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Chapter 466: Thousands Spirit Mountain

“Middle Sky Continent is big and has many forces, but it is dominated by our human race.. Among the human race’s many sect forces, the four ancient sects are the head. Taiqing Sect is one of the four ancient sects, and its historical origin is said to be able to trace back to ancient times. The forces affiliated with it are countless. The branch of the thousands years ancient sect like my Miaoyin Nunnery has as much as 36 branches. Except for the human race, there are some places that are occupied by the Beastkin Clan and some alien clans. Some of them are so powerful that they are close to the four ancient sects. They should not be underestimated…” The woman in white robe said faintly to the two behind her. Liu Ming was shocked hearing that.

There were as many as four powerful sects like the Taiqing Sect, and there were other alien forces that were not weaker than the four ancient sects!

This was beyond his expectation.

A few hours later, next to a low gray-white hill in the desert, the woman in white robe took out a compass. After launching a symbol at it, the pointer on the compass shook slightly and made a buzzing sound.

Suddenly, a white beam of light shot out of the compass and sank into the hill.

After a loud rumbling noise, the entire hill was shaken, and an entrance with ten meters high emerged.

Liu Ming and Jia Lan followed the woman in white robe into the cave. After passing through a tunnel of a thousand meters long and layers of enchantment, they came to a seemingly dilapidated stone platform.

In the center of the stone platform, a small pale silver teleportation array was inscribed on it. There was a thumb-sized groove in the center of the teleportation array, and there were some spirit patterns flashing around.

After the woman in white robe motioned them to walk into the array, she took out a space crystal stone and threw it into the groove.

With a flash of white light, the three of them disappeared on the spot.

In this way, they either flew or took the teleportation circle of a certain place. Under the circumstance that they weren’t delayed by any matter, it still took them half a year to finally enter the hinterland of the Middle Sky Continent. They gradually approached the Thousands Spirit Mountain where the Taiqing Sect was located.

This day, in the high sky not far from the Thousands Spirit Mountain, a blue and white paper crane was flying from the sky far away.

At the front of the paper crane, a woman in a moon-white monk’s robe was standing there. Her eyes looked dark while she was staring at the distant mountains.

Behind him, there was a man and a woman sitting cross-legged, looking at the continuous mountain range far away.

It was Yuqing, Liu Ming and Jia Lan who came here all the way from the South Sea Region.

Liu Ming could only see the connected mountain peaks of different heights within the ten miles distance. It looked endless. Each mountain was vaguely wrapped with white mist.

When passing through a seemingly ordinary space, suddenly a water-like ripple spread away.

Liu Ming only felt that his eyes were blurred. When he came back to his senses, he realized that the scenery in front of him was completely different. The paper crane carried the three people into another world.

He glanced in surprise, but he saw that all around him were mountains that were several times more majestic than before. In front of him was a huge mountain with a ten thousand meters tall on its peak. Several simple and vigorous green characters were engraved on the monument, “Taiqing Sect”.

The stone monument was shining with silver light under the reflection of the sunlight. The two green characters on the surface gave people a solemn feeling.

At this moment, two white giant eagles suddenly soared into the sky among this huge peak. A young man wearing a light blue robe was standing on each of the eagles. They already came to the front of the paper crane with just a second, blocking their way.

“May I ask for your names? This is already the entrance of our sect. The people who don’t belong to our sect can’t go any further without permission.” On the giant eagle on the left, a man in his twenties glanced at Senior Nun Yu Qing, then he said with a slight bow immediately.

The young man seemed to be a few years younger than Liu Ming, and his body exuded the aura of the Condensation State, but he was neither humble nor arrogant facing Yu Qing who had the Real Pellet State cultivation.

This made Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and took two more glances at this person.

“I’m Yu Qing, the elder of Miaoyin Nunnery. This time I brought two juniors and wanted to meet Senior Fellow Apprentice Feng of the Emerald Cloud Peak.” After that, Senior Nun Yu Qing took out a pale green jade pendant and threw it to the young man on the left.

After the young man took the jade pendant with one hand, he launched a symbol at it. After a careful inspection for a while, he returned it to Senior Nun Yu Qing.

“Do you still have any other credentials?” The young man on the left asked after a few simple voice transmissions with another young man.

Senior Nun Yu Qing saw that the two people in front of her were so cautious, and she was not annoyed. She smiled faintly and made a gesture. She raised one hand, and a green light shot out from her sleeve. It condensed into a palm size talisman needle in the air tens of meters away, and bursts of Sanskrit sounds came out from it.

“Green Sound Mystic Art! It turned out to be the senior of Miaoyin Nunnery. Please forgive juniors for being rude. Junior Fellow Apprentice Zheng will take senior to the Emerald Cloud Peak, and I will continue patrolling here.” The young man on the right giant eagle said.

This boy who seemed to be only fifteen or sixteen years old actually had the cultivation base of the Condensation Period.

“Junior is Zheng Xiao, senior, please come with me.” After the young man on the left went to patrol, the young man on the right introduced himself and led the way with the giant eagle. Senior Nun Yu Qing nodded slightly, and the paper crane uttered a clear chime under her feet, then they followed the eagle through the mountains.

The so-called Thousands Spirit Mountain was actually a stretch of mountains with a radius of thousands of miles.

Among them, there were nearly a thousand peaks. The large peaks were about tens of thousands of meters high. The peaks couldn’t be seen at all. The small peak was about the height of ten thousand meters. Large and small rivers shuttled between the mountains, and lakes and the like were even more.

Along the way, because most of the peaks were so high that they were above the cloud, Liu Ming could vaguely see some tall towers and pavilions in the white clouds.

What surprised him even more was that among some mountain peaks, there were still some exquisite buildings suspended in the air. Some were just lifted by white clouds, and they could be seen clearly, while some were hidden by various lights. They looked vague and unable to approach easily.

Clusters of escaping light flew in and out of these mountain buildings. There were not only people who were riding spirit birds and stepping on the clouds, seeming like immortals, but there were those who rode flying cars and other strange flying magical weapons.

Just as Liu Ming and Jia Lan were stunned looking all the way, they came to an antique pavilion under a mountain.

The pavilion was more than one hundred meters high; it was built next to the mountain. A camphor wood plaque was hung above the door of the pavilion. The three big golden characters of “Yuanlai Pavilion” were written on it. The exquisite wood carving patterns all around gave it a unique charm.

“These two friends can take a break in this Yuanlai Pavilion for a while. Senior Yuqing, please come with me. Emerald Cloud Peak is not far away.” Zheng Xiao first said to Liu Ming and Jia Lan, then he turned to Senior Nun Yu Qing respectfully.

“You two will stay here for the time being. I will make arrangements for the rest of the matter after I report to the elder Taiqing Sect.” Senior Nun Yu Qing nodded. After instructing them in a few words, she let them get down from the paper crane and left with Zheng Xiao.

After Liu Ming and Jia Lan looked at each other, they could only walk to the pavilion honestly.

As soon as they entered the gate, the first floor of the pavilion was a hall. It was a hundred meters long. Some simple wood tables and chairs were placed in it. There were two middle-aged men in faint blue tight outfits. They were chatting softly.

When one of them saw Liu Ming coming in, he immediately got up and motioned for the two to follow him upstairs.

Obviously, this person has been informed by Zheng Xiao’s message.

The rooms were on the second floor. The middle-aged man instructed Liu Ming and Jia Lanabout things that they needed to pay attention to so that they wouldn’t simply leave the pavilion, then he assigned a room to each of them.

Liu Ming’s room was arranged at the end of the corridor on the second floor.

He opened the door and took a look. The design of the room was simple. Except for some furniture such as tables, chairs and a wooden bed, there were no other furnishings. Most of them were neatly packed.

Liu Ming released his Divine Thought to scan the room. After discovering that there were some simply enchantments to isolate mental power, he sat cross-legged and meditated.

That night, Liu Ming, who had regained his spirit, began to walk around in his room. He silently thought about the various experiences he had since coming out of the Deadly Island. It was like a dream. He couldn’t help sighing with emotions.

He suddenly remembered something, and he immediately meditated again. He released mental power into his sea of ​​consciousness and poured all spiritual power into the Celestial Tablet.

After a short while, after the Celestial Tablet shined, he entered the mysterious space again.

“Senior Luo Hu! Junior needs to ask for advice.” Liu Ming said respectfully in the gray sky.

As a result, after a few seconds, the space in front of him faintly fluctuated. After a green figure flashed out, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old Liu Ming appeared silently. After looking at Liu Ming, he said blankly, “Speak then, why do you come here this time?”

“Senior Luo Hu, you should be clear about what happened outside. A few months ago when Senior Nun Yu Qing took out her spiritual weapon to activate a mystic art to check whether I was lying, I faintly felt a movement on the Celestial Tablet. Was it that senior helped me to conceal it.” Liu Ming asked the young man in front of him slowly.

“Yes, it is true that I did do something. Otherwise, how can you conceal from the soul of Bi An (a mythical beast that can distinguish right from wrong)?” The young man in green robe admitted without blinking his eyes.

“It turns out that Senior Luo Hu really helped me out. Thank you senior for your help. If junior faces a powerful enemy, can you…” Liu Ming said with a hint of joy on his face, and he immediately wanted to say something.

“You’d better dispel this thought. If it weren’t for the exposure of the ‘prison’ itself the last time, I couldn’t and wouldn’t help. And even this time, the energy I accumulated over the years has been consumed. If I do it once more, I will inevitably fall into deep sleep again.” The young man in green robe waved his hand and interrupted Liu Ming.

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