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Chapter 422: Crystallization Period Evil Beast

In the middle of the team, a young man in a gray robe with a blue spirit sword in his waist was walking forward step by step. The man was Liu Ming.

At the moment, he looked calm, but his thoughts were turning fast.

In the two days since they entered this desert, they had never encountered the evil beast sea as before, and the frequency of the small group of beasts encountered had gradually decreased. However, the level of evil beast was getting higher, and the evil beasts of Condensation Period later stage had become common.

In this regard, not sure whether all of them were numb or they didn’t notice this at all, no one actually brought it up. Lan Xi would naturally not explain about it with initiative.

Judging from the various performances of Lan Xi after seeing Siren King, he must know what happened to the Sea Emperor Palace, but no one knew how he got these news. What happened in the outside world that could actually force Real Pellet State powerhouse like Siren King to run like a dog into the abyss.

While Liu Ming was thinking, Lan Xi at the front of the team said suddenly, “Stop moving forward, and quickly consume the spiritual fluids. The two evil beasts have appeared in front. Their cultivation should not be less than the Crystallization Period.”

Liu Ming was shocked in his heart. After that he saw one big hurricane and one small hurricane appeared in the sky in front. They were whirling toward them. After a few seconds, the hurricanes became clear, and there was an astounding aura exuding from them.

The others were frightened as well. When they were about to act according to Lan Xi’s instructions and took out the black gourd to drink the spiritual fluids, another attractive voice said calmly, “Save your spiritual fluids! One of the Crystallization Period evil beasts of the intermediate stage has apparently found us. Leave this one to me. I will lead it away later. You all just focus on the early stage.”

It was Siren King, who had stopped, talking behind Lan Xi.

As he said, he had shifted Jia Lan to his left hand, while the other hand grabbed in the air. He took out a crystal clear ruler, and he disappeared after his figure blurred.

While they were talking, the hurricane had reached not far away from everyone.

A loud whistling sound occured!

In the middle of the hurricane, countless gray wind blades shot at once. There were thousands of them. This gave people a sense of impossible to dodge.

Everyone was frightened. They retreated as they summoned their spiritual weapons to resist the wind blades. The monotonous desert was suddenly filled with colorful lights.

A black gas surged out of Liu Ming’s body as he moved his mind, and it protected him in it. Purple scales also appeared on his palm, then his palm turned into countless claw shadows that rushed out of him.

For a while, there was a loud breaking sound!

Those seemingly sharp wind blades were all shattered.

Xin Yuan, who was not far away, was wielding the huge iron rod until there was no gap. With his great strength, he almost blocked most of the wind blades. There were only a few wind blades brushing past his body due to the wind blades’ angle, but he was hurt under the protection of his protective aura.

Several people beside him were not so lucky. Except that one person only received some minor injuries with the help of a small shield spiritual weapon and the more agile movement, the others were dead in an instant under the endless wind blades due to insufficient spiritual power or inability to dodge.

In just a few seconds, half of the twenty slave miners were dead.

When the rest of the people just recovered from the wind blade attack, the two hurricanes vanished. A hundred meters long python-like evil beast appeared instead. It was wrapped by a black yellow gas. There was only one vertical eye on its head, and it was emanating a strange light.

In the distance a little further away, Siren King, who was holding a woman in his hand, condensed numerous huge blue ice spears, constantly attacking the other thousand meters long giant python-like evil beast.

Even though the evil beast seemed to be vicious and fierce, its body was constantly frozen. As it struggled to break the ice, there were blood holes on its body. It couldn’t fight back at all.

Liu Ming was shocked by this.

But at this time, Lan Xi had turned into a blue light and rushed out, fighting with another smaller evil beast.

A bronze ancient mirror appeared in his hand out of nowhere. It immediately transformed into a few hundred yellow mirror shadows.

The dense wind blades vanished into the ancient mirror as they contacted each other.

As Lan Xi groaned, clusters of golden light shot out from the mirror shadows, blasting toward the opposite evil beast.

The python-like evil beast made a sharp sound, then its giant body turned and released countless wind blades, that were thicker than before, at the golden clusters.

In the continuous bursting sound, the wind blades and golden lights were intertwined immediately. The momentum was astonishing!

Seeing this, Liu Ming shook his sleeves without saying anything. The blue sword immediately flew out with a clear voice. After it hovered in the air, it turned into a blue crystal rainbow.

Although Xin Yuan and others did not dare to get close, they also waved the weapon in their hands to release various long-range attacks.

This python-like evil beast was originally only able to barely defend against Lan Xi’s spiritual weapon. Now, so many attacks were launched at once, it naturally couldn’t resist anymore.

But there were also several clusters of golden light rushing out of the wind blades and hitting the python-like evil beast’s body. It immediately released circles of dazzling golden light and hit on its protective aura, leaving a few ten meters holes on its body.

The python-like evil beast roared violently. It spurted out several yellow liquids from its body.

And at this moment, another black crystal rainbow also rushed out of the wind blades. It flashed and opened up a circle of deep wound around the evil beast’s neck. More liquid gushed out immediately.

Such a scene surprised many people!

Lan Xi glanced at Liu Ming subconsciously, and his eyes flashed a peculiar light.

After this evil beast suffered such a painful attack, it was completely irritated. It made a sharp scream, then gray light flowed on its body surface. The wounds on its body actually recovered gradually. At the same time, it swung its tail and smashed like a giant rod.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s figure flashed and rushed out a few hundred meters away, leaving an afterimage behind him.

Xin Yuan and others immediately dodged in horror.

But there were still two slave miners who could not dodge in time, and they were hit by the huge python-like evil beast’s tail. They immediately turned into two balls of meat sauce.

At this time, Liu Ming and others launched the attack again without hesitation. Countless sword lights surged toward the python-like evil beast. Although the evil beast wasn’t hurt by the attack, its wound recovery was stopped by the attack.

As Lan Xi saw this, his ten fingers blurred. The bronze ancient mirror once again blasted a round of golden light attack which caused a few more blood holes in this beast.

At this moment, Liu Ming looked ruthless. He made a sword gesture with one hand. After the blue little sword buzzed, it followed the few golden light clusters to hit on the evil beast, and it went into one of the blood holes at an incredible angle.

Then, as he moved his mind, the flying sword went rampage in the evil beast’s body.

The evil beast made a heartbreaking growl, then its body fell from the sky, and it kept rolling on the ground desperately.

Lan Xi and the rest of the group were delighted when they saw each other. They immediately used all their spiritual power to cast various spiritual weapon mystic arts.

In a blink of an eye, the evil beast had countless holes on its body. The yellow and black gas on its body surface only had a thin layer left.

At this moment, at the top of the huge head of the evil beast, a blue little sword suddenly pierced through its head skull. The evil beast screamed in pain, then it fell on the ground as it could no longer move.

However, Liu Ming was shocked when he saw that the evil beast wasn’t dead after suffering such a deadly injury.

At the same time, Lan Xi formed gestures with his ten fingers and condensed more yellow mirror shadows in the nearby air. As the evil beast was in severe injury, he waved his sleeve and countless golden light clusters rained down at its giant body.

Xin Yuan and others naturally attacked desperately.

When the golden light was gone, the hundred meters python-like evil beast was scorched and motionless on the ground.

Seeing this scene, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Lan Xi looked at Liu Ming deeply.

Liu Ming looked as usual. He waved his sleeve and retrieved the blue flying sword in the air, then he cast his gaze on another battle that was slightly far away.

At this time, the battle between Siren King and the Crystallization Period intermediate stage evil beast also came to an end.

Under the almost endless blue ice spear attack of Siren King, even though the Crystallization Period intermediate stage evil beast had mighty spiritual power, before it could unleash its might power, it was already covered in wounds until it couldn’t stand still.

Several times, this evil beast tried to find a chance and ran away, but it was forced back by Siren King’s ice spears.

Finally, this evil beast, once again turned into an ice sculpture, but it couldn’t break through the ice immediately. Siren King’s eyes flashed, then he grasped in the air.

Under the violent space fluctuation above the huge ice sculpture, a blue palm of several ten meters flashed and slammed down.

A bursting sound spread out!

The vvil beast’s huge head and the blue ice on its body surface were smashed easily by a slam, turning into crystal light spots that vanished into the air.

At the next moment, a nearly thousand meters evil beast’s corpse collapsed into the desert below and set the rocks and sand flying.

Lan Xi’s eyes were flickering slightly as he saw this situation.

Liu Ming couldn’t help but exhale lightly!

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