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Although the black sword shadow was missed by one blow, the invisible sword qi released from it still injured Yan Luo’s shoulder.

Seeing this scene, Yan Luo was even more rejoiced. He made a gesture, and the yellow light disappeared, showing his original skin colour. He laughed as he spoke to Liu Ming, “Haha, Brother Liu’s Sword Controlling Technique is really amazing. If I didn’t have the silver silk glove, I don’t know whether my bronze gong spiritual body can guard it or not!”

“Brother Yan, you are flattering me! I have just mastered this Sword Controlling Technique not for long, so I can’t control it freely.” Liu Ming waved his hand and called back the black tiny sword, then he said with a smile.

The other Iron Alliance people watching around here saw this and whispered for a while, looking at Liu Ming with different looks, but most of them contained a trace of fear.

With Yan Luo’s mighty strength in their minds, Liu Ming was naturally a true powerhouse for him to hurt him with one strike.

In the underwater mines where the strong prey on the weak, the powerful individuals were respected more as compared to the outside world.

What Liu Ming never imagined was that although Yan Luo was the leader of one of the two major forces in this mineral vein, and his physical strength was no less than that of the Crystallization Period powerhouse, but he seemed to be unusually forthright.

Although he was injured by Liu Ming’s Sword Controlling Technique this time, he became more enthusiastic about it later. He even more commanded his subordinates to vacate a larger stone house and let Liu Ming live.

In the next two days, Yan Luo continued to send people to explore the situation of the evil beast. But from the information that they got, the Evil Disaster really seemed to happen without any sign, and it was also gone weirdly.

In addition, the mine guards led by Chen Gang finally appeared, but they just took a few looks, then they left without staying long.

Yan Luo just sneered about it. He didn’t pay much attention to it.

During this period, Liu Ming stayed in the stone house and meditated on his own. Yan Luo also sent many roasted evil beast jerky for him to eat.

Xin Yuan also visited Liu Ming once in the stone house, and he still looked like a sick man, but he looked much better than before. He actually got two pots of alcohol from somewhere. He chatted about his previous journey outside the mine while drinking with Liu Ming. The atmosphere was really cozy.

In Xin Yuan’s words, he seemed to be very grateful for the previous elixir, but he never mentioned the great benefit that he once told in the voice transmission. It was as if he didn’t say it before.

Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to ask seeing this.

Two more days later, after confirming that all the evil beasts in the mine had returned to the abyss, Liu Ming bid farewell to Yan Luo. After refusing his gracious invitation to join Iron Alliance, he set off to return to his residence.

Xin Yuan and others continued to stay at the Iron Alliance base to recuperate.

Sure enough, on the way back, Liu Ming not only never saw an evil beast, but he also encountered only a few slave miners along the way.

After reaching the stone cave where he originally lived, the gray white mist that had been flooded in the nearby tunnels had disappeared without a trace.

Liu Ming raised his hand and released a Bone Scorpion to continue guarding, then he flashed into the stone cave.

This time he could escape his life from the Evil Disaster, it was considered a good fortune. As the saying goes if one survives a disaster, there will be good fortune waiting behind. This made Liu Ming’s desire to escape from this place even stronger.

However, at this time, regardless of his physical strength or spiritual power, he had consumed a lot. He needed to replenish them urgently.

Liu Ming immediately sat down cross-legged. After taking out a spirit stone in each of his hands, he began to close his eyes and adjust his breath.

When he was at Iron Alliance camp, he naturally would not reveal the upper grade spirit stone in front of other people.

After a few days.

While Liu Ming was still sitting cross-legged, Bone Scorpion’s “hissing” came from the cave entrance.

His eyelids moved, and his eyes opened suddenly.

However, judging from the voice from Bone Scorpion, it did not look like an enemy attack.

As Liu Ming was preparing to explore with his mental power, a voice suddenly resounded in the stone cave, “Brother Liu, I haven’t seen you in a few days. I hope you are doing well.”

“It turns out that Brother Xin is here. Now that you arrive, come in and have a chat.” Liu Ming said as his expression moved.

At the next moment, a gray figure flashed and appeared in the stone cave.

It was Xin Yuan.

“It seems that Brother Xin is recovering well. You are full of vim and vigour now.” Liu Ming glanced at Xin Yuan and said with a chuckle.

“This is also thanks to Brother Liu’s upper grade elixir.” Xin Yuan cupped his fist against Liu Ming and said with a laughter.

“It’s nothing. I was so generous at the time because I also hoped that Brother Xin could restore your fighting ability earlier. By the way, Brother Xin isn’t here to chat me this time right? Is there anything?” Liu Ming suddenly turned the thread of discussion.

“Brother Liu, I wonder if you want to leave this place alive?” As Xin Yuan heard him say so, the smile on his face disappeared. He said solemnly.

“Leave this place? Are you saying that leaving this underwater mine?” Liu Ming was stunned as he heard it, his face remained calm.

“Yes, I’m talking about leaving this deep sea mineral vein?” Xin Yuan still said seriously.

“Since that is the case, Brother Xin can tell me about it.” Liu Ming said slowly with a peculiar face after keeping silent for a while.

“I wonder if Brother Liu still has some doubts about Lan Xi’s actions?” Xin Yuan asked with a hidden meaning instead.

“Oh, is it that Brother Xin has already known something.”As Liu Ming heard the word “Lan Xi”, his thoughts moved. He faintly had some speculations.

“I also knew the truth not long ago. In fact, the reason why Senior Lan would appear in front of the horde was really for the Golden Scale Clan woman. This woman is a key person for us to escape from this place, so he had to show up for help.” Xin Yuan replied calmly.

“Very good. Can Brother Xin give a detailed description of this matter from beginning to end.” Liu Ming looked dignified after listening. He asked seriously.

“Actually, this matter started many years ago. The Senior Lan was considered to be one of the earliest slave miners imprisoned in the mine. He has been here for hundreds of years. Yan Luo was only sent here thirty years ago…” The thin young man began to talk about it.

It turned out that the two major power leaders here, Yan Luo and Lan Xi, the two powerhouses, no matter who first entered the mine and became a slave miner or later, none of them were naturally willing to struggle here in this dark place.

Therefore, the two seem to be intolerant on the surface, but in fact from the first day the two forces were formed, they quietly joined forces and conspired to escape.

The reason why the conflict between the two forces happened constantly was to put up a show for the other slave miners and mine guards so that they would be suspicious.

Now under the quiet efforts of the two, they had found a way to suppress the enchantment in their bodies, and they finally found a way to leave the mine.

The reason why Lan Xi had been hiding himself from everyone because he was busy with this escape route.

Yan Luo took a group of men to collect the ore desperately day and night to exchange for some spirit stones, elixirs and talismans. At the same time, he was also gathering people all around to do other preparations for escape.

However, for the sake of privacy, to prevent Siren King’s spy leaking any information, only the few confidants of Yan Luo and Lan Xi were aware of this.

As for the other slave miners, only those who were recognized by the two and had sufficient strength would be asked to join.

Xin Yuan in front of him was naturally one of them.

However, in order to successfully implement the escape plan, it still needed the assistance of some people with strong attack power. There were not many people who could meet this condition in the entire mine. So far, there were still not enough people.

Therefore, Xin Yuan only asked him to use his Sword Controlling Technique when he was battling with Yan Luo.

Afterward, Yan Luo was also very satisfied with Liu Ming’s Sword Controlling Technique, so he let Xin Yuan come and invite him personally.

After Xin Yuan finished speaking, he immediately kept silent, waiting for Liu Ming to digest the news and give him an accurate answer.

After Liu Ming heard it, his complexion was uncertain. Then, he solemnly asked, “According to your words, Senior Lan and Brother Yan Luo are confident of this plan. Does Brother Xin know the specific escape route? We are deep in the underwater. The whole mineral vein is surrounded by the enchantments of Siren King.”

Xin Yuan shook his head when he heard this, “In order to ensure the plan works, they will only tell the specific route and method of escaping at the last moment before the action. Prior to this, we don’t know about these. Brother Liu, with your qualification and strength, are you really willing to be imprisoned for life? Would you like to join us?”

Liu Ming frowned slightly, and fell into contemplation again. After a while, he suddenly smiled and asked, “Brother Xin, you didn’t come alone right?”

He was quietly releasing mental power during the conversation between the two, and he found that outside the stone cave, there were two more hidden unfamiliar powerful breaths.

If his mental power was not strong enough, and he deliberately probed with words, the other Condensation Period intermediate stage cultivator could hardly notice anything.

When Xin Yuan heard this, a strange expression flashed across his face, but he admitted quite frankly, “I didn’t expect that Brother Liu’s mental power is also so powerful. Because this matter is of great importance, I have no choice. I hope you will be more forgiving. However, what I said before is absolutely true, and there isn’t any lie in it…”

As Liu Ming heard the words, his eyes flashed. After looking at the skinny young man in front of him for a moment, he suddenly raised one hand, and a yellow talisman shot out and exploded in the air.

A layer of white light curtain flashed, instantly covering the two under it. They had lost connection with the outside.

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