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With just two rounds of battle, the Green Hunter Clan man was killed by Liu Ming swiftly.

And because he didn’t use the sword technique from beginning to end, Yan Luo, who was watching from the side was surprised to see this.

Lan Xi, who was sitting on the stone chair, couldn’t help but flash an unexpected expression on his face. The pair of slightly muddy eyes re-examined the young man in front of him again. They seemed to have the hint of appreciation.

“Mr. Liu really has an extraordinary skill. Since only you are left now, you are naturally eligible to join the my plan. But I will ask you again, are you really willing to join? Are you sure you aren’t reluctant? “Lan Xi said slowly.

“Since there is a chance to escape from this underwater mining area, of course I wouldn’t let it go.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he replied without any hesitation.

“Very well.”

Hearing Liu Ming’s tactful words, Lan Xi nodded with satisfaction. He waved his hands behind him, and Yan Luo immediately took off a bulging leather bag from his waist and gently tossed it toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming stood calmly on the spot. When the leather bag flew in front of him, he caught the leather bag in his hand.

At the same time, Lan Xi’s faint voice sounded again in Liu Ming’s ears, “Here are the ten worm eggs and the token of this plan. You can go back now and prepare for it. Three months later, the plan will start formally. I will let someone notify you with the same token. During these three months, you don’t need to spend any energy to mine the ore. You just need to concentrate on recovering spiritual power and keep it at the peak. As for the ore you need to pay each month, there will be someone exchanging and sending it to you in time.”

After all, although the eggs could suppress the poison in the body, the number of eggs wasn’t not too much. Now that everyone was still in the mine, they still needed to take the monthly antidote. In this way, he could also confuse the mine guards, so that they will not be suspicious.

Liu Ming glanced inside the bag and found that in addition to ten small similar bottles in the bag, there was also a small golden shell with some mysterious rune imprinted on it. More than that, there were more than ten intermediate grade spirit stones. Although it was not much, this was considered to be a little fortune in this mineral vein.

Liu Ming would naturally not be polite. After saying thanks, he carefully kept away the leather bag, then he cupped his fist and bade farewell to Lan Xi and left the cave.

Watching Liu Ming’s figure disappearing at the end of the tunnel in front, Lan Xi turned his head suddenly and asked Yan Luo aside, “I didn’t expect this boy to be a Physique Cultivator too, and his body is quite tough. However, is the power of his Sword Controlling Technique as powerful as you said? It won’t mess up our big plan right.”

“Brother Lan, don’t worry! His sword technique is extremely powerful. He can break the physical defense of my bronze gong spiritual body with only a low-level spiritual flying sword. When senior gives him the intermediate grade spiritual sword, it will be more powerful than before, so it will absolutely be fine.” As Yan Luo heard the words, he assured him without thinking much.

“If that is the case, then it is good. The spirit sword will be given to him by then.” As Lan Xi heard this, the worry in his mind seemed be completely removed.

“I don’t know why, I always feel that this boy’s strength is not limited to this. He may even be hiding his strength.” Yan Luo’s eyes turned, then he added.

“Oh. Why do you say this?” Lan Xi’s expression changed a little after hearing it.

“This time in order to test the true strength of this oy. The two people I specially found, although they were not really picked by me, they were considered to be not weak. Liu Ming could easily kill the Green Hunter Clan man, it can be seen that he has some powerful moves. It is impossible for him to have only the Sword Controlling Technique as his ultimate move.” Yan Luo touched his chin and said with a blinking gaze.

“En, what you said makes sense. No matter whether he hides his strength or not, it will be fine as long as he can really be used by us. In addition, how is the last batch of eggs bred? If it is prepared properly, you know how to deal with those people. Don’t leave any trace.” Lan Xi nodded. He turned the thread of discussion and asked again.

“I understand. This batch of eggs will mature after two months. If the survival rate is similar to the past which is about 70%, then it should be enough when the plan is launched.” Yan Luo replied calmly.

“Very well, how is the progress regarding the selection of the host forbidding blood talisman?” Lan Xi’s eyes flickered a few times as he asked again.

“For the blood talisman matter, I have selected two hosts from the slave miners according to Brother Lan’s request, and I have settled them with the condition of escaping from this place. As for when it’s at the critical moment… they can’t be bothered.” Yan Luo replied respectfully. A flash of cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Forbidden blood talisman is very important, we must be very careful to ensure that there is no big mistake! Moreover, the condensation of the blood talisman must be executed at the last moment. Before that, the host must survive. Once the blood talisman is condensed, it must be use within seven days, otherwise it will be useless. If that’s not the case, why should we wait until recently to find the host.” Lan Xi said while, shaking his head slightly.

“Brother Lan, please rest assured. I will send someone to monitor them all the time. If it really can’t work, I will extract the blood talismans from them in advance when it is a few days before the plan execution.” Yan Luo said very confidently with a smile.

“Okay, since you are so thoughtful, I can rest assured.” Lan Xi finally showed a satisfied look.

“In addition, regarding the problem of erosion of evil beast’s gas, several people have found some methods through the analysis of the evil beast’s bone recently.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.” As Lan Xi heard this, he was revitalized.

“Actually, we can refine the bones of evil beasts into a type of…”

A few days later, in the underwater world not far from the underwater palace, in an inconspicuous building made of huge bluestones.

In a dark room under the building.

A ferocious looking Beastkin Clan muscular man with a purple sarcoma on his head, was sullenly sitting on the only black wooden chair in the house.

He was the Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan named Jiao Chan who brought Liu Ming into the deep sea mineral vein.

In front of him stood a mysterious man covered in gray robes. The person was reporting something to him.

“According to you, three months later, Lan Xi will start to act? Very well, if this man didn’t have a relationship with Sir Siren King, how can I let him live in the mine. When I catch him on the spot, I will immediately ruin his cultivation to let him taste a living death. At the time, I think Siren King will not put the blame on us.” Jiao Chan smiled abruptly after listening.

Listening to his tone, he seemed to be an acquaintance of Lan Xi, and they had quite some resentments.

Seeing this, the mysterious man didn’t say anything. His eyes were just flickering as he looked at the muscular man in front.

“Hmph, you can rest assured, as long as the news is confirmed, I will guarantee your freedom afterward. Are you afraid that I will eat my words?” Jiao Chan saw the mysterious man in front of him remained silent, then he snorted as he promised the person.

When the mysterious man heard the words, he cupped his fist and left silently.

Looking at the figure of the mysterious person retreating, Jiao Chan took out a jade disk array and made a gesture, then the disk array shined in white light. A line of tiny words disappeared into it.

Then, the big man stood up suddenly and strode out of the secret room.

A hidden cave in the underwater mineral vein that was very remote and inaccessible.

The entrance to the only tunnel connected to this cave was also filled with countless boulders. If there is a slave miner passing by, he would mistaken it as an abandoned mineral vein and turn away.

In such a cave, there was actually a stone house in it.

The stone house wasn’t big inside. It only had seventy to eighty meters wide. In the middle, there was a small array of diameter of twenty meters that was formed by blue runes. It was exuding a faint blue light, and there was an inexplicable breath overflowing from it from time to time.

A dozen fist-sized intermediate grade spirit stones were inlaid around the array!

An old man was standing at the center of the array with a solemn expression. The dark blue hair fluttered without wind. He was the only Crystallization Period powerhouse here, Lan Xi.

At this moment, he was holding a crystal clear mirror in his hand. He kept chanting. Suddenly, he made a gesture and shot a white light into the array.

At the next moment, a wave of aura flashed on the surface of the magic array, then little milky white light spots flew out from it. They turned into rays of pure energy that slowly gathered and flashed into the crystal mirror.

As the light spots gathered more and more, the crystal mirror in the old man’s hands gradually shone.

Suddenly, the old man stopped chanting. As his expression changed lightly, he abruptly threw the crystal mirror to the front. At the same time, his finger drew lightly in the air.

After the crystal mirror blurred, it turned into a cluster of blue light ball that suspended in front of the old man.


In the magic array under the feet, waves of spirit patterns shimmered. At the same time, eight blue light beams blasted out, and they connected with the light cluster.

Suddenly the blue light clustered concentrated, then the crystal mirror reappeared. Its surface flashed as it grew in size, turning into a few ten meters.

The old man spat out a cluster of essence breath to cover the giant mirror.

Immediately, a layer of blue mist appeared on the surface of the mirror, and a vague figure appeared gradually. It was covered by a blue robe from head to toe. Its face could not be seen at all, but it vaguely looked like a graceful woman.

“Speak, this is the last crystal mirror in my hand. In the future, from the beginning to the end of the plan, you and I can no longer contact each other.” Lan Xi carefully looked at the blurred figure of the woman in the crystal mirror. After confirming her identity, he said slowly without expression.

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