disciple competition two years later right? “Among the eight masters, a middle-aged man with a short stature glanced at Liu Ming and Zang Xuan and said with a light smile.

“You have overpraised. Your courtyard is also full of talented disciples. It is still too early for them to participate in the competition. They still need more training.” Jiang Zhong yawned in reply.

“At their age, even if they can’t participate in this season, they will definitely have a lot of opportunity in the next two seasons. Maybe your courtyard will have two more inner disciples.” The short and fat man said with a sneer.

This time, Jiang Zhong smiled without relping.

“Speaking of which, in this trial, Chen Deng also performed well. In times of crisis, he always made the right choice. He has shown the characteristics of being a leader just like Brother Chen.” Seeing this, the short and fat man changed the topic and spoke to the Fengling Courtyard’s master.

Regarding everything that happened in the Small Flame World this time, they naturally understood it through the mouths of other disciples who came out first.

As the old man with yellow eyebrows heard this, although he spoke humbly, he still looked delighted on his face.

“Hmph! This trial is just a small entry test. In the major competition two years later, the results will still be affected by the fights between the senior disciples.” The beautiful woman in red shirt heard the words, and she said with a snort.

“Speaking of which, Junior Sister Apprentice Shao is very confident about the next major competition.” The short and fat man said with a slight smile.

“Hmph, you will know about it by then.” The beautiful woman raised her eyebrows and said unceremoniously.

In this way, the eight masters chatted for a while, then they left the hall with the last batch of disciples.

An hour later, Jiang Zhong took Liu Ming and his disciples back to the conference hall of Piaohong Courtyard.

There, other newcomer disciples who had been notified long ago were waiting there.

However, compared to before entering, there were only twenty disciples who survived. About a dozen of them were dead.

Yan Ming and Xue Yun were also safe and sound.

Jiang Zhong, the Piaohong Courtyard’s master, glanced across the disciples, sighed and said slowly, “Alright, there had been many changes in this trial, and you have all worked hard. However, according to the rules this time, you have to hand in three fire spirit essence cores to pass the entry trial, and because of the increased difficulty of this trial, each of you can get 1,000 contribution points.”

Of these disciples who were lucky enough to survive this mutation, naturally none of them were weak. They of course got three fire spirit essence cores. When they heard that there were additional contributions, they were all happy.

Everyone immediately took out three fire spirit essence cores and handed them over to Jiang Zhong, then they left the hall after hearing the words of encouragement from the old man in brown shirt.

Liu Ming and Zang Xuan were about to turn their heads after handing in the essence cores, but they were unexpectedly called by the old man.

In a side hall of the Piaohong Courtyard main hall, Jiang Zhong sat on the main seat casually, and Liu Ming and Zang Xuan stood aside respectfully.

“I’ve heard from the law enforcement hall. The two of you performed very well in Small Flame World. Being able to kill the fire spirit king with your joint attack, this gives our Piaohong Courtyard a lot of face.” Jiang Zhong took a sip from the tea cup and said with a smile on his face.

“Master has overpraised, these are what we should do.” Zang Xuan replied respectfully.

“Listening to the people in the law enforcement hall, the fire spirit king seems to have breached the Crystallization Period at the last moment, and you two could overcome the difference in realm and killed it. It seems that you two are indeed powerful. Tell me in detail about the process of killing the fire spirit king.” Jiang Zhong said with some interest again.

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