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Chapter 43 – A Small Fight

But at this moment, footsteps were heard coming from the forest not far away. Suddenly, three young male disciples wearing Barbarian Ghost Sect clothes came out. They all looked like they were in their twenties, when they saw Liu Ming with his fish basket beside the swamp they paused for a second.

When Liu Ming saw this, he slightly knit his brows. He then nodded his head to show respect and continued to use his Soaring Sky Technique. Grey clouds started to condense beneath his feet.

At this moment, the disciple standing in the middle of the three disciples looked at the slanted bamboo pole stuck into the mud and some fish scales from the strange fish that were scattered beside the swamp. Immediately, his eyes shined and he moved his arms. One of his hands, with a golden fighting glove on, hit towards where Liu Ming was standing.


A misty ball of golden light shot toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was startled. Without hesitation he moved his legs and jumped off the grey cloud, successfully landing at a spot just a few feet away from his previous position.

The gray clouds produced by the Soaring Sky Technique vanished after a loud explosion, caused by coming into contact with the golden gas ball.

“You three seniors, what do you mean by this?” Liu Ming stared at three seniors. His face showing unhappiness.

“Ha Ha, Don’t be angry junior, I’m just here to ask whether you have already caught the Eagle Beak Fish.” The disciple in the middle, who looked pale and was in his twenties, said jokingly.

The two disciples beside him, who looked about the same age, turned their eyes toward the bamboo fish basket behind Liu Ming. Their eyes showed unrestrained greed.

“What if I say yes? What if I say no?” Liu Ming appraised the three as he said this using a faint voice.

“If you say ‘yes’, then everything will be easy. What a coincidence, the three of us were given the task to catch the Eagle Beak Fish alive. Now that we have arrived, are you going to let us go home empty-handed?” The disciple with fair skin replied as he yawed.

“Oh, then what will the three of you do?” Liu Ming replied after he sighed in his heart.

This was his third time facing this kind of situation after he started accepting Contribution Point Missions alone.

However, Liu Ming had met a lone Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciple both previous times and was able to beat them up. This time though, things were not going to be so easy with three disciples.

It was no wonder that many of the sect disciples worked in groups when they carried out these Contribution Point Missions.

Liu Ming used his mental strength to look at his surrounding. He could approximately guess that the two disciples standing at the right and left of the middle disciple had Fa Li more or less at the same level as himself. However, for the one with fair skin standing in the middle, his Fa Li was a level above Liu Ming’s.

Through the four months of intensive training, Liu Ming was about to master the second stage of the Dark Bone Method. This meant that the disciple with the fair skin was at the Middle Spirit Apostle level.

While Liu Ming was still analyzing the power of his opponents, the disciple with fair skin spoke with a grin:

“Very easy, this Sect Mission will gives a total of ten Contribution Points with thirty Spirit Stones. You just need pay each of us twenty Spirit Stones, or just give us the Eagle Beak Fish and I will give you twenty Spirit Stones. How about it?”

“Twenty spirit stones? Clearly the three of you are here to rob. Don’t you guys feel scared of the consequences of breaking the rules?” Liu Ming spoke with a face without expression.

“If junior feels that we are here to rob, then just accept it. However, about the rules, you don’t have to worry about it so much. Although the rule itself says, ‘disciples within the sect are not allowed to fight against each other,’ in reality, every faction’s disciples are encouraged to follow the law of strong. The strong are allowed to bully the weak and as long as we do not to fight in front of the Martial Uncles or Enforcer Disciples, we will be fine. Ha ha, it seems like junior’s time in this sect hasn’t been that long. There are still plenty of things you don’t know. However, after today, you will learn a new lesson.” One of the disciples who had a big head said with a tone of sarcasm.

“Enough nonsense, if junior doesn’t want to hand over the Eagle Beak Fish, then let’s fight. I’m scared that if we waste anymore time, someone is going to come interrupt us.” The disciple with fair skin said.

When he finished his sentence, he punched out twice, causing two “hu hu” sounds. Immediately, two gold gas balls dashed toward Liu Ming.

The other two disciples started to mumble simultaneously. With a lift of their hands, a white threadlike-thing shot out from each of their hands.

“Spider Silk Technique!”

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and instantly understood the background of the white thread.

This kind of technique, which could be used to capture an enemy alive, was a more commonly used technique among the disciples when they fought against each other.

Liu Ming deeply inhaled and on his wrist, the Tiger Bite Bracelet flashed. Following that, Liu Ming’s legs grew wider and the green veins on his skin started bulging. He then changed into a green shadow and dashed away.

“Pa Pa.” The two white threads changed into long webs that were a few feet long and fell on the spot where Liu Ming used to be. Two golden gas balls also roared through, but all the attacks caught nothing.

On the opposite side, the disciple with the fair skin showed some seriousness on his face.

In that instant, a great “peng” sound was heard.

One of the disciple who had just used his Spider Silk Technique, knelt down on the floor with his face flushed red.

Liu Ming pulled out his hand — which was surrounded by dark wisp of gas — from the caved in stomach of the disciple and used a hand sword to knock on the neck of the disciple. Immediately, the disciple fainted on the ground.

Liu Ming had used the Lighten Technique and another mortal secret technique to increase his speed. Within seconds, he had reached the disciple and gave him two deadly blows to incapacitate him.

“ Lu junior… you brat, I will kill you!”

The disciple standing on the opposite side, who had a big head, shouted angrily when he saw his partner being beaten up by Liu Ming. He pulled out a black steel ruler and threw it toward Liu Ming with all his power.

The yellow light on the steel ruler blinked as a strong invisible power dashed toward Liu Ming.

But with a twist of the body, Liu Ming successfully evaded the strike of the strong invisible power.

Seeing this, the disciple was also startled. Right when he thought about calling his Practitioner’s Weapon back, it was already too late.

A fist with strands of dark gas struck the disciple’s stomach. Within seconds, the disciple knelt to the ground and was unable to move.

Both of these Barbarian Ghost Sect’s disciples were about twenty years old but they were still Middle Spirit Apostles. It was clear that their training talent wasn’t the highest.

When both of the disciples saw that Liu Ming was still young, and knew that Liu Ming had just entered the sect, they looked down on him. This caused them to fall to the lightning quick strikes of Liu Ming when he used both Lighten Technique and a mortal secret technique to increase his speed.

“You… you are a Body Cultivator?” When the fair skin disciple in front saw his companions getting beat up by Liu Ming within seconds, his face clearly showed that he was terrified and he lost his voice when he spoke.

“Body Cultivator, perhaps.” When Liu Ming heard this, his heart moved. However, he slowly walked toward his opponent, without showing any expression on his face.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter even if you are a Body Cultivator, how strong can you be at your age?” The disciple with fair skin rolled his dark eyes and calmed himself. A golden ring on his hand suddenly turned blurry and transformed into a golden light shield in front of him. At the same time, the disciple used a one handed sign and started to chant.

In an instant, a strand of blue light shot out and a half foot long crystal icicle formed. After forming, it started rapidly spinning on the disciple’s hand.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s pupils slightly shrank. With some energy, he stomped down and changed into a green shadow, shooting up.

When the disciple with fair skin saw Liu Ming’s movement, his face showed ruthlessness. With a flick of his wrist, the icicles shot out with a frozen light.

With the strength of the Icicle Technique and the unique freeze that accompanied it, if Liu Ming were to be hit by it, he would definitely become severely wounded; he might even die.

But Liu Ming, who was rushing forward with high speed, ignored the projectile and instead twisted his waist. Instantly, his body became like a snake, without bones — swaying vigorously.

The Icicle brushed past Liu Ming’s shoulder.

At this moment, the face of the fair skinned disciple turned crafty and he changed his hand sign immediately and spit out the word “explode” from his mouth.

“Peng”, the icicle blinked and scattered into many pieces of blue ice. A freeze started to diffuse in the air.

Liu Ming became startled and, without thinking too much, he vigorously flicked his wrist. A round light shield appeared and went to protect his shoulder.

Still, Liu Ming’s action was too late.

Liu Ming felt his shoulder freeze and become numb. His shoulder was now covered by a thin layer of icy frost which slowed his pouncing body.

The fair skinned disciple sneered. Next, he changed his incantation and spit out a thick white thread which turned into a dozen feet long web from his head. The web came rushing toward Liu Ming’s head.

Even though it was the same “Spider Silk Technique,” in the hands of the fair skinned disciple, the power difference was huge compared to when it was used by the other two disciples.

Liu Ming suddenly stopped and stood on the spot. He stared at the web as it was dropping down at him. He gave a fast mumble and swung both of his hands. Two fireballs, the size of a fist, instantly shot out.

One of the fireballs dashed at the web while the other flew toward the fair skinned disciple who was standing just a few feet away.

“Peng.” Before the web fell, it had been burned to ashes.

The disciple was terrified and immediately charged his Practitioner Weapon, which was in the form of a light shield with Fa Li.

Even though it was just a normal fireball, with such a short distant, the disciple could not completely ensure that his Practitioner Weapon could block the fireball.

With a “hong,” sparks flew in front of the fair skinned disciple.

As for the light shield, after some vigorous shaking and some rattling noise, a couple of fine cracks appeared.

When the disciple saw this, his heart felt a bit relived. As he was about to attack Liu Ming once again, he felt a tightening on his waist. A black rope had been twinned around him without him knowing.

“Soul Shackling Chains.”

When the disciple with fair skin saw this, the color drained from his face. He shook the golden fighting glove Practitioner Weapon on his hand, wanting to do something, but it was already too late.

The black rope was like a venomous snake that twined speedily around the disciple’s waist and tightened up. Dark gas started to seep out from the rope and after he felt a huge pain in his waist, the disciple was unable to move.

Liu Ming then walked toward the disciple arrogantly. Without saying anything, he aimed the neck of the disciple and gave a knock to make the disciple faint instantly.

Liu Ming let out a breath and used the Dark Bone Method to accumulate his Fa Li to his shoulder.

As a result, dark smoke appeared and under it, the thin layer of frost on Liu Ming shoulder melted. In an instant, there was nothing left.


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