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Chapter 475: Snowclaw Spider

Four days later, in a pile of gray-white rocks, Liu Ming stood motionless on one of the taller boulders, squinting his eyes at a cave not far away.

Cold air that could be seen by eyes was constantly exuding from the cave. Even on the side of the cave, there was a layer of crystal frost. This showed how cold this was.

This was the lair of the snowclaw spider. Even if Liu Ming knew the approximate activity area of ​​this beastkin, it took a lot of time to find it.

Liu Ming flicked his sleeves and several formation flags appeared in his hands. As he waved one hand, they disappeared near the entrance of the cave.

Then he made a gesture again, releasing a skull-sized crimson fireball at the cave.

The fireball’s heat wave instantly swept away the cold from the cave entrance, causing the frost on the edge of the cave to melt a bit. It went straight into the depths of the cave.

After a loud explosion, the flames rolled in the cave.

But the next moment, after a “poof“, a burst of ice-cold breath rushed out from the depths of the cave.

The newly melted stone wall near the entrance of the cave suddenly condensed another layer of frost again.

Seeing this, Liu Ming immediately condensed his aura under his thoughts, and after a flash, he hid behind a nearby boulder.

There was a sound of “pss pss“. Vive spiders with purple bodies and white mist on their feet came out from the cave.

As Liu Ming scanned with his divine thought, he suddenly found that the physical features of these spiders were similar to the snowclaw spiders recorded in the classics!

Most of these spiders were ten meters in size. The middle one was more than twice the size of the four next to it, and its aura was much stronger than the others.

As soon as these spiders appeared, they didn’t seem to notice anything unusual. The pair of huge fangs on their mouths suddenly opened and closed against the surrounding rocks.

As rubbles were splashing, and after the rubbles touched the cold air of the spiders’ body, they turned into pieces of solid ice. The rubbles shattered as the sharp claws waved.

With one thought, Liu Ming already had a small silver sword in his hand. He made a sword gesture. After the sword trembled slightly, it surged toward the biggest spider in the middle in a silver light.

The snowclaw spider reacted very quickly. It instantly retracted its eight legs, and its figure was lowered; the silver small sword flew past its back.

At the same time, this spider hissed, and a layer of ice armor instantly formed on its back. The flying sword could only manage to leave some deep marks on the armor. It couldn’t hurt its body at all.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s eyes looked cold. He suddenly rushed into the distance with one tap.

The silver sword suddenly made a clear sound. It turned around and launched at another spider near the big spider in a silver rainbow.


After a flash of silver light, the spider couldn’t defend the strike. The left four limbs were being cut off, and purple blood gushed out from the spider’s body. It immediately fell on the ground and couldn’t move anymore.

Suddenly, the remaining spiders hissed, and a gust of cold air burst out immediately.

As soon as Liu Ming raised his head, he noticed that a layer of white breath on the ground was spreading to him quickly. the several spiders on the opposite side jumped up, revealing their sharp snow-white claws.

He stomped the ground without thinking, and his figure bounced back in an instant.

“Bang bang“, the two spiders leaping at the front were immediately trapped by a blue light curtain, which were the two formation flags that Liu Ming had placed before.

When the two spiders were shocked, the surface of their body became cold. They desperately attacked the light curtain with their giant claws, making a harsh scream.

At this time, another big and one small spider had already charged at him aggressively.


Liu Ming groaned, and bursts of red fireballs appeared in front of him. With the flick of his sleeves, they turned into red lights that launched forward.

An explosion!

The big and small spiders were forced back in the rolling flame because of restriction of opposing attributes. However, they did not actually take any damage.

But at this moment, the silver rainbow flashed. When one of the smaller spiders was about to split in half from the middle, and after a circle, it flashed toward the giant snowclaw spider of the Condensation Period intermediate stage without stopping.

But the giant spider opened its mouth and spat out a huge spider web accompanied by the rotten smell. The web surface was flashing with a strange light like purple flame.

The silver rainbow only paused slightly, then it turned into the small silver sword again and went through the web. But its light was dimmed instantly, and its speed was reduced instantly.

The giant spider just waved its front claws, and the small sword was easily flicked away. After that, it waved its back claw. Several white lights blasted at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming made a gesture and waved, releasing a crimson fireball at the white lights.

After a “bang“, the white lights burst open when colliding with the fireball, turning into white water mist that dissipated.

Seeing that this white glow was somewhat similar to the icicle technique, Liu Ming was secretly delighted. He waved his hands again and again to launch countless fist-sized fireballs at the giant snowclaw spider.

The giant snowclaw spider also released white lights and poisonous webs to fight against the fireballs, but after seeing no effect, it curled up and condensed the rolling white mist on its body into an ice armor. The fireballs were able to damage the ice armor a little, but the ice armor was recovered under the white mist.

At this time, Liu Ming made a gesture with one hand, and a giant fireball emerged in an instant. After being shaken by his sleeve, it flew out with a whistling sound.

Where the giant fireball passed, the ice on the ground was melted into mist.

There was a loud noise. A huge mushroom-shaped fire cloud soared into the sky, and the raging flames enveloped the giant spider.

Although it was the same giant fireball, the power that Liu Ming displayed after advancing to the Condensation Period intermediate stage was naturally very different from the Spirit Apostle Stage.

The giant spider hissed continuously while releasing white lights to disperse the flames, but the ice crystal armor on its body surface was slowly devoured by the flames. After a ruthlessness flashed in its eyes, it actually rushed toward Liu Ming with its body full of flames. It seemed like it wanted to make the last fight.

Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy. He clutched forward with one palm. After the black gas condensed on his arm, it became a black tentacle that ejected suddenly.

The giant spider couldn’t help but be entangled by black tentacle. After waving its giant claws, the tentacle was torn apart, but its figure still inevitably paused in the void.

At this moment, Liu Ming grabbed in the air with one hand, and the small silver sword emerged immediately and turned into a surge of silver rainbow.


After the giant spider’s head was swept past by the silver rainbow, it immediately fell down, and the headless body instantly fell to the ground. After a few convulsions, it was lying in a pool of blood without any breath.

As for the other two smaller snowclaw spiders, they still attacked the light curtain desperately in the flag formations.

Liu Ming just channeled the silver rainbow expressionlessly, and he also directly eliminated the two spiders in the light curtain.

After picking up the snow-white pointed claws and cores of these spiders, he retrieved the formation flags. He then released his mental power to scan the cave, confirming that there was really no spider breath inside, then he flashed into the cave.

This cave was quite secret under the piles of huge rocks, and it was also hundreds of meters in size. As soon as he stepped into it, there was a burst of cold air mixed with the smell of stench.

Liu Ming searched the cave carefully. HE finally found six egg-sized, crystal-clear white insect eggs under a gray boulder.

When Liu Ming saw this, he was naturally very happy. These were the eggs of the snowclaw spider without a doubt.

Liu Ming then took out a leather bag that was specially used to put the insect eggs, carefully put these white insect eggs into the bag, and put them in his sleeve.

After that, he searched other places in the cave. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any other eggs, but the six eggs were not a small harvest.

After taking a few elixir and doing some simple breathing adjustments, Liu Ming left the place to start looking for the next spider cave.

Half a month later, a young man in a green shirt walked out of the Black Sun Mountain and went straight to the market on the edge of the mountain.

This person was naturally Liu Ming. There were more than a dozen white worm eggs in a leather bag around his waist.

After finding an inn to rest for a while, he went to the Black Sun Market to buy some talismans and elixirs.

This Black Sun Mountain Range was very dangerous. The deep mountains were dense with poisonous clouds and miasma, and there were many beastkins in the Condensation State. Not all of them could be avoided. Thus, the consumption of restorative talisman elixir was also very huge.

One insect egg can be exchanged for 100 contribution points; a dozen insect eggs could only exchange for more than 1,000 contribution points, and it took two hundred contribution points to practice in Five Elements Spirit Cave every day. These dozens of eggs were only enough for him to train for one week. It was still far from enough.

After two days of rest at the Black Sun Market, he entered the mountain again.

Deep in the Black Sun Mountain Range, outside an ice-covered cave, Liu Ming was setting up a flag array.

In the past half month, he searched a lot of mountains, but he only managed to find a spider lair. After killing the spiders, he couldn’t find any eggs in the cave.

In order to avoid some of the powerful beastkins of other Condensation Period, he was even more cautious. He hid his breath all the way, so he wasted a lot of time.

And here was the second spider nest he found after entering the mountain this time.

After Liu Ming arranged the formation flags, he distanced himself from the cave for several hundreds meters away as usual, then he released a huge fireball. After blasting into the cave, he hid behind the boulder.

After a loud noise, there was no chill breath as he had expected. Instead, two clouds of pitch-black mist surged out of the cave.

Immediately afterward, a muffered roar came out. Two giant pythons full of black spirit patterns flashed in the mist. Four giant eyes were flickering in red glow, seeming to be extremely angry.

“Not good!”

In an instant, Liu Ming understood that he was in big trouble.

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