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Chapter 468: Outer Disciple

The boy nodded slightly. He waved his hand to launch a symbol, and a white glow instantly enveloped Liu Ming. There was a hot stream swirling around his body as if it was alive.

Liu Ming only felt that every place in his body was being seen through as the hot stream most past.

Then the heat stream flow made a turn and began to enter his Spiritual Sea.

Liu Ming was shocked. The Spiritual Sea was the place where mysterious bubbles were at. He was not sure if the Real Pellet State powerhouse could sense it. If this boy discovers it…

But the next moment, after the heat stream flow turned around in his Spiritual Sea, it came out quickly. It didn’t seem to discover the existence of the Celestial Tablet at all.


The boy glanced at Liu Ming, shook his head slightly, and spoke to the white-faced man, “This man has very poor aptitude. He has only Three Spiritual Pulse. His physical body is tougher, but it is not a spiritual body. I don’t know how he cultivated the Condensation Period intermediate stage. It is probably because of taking a lot of elixir.”

“If this is the case, relying on medicinal power to improve strength than pulling up the seedlings to help them grow. He doesn’t have much potential to be able to advance to this level, so we don’t need to put so much effort in helping him. We already have many inner disciples in Emerald Cloud Peak. Our resources allocated by the sect are not a lot.” The white-faced man heard this, and he was slightly regretful.

“Senior fellow apprentice is right. In addition, there are traces of the Tai Gang Sword Embryo being broken in the Spiritual Sea. It seems that it is impossible to cultivate Tai Gang Sword Tactics in the future.” The boy continued to speak.

“In that case, we just report the matter to the law enforcement hall of the Taiqing Sect, and let them decide.” The white-faced man replied coldly.

“Then how do we deal with this man who has learned Tai Gang Sword Tactics and Tiger Dragon Hell Prison? After all, he got the techniques from Liuyin. It can also be said that he got it indirectly from our Emerald Cloud Peak. If this matter is not resolved properly I’m afraid it will become our laughing stock.” The boy thought about it and asked again.

“Why do you and I need to think about these things. The law enforcement hall has regulations about how to deal with these matters. Moreover, the law enforcement hall is more afraid of leaving a laughing stock than us.” The white-faced man sneered and replied.

“Senior fellow apprentice is smart.” The boy was enlightened. He had a decision in his heart.

Liu Ming waited for a while, then he was soon dismissed by the two with a cold face. He couldn’t help smiling slightly. It seemed that his aptitude was not favored there.

When Liu Ming left the hall, the white-faced man explained the ins and outs of the incident in detail, sealed it on another jade slip, and sent the previous man in green clothes to the law enforcement hall. This matter had come to an end.

Soon after Liu Ming returned to his residence, Senior Nun Yu Qing took Jia Lan away from the pavilion.

On the morning of the third day, a middle-aged man with a cold face waited outside the door.

After looking up and down Liu Ming with a cold gaze, the person took out the token of the law enforcement hall and showed it to him. He said coldly,

“You should be Liu Ming. I’m Deputy Ge Lin of the law enforcement hall. I’m here today to convey the verdict of the law enforcement hall against you.”

Liu Ming’s heart sank. It seems that what this person is about to say is not a good thing.

“According to the investigation by the sect, you’re the disciple of the small sect founded by the Liuyin, the disciple of our sect. You have practiced Taiqing Sect Secret Tactics; Tai Gang Sword Tactics and Tiger Dragon Hell Prison. First of all, Tai Gang Sword Tactics is the secret classics of our sect. As an outsider, you are not qualified to practice it. You should have abolished the cultivation you have, but according to verification, the Tai Gang Sword Embryo you practiced has been destroyed. So, this is considered abolished, so you can be exempt from the execution.”

The man spoke slightly here. Before Liu Ming could answer anything, he continued to say without expression, “Secondly. Tiger Dragon Hell Prison is also a technique that only Taiqing Sect’s inner disciple can practice. You’re also not qualified to practice it. But since you are the disciple of the Taiqing Sect’s disciple, and you didn’t know anything about this, and you have cultivated such technique, so it is not that we can’t go around the regulations. Based on the discussion of the law enforcement hall’s elder, you have two choices. The first option is to abolish the related cultivation by the law enforcement hall just like your Tai Gang Sword Tactics, then our sect will grant you another set of suitable techniques. We will also give you some spiritual medicines to help you cultivate the new technique to a certain level. The second option is that our sect will make an exception to let you continue cultivating Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, but this technique can only be learned by the inner disciple, so you have to contribute 300,000 Taiqing contribution points and pay them off within a hundred years. Just take it as a huge cost for cultivating this technique. From then on, you will no longer be held accountable. If you cannot pay them off by then, we will follow the first option to deal with this matter.”

The law enforcement disciple uttered such a long sentence in one breath, then he looked at Liu Ming and waited for his reply.

“I choose the second option.”

After Liu Ming listened, he almost chose the second one without hesitation.

He had been practicing Tiger Dragon Hell Prison since he succeeded in condensing his spiritual power. Although he could cultivate another suitable technique after abolishing the current one, its power was of course not as profound as Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

In addition, after abolishing the technique, it may cause irreversible hidden dangers. Like the previous Tai Gang Sword Embryo, he could no longer condense other ordinary sword embryo spirits.

The more important point was that the mysterious bubble in Liu Ming’s body would absorb spiritual power next time in one and a half years. If Tiger Dragon Hell Prison was abolished at this moment, he was equal to being sentenced to death.

As for the so-called 300,000 Taiqing contribution points, he could only take one step at a time. Not to mention that it should be paid off within a hundred years, so it should not be particularly difficult. Liu Ming could only comfort himself in this way.

The middle-aged man nodded when he heard this. Obviously, Liu Ming’s choice was within his expectation, then he continued to announce the third decision of the law enforcement hall, “Since you choose this option, due to your special status that you are the disciple of Liuyin who was our disciple, and you still have to continue cultivating Tiger Dragon Hell Prison, so we law enforcement hall will exempt you from the entry test. You won’t be limited by your own aptitude.”

When Liu Ming heard the words, he hurriedly thanked him.

A Condensation State cultivator could only become an outer disciple. It seemed that the Taiqing Sect was much stronger than he imagined.

In this way, even if the Crystallisation Period in Taiqing Sect was not innumerable, he could only barely keep a foothold in Taiqing Sect. ”

When he was in Savage Ghost Sect, the outer disciple was just a disciple in the Qi training period. Once the disciple was promoted to Spirit Apostle, he could immediately become an inner disciple. The cultivator of Condensation State was still a solid strength whether it was in the sect or the entire Yunchuan Continent.

Of course, through this experience, he had long known that the resource and strength of the remote place like the Yunchuan Continent was a thousand times different from the Middle Sky Continent.

Therefore, this was what he wished for to be able to join such a powerful sect like the Taiqing Sect, even if he was just an outer disciple. He naturally had no opinion about the decision of the law enforcement hall.

The man of the law enforcement hall nodded slightly. He patted his waist and took out a jade book and a token.

The jade book had some complicated runes depicted on it.

Liu Ming was a well-informed person, but he didn’t know any rune in the jade book.

The token was about the size of a palm. It was crystal clear. It was inscribed with “Taiqing Sect Outer Door” in light green seal scripts. It exuded a hint of coolness from time to time as if it was made of ice.

“Drip your blood essence into the jade book and token, then you will complete the entry rules.” The man said blankly.

Liu Ming nodded, and he dropped his blood essence into the jade book and token respectively.

I saw a blur of phantasm rising above the jade album, and after a while, it turned into an image of Liu Ming, vivid.

And the token was like a spirituality under a burst of blue light, slowly condensing the two writings of ‘Liu Ming’, and disappeared without a trace in a flash.

“Now you can be regarded as my official disciple. This is your token. Don’t lose it. From now on, you will need this identity certificate to travel everywhere in the sect. Besides, since you have become an outer Disciple, first of all, you have to report to the foregin affairs hall. You can no longer stay in this guest house. The sect will arrange another place to live for you.” After the man reminded him of a few more important matters, then he turned and left with the jade book.

The man handed the token to Liu Ming. After giving a few instructions, he left.

Liu Ming looked at the token in his hand. He casually checked it with his Divine Thought, and he found that there were several enchantments inscribed inside it. It was an inferior grade spiritual weapon.

“Taiqing Sect is really rich. It is worthy of being one of the four ancient sects of the human race. An identity token is actually a spiritual weapon.” Liu Ming muttered a few words to himself. He immediately found the middle-aged man on the first floor of the pavilion and asked about the location of the foreign affairs hall, then he flew straight toward there.

At the same time, on another mountain peak in Taiqing Sect.

This mountain was also as tall as Emerald Cloud Peak. Looking from the bottom to the top, the peak could not be seen from below. Towering ancient trees were densely covered throughout the mountain.

At the top of the peak, the areas that were surrounded by clouds and mist had a large number of pavilions with carved beams and painted buildings. They were in an orderly alignment. They looked simple and elegant.

This was the famous Piaomiao Peak (piaomiao,缥缈, also means ethereal in Chinese) in the Taiqing Sect.

At this moment, in a hall on the top of the mountain, a beautiful woman was sitting on the main seat.

On her left hand, Jia Lan was sitting there quietly. She had already put on a water blue shirt, and the woman was gently tapping a finger on her forehead.

A faint purple glow flickered at the fingertips. Jia Lan’s beautiful eyes closed tightly, and a trace of pain loomed between her eyebrows.

Not long after, the beautiful woman retracted her finger and said with a trace of satisfaction on her face, “Very well, your physique is indeed sky succubus physique, which is very suitable for cultivating my Piaomiao Peak’s technique. And your mental power seems to be exceptionally powerful. It is almost comparable to the Crystallisation Period. Have you had some strange encounters before?”

“Yes.” Jia Lan opened her eyes when she heard the words. She replied with a slight nod. There was a hint of confusion and complexity in the depths of her eyes.

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