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Chapter 414: The Battle of the Sea Creature Clan (5)

Just as Liu Ming and others were about to enter the abyss.

The battle between Sea Emperor Palace and Sea Creature Clan was still in full swing.


A deep-sea giant beast with a size of one hundred meters was shrouded by a black mist spit out from a huge black dragon in the light curtain. Numerous pustules suddenly appeared under the skin, and its body was ulcerated until it died.

The black dragon was also struck by dozens of large light beams at the same time after a painful dragon roar, and it turned into light spots and collapsed.

At the same time, on the square platform in front of Sea Emperor Palace, the white-haired hunchbacked old man’s face was flushing with blood; he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Behind him, several Beastkin Clan guards, who were holding black formation flags, also died as their body exploded.

At the moment, the five-color true dragon array that enveloped the entire underwater world only had one green dragon wandering around. It was just spitting out clouds of green gas to strengthen the defense; it no longer went out to fight with the enemies.

But even so, the original five-color light curtain with amazing defensive power only had a layer of vague, pale green aura.

After launching several waves of attacks that cost them two giant boats and more than ten giant sea monsters, the Sea Creature Clan army was finally one step away from breaking the five-color light curtain. The entire underwater world was immediately in an imminent danger.

At this time, on the sea surface that was far away from the underwater world.

Ye Tianmei’s green clothes were fluttering in the wind, and now she was stepping on a silver giant sword, floating quietly in the sky more than a thousand meter.

She looked at the direction of the blue light that suddenly turned around not long ago, and frowned slightly. She seemed like she was thinking about something.

Her eyes flashed as she made a gesture. The silver giant sword under her feet immediately turned into a crystal rainbow and dashed toward the direction that she came.

Half an hour later, the woman appeared on a reef a few ten meters in size. In front of him was an unconscious Sea Creature Clan soldier with blue armor. There was a trident piercing into the rock not far from there.

At the moment, Ye Tianmei was pressing a jade hand that emitted a silver light on the Sea Creature Clan soldier’s head. She then closed her eyes while chanting.

A few moments later, the Sea Creature Clan soldier’s face twisted. With a muffled “bang”, the head suddenly burst open.

But Ye Tianmei’s body surface reflected the red and white matters that splashed on her as a silver light flashed. Her body didn’t get contaminated at all.

“They actually choose to attack Siren King’s nest at this time, Sea Creature Clan is really unexpected, but it is an opportunity for me.” Ye Tianmei stood up, looking at the direction of Sea Emperor Palace. She muttered to herself.

Then she raised her hand and released a fireball. Immediately, the blue armor Sea Creature Clan burned turned into ashes. Then, she turned into a silver light and flew toward the Sea Emperor Palace quietly.

A dragon roar!

A green giant dragon rose into the sky from the pale green light curtain. After it circled in the air, it charged toward the giant boat in front.

Just as the giant dragon and giant boat collided, the giant dragon emitted a dazzling green light, then a wave of space fluctuations that seemed to be able to shatter the world spread out.

After an earth-shattering crackling sound, a layer of dark blue light curtain appeared above the giant boat, then a green and blue sun appeared in front of the giant boat. It turned into a halo and surged away.

The dark blue light curtain on the surface of the giant boat could only hold for a few seconds, then it broke apart in a burst.

When the green light dissipated, the people of Sea Creature Clan above the other giant boats discovered that the giant green dragon and the giant boat disappeared at the same time, leaving only a large area of ​​ruin.

Many Sea Creature Clan soldiers even turned into ashes directly by that shocking explosion.

At the same time, the green light curtain also collapsed after the green dragon exploded.

On the square platform in front of the Sea Emperor Palace, as the last team of Beastkin Clan who were holding the green formation flags turned into a cloud of blood mist, the humpbacked old man standing in the center of the platform suddenly retreated a few steps. He looked up and spurted a few mouthfuls of blood into the air. He fell on the tall platform with an enfeeble state. His aura became vague, and he could no longer stand up.

With the complete destruction of the five-color true dragon array that enveloped the entire underwater world, the entire underwater world was immediately exposed in front of the Sea Creature Clan army. The Beastkin Clan soldiers had already retreated behind the underwater buildings under the command of a few high rank Beastkin Clan members. They used the enchantment light curtain on the buildings as a cover to continue launching attacks at the Sea Creature Clan.

Seeing this scene, the old man with the golden crown on the giant boat behind the Sea Creature Clan started a second wave of attack to completely destroy all the buildings and enchantments on the outer layer of the underwater world.

Suddenly, island-like huge sea monsters and the remaining giant boats attacked with dense mystic arts of different colors. They began to march toward the center of the underwater world.

In the shouts of the countless Sea Creature Clan soldiers, the momentum of the Sea Creature Clan had increased several times at once. They easily breached a few layers of Beastkin Clan’s defense.

On the side of Siren King’s army, the elite force that was ready to go was finally dispatched.

Under the leadership of several huge bronze chariots, there were countless beast-like puppets growling in the back. They immediately face the huge sea monsters and giant boats.

But at a time, both sides launched light beams of different colors and arrows at each other. The sky was full of colors. It even emitted waves of earthshaking sounds. The sound of fighting was endless.

For a time, Sea Creature Clan’s giant boat was breached by the Beastkin Clan, then countless and dense anacondas and beast-like puppets immediately swarmed up to fight with the Sea Creature Clan soldiers !

Then, a large area of anaconda was easily crushed by a huge sea monster, and a big bite could immediately cause a huge casualty.

Then, hundreds of beast-like puppets tore dozen Sea Creature Clan soldiers into pieces.

On the other side, a giant beast-like puppet appeared at the edge of the Sea Creature Clan boat with a very agile movement. After it swung its giant palm, it killed dozens of Sea Creature Clan elite soldiers in one breath. But then the giant puppet was being focused by the Sea Creature Clan soldiers on the nearby giant boats, and it was smashed into a pile of junk.

Not far away, dozens of Sea Creature Clan soldiers standing on top of the huge sea monster only had seven to eight of them left after being assaulted by a few high rank Beastkin Clan soldiers behind the building.

At this moment, when a huge sea monster roared furiously. It opened its big mouth, and a powerful sucking force was produced. The Sea Creature Clan soldiers who hid behind the buildings were sucked out. Some Beastkin Clan soldiers even slashed the Sea Creature Clan soldiers into pieces when the sea monster got close to the building.

The remaining Beastkin Clan soldiers were swallowed directly into the mouth of the beast.

As the arms of the giant monster swung, the light curtain on the two buildings burst open like tofu.

Under the fierce attack of the absolute number of Sea Creature Clan army, the bronze chariot and beast-like puppet on the side of Siren King suffered heavy casualties in a blink of an eye. Only a few of them were left.

The Sea Creature Clan side had also suffered a lot of casualties under the victory, but with the destruction of the enchantment connected to the outside of the building, the encircling circle was constantly shrinking. Almost 50% of the enchantments were destroyed in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, the old man with the golden crown who was observing in distance, and the six powerful figures behind him, still hadn’t made a move yet as if they were waiting for something.

At this moment, a clear flute sound sounded! Another wave of single-horn anaconda that originally surrounded the underwater palace rose one after another. They were dancing while circling, rushing toward the Sea Creature Clan giant boats and monsters like a tide.

They instantly covered half of the Sea Creature Clan army.

The Sea Creature Clan soldiers on the giant boats and giant monsters dodged wildly, but under the single-horn anacondas’ intensive attack, they still suffered heavy casualties. Those who were hit by the anaconda venom immediately rotted and died.

Under the leadership of some high rank soldiers, the Sea Creature Clan soldiers also fought back. Immediately, countless sword shadows came from the giant boats, and countless anacondas were cut into pieces.

“Looks like we are about to lose. If the anaconda army is destroyed, then our trouble will be huge! I wonder if Qing Qin has contacted Sir Siren King.” In a building hall, a face with thick black hair Beastkin Clan man spoke to a white-haired old man with worries.

“Qing Qin has previously communicated with me. It seems that he has contacted Sir Siren King, and he is rushing back here. We can only take a leap of faith to fight for enough time. I hope Sir Siren King will not come back too late.” The Beastkin Clan old man hesitated for a moment, then he said with a sharp voice as his eyes flashed.

“In this case, it seems that I can only summon those few guys together, otherwise we can’t hold on with just a few of us.” Another short Beastkin Clan man suggested with a gloomy face.

The other two were startled, but they nodded silently after exchanging a glance at each other.

It didn’t take long for the anacondas to be killed, and most of the beast-like puppets were only a small half left. On the land behind the Sea Emperor Palace, an earthshaking roar sounded suddenly!

As a result, seven or eight mountain-like giant creatures emerged from the underground and quickly flew into the air and charged toward the Sea Creature Clan army.

There were eight giant monsters with three to four thousand meters in height. They were blue in color; had weird horns; dragon head and horse body; looked like a qirin [1]. Each of them emanated the shocking aura of the Crystallization Period later stage.

On the ground not far behind these huge monsters, a pale silver rune array emerged silently.

Three Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan members, who had previously discussed things in the hall, sat in this rune array.

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