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Chapter 415: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan 6

This time, some of the aggressive Sea Creature Clan soldiers’ naturally redirected their attacks at these giant monsters.

However, when they found that ordinary attacks had no effect on these qirin-like giant monsters, these giant monsters rushed into the front line of the Sea Creature Clan army while tanking a variety of attacks.

All of a sudden, a giant boat was surrounded by several giant monsters and got hit by them. As the blue light curtain was breached with a rumbling sound, the boat was torn apart.

Hundreds of Sea Creature Clan soldiers were even sucked into the belly of the giant monsters.

This scene made the old man with the golden crown’s face could not help but change slightly. He waved his hand, and a group of Crystallization Period powerhouses with various colours of scales stood up immediately. They soared into the sky and charged at the giant monsters with extreme speed.

In the ice cold tunnel under the sea.

Chi Li stood sullenly in front of a white light curtain enchantment, while Jia Lan stood expressionlessly not far behind him, watching Chi Li’s movement quietly.

In the first half of the hour, Chi Li was blocked by an enchantment that appeared suddenly. She used all her means as she was anxious.

However, regardless of the various spells, talismans and magical weapons, they could only leave some faint marks on this strange cold light curtain. They could never really damage it.

After Chi Li’s face became uncertain, she suddenly bit her silver teeth, opened her mouth, and shot out a black ball of light with a soft glow.

It was a flame of true spirit that she refined for many years.

She formed a gesture in her hand, and as she chanted, the light ball suddenly turned into a ray of black flames that surged at the ice cold light curtain.

The white light curtain was immediately covered by a black flame sea of a dozen ten meters. At the same time, a suffocating heat wave spread out.

Seeing this, Jia Lan’s face changed slightly, and she stepped back subconsciously.

As the white light curtain was burning fiercely, mysterious runes appeared and circulated on its surface, desperately resisting the erosion of the true spirit flame.

Seeing this, Chi Li immediately cast a symbol to deliver spiritual power into the flames, increasing its power.

After a muffled noise, the ice curtain finally burst open in the flames and disappeared in the air.

Chi Li glanced at the cracked ice on the ground, then she looked up and found a crystal tunnel behind the light curtain.

This tunnel wall was just like the previous tunnel they used to come in. The surrounding had a layer of frost, but it was only a little thicker than before. As soon as they approached, a bone chilling coldness came to their face.

At the end of the tunnel, an entrance into the ice cave could vaguely be seen.

“Let’s go.”

There was a flash of joy on Chi Li’s face. She commanded without turning her head, then she walked forward.

Jia Lan followed her silently.

The tunnel was not long. After a while, the two stepped into an ice cave with an acre size.

Jia Lan glanced around. Eventually, she looked at the icicle in the center and the woman in palace costume was sealed in it. After her face muscles twitched a little, there was a flash of delight in the depth of her pupils. Her figure moved and fluttered toward the icicle.

But at this moment, bursts of buzzing sound emitted suddenly!

Behind the icicle, an array about ten meter in size that was planted long ago suddenly lit up, causing a wave of space fluctuations around.

In the flash of light, a handsome young man in white robe appeared at the center of the circle. It was Siren King himself.

As soon as the young man appeared, his eyes looked at Chi Li without expression.

Chi Li’s figure paused, and she stood on the ground. Her face was pale.

Jia Lan was also taken aback. Her eyes were filled with fear.

“Speak, why did you betray me.” Siren King just asked the woman in red dress, but his eyes were looking at the woman in the icicle, revealing a rare warmth.

“Hehe, betray… It is really unpredictable. In the end, my effort is in vain…” Chi Li looked at the young man in white robe in front of him with a blank face and murmured to herself. She suddenly laughed at herself lightly, then she laughed wildly while looking up. Her smile had a hint of sadness, making Jia Lan who was behind her felt hopeless.

As the young man in white robe heard the words, he frowned slightly. He looked at the woman again with his eyes flashing, but he didn’t speak again. He was waiting for her to reply.

Chi Li suddenly stopped her laughter and sighed, then said with a cold expression, “Chi Li was originally a nobody demon. I was wandering in the sea region, and I held myself aloof from the world. After I cultivated into the Crystallisation Period after a thousand year, I joined Sir Siren King’s forces in order to get more resources. However, did you know that I have fallen in love with Sir the first time I met you. Not long after, I secretly made a vow. Even if my cultivation will not progress anymore, I will help you to achieve the Real Pellet State! All these years, I helped your searching for treasures; followed you to explore the abyss; killing the Sea Creature Clan people for you; went to different islands to catch the slave miners that meet the requirement; helped you to grow your forces.”

Speaking of which, Chi Li’s voice stopped abruptly. Her face suddenly changed into a look of resentment, then she continued fiercely, “But Sir Siren, you treated me like nobody. Except for assigning missions to me, you never summon me privately; you didn’t even look at my face. I helped you fight numerous battles, and got myself some serious injuries, but I never got your care; you love this living dead instead. Am I, Chi Li, not pretty enough? No, it’s you who are cold-blooded; you are too heartless. Although I don’t know who this woman is, I’m obviously more powerful than her no matter how. Sir even wanted to find a woman with a similar appearance to be your dual cultivation partner! When you did this, did you ever consider my feelings!? I don’t believe that you can’t feel my true love for you for so many years! What can this woman provide you? She is just a living dead in the ice.”

“Enough! You’re not allowed to insult her!” As Siren King heard the words, his face suddenly became gloomy. He just waved his one hand, then a blue demon wind surged out. An invisible force suddenly pressed on this woman. The force lifted her up and slammed her down heavily on the ground like a sandbag, making her spurt out a mouthful of blood directly.

“You don’t want me to say, I will continue saying instead!” After Chi Li fell to the ground and trembled, she climbed up slowly from the ground, pointed at the icicle, and said fanatically.

“I know that this frozen person’s real name is ‘Jin Ling’. Her true form is actually a golden crystal dragon of the blue sea, and she was born with a pure spirit. As long as I borrow Jia Lan’s succubus physique to devour her soul so that I can occupy her body. When I become the second ‘Jin Ling, haha…”

“Very well, so you came here with such a plan! Since this is the case, I have nothing to say to you.”

When Siren King heard this, his pupils turned cold immediately. A green aura appeared on his face as he said slowly.

Then he burst out with an extremely huge aura. Circles of air waves surged toward the surroundings like a hurricane. He flashed and appeared in front of Chi Li; his white robe shook.

With a muffled noise, Chi Li, who did not dodge, took his palm. Her body collapsed and turned into a blood mist, and a cloud of black gas blasted out from it.

This was the essence of this Crystallization Period Beastkin Cultivator, Chi Li.

Siren King raised his one hand and opened his palm. The black gas was sucked into his palm, making it unable to move.

At this moment, Siren King glanced at the black air desperately struggling in his hand, but there was a strange expression in his eyes. After a while, he said lightly:

“You’re right, she is indeed Jin Ling, but she is not my lover; she is my sister. The reason why I can achieve the only Real Pellet State in the Sea Region is by borrowing the demon core left by her. If you make other mistakes, I can forgive you. But you intended to touch her, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as the young man in white robe said, he gripped his five fingers, and a dazzling blue light burst out in his palm.

After a scream from a woman, the black gas instantly turned into a green smoke and vanished.

A Beastkin Clan cultivator in the Crystallization Period got her soul eliminated easily.

Siren King sighed after doing all this, then he turned to look at the place where Jia Lan was.

At this time, Jia Lan quietly retreated to the ice cave while Chi Li was talking with the young man in white robe. When she saw Siren King glanced at her, her face changed greatly. She formed a gesture, and a few dazzling rays blasted out. Her graceful figure transfigured into a dozen phantasms under a wave of ripples, and they all blasted into the tunnel

Jia Lan suddenly used the succubus physique as she was desperate, and she did not hesitate to exert her spiritual power to the maximum, planning to escape like this.

But at the next moment, Siren King’s figure just flickered, then his body passed through the ripples without any signs. He waved his hand that was emanating a blue light, and the phantasms that had the same aura as the real body dispersed. Jia Lan’s real body was caught by it

Then the young man in white robe, holding the woman in one hand, went back to his previous standing location after a flash.

“Senior Lan, junior knows nothing in advance, and I have yet done anything. Chi Li forced me to do all these.” Jia Lan’s body was completely restrained by an invisible force. Although she was terrified, she said quickly instead.

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