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Chapter 462: The Final Fight Part 2

The long spear broke through the air with a whiz!

An astonishing cold glow appeared on the tip of the gun. It looked extremely sharp. With a loud explosion, it slammed into the colorful light curtain outside Jia Lan.

After the light curtain flashed violently, there was a hint of instability.

Jia Lan was slightly startled. She made a one-hand gesture, then she poured his spiritual power into the light curtain.

The light curtain revealed a five-color glow. It was stabilized in an instant, and it naturally bounced off the golden long spear.

On the other side, Liu Ming was entangled by countless phantasms nearby, only to feel that his head sank. His spiritual consciousness suddenly became a little sleepy. Even though he had taken precautions beforehand, his gesture still got slowed down for a moment. He became listless without him knowing. He didn’t even want to move a finger, and his face revealed an extremely weird smile.

Seeing this, Xin Yuan, who was watching outside, couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.

The illusion cast by this woman at this time was astonishingly more powerful than when she was in the battle with him yesterday. With the same experience, he looked at Liu Ming with sympathy in his eyes.

Feng Zhan, who was not far from Xin Yuan, did not look anxious, but he looked around erratically, seeming to be absent-minded.

Liu Ming was even more shocked in his mind. He suddenly bit his tongue to let his consciousness become sober, then he took out a small silver lock with layers of spirit patterns on it.

It was the Soul Lock!

As he channeled his spiritual power, the small lock’s spirit patterns shone. Accompanied by the hissing sound, silver runes appeared and went into his body.

In the next moment, Liu Ming felt a touch of coldness in his body. The coldness combined into an endless stream that flowed into his sea of consciousness. After getting energized suddenly, his eyes suddenly returned to the usual clarity.

This Soul Lock had a strong restraint effect toward the succubus technique. It was completely beyond expectations!

As Liu Ming was overjoyed, he waved his hand and called back the golden spear. It turned into the sand that swirled around him.

Jia Lan kept channeling, but she realized that her phantasms could no longer shake Liu Ming’s mind. She couldn’t help but be surprised.

With a thought, she made a gesture and pointed at Liu Ming. The golden Buddha beads immediately turned into a ball of golden light that lasered toward Liu Ming.

Seeing this, Liu Ming raised his hands into the air and made a symbol on each of his hands.

The golden sand in the sky condensed. A giant golden hand appeared out of the thin air, and it slammed on the Buddha beads with a strong impact.

A loud collision!

The Buddha beads shone in colorful light, and it actually resisted the golden punch in a tremble.

The two were stagnated in the air at the same time. Both of them were equally powerful.

Jia Lan changed her gesture abruptly, then she pointed in the air.

After the Buddha beads turned blurred, it disappeared into the air.

The next moment, a little golden light flashed above Liu Ming’s head. The Buddha beads reappeared. With just a roll, it turned into a golden light and covered Liu Ming in it.

Liu Ming was caught off guard. He felt an invisible pressure enveloped his whole body. A golden array was faintly visible under his feet, and golden runes were emerging from it. The runes spun along with the Sanskrit sound, making him feel dizzy.

“Not good!”

Liu Ming screamed in his mind. After his mind turned quickly again, he immediately made a gesture and controlled the golden sand giant punch. After it rotated in the air, it hammered on top of the golden array.

At the same time, waves of black mist appeared on his body. After the mist split into two, it turned into a black dragon and a black giant tiger.

After the two circled around, they began to wander on his body surface.

At the same time. Liu Ming grabbed in the air with both his hands again, and two clusters of black gas loomed out. Each black gas turned into a black round bead which was exactly the Heavy Water Droplets.

He rubbed his hands together and combined the round bead into one. He smashed the golden light curtain with the bead abruptly.

A dragon roar resounded across the sky, causing the surrounding ground to shake.

Everyone watching the battle in the valley felt an impact in their ears. They vaguely saw a black dragon shadow with a black bead in its mouth bursting out of the array. The golden array collapsed inch by inch after being hit by the joint attack of the giant golden punch and the combined Heavy Water Droplet that was buffed by the Tiger Dragon Hell Prison.

Then a figure covered in black gas flashed out of the golden glow in a deafening tiger roar, and it pounced toward Jia Lan.

On the way, the black dragon shadow hovered in the air and then merged with the human figure again.

Jia Lan was shocked. Her figure blurred, and she immediately turned into countless phantasms as she retreated.

Seeing this, Liu Ming, who was in mid-air, released a powerful mental power. With the buff of the Soul Lock, he found Jia Lan’s true body very quickly.

He appeared in a flash before Jia Lan’s true body with just a second, then he launched a punch.

Jia Lan seemed to be ready for it. She pointed at Liu Ming, and the golden Buddha beads appeared again on top of Liu Ming’s head. It descended quickly to wrap Liu Ming.

Upon closer inspection, a crack appeared on the surface of the Buddha beads!

Under the previous huge bombardment, the seemingly indestructible superb spiritual weapon also appeared damaged.


Jia Lan pointed, and the Buddha beads with golden light shrank suddenly. However, Liu Ming’s figure collapsed after a blur. It was actually a phantasm.

The woman’s complexion changed. She suddenly felt heavy on her shoulder. A palm wrapped in black gas was pressing on it silently.

She made a dodge action as she was startled, but there was a “poof” on her shoulder. Then, a strange shockwave produced an enchantment which restrained her figure.

At this time, Liu Ming’s figure appeared ghostly from behind the woman.

Jia Lan was naturally frightened and angry. She kept channeling her gestures, but she couldn’t stimulate her spiritual power at all.

Liu Ming flicked his finger again, and another symbol fell into Jia Lan’s body.

This woman really couldn’t move anymore.

“Mister really has magical power. I have lost this match.” Seeing that she had lost, she didn’t struggle and admitted defeat. Her face had remained calm.

Liu Ming smiled slightly. He made a gesture and removed the restraint on the woman, then he retrieved the Golden Fallen Sand into his sleeve.

Jia Lan gave the young man in front of her a weird expression, then she turned and left the circle and walked toward where Qingshui Nunnery was.

Liu Ming’s victory obviously exceeded the expectations of most people in the audience.

The nun in green robe also did not announce the result of the battle. She just put her hands together as she chanted the Buddhist scriptures in a low voice. Her face became a little cloudy and uncertain.

The taoist surnamed Shi frowned as he looked at Liu Ming’s figure like he was thinking of something. The strange scene of black dragon and tiger that Liu Ming used to forcefully break Jia Lan’s Buddha array, he seemed to have heard of it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.

The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao of the Tianxiang Pavilion stood aside silently with a sneer on her face.

The messengers of the three sects did not speak, and the rest of the audience couldn’t help but look at each other a little. They all had different expressions, but no one said anything for a while.

The whole scene turned cold for a while.

As for Feng Zhan, he was naturally overjoyed!

Dugu Yu looked at Feng Zhan with jealousy.

For him, he would prefer Sky Bird Sect represented by Jia Lan to win. It was much better than Changfeng Association’s old man who laughed until the end. After all, Golden Jade League and Sky Bird Sect did not have much conflict of interest.

If the Changfeng Association really won the jade vein mine and one-third of the territories of the two other two sects, its power would surely rise. Under the circumstances, it was a problem whether the Golden Jade League could still survive.

“Very well, since the results of this gambling fight is out, it will follow the previous agreement. I think no one has any opinion on it. If that’s the case, I announce that…” The taoist surnamed Shi temporarily put down his doubts. Seeing the nun in green robe still didn’t speak, he couged lightly and immediately prepared to announce the result.

“I have an opinion. I’m afraid this jade vein mine, your sect can’t occupy it alone.” Before the taoist surnamed Shi had finished speaking, a faint voice came from the air as if it was whispering in the ears of everyone.

“Who is it?” The taoist surnamed Shi was startled at first, but he immediately shouted fiercely.

Purple Night Temple initially had no knowledge of the jade vein mine.

It was not until the return of Feng Zhan some time ago that Purple Night Temple finally spent a lot of effort to find out the existence of jade vein.

Therefore, Tian Guangzi had instructed the taoist surnamed Shi to make decisions according to the changes. He must strive for the mineral vein.

Now Wei Zhong, the Five Spirits Sect’s disciple, has already lost, and Liu Ming, who representd the Changfeng Association, had won the final victory. This was naturally a good time for Purple Night Temple to intervene.

Now the taoist suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice saying so, he was of course extremely angry.

There was a chuckle!

The air above the Qingshui Nunnery had a fluctuation, then a young with a jade-like face and dark eyes appeared slowly.

This woman seemed to be only 27 or 28 years old. She had long hair over her shoulder. The white robe was fluttering in the wind, adding a hint of the immortal aura. As soon as she appeared, she looked at everyone present slowly.

“Greetings to Master’s Junior Yu Qing!”

When Nun Miao Xin saw this woman, she was overjoyed and immediately leaned forward to greet. The Qingshui Nunnery’s disciples behind her hurriedly bowed on their knees.

Everyone present was naturally taken aback!

Even a Crystallisation Period powerhouse like Nun Miao Xin had to bow after seeing this woman in the white robe. What was the identity and cultivation of this woman?

Liu Ming was still in the center of the circle. He was a little closer to the woman in the white robe, but he could not find the slightest fluctuation of spiritual power in this person as if she was just a mortal.

But when the woman’s gaze moved past him, Liu Ming’s heart was alarming. He felt a strange feeling of breathlessness inexplicably.

The woman in white robe withdrew her gaze and smiled at Nun Miao Xin. With a wave of her sleeve, a gentle breeze lifted everyone from Qingshui Nunnery up. Then, she turned her head and said lightly, “This fellow taoist of the Five Spirits Sect, what do you think of my words?”

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