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Chapter 421: Joined Forces Temporarily

As soon as this statement came out, it caused a commotion. Although many people still couldn’t believe what he said, there were also a few men who were quite powerful in mental power faintly noticed some clues from Siren King who appeared all of sudden.

Liu Ming was naturally one of them.

With his powerful mental power, under his careful observation, although he was unable to gain insight into the cultivation of the young man in white robe in the air, he found that the aura the young man exuded seemed to be resisting something else under the young man’s seemingly normal appearance..

As Siren King listened to Lan Xi’s words, his expression did not change. After his eyes glanced across everyone, he said lightly, “Indeed, I have a situation inside my body. But if you think you can really fight with me by borrowing their power, then you can give it a try.”

Although Siren King’s voice was not loud, it made a buzzing loud noise when everyone heard it as if they heard a shocking news.

Most people’s consciousness immediately became absent-minded. Some people with weaker mental power even felt a little powerless.

But Liu Ming frowned as soon as he heard this, then he acted as if he was fine.

With his powerful mental power no less than the Crystallization Period, as long as Siren King did not specifically use spirit mystic arts to target him, this kind of spirit coercion would naturally not have much effect on him.

Although the people soon recovered from the shock, such sudden words made those, who were moved, look at the young man in white robe with fear in their eyes.

Although Lan Xi was also not affected by much, his face couldn’t help looking terrible. But after he hesitated a moment, he suddenly talked again, “Siren King, although I don’t know why you suddenly appeared here, no matter how bad your injuries are and how much strength you still have, this place is the abyss. You should know better than me what are the consequences to fight here?”

“Oh, so what’s your suggestion?” As Siren King heard this, his expression looked indifferent. A blue light flashed, and a figure appeared in front of Lan Xi.

“Since you did attack when you saw us, I think you probably don’t want to waste spiritual power on us. After all, your enemies are still the Sea Creature Clan. If that’s the case, why don’t you and I cooperate temporarily..” Lan Xi was surprised. He could not help but step back two steps, but he said tactfully.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, and he finally saw the unconscious woman held in Siren King’s arms. It was Jia Lan.

But there was no trace of blood on this woman’s original beautiful face. Her eyes are closed, and her aura was vague.

As he was surprised and doubtful in his heart, the young man in white robe in front of everyone suddenly spoke.

“Hmph, it seems that you know a lot of things. But since you have stayed in the depths of this mineral vein for so long, this time you come to this abyss, this must not be a rash move. You should have a way to determine the other nodes right.”

Siren King snorted and said, but he glanced at the disc in Lan Xi’s hands unintentionally.

“In recent years, I have specifically studied related mystic arts. As long as there aren’t any accidents, it is only a matter of time to find the node.” Lan Xi thought suddenly, but he immediately replied without thinking.

“Very well, as long as you can take me to find the node to leave this place, I will not trouble you all. If there is any danger on the way, I will naturally help out.” After Siren King listened, he hesitated slightly and said.

“No problem. But should you tell us about the Sea Emperor Pill?” Lan Xi was delighted after hearing Siren King’s words, but he immediately thought of something as he said.

“Hmph! I refine these pills, so I of course have a way to dispel it. But how can I bring the antidote with me now? When we leave this place, I will tell you the method to dispel it.” Siren King snorted and said.

“Okay, I hope Sir Siren King will honor this covenant by then!” Lan Xi frowned, then he finally smiled bitterly and said.

After Siren King sneered, he didn’t say anything more.

When everyone heard this, they were relieved in their hearts. Some of them even looked joyful.

Siren King was obviously seriously injured at the moment, and even his cultivation dropped a lot. Otherwise, he would definitely not talk about any deal with him.

But everyone still understood the logic that a starved camel was bigger than a horse.

This Siren King was a Real Pellet State powerhouse in any way. Even if his power was greatly reduced at this moment, the ordinary Crystallization Period was still not comparable to him.

With the help of such a powerhouse, the chance of everyone escaping from this place would naturally increase greatly.

Of course, there were also some quick-witted people who thought of using escape technique once they were out of the abyss to avoid Siren King.

At this moment, someone in the crowd suddenly asked,

“Senior Siren King, do you know where my Master’s Junior Ye Tianmei is at this moment?”

The person who spoke was Liu Ming!

At this moment, he looked at Siren King with a calm face.

Siren King was first stunned, but then he glanced at him deeply. He didn’t mean to hide it, so he said lightly,

“Your Master’s Junior is very vigilant. Before I’m in trouble, she had already escaped from the Sea Emperor Palace.”

“Is that true?” Liu Ming was astounded.

“Hmph, do you think I will lie to you as a Condensation State Cultivator?” Siren King finally showed an impatient look on his face.

When Liu Ming heard the young man’s words, he cupped his fist in joy, and he didn’t speak anymore.

So the following time, after Lan Xi and Siren King discussed the matter of escape, the two parties continued to move forward into the abyss in a rather strange atmosphere.

However, no one would dare to get close to Siren King.

Although Liu Ming was still surprised why Jia Lan would fall into the hands of this Real Pellet State Beastkin Cultivator, he could not ask anything more in this situation.

Fortunately, the young man in white robe hugged her carefully, so he didn’t need to worry too much about her safety for a while.

In a small cave in the deep sea mineral vein.

Ye Tianmei, in a green robe, was standing in the middle of the cave with a cold look. Nine cold silver flying swords were hovering around her, causing the temperature in the cave to suddenly drop to the freezing point.

After some previous searches in the mine, she couldn’t even find Liu Ming’s aura through the use of magical weapons.

So, the Crystallisation Period Sword Cultivator woman, as she was furious, grabbed several slave miners in a row and interrogated them.

Since Lan Xi was no longer in the mine, no one could stop her.

At this moment, there were several slave miners kneeling down in front of her. All of them were the leaders of some small forces, but all of them were anxiously talking about something.

“Senior, please be mercy. I have seen Liu Ming before, but I haven’t seen him again recently.” The voice of a slave miner, who looked like a Sea Creature Clan man, was trembling slightly.

“It’s not just him. During this time, a large number of slave miners did not appear before anyone. Now many people are secretly discussing this matter.” Another Orc Clan slave miner quickly added.

“Yeah, it seems that the missing people are all of high cultivation. Even a Crystallization Period senior also disappeared together. Some people said that they might have escaped through some king of mean.” A human clan old man also said.

After listening to Ye Tianmei, she was naturally surprised.

But when she thought about the previous performance of this man, she thought it was very possible.

This made the woman feel at ease again.

At this time, the war above was almost over. She couldn’t stay in the mineral vein for a long time to continue looking for Liu Ming.

So after Ye Tianmei thought about it, she told the slave miners that the underwater world was in war, and the outside enchantment and mine guards had already been dealt with by her. After that, she left.

When these slave miners heard Ye Tianmei’s words, they were naturally shocked and happy. After seeing the woman leaving far away, they looked at each other, and they immediately ran away without saying anything.

It didn’t take long for the slave miners in the entire mine to know this news.

Hundreds of slave miners swarmed like bees toward the exit in ecstasy…

After a few days.

In the abyss.

At the moment, Liu Ming and his party with more than twenty people were walking like a long snake in the same and wandering in the endless desert.

The long footprints left by them disappeared without a trace after a gust of wind.

Above the desert, there was still a gray sky shrouded in a cloud of mist!

It was just that the sky at this moment was darker than when they first entered this place.

The sand that made up this desert was not dark yellow like the desert outside but a fine grayish white gravel.

Therefore, rather than saying it was a dessert, it looked more like a lifeless black and white world.

Looking around, the desert was empty, lacking the huge black stones in the previous wasteland. However, it was replaced by gray sand dunes of various size, and they moved along with the cold wind, making the dessert that was initially difficult to determine the direction even more confusing.

Along the way, the people encountered several evil beast seas and several Crystallization Period evil beasts, but with the previous experience, they naturally went through the evil beasts without fear under the effect of the spiritual fluids.

At this moment, the spiritual fluids held by everyone were only about half a gourd.

However, after Lan Xi promised sincerely, and he showed the disc that was showing the location in his hand, no one naturally questioned him.

Just to save spiritual power, everyone was walking instead of flying.

After all, in the desert where cold winds were blowing from time to time, flying was a high consumption and dangerous move.

Lan Xi naturally still held the disc and walked alone at the forefront, while Siren King, who reached an interim agreement with him, hugged Jia Lan and walked behind with a blank expression.

The rest of the people kept some distance from them and followed behind.

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