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Chapter 455: Jia Lan’s Battle

After a while, the unconscious muscular man was carried out of the enchantment by a few disciples of the Golden Jade League, and the second match was about to begin.

In the Changfeng Association camp, Feng Zhan said with a smile on his face,

“I never expect Guest Xin to be powerful. It seems that our Changfeng Association is really in an advantageous position.”

Wei Zhong on the side heard the words but he snorted coldly. A resolute expression appeared on his face.

Feng Zhan smiled and turned his head and said:

“Of course, the stronger opponents are still behind, I will wait for Mr. Wei shows his magical powers.”

“Mr. Feng, please wait for a moment, I will be back soon.” Wei Zhong said coldly, then he flew into the enchantment.

Not far away, Jia Lan in a yellow shirt walked slowly over and stood still in front of him.

“The second match, start!” Senior Nun Miao Xin announced when both of them were ready.

Although the battle had already begun, Wei Zhong didn’t mean to rush to make a move. Instead, he looked at the glamorous woman in front of him with unscrupulous eyes.

“I really didn’t expect Sky Bird Sect to actually have such a fairy-like woman! Being able to meet the fairy here today, it seems that fairy and I are tied by destiny! I’m Wei Zhong from the Five Spirits Sect. May I ask for fairy’s name so that I can remember it.” Wei Zhong said with a fiery face.

Jia Lan looked at the young man in black shirt in front of her, and a hint of disgust revealed in her beautiful eyes. She turned a deaf ear to his flirts. Her jade hands were leisurely lying flat on her chest. Her ten fingers bent and undulated, forming a strange gesture.

The next moment, as the gesture was formed, Jia Lan’s eyes began to glow with purple light. In an instant, the empty space where her fingers passed, immediately set off ripples. The fluctuations spread to the surroundings.

“This woman is quite weird, Mr. Wei should be careful.” Feng Zhan vaguely had a bad hunch. The stunning beautiful girl of Sky Bird Sect was using a weird technique. He couldn’t even recognize it for a while, and he quickly reminded Wei Zhong by voice transmission.

“Fairy don’t have to be so nervous. I, Wei Zhong is a person who is kind to beauties. With the appearance of fairy, it is a pity to stay in such a small sect in South Sea Region. If I win, why don’t fairy follow me back to the Middle Sky Continent. I can guarantee you to join the Five Spirits Sect. From then on, you will enjoy endless cultivation resources. Advancing to the Crystallisation Period will soon be happening as well.” Although the stunning woman in front of her had a strange and extraordinary technique, Wei Zhong had already discovered her cultivation was only at the Condensation Period intermediate stage. She shouldn’t be able to make any surprising move, so he took Feng Zhan’s words lightly. Instead, he was getting more excited the more he said.

Jia Lan gave Wei Zhong a cold look after hearing the words. She still didn’t bother him. Her both hands trembled slightly. Waves of symbols were launched endlessly. The purple light in her eyes was thicker than the beginning.

“Hehe, since fairy doesn’t speak, then I’ll take it as you acquiesce in it.” Wei Zhong smiled sinisterly. He was smug because he thought he could get a woman. However, he still didn’t form a gesture as if he wanted to show his demeanor.

Although Wei Zhong was a bit arrogant, he was still the disciple of the Five Spirits Sect’s lower house. His cultivation wasn’t weak at all. Together with the superb spiritual weapon that was granted to him by his elder, it was of course easy for him to deal with a Condensation Period intermediate stage woman. He believed that it wasn’t hard for him to completely subdue her to let her follow him back to the Five Spirits Sect.

“This kind of pupil technique… this is actually a rare succubus physique. I didn’t expect Sky Bird Sect to have such a disciple with a spiritual body.” The taoist surnamed Shi who was watching the battle saw the strange purple light in Jia Lan’s eyes and thought for a long time. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He said with a shocked expression.

The beautiful woman surnamed Xiao and the leader of the Golden Jade League didn’t change their expressions when they heard this, but they were secretly surprised.

After hearing that the taoist surnamed Shi had recognized Jia Lan’s spiritual body, Nun Miao Xin didn’t deny it. She just laughed about it without talking.

“Mr. Wei, this is the succubus technique. It can take away one’s soul without being noticed. Please be careful not to be confused by this woman.” Feng Zhan was even more shocked when he heard the words, then he quickly sent another voice transmission.

Wei Zhong looked intoxicated at this moment. His eyes were a little blurred. He was gradually attracted by the purple light of the succubus technique. Until Feng Zhan’s voice sounded in his ears, he regained his thought as if he just woke up from a dream.

He was shocked, trying to stabilize his mind, but he suddenly felt that the spirit of the sea of ​​​​consciousness began to stagnate. There were countless phantasms swaying before his eyes, and his ugly face was distorted, starting to show a painful expression.

Wei Zhong secretly thought that it was not good. He hurriedly channeled his mental strength madly, trying to resist the phantasms invading his sea of ​​consciousness. He quickly took out a pale golden talisman in his hand and crushed it with a pinch without hesitation.

A faint golden glow suddenly rolled up from it. It turned in the air and went into Wei Zhong’s forehead, becoming a pale yellow rune.

Under the rune’s flash, the hideous young man suddenly recovered a bit of clarity in his consciousness.

His move was only a temporary move. He did not completely expel the illusion that had invaded his sea of ​​​​consciousness. To get rid of this illusion, he made the battle quick. Otherwise, once his mental power was emptied out, he might fall for the illusion forever.

Wei Zhong was a disciple of a famous sect. Thinking of this, he spat out a red flag.

As he made a gesture, the red flag became larger. It turned ten meters long. There was an image of a hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix on the flag. Judging from the red patterns on the flag, it was a superb spiritual weapon.

Wei Zhong clenched the flagpole in his hand and waved it. A red light flashed in front of him. A flame shield suddenly appeared and surrounded his body. He flipped his hand, and a green light surged out, revealing a green short blade which was also a superb spiritual weapon.

“Five Spirits Sect is really rich and powerful. A Condensation State disciple can have two superb spiritual weapons at the same time, while in the Yunchuan Continent, even the Crystallization Period cultivator generally only has one superb spiritual weapon.” Liu Ming saw Wei Zhong actually used two superb spiritual weapons at the same time, and he couldn’t help but be shocked secretly.

Seeing this situation, Feng Zhan on the side finally showed a smile on his originally worried face. He apparently knew about Wei Zhong’s trump card. He finally began to take it seriously.

Wei Zhong waved the flag with one hand, and the surrounding red wind gathered together with traces of flame. The phoenix pattern on the flag trembled, and waves of fiery red blades splashed in all directions.

The green short blade also blasted out of his hand at Jia Lan in a green light.

Jia Lan raised her eyebrows. She flicked her sleeves, and a golden light shot out. The light turned into a golden prayer beads in her hand. After pouring in spiritual power, there was a burst of Sanskrit sounds in the air. The beads were shining in a five-color light.

Immediately, she raised her jade hand, and the prayer beads in her hand flew out and hovered on top of her head.

This woman made a series of gestures in succession. All symbols fell accurately on the prayer beads in mid-air. The beads spun faster and faster, and the five-color light became dazzling, turning into a golden light curtain to protect her in it.

At this time, the fiery wind blades hit the five-color light shield that surrounded Jia Lan, but the wind blades disappeared into the shield. The light shield only shone in five-color light, then it remained calm again.


Wei Zhong’s green short blade also turned into a cyan light that struck at the shield, causing the golden shield to tremble again.

However, along with Jia Lan’s chant, dense five-color Sanskrit characters quickly appeared on the light shield. It actually bounced off the green short blade once again.

Wei Zhong saw that this five-color light curtain could not be shaken even by the attack of a superb spiritual weapon, and the illusion in his sea of ​​​​consciousness was still not cleared. He needed to disperse part of the spiritual power to restrain the illusion forcefully. Finally, a trace of anxiety appeared on his face.

As he groaned, he waved the red flag again. Every wave could set off a fire wave. As the surrounding temperature increased, a few fire waves circled in the air and went back at the flag. A clear chirping sound could be heard. A fifty meters long phoenix flew out from the red flag, and it flew straight at Jia Lan.

At the same time, the green short blade, under the control of his other hand, also hacked at Jia Lan without stopping.

The phoenix that was wrapped by flames charged at the light shield.

Jia Lan’s expression did not change at all, and she did not dodge. Instead, she chanted Sanskrit in her mouth. Her ten fingers changed their gestures again. The light shield around her became dazzling. Countless five-color Sanskrit even flew out from it, curling up the green short blade and phoenix.

With the Sanskrit flashing, the short blade that was originally flashing with green light gradually lost its luster, and it suddenly lost control and fell to the ground.

And the fire phoenix that flew over also collapsed under the Sanskrit sound. After making a painful cry, it turned into a few clouds of flames that dissipated into the air.

“Senior Nun Miao Xin, this woman is actually your Qingshui Nunnery’s disciple right? Don’t tell me that she is not using your Qingshui Nunnery’s Buddhist mystic arts.” Seeing this, the taoist surnamed Shi said with a frown.

After the beautiful woman surnamed Xiao and Dugu Yu looked at each other, there was also a strange expression flashing on their faces, and Feng Zhan’s expression was even more gloomy at this moment.

“You must be joking. Although I really like this woman, she is not the the disciple of our nunnery. It is just that she has a destiny with Buddha, so she had the opportunity to stay in the library of our nunnery for a few days. She must have figured these amazing techniques by herself. It has nothing to do with my Qingshui Nunnery. Moreover, this young man in black clothes must have joined the Changfeng Association halfway through right?” Senior Nun Miao Xin put her hands together and smiled slightly.

How could other people believe such words.

However, the nun denied that publicly, and they couldn’t come up with real evidence, so they could only give up silently.

In Liu Ming’s eyes, Jia Lan’s power was naturally very different from before which made him feel a little shocked.

While speaking, something happened in the enchantment.

At some point, the golden Buddha beads in Jia Lan’s hands appeared on Wei Zhong’s head. After a turn, a burst of five-color light appeared. It became several ten meters in diameter, enclosing him in the middle.

Wei Zhong was shocked. He desperately waved the red flag in his hand, setting off countless flame blades to try to break the beads. However, the flaming blades disappeared into the five-color light in contact. It couldn’t move the light at all.

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