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Chapter 460: Third Round

The reason why Liu Ming didn’t take the life of the scarred man at the last moment was that he had no grievances with this person. He only wanted to get the Void Bamboo after winning. He didn’t want to make enemies for no reason by fighting for Feng Zhan.

Secondly, he always vaguely felt that this gambling battle was not as simple as it was on the surface, so he better be careful.

“Changfeng Association won this matchup!” Seeing that the scarred young man had lost consciousness, the nun in green robe immediately announced the result of the match, and then she looked at Liu Ming with intention.

Not only her, but the people who watched the battle at the moment, they all focused their eyes on the young man in gray robe who was slowly walking out of the circle. For a while, the place couldn’t help but become quiet.

Previously, due to the blocking of the golden sand curtain, everyone did not know what happened inside.

From Liu Ming’s body black gas sinking into the golden sand curtain, to the scarred young man’s weak body flying out of the hole on the sand curtain, it was only a few seconds. This naturally added a few mystical elements in it.

Liu Ming naturally noticed the gazes of everyone. He couldn’t help but smile wryly in his heart, but he walked toward the Changfeng Association without changing his appearance.

On the other side, when Golden Jade League Dugu Yu saw his disciple fainted, his face was extremely pale. He thought he certainly got this win. After only two rounds, all his disciples ended in failure.

In the case of his disciple successfully mastered the Blue Python Nine Turn Technique, he was defeated by an unknown new guest from the Changfeng Association. This made Dugu Yu feel very angry.

The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao not far away, even started to look gloomy.

The taoist surnamed Shi also showed an unexpected look. He was apparently surprised by Liu Ming’s endless methods.

Feng Zhan greeted Liu Ming with surprise and joy, “Guest Liu is really extraordinary. At the moment, all three of the Golden Jade League are out, and only two of Sky Bird Sect are left.” Feng Zhan laughed and praised Liu Ming.

After Liu Ming heard the words, he replied with a few polite words.

“Guest Liu, this bottle contains several elixirs that Feng Zhan bought at a high price. It is quite effective in restoring spiritual power.” Feng Zhan thought about it, then he took out another imperial jade bottle from the robe and handed it to Liu Ming. There still seemed to be a trace of distress in his eyes.

Liu Ming didn’t hold back and took over the jade bottle with thanks. He opened the stopper, and a strong and extremely delicate fragrance suddenly emanated from it. The smell was refreshing, and it really was not an ordinary elixir.

He immediately took one and started meditating by the side.

At this time, after two rounds of fierce battles, only Liu Ming of the Changfeng Association, Jia Lan of Sky Bird Sect and the red-haired burly man are left on the court.

As for the Golden Jade League, after the scarred young man was defeated, it was eliminated early. However, although Dugu Yu and the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao had cold faces, they had no intention of leaving. They just watched coldly by the side as if they were waiting for the results of the gambling fights.

After discussing with the taoist surnamed Shi and the nun in green robe, they decided not to rest anymore. They began the third round of drawing lots directly.

After the nun in green robe made an announcement, the silver light bowl was suspended in front of her again.

In the third round of drawing lots, Liu Ming would be fighting one of the two Sky Bird Sect, so there were only two bamboo sticks; the number one and the blank one.

Jia Lan was still the first who drew. Seeing her jade arm blurred, a bamboo stick appeared in her hand.

“Number One”

Jia Lan’s eyes flickered looking at the bamboo stick, then she said softly.

The red-haired burly man reached out and grabbed into the silver bowl. He also took one bamboo stick out of the last two. As he looked clearly, he also drew the number 1took one of the last two bamboo sticks and took a closer look. It was also number one, so I could only smile bitterly.

Two disciples of the same clan got the same number, according to the rules, they would have to draw lots again.

As a result, a weird scene appeared.

Three times in a row, the red-haired burly man and Jia Lan drew the same number.

This made everyone dumbfounded, Jia Lan, who had been looking indifferent, wrinkled her brows slightly.

“Little Friend Liu, why not you draw first.” Seeing that the drawing lots result were the same multiple times, the nun in green robe turned around and spoke to Liu Ming helplessly.

Liu Ming didn’t mind. He put his hand into the silver bowl, grabbed it randomly and took out the bamboo stick. It was actually the blank bamboo stick.

This fourth round of drawing lots was naturally invalid again, and the nun had to ask Liu Ming to take another one.

Finally, for the fifth time, Liu Ming got the red-haired burly man as his opponent.

Seeing this result, the red-haired burly man suddenly looked a little unsightly. Knowing that against Liu Ming, his chances of winning were not great.

“Although this man is strong, he used a lot of spiritual power in the previous battle. Don’t be timid. If you can’t rival him, make him use more spiritual power, then you can admit defeat. If you can force him to use other means, that will be even better. I’ll be here to keep you safe.” The nun in green robe noticed the frown on the red-haired burly man’s face, and she spoke to him through voice transmission.

After hearing this, the red-haired burly man gained some confidence. He took a deep breath and walked toward the center of the ring.

Liu Ming was already waiting in the ring with a calm expression.

The red-haired burly man walked to the opposite of Liu Ming. He flicked his sleeve, and a crystal-clear green jade ruler appeared. He then launched a series of symbols. The ruler flew out of his hand, and the green light spot around it started to condense.


He crushed a silver talisman, then he patted the pieces onto himself.

The talisman seemed to have the effect of stimulating spiritual power in a short time. The spiritual ruler spun faster and faster. After the dense green light condensed, it transformed into a giant green bird.

As the giant bird’s eyes flashed in green light, its wings spread out, and gusts of wind rose from the ground. After making a shrill sound, it whizzed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming saw that the red-haired burly man started such a powerful offense with all his spiritual power at the start, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He immediately stomped one leg, then his figure became blurred and he retreated for several feet to the rear. He barely avoided the series of green light spitting out of the giant green bird. At the same time, he flicked his sleeve, and he was holding the small silver sword in his hand. He was pouring his spiritual power into it.

A piercing sword sound!

A silver rainbow was launched out and slashed at the green bird’s one wing.

With a flick of the giant bird’s wings, it swiftly avoided the silver rainbow sideways. It shot out a cluster of green light again at the circling silver rainbow.

There was a muffled noise.

After the silver light and green light collided, the green light immediately dissipated. A silver rainbow that was a little dimmer than before passed through it, and it penetrated the green bird’s wing instantly.

The green giant bird wailed. It shook its body before suddenly spreading its wings and retreating.

The sword gesture in Liu Ming’s hand changed, and he pointed a finger toward the silver rainbow in the air.

Immediately, the silver rainbow condensed a sword with a touch of faint silver light. It then became a giant sword shadow that blasted at the giant bird.

Under the control of the red-haired burly man, the giant bird waved its wings desperately, and a green spirit pattern suddenly appeared on its wings. Gusts of hurricanes surged toward the silver rainbow.

However, as soon as the silver rainbow shined greatly, it went through the hurricanes unimpeded, piercing the head of the giant green bird with one blow.

The green bird fell straight down from the air with a mournful cry, and it gradually faded away in green light spots, turning back into a green jade ruler and falling to the ground.

The red-haired burly man in the distance turned pale suddenly.

At the same time, Liu Ming tapped in the air. The silver flying sword swirled in the air, then it blasted at the red-haired burly man once again.

The red-haired burly man was shocked. He spat out a small black shield from his mouth, and then spat out a blood essence which turned into a cloud of blood mist. As he chanted, he pointed in the air with one hand.

The light of the small shield flashed, and it turned into a pitch black giant shield at an incredible speed. Its surface was flickering with bloody spirit patterns.


A silver light flashed in front of him, and the seemingly sturdy black giant shield suddenly trembled. A small opening was cracked open at the center of the giant shield, but the hole was recovered as the blood mist rolled.

Liu Ming’s eyes were cold. He channeled the sword gesture again. After the silver sword circled in the air, it made a whistling sound as it struck at the black shield.

The next moment, a crisp sound!

The bloody spirit patterns flashed wildly, then the shield shattered under the crisp sound.

The red-haired burly man suddenly felt a huge surge of force, and he couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

Liu Ming, who was originally standing in the distance, suddenly flashed out in a blur in front of him. The astounding black gas already wrapped around his fist as he launched his fist.

The protective aura of the red-haired burly man collapsed immediately. His body was immediately knocked back several steps away, then he stumbled and half-kneeled directly on the ground. His whole face was completely distorted due to the pain.

“Stop… Stop… Mister’s power is amazing. I admit defeat.” Just when Liu Ming appeared in front of the red-haired burly man again, his hands swayed quickly. He took the initiative to admit defeat.

Liu Ming smiled slightly when he heard the words, then the black gas entangled in his hands disappeared.

The red-haired burly man’s expression looked relieved. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, and he was completely wilted.

“Changfeng Association won!”

The nun in green robe, even though she felt unhappy, she could only announce it.

“Thanks you.”

Liu Ming calmly said to the big man, then he turned and walked toward the Changfeng Association.

Feng Zhan naturally looked at Liu Ming with joy and gave him another encouragement.

The red-haired burly man, who had long lost his combat power, was immediately carried to the side by the disciple of the Sky Bird Sect. He even took a few elixirs to heal his injuries as he walked.

“It’s getting late today. Both Mr. Liu of Changfeng Association and Jia Lan of Sky Bird Sect have gone through several battles, and both of them consumed a lot of spiritual power. Since the last battle is important, it will be unfair to start the last fight today. Thus, I suggest that we should continue the last battle tomorrow. What does everyone think?” The nun in green robe said “everyone”, but she only glanced at the taoist surnamed Shi.

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