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Chapter 451: Second Heavy Water Drople

Seeing that everyone had left, Feng Zhan waved and released a silver flying boat, carrying Wei Zhong and Feng Cai along.

With a whistling sound, the flying boat rose into the air under the silver light. It was blasting toward the Qingyu Island.

“In this trial, the two could easily beat the others, especially Liu Ming, he is actually a Sword Cultivator. It was really unexpected. I don’t know what Mr. Wei thinks about this?” Feng Zhan in the cabin of the flying boat mentioned about the previous trial with interest even after the trial. He seemed to be casually asking about Wei Zhong’s opinion.

“Senior Feng, the reason why the two of them were able to win so easily this time is not because they are strong, but because the other people are too weak. If their opponent is me. I will make them admit defeat with less than ten moves.” Wei Zhong said disapprovingly upon hearing this.

“Of course, even if the two are really capable, how can they be compared with Mr. Wei? After all, this gambling fight still has to rely on Mr. Wei.” Feng Zhan said casually.

Although Liu Ming’s performance was good, they didn’t show their full strength. Therefore, it couldn’t let Feng Zhan hold too much hope on them, and he still entrusted such an important task to Wei Zhong.

“Senior Feng rest assured, even if I’m dealing with the three members of the Golden Jade League on my own, it’s still not a problem.” Wei Zhong said while looking at Feng Cai with a proud look.

“Father, the gambling fight this time should have no problem since senior is here, but the two guests are worth training as well.” Feng Cai saw this, she first complimented the young man in black shirt, then she changed the topic to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan again. She seemed to be interested in them.

“I know what to do on this.” Feng Zhan said thoughtfully after hearing this.

The gambling fight agreed with the Golden Jade League was one month later. So in the following days, Liu Ming and Xin Yuan both focused on cultivating in their cave houses. At the same time, they also consumed the Qingsan Pill to remove residual poison from the body.

On this day, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged in the secret room to adjust his breath. He suddenly remembered something. After raising his hand and calculating the date, he suddenly stood up and walked slowly outside the cave house.

According to his calculation, it was time to meet Huang Zhen.

Liu Ming flew all the way. Not long after, he appeared again in front of the stone gate of Huang Zhen’s cave house.

This time, it was still the same dark-skinned woman who opened the door; it was Huang Zhen’s daughter.

“Greetings to Senior Liu. Senior’s spiritual weapon has been forged successfully a few days ago. My father had left to deal with some matters a few days ago. He informed me before he left that if senior comes, I will bring senior to collect the item.” The dark-skinned woman spoke respectfully after seeing Liu Ming, then she opened the door.

“Then, I have to trouble Miss Huang.” Hearing that the spiritual weapon had been successfully forged, Liu Ming was slightly delighted. He nodded and walked in, then he came to a stone chamber under the lead of the dark-skinned woman.

The woman pointed to the golden jade box placed on a stone table in the room, and said, “Senior Liu. The spiritual weapon my father forged for you is inside it.”

Liu Ming nodded, raised his hand and grabbed in the air. The box was sucked into his palm, then he opened the lid.

A black bead in a thumb size was in the box. It’s surface was crystal clear. A faint black gas appeared around it. From the appearance, it looked the same as the other Heavy Water Droplet in his hand before the second sacrificial refining. It was just that the coolness it exuded was a bit more prosperous.

With a thought, Liu Ming took the black bead into his hand with two fingers. After a little inspection, he found that this Heavy Water Droplet was also an intermediate grade spiritual weapon with eighteen layers of enchantment. He immediately praised with joy, “Mr. Huang is indeed good at forging. He deserves to be the most famous forger in the Changfeng Association.”

After he finished speaking, he flipped his hand and took out a bag of water mystic stone. He handed it to the woman, saying that it was for the cost of supplementary materials, then he left.

Half an hour later, Liu Ming had already flew for hundred miles away. He appeared on an inhibited mountain foot at the west island of the Qingyu Island.

As soon as he stood still, he flicked his sleeves and took out the newly forged Heavy Water Droplet. With a slight pressure from his fingers, the Heavy Water Droplet became flat and round as expected.

He immediately began to inject spiritual power into it. A black light flashed on the surface of the black bead, and a dense mist gradually condensed around it.


Liu Ming groaned as he shook his wrist. Under the violent surge of force, the bead, which was already extremely heavy, suddenly flew out of his hand and smashed toward a small hill dozens of meters away.

“Bang“, a burst of sand and rocks!

A large crater with a diameter of five to six feet appeared on the surface of the mountain. As the gravel splashed, the surrounding rocks also cracked open. gradually

With Liu Ming’s arm strength at this moment, the Heavy Water Droplet, which had not yet been sacrificial refined, naturally had more powerful force as compared to when he first got it.

Liu Ming raised his hand again and grabbed it, and a cloud of black gas flew out of the big pit. It then turned into a spinning round bead. He took out another black round bead in the other hand. As he poured in his spiritual power, he rubbed both his hand and the two Heavy Water Droplets actually merged together.

The reason why Liu Ming wanted forging two Heavy Water Droplets was because Heavy Water Droplet was a spiritual weapon with special attribute, it could be merged and separated at will.

He raised his brows, and he shook his wrists. The combined Heavy Water Droplet blasted out in a whistle, slamming ruthlessly toward the opposite hill.

“Boom boom“, a mountain shaking rumbling sound came!

The dust and rubble were scattered like a hurricane. As the huge boulders rolled down, the hundred meters tall hill was erased by more than half. The surrounding ground was covered with rubbles.

The combined Heavy Water Droplet was so powerful. This made Liu Ming delighted in his mind.

After he recalled the bead with one hand, he pointed in the air, and it separated into two. He carefully kept them away.

Liu Ming didn’t intend to stay for a long time again. After making a gesture, a black cloud formed under his feet which carried him toward his own cave house.

A month’s time was fleeting.

During this period, Liu Ming only cultivated behind closed-doors in the cave house. The toxic in his body had long been removed. There was no hidden danger in his body anymore. The second Heavy Water Droplet had also been sacrificial refined.

Afterward, he found a secluded place and tried the combined attack of the Heavy Water Droplet. If looking only at its destructive power, it was comparable to the superb spiritual weapon. He was naturally satisfied with it.

On an ordinary island that was under the jurisdiction of the Changfeng Association, but it was also near to the border of the Golden Jade League.

This island was only one-third the size of Qingyu Island, and most of the area in the middle was occupied by a ring mountain range. There were not many densely packed buildings on the island. There were only some scattered old wood houses that were built down the hillside. Amidst the howling of the gust of wind, the buildings seemed like it was going to collapse.

At the foot of an inconspicuous mountain peak in the mountain range, there was a huge dark cave. The entrance was supported by a wooden frame built by a few giant woods. This place was a mine.

At this time, deep in an abandoned mine tunnel, a mysterious figure covered in a gray robe was walking through.

The tunnels were criss-crossed here, and there was a fork in almost every few steps, but this person seemed to be very familiar with this place. After walking around for a long time, the tunnel in front was suddenly blocked by a dusty stone wall. It seemed that there was a dead end ahead.

But the mysterious figure pulled out a tattered map from his arms. After checking it for a while, he suddenly let out a sneer. With a flash of golden light on his arm, it went directly into the rock wall. After he withdrew his hand, there was a fist size emerald jade stone in his hand. The surface was crystal clear, and the inside was radiant. It was the top-quality spiritual jade.

“Sure enough, it is the top-grade jade mineral vein. It is indeed possible to have spiritual materials in the depths. No wonder even the Tianxiang Pavilion and other forces are tempted by it.” The mysterious man murmured a few moments before having a glow on his arm. He was about to do something again.

At this moment, a sigh came from behind the mysterious figure,

The previous mysterious person was taken aback. He turned around like lightning, and he suddenly found another figure out of thin air in front of him. After seeing the person in front of him, he immediately lost his voice.

“President Feng!”

The figure behind was Feng Zhan.

And this mysterious man with his head hidden, the hood on his head also fell down as he retreated. It was actually Qu Ling, another vice president of the Changfeng Association!

It was just that his face was full of panic at the moment.

“I didn’t expect Brother Feng to actually know about the existence of this mine. It seems that you really made Fan Zheng disappear, but where is he now?” After Qu Ling was surprised, he finally recovered a bit of calmness, but the terror in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

“What do you mean? I thought I treated you two very nicely, but you two actually betrayed me at the same time. One colluded with the Golden Jade League and the other colluded the Sky Bird Sect.” Feng Zhan said faintly with an expressionless face.

“Since you already know, why bother talking about these nonsense. Like this mineral vein, how can a force like ours and others monopolize it? I just want to find a good buyer for our association. But when did you know the whereabouts of this jade mine?” Qu Ling looked dark, then he let out a sigh of relief as he said.

“As the owner of the Changfeng Association, how can I not know this kind of spiritual mine. Actually, I already knew about the existence of this mine a few years ago. It was just that there were too many scruples, so I didn’t dare to mine and exposed any news about it. However, it was still discovered by others. The old thief Dugu even ambushed me directly. Although I was lucky enough to escape, I knew that I could no longer stay in the South Sea Region under such circumstances. Therefore, I escaped to the Middle Sky Continent and avoided the limelight for a while.” Feng Zhan replied calmly.

“It was Fan Zheng who colluded with the Golden Jade League. The ambush was his idea, I didn’t know anything about that day.” Qu Ling replied with a wry smile.

“Hmph, I have long suspected that he was collaborating with a foreign force as early as a few years ago, but I couldn’t find out who was standing behind him, so I couldn’t really kill him.” Feng Zhan said as his expression turned gloomy.

“Oh, Brother Feng killed him now, aren’t you worried about the force behind him…” As Qu Ling was talking, he flicked his sleeve. “Bang“, a burst of green light blasted out. Then, at the same time, he instantly smashed a talisman that he had already taken out. A yellow light flashed on his body, and he disappeared into the underground.

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