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Chapter 469: Void Spirit Tower

“Well, if that’s the case, then I will accept you as my disciple. Starting today, you will be my inner disciple of Piaomiao Peak.” The beautiful woman did not ask anything, but announced directly.

“Greetings to master.” Jia Lan leaned over to thank the beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman nodded, stood up, and led Jia Lan into the hall.

At the edge of Thousands Spirit Mountain, in a seemingly ordinary small valley.

At the edge of the grass house next to a medicine field, a voice of surprise came suddenly, “What, there is news about Great Great Grandfather Liuyin? And that person has become the outer disciple. That’s great. Quickly tell this news to Feng’er to let him find this person. Let’s see if great great grandfather had left any words to us before he died. Great great grandmother was depressed and eventually died because of this.”

A few figures disappeared in a few flashes in the valley as they heard the command.

After half an hour.

Liu Ming followed the instructions and came to a tall mountain deep in the mountains.

The so-called foreign affairs hall was actually a separate courtyard built on a huge platform in the middle of the mountain.

There were not many buildings above. Except for a large hall and a few pavilions, there was nothing else.

Liu Ming looked around in midair and landed outside the hall.

“Stop, who are you? How dare you break into the Taiqing Sect’s foreign affairs hall?” As Liu Ming had just stood firm, he heard a harsh voice. Two young men in red flashed out of the hall and shouted fiercely at Liu Ming.

“I’m Liu Ming. I was just accepted as the outer disciple. I come to foreign affairs hall to complete the entry formalities.” Seeing this, Liu Ming quickly explained his intentions.

“Oh, the recruitment for the outer disciple this year has long been over. Is it that you are recommended from somewhere??” Hearing that Liu Ming was also an outer disciple. One of the men looked up and down at Liu Ming and asked with doubts.

“I’m recommended by the law enforcement hall. This is my token.” Liu Ming took out his identity token.

“Recommended by the law enforcement hall?” The two men in red clothes looked at each other in surprise.

One of them quickly stepped forward to receive Liu Ming’s token and checked it carefully.

“En, junior fellow apprentice, since you have passed the entry test, then follow me in.” This person looked relieved. After returning the token to Liu Ming, he walked into the hall with him.

Another man in red clothes glanced at Liu Ming, but he did not go in. He stayed at the door and continued to patrol.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, sorry if I offended you just now. It is because something happened in our foreign affairs hall some time ago, which made us very nervous recently…” The man in red said with a smile as he walked forward and led Liu Ming into the hall.

Liu Ming nodded to show his understanding!

The hall looked slightly deserted, and they didn’t encounter anyone else along the way.

Not long after, the two came to a side hall in the hall.

The man in red motioned Liu Ming to let him wait at the door, and he asked for Liu Ming’s identity token before going in. After a short while, he walked out again with an storage amulet in his hand.

“These are the entry items that are prepared for the outer disciple. You can take a look first. I will now ask the deputy elder of the foreign affairs hall to assign a branch for junior fellow apprentice.” The man in red clothes chuckled and handed the storage amulet to Liu Ming, then he turned around and walked in again.

Liu Ming thankfully accepted the talisman. He checked it with his Divine Thought. Except for some clothes and an inferior grade spiritual weapon, there were still some elixirs and expensive spirit stones. and swept his mind inside. In addition to some clothing and a low-grade spiritual weapon, there were also a few bottles of elixir and a fortune of spirit stone.

Not long after, a withered old man walked out of the room, and the previous man in red clothes followed behind him respectfully.

“You are the new outer disciple?” The withered old man glanced at Liu Ming and asked faintly.

“I am.” Liu Ming hurriedly saluted. The old man looked haggard, but his cultivation was unfathomable. The aura he radiated was far stronger than Feng Zhan of the Changfeng Association.

“Well, I checked the relevant information from the law enforcement hall recently. I didn’t expect you to be the esoteric disciple of thousands of years ago, Liuyin’s disciple. In this case, I will assign you to Piaohong Courtyard where Liuyin initially came from.” The withered old man said. He took out a jade book and tapped it with his fingers, then he drew a stroke on it.

“Piaohong Courtyard is one of the eight major branches of the Taiqing Sect. There are about three thousand outer disciples stationed there. Now that you have joined the Taiqing Sect, you must follow the sect rules. Ye Tu, you take him to Piaohong Courtyard to report, and tell him some of the rules there by the way.” The withered old man put away the jade book, instructed the man in red clothes, and walked back on his own.

Ye Tu naturally respectfully said “yes”.

Liu Ming also hurriedly bowed to watch the old man leave.

“Interesting, there is actually a disciple of the esoteric disciple of thousands of years ago entering our sect. No wonder he has the aura of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. The guys in the law enforcement hall are strict and old-fashioned, but they didn’t abolish his cultivation this time. This is quite rare.” As soon as the withered old man walked away, he muttered to himself.

When the two left the foreign affairs hall, they boarded a flying car released by the man in red clothes and headed all the way to the Piaohong Courtyard.

This foreign affairs hall’s disciple, Ye Tu was quite talkative. On the way, the two were chatting happily. Liu Ming got a lot of useful information from him.

The first was that this so-called outer disciple was different from what Liu Ming initially imagined.

Taiqing Sect’s outer disciple had different levels of cultivation. The lower cultivation included the cultivators of the Spirit Apostle Stage who had just joined the sect; the higher cultivation consisted of the Condensation State later stage, which was one step away from the Crystallisation Period.

The admission criteria, under normal circumstances, were based on the cultivating aptitude, plus a series of tests. Only those with high aptitude could join the outer door branch.

Unlike Savage Ghost Sect, the only purpose of Taiqing Sect’s outer disciple was to cultivate and strive to become an inner disciple with all their effort. Otherwise, if the disciple couldn’t become the inner disciple by the age of 50, he would be kicked out of the outer door branch and become an ordinary member of the other miscellaneous hall. They could no longer enjoy the benefits they had when they were outer disciple.

“So being an outer disciple is what countless people in the Middle Sky Continent dream of. After all, you can stay here to cultivate with no distractions.” Ye Tu said with a compliment.

“Is Senior Fellow Apprentice also an outer disciple before?” Liu Ming asked as he was moved in his heart.

“Yes, but I failed to become an inner disciple before the age of 50, so I was transferred to the foreign affairs hall. Of course, as compared to treatments of the inner disciple or even the rumored esoteric disciple, the outer disciple’s treatments are nothing. Only the inner disciples and esoteric disciples are the core that our sect wants to promote. Once you become an inner disciple, not only the resources you get will be increased, you will also learn the exquisite technique of our sect. Therefore, it isn’t impossible to advance to the Real Pellet State or even the higher realm.” Ye Tu couldn’t help sighing when he said that, and there was a trace of yearning in his eyes.

“Then do you know how to become an inner disciple? Senior Fellow Apprentice Ye, please give me some advices.” Liu Ming asked again with his eyes flashing when he heard this.

“To become the inner disciple, there are three ways. One is having an excellent aptitude, so many mountain hall masters of the Taiqing Sect will pick you. Every three years, they can use their special authority to absorb a few outer disciples as their inner disciples. Second is to challenge the Void Spirit Tower. As long as you get to the 36th floor, you can choose to become an inner disciple of any mountain. Third is to advance to the Crystallization Period by the age of 50, then you will become an inner disciple automatically.” Ye Tu didn’t mean to hide it, so he explained it truthfully.

After Liu Ming listened to Ye Tu explaining the three ways to become an inner disciple, he couldn’t help thinking anxiously.

This first approach required excellent aptitude which had nothing to do with him. Recalling the indifferent expressions of the two hall masters of Emerald Cloud Peak after checking his aptitude, Liu Ming could only laugh bitterly.

The second way was to challenge the so-called Void Spirit Tower.

Although he did not know the specific situation of this tower, it was a shortcut that could be tried.

As for the third way, he didn’t have to think about advancing to the Crystallisation Period before the age of 50. After all with his current progress in cultivation, he would probably be sucked dry by the mysterious bubble before reaching the Crystallization Period.

In the current situation, if he wanted to become an inner disciple, he could only manage to get through the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower.

As long as he could become an inner disciple, he could get more resources from the Taiqing Sect to speed up his cultivation, so he didn’t have to be afraid of being drained by the mysterious bubble.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Ye, can you tell me more about this Void Spirit Tower?” As Liu Ming thought about this, he began to ask Ye Tu about the specific situation of the virtual spirit tower.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is a newcomer to this sect, so you naturally don’t know about it! This Void Spirit Tower is actually one of the most valuable treasures in our sect. Almost everyone knows about it, so it’s not a secret at all. It is said that it is one of the three psychic magic weapons that have their own mind. It is placed on the top of the Void Spirit Peak. Any disciple can go in and train himself by using a little bit of contribution point.” Ye Tu didn’t think much, and he directly told Liu Ming about it.

“This tower has a total of 108 floors, and each floor will spawn different kinds of monsters according to the challenger. The difficulty will increase for each floor, and the monsters’ strength will have a big leap after every 12 floors. It is said that there will be four Condensation Period later stage monsters in the 36th floor. If the challenger has the ability to defeat these four monsters, he is most like a Crystallization Period cultivator, so he can become an inner disciple without challenging the Void Spirit Tower. Most people use the first and third way to become an inner disciple.” Ye Tu took a long sigh as he spoke of this.

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