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“Brother Yan!”

“Senior Lan, why did you do this?”

At the sight of this situation, there was a commotion in the crowd which caused the gray fog to roll around. A few people stood up immediately, and some people questioned on the spot.

Liu Ming was also very surprised, but he quietly glanced across several people. He immediately recognized these people were the confidants of Yan Luo he had seen at Iron Alliance base camp before, and the middle-aged man in leather robe who brought him here was also in the list.

Xin Yuan, who stood beside him, after seeing the face of the person in Lan Xi’s hand, his face also became very ugly. Obviously, he was equally not prepared for this sudden scene.

“Why? Hehe, if I didn’t discover it early, I’m afraid you don’t even know being sold out by him. Otherwise, why did I take the risk and suddenly advance the plan. As for the specific situation, you can ask Mr. Yan Luo.” After Lan Xi snorted, he shook his wrist and threw the person in his hand to the ground.


Yan Luo fell to the ground like a sludge of mud with his face down. He was lying motionless, and only a few seconds, layers of chain-like emerald green spirit patterns appeared on top of his bronze skin. They were faintly flickering with spiritual light. It spread all around his body immediately, and it was moving on his body like a living thing. This scene was quite strange!

With the flickering of spirit patterns, even his breath became non-existent.

Obviously, Lan Xi had already planted an enchantment on Yan Luo.

For a time, it was silent on the field. Everyone looked unbeliavable!

The former indignant Yan Luo also couldn’t help but look shock and doubt. His mouth was closed tight. He didn’t dare to say a single word.

“Brother Yan, is what Senior Lan said true?”. After Xin Yuan’s face changed a bit, he finally stepped forward and asked Yan Luo on the floor. He said in a trembling tone.

As he seemed to hear Xin Yuan’s question, Yan Luo, who was originally lying on the ground, moved a finger, then stood up slowly under everyone’s watch.

When everyone saw Yan Luo, who was originally known for his strong physical body, couldn’t even stand up at the moment, their expressions changed slightly. They looked at Lan Xi with deep fear.

At the moment, Yan Luo was disheveled, and his face was pale. He barely stood up. He slowly glanced at the crowd in front of him with lifeless eyes, then he finally set his gaze on Xin Yuan. He said faintly, “Lan Xi is right. I was in contact with the mine guard and reported all your every move, and it was like this a few years ago.”

As this remark came out, everyone was suddenly in an uproar.

Xin Yuan’s face was even pale and bloodless.

Those who were present now naturally had high hopes for the escape plan, otherwise they would not join the plan. Even some of the Iron Alliance’s confidants were recommended by Yan Luo directly.

Now that he took the initiative to leak the plan to the mine guards, how could they not be furious.

“Yan Luo, you recruited us, but you collude with the mine guards, what is your intention?”

“We trust you so much, and we work so hard for you, but you went to collude with the guards!”

For a time, questioning and scolding kept coming out from the crowd.

Others even looked at Yan Luo with vicious eyes.

For the performance of everyone, Lan Xi had already expected it, but he was just watching the show with his hands behind his back.

At this moment, Yan Luo suddenly opened his mouth wide and laughed wildly. His eyes full of madness, and everyone kept quite as they were suddenly shocked.

After the laughter stopped, Yan Luo suddenly straightened his figure and said proudly, “You people really think that there is really a way to escape? It’s ridiculous!”

Everyone was astounded listening to him for a moment, wondering what Yan Luo meant.

A Sea Creature Clan stepped forward and said with a sneer, “You have already betrayed your people at this moment. No one will ever trust you. Do you really think anyone in here will believe in you?”.

“Hmph, I don’t have to hide anything as it has already come down to this. The escape route that Lan Xi said is totally impossible. Lan Xi is deceiving you from the beginning of this plan. Although I don’t know what his real purpose is, since he deceived me first, what’s wrong with trying to find a way out myself! It’s just that I didn’t expect that his true strength is really above me. Now that I’m not as powerful as him, I have nothing to say. But soon, you will come down to accompany me together, then I won’t be too lonely in hell.” Yan Luo was getting more agitated as he said. His voice was filled with endless madness.

As soon as this remark came out, the originally noisy crowd suddenly calmed down again, but everyone’s eyes shifted to Elder Lan who was standing behind Yan Luo. There were different expressions like doubt, fear, etc.

Seeing this, Lan Xi twitched his mouth gently, raised one hand, and suddenly slammed a palm forward.


Yan Luo’s head was shattered by a hard blow. The red and white things splashed all over the place.

At the next moment, the emerald green spirit patterns on the skin of Yan Luo’s headless body suddenly flashed wildly. After its size changed randomly, his original bronze skin began to dim, and his flesh and blood quickly shrivelled in the speed that was visible to the naked eye.

In an instant, a headless dried corpse fell to the ground lightly.

Lan Xi glanced at the crowd with an ambiguous expression on his face, but his eyes were very cold. He slowly said, “Actually, I have discovered that Yan Luo had ill-intentions when I first prepared this plan. He was colluding with the mine guard secretly, but based on his identity as the head of a major force, and he still had his value, so I let him live longer. During this period, I also gave him a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately he was still stubborn. Therefore, I didn’t tell the real escape plan to him which made him misunderstand that the plan is actually impossible. As for the real escape route…”

As everyone in the cave heard this, they couldn’t help widening their eyes.

But after Lan Xi’s voice stopped, his tone suddenly became cold, “You guys wait here for a few days, then you will know the answer. As for those who aren’t willing to wait, you can act as you wish.”

Subsequently, the Crystallisation Period powerhouse sat down cross-legged and meditated on his own.

Everyone present who saw this situation couldn’t help looking at each other.

Although they didn’t know among Lan Xi and Yan Luo, who deceived who first, and whether the escape route Lan Xi said really existed, but since it had progressed to this step, they naturally would not dig deep into it.

As for Lan Xi’s last words asking them to do as they wish, he probably didn’t really mean it. If anyone wants to leave this place, their fate would be sealed based on his ruthless character and the lesson drawn from Yan Luo’s mistake.

After a while, the crowd who had originally gathered together, spread out and sat on the ground in groups of three or five. Some whispered at each other; some started to adjust their breath.

Xin Yuan sighed, then his sleeves flickered. A ball of fire immediately flew out. With an explosion, it hit Yan Luo’s headless corpse and burned it into ashes.

Then, he looked for a place at another corner with a gloomy face and sat down to adjust his breath without bothering anyone else.

Liu Ming had been watching what had happened. Although his face hadn’t changed, he looked at Lan Xi who looked confident, then he raised his eyebrows and walked slowly toward a place with few people.

Two days later, outside a secret room under the underwater palace.

An ugly woman wearing a red robe and dark blue skin brought several Beastkin Clan maids holding a big red shirt appeared at the entrance of the tunnel leading to the secret room.

While there was still a short distance from the secret room door, the several maids suddenly stopped under the gesture of the ugly woman.

“Fairy Ye, Siren King summoned, please change into the clothes brought by the maids and follow me to see Siren King quickly.” The ugly woman shouted into the room.

After a while, Ye Tianmei’s cold voice came out of the room, “Why Siren King summoned me suddenly?”

“I don’t know. Fairy Ye, please open the door and change your clothes. Siren King has been waiting for a long time.” The ugly woman urged her impatiently.

“It seems that Siren King did not intend to give me too long. But fortunately, two days ago, I finally completed the sacrificial refining of the sword array. Now, there is no need to see him.” After a while, Ye Tianmei’s cold voice came out from the secret room again.

“Impudent, what are you saying!” After hearing this, the ugly woman immediately realized that something was bad. After she reprimanded loudly with a change of her expression, she immediately took out a green talisman, wanting to activate it.

But at this moment, the seemingly thick and gleaming white door suddenly burst open.

In the splash of gravel, a silver rainbow flew out with a lightning speed. After it became blurred, another eight silver long swords appeared from the nearby void. They turned into countless silver silk that went at the ugly woman and the maids behind her.

After a scream, the ugly woman and these maids of Beastkin Clan were directly cut into countless pieces of minced meat.

The entire tunnel was instantly enveloped by a cloud of blood mist. It was filled with a thick bloody scent.

The dense silver thread gathered and became eight silver long swords that suspended in midair again, making a buzzing sound.

Then another silver light flew out of the room. It turned into a silver with the other eight flying swords and soared into the sky. It immediately pierced through layers of green marble floor and layers of enchantment that shrouded the entire palace, rushing at the faint blue light curtain on top of the palace.

At this moment, somewhere in the Underwater Palace, Siren King’s eerie voice suddenly came out, “Sword Controlling Escape Technique! Fairy Ye, you want to escape from my hand? Are you having a wishful thought!”

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