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Chapter 419: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan Ten

After Siren King summoned the silver armor puppets, he threw the flag that lost its light over his head and pulled out a short crystal clear ruler from his sleeve. As he just flickered it slightly, there were and a little blue light appeared nearby. In a moment, the light sports turned into gigantic waves that wrapped around him.

At the same time, he flicked the short ruler with a finger. After a clear sound, countless blue lights gushed out from the gigantic waves, then they condensed into numerous blue spears with the size of a dozen meters.

All this happened within a split second, making the surrounding Sea Creature Clan soldiers stunned.


When the young man in white robe groaned, a dozen bloody dragons immediately paused and pounced on those holy beasts along with the hundred silver armor soldiers.

The dense spears that had been suspending in the surrounding air made a burst of sharp whistling as he flicked his sleeve. The spears turned into a blue rainbow that blasted at the six Pseudo Pellet Sate hall masters, and the spears blurred and disappeared on their way.

At the next moment, there was a space fluctuation in front of the six Pseudo Pellet State hall masters, and a cold gale rolled up.

In the blink of an eye, sparkling spears emerged along with the wind. They were launched at the six Pseudo Pellet State hall masters with a dazzling blue light.

When the blue spear was still a few ten meters away, these Sea Creature Clan powerhouses could already feel a tremendous pressure.

Seeing this, Zhen Tian, who was wearing a colorful robe, couldn’t help but look shocked. His hand clutched in the air, then countless silver lightning arcs surged out. The arcs condensed into lightning spears in ten meters size.

As the woman shook her wrist, the lightning spears blasted toward the blue spears.

However, in the next scene, her face could not help but change greatly.

When the lightning spears just touched the blue spears, they withered and exploded. They could resist the blue spears at all.

She swung her sleeves in a hurry and took out a light green mirror, then she threw it in front of her. Her ten fingers kept flicking.

The mirror swirled around in the air, rolling out circles of green hurricane. At the same time, the woman’s body retreated, throwing several talisman’s explosions, and turned into layers of light curtains to wrap herself up.

A few loud bangs sounded!

Under the interference of the green hurricane released by this woman, although several blue spears were diverted a little bit, barely brushing her body, there were still several spears hitting on the protective light curtain. The light curtain instantly burst open.

The blue light flashed, and clouds of blue ice mist instantly appeared. It surged and froze the woman in it, turning her into a clear blue ice cube.

But after a few seconds, a crisp crackling sound came out!

The blue ice cubes broke apart, revealing the woman in colorful clothes and silver arc.

Just when her face flashed a hint of joy, thinking that she had resisted the blue ice spears attack, she suddenly found that several blue ice spears came to her front. She could only snort and cast a spell to deal with them again.

The situation of several other hall masters was not any better. They could barely resist this seemingly endless blue spear assault after summoning their mystic spiritual weapons. They couldn’t have the time to launch an attack at the young man in a white robe who was in the middle.

The six hall masters were shocked as they saw the young man in white robe cast the spells with ease. Only then they realized that the real power of the Real Pellet State period was much stronger than they could imagine.

After all, if they were to perform such a terrifying spell, their spiritual power would probably not be able to hold for a few rounds.

At this time, those blood dragons had already rushed to the front of them.

The purple octopus saw two bloody giant dragons and the dozens of silver armor soldiers coming straight to it, and the eyes on its pretty woman face flashed in green light. Its eight tentacles stretched and it retreated for a few hundred meters away. At the same time, it spurted out a cloud of purple-gray smokescreen. It was extremely stinky. The smokescreen spread and covered the air for about one thousand meters.

As the smokescreen rolled, there was a burst of blitz sound from it. Countless purple lightning arc were looming in it.

After two loud and long dragon roars, the two bloody giant dragons plunged into the smoke.

The purple-gray smokescreen tumbled, and it suddenly became less instantly. The two giant dragons appeared and disappeared in it. They were wildly sucking the smoke around.

In a blink of an eye, the purple-grey smoke that enveloped the large area of the sky was almost devoured by the two bloody giant dragons. At the same time, its body size rose abruptly like a balloon. Its crimson body even became a little purple and transparent.

At this moment, the dozen silver armor soldiers also came, and they went into the thin smoke without stopping. They flashed out from the bloody dragons and struck their dual blades onto the gigantic holy beast’s body.

The Sea Creature Clan holy beast did not seem to expect that its smokescreen would actually be solved in an instant. After a roar, eight thousand meters tentacles became blurred and whipped on the silver armor soldiers like rain. Each whip contained enormous power, causing a distortion in the surrounding space.

In front of the giant tentacles, the silver armor soldiers were like an ant. Under such a huge pressure, they had no way to run.

Immediately, loud bangs sounded one after another. The silver armor soldiers were knocked out like a sandbag and slammed heavily on the stone ground a hundred meters away. A few deep pits of various sizes were smashed out.

But after a while, these puppets came out of the pits as if nothing had happened. They charged toward the holy beasts again.

Seeing this scene, the Sea Creature Clan holy beast’s pretty woman face seemed to blush a little. It had no choice but to increase the attack rate of its tentacles. Although most of the silver armor soldiers were whipped away, the tentacles still missed some of them. As the dual blade slashed on the holy beast, it left a blood mark on its body.

With its defense like steel, it actually had no resistance against the dual blades of the silver armor soldiers!

This wound was nothing to its huge body, but when these silver soldiers kept getting knocked back, there were more scars on their bodies and their movement began to gradually slow down.

At this moment, the two bloody dragons had already devoured all the purple-gray smokescreen, and they also joined the assault.

Under the cooperation of the two blood dragons and a dozen silver soldiers, they were obviously still not the opponent of this huge holy beast. However, they also entangled this holy beast for a while, making it impossible to get close to the young man in white robe.

The same scenario was repeated in the remaining eleven battles.

This Siren King, with the help of Real Pellet and many puppets, resisted the six Pseudo Pellet State and twelve holy beasts on his own. Moreover, he looked like he was at ease.

This kind of expected result not only surprised and delighted the Crystallisation Period Beastkin Clan, but it also made the old man with the golden crown watching on the giant boat look a bit ghastly.

After hesitated for a while, he said with a cold snort, “I didn’t expect the Real Pellet State to be as powerful as this. It was only the Three Holes of Inferior Grade Real Pellet State that was condensed by the force of a foreign object. If it is the top grade Real Pellet State, the power isn’t what we can imagine at all! I don’t know if the trump card we prepared is really useful for it.”

“Your Majesty, rest assured that this man has already fallen in our trap. The poison method we prepared even killed the legendary Celestial State out of his surprise during the ancient time. Now we are only using a downgraded version to deal with an Inferior Grade Real Pellet State, there should be no big problems.” A rather thin old man behind the old man with the golden crown suddenly replied with a smile. The person was actually Li Kun!

“Very good! We have been planning for decades for this invasion. Now it seems that the success or failure will be decided by this move. If it succeeds, you will make a great contribution. Naturally, you will be my guest elder. There will be more rewards for you. Well, now it is time for the poison man to come out.” The old man with the golden crown glanced at him slowly and said slowly.

“Thank Your Majesty! Li Kun is loyal to the royal family, and I will certainly live up to Your Majesty.” Li Kun was overjoyed and replied hurriedly with a respectful expression.

At this time, another Golden Scale Clan old man next to him took out a blood-red gong. After striking on it, ten tall Sea Creature Clan men who were only wearing short pants flashed out from the giant boat’s compartment at the back. They walked to the front and stood in a row.

Each of these people exuded a powerful aura that was not inferior to that of the six Pseudo Pellet State hall masters, but their expression was blank, and they all had bald head and bald eyebrows. There were many black blood vessels all over their bodies which made them look horrifying. When they appeared, there was a disgusting stench spreading around the giant boat.

The old man with the golden crown frowned slightly after smelling it, and he waved at the gray-haired old man without saying a word.

The old man understood and the gong in his hand sounded intensely again.

The eyes of the dozen Sea Creature Clan people suddenly showed a layer of red lights. They all rose into the air, silently appearing beside the twelve holy beasts that were outside. They went straight to Siren King without stopping.

Next, a strange scene appeared!

One of a Sea Creature Clan man with a huge figure exploded halfway in the air when his body flashed a black light, turning into a pitch black poisonous mist .

Then there was a series of muffled noises in other directions. These Sea Creature Clan men all exploded. The black poisonous mist rolled and formed a huge black mist circle. They quickly gathered in the middle like a living creature.

The holy beasts in the fierce battle and the six main hall masters seemed to have predicted this; they retreated from the battle quickly

In a blink of an eye, the bloody dragons, the silver armor soldiers and Siren King were flooded by the black poisonous mist.

When the young man in white robe saw this situation, there was a sneer on his face. He didn’t care at all. When he was channeling the crystal clear ruler and commanded the bloody dragons and puppets to pursue, his face suddenly changed greatly after inhaling a trace of the black mist.

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