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At the next moment, several rays of light that collided with the giant palm burst, forming a huge light cluster. The giant palm and the Crystallisation Period powerhouse were overwhelmed by the ray released by the light cluster. At the same time, it exuded waves of terra destroying breath which spread through to even the sky and earth.

Then there was a rumbling sound from the rays like a rolling thunder. It actually caused a fluctuation to the nearby space like a great wave. It caused layers of visible spirit waves appearing in the air and spreading to the surroundings.

When the huge light cluster disappeared after the spirit waves dissipated, and the sky returned to its original appearance again. However, everyone discovered that the one thousand meters size blue palm had disappeared.

The Crystallisation Period powerhouse was still suspended in the air at the moment, but there was no trace of blood on his face. The breath on his body was extremely weak, and his black robe was already worn out.

However, after he found out that he was still alive, there was a flash of ecstasy in his gloomy eyes. Without a word, he flew to the side not far from Wu Yan and sat down on his knees, then he took some elixirs before healing himself.

The young man in white robe glanced at the alien race person, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, but there was an ambiguous smile on his face.

At almost the same time, Hong San and Prophecy Fairy among the crowd, after looking at each other, made an instant decision.

At the next moment, Hong San’s arm moved, but a jade pendant suddenly appeared in his palm. His five fingers pinched and shattered it. Suddenly, a strong spatial fluctuation erupted.

There was a crack in his space around him. The jade pendant radiated a milky white light. It wrapped Hong San’s body and flashed into the crack.

At the same time, Prophecy Fairy aside waved her right hand. A golden talisman appeared in her hand after a flash, then she infused all her spiritual power in the meridians into it.

Talisman burst into a bright light in an instant, and countless runes flowed out. It flashed and wrapped the woman’s body, turning into a golden rainbow that blasted away to another direction.

Such a sudden change made the people present a little stunned, but most of them immediately looked understood.

Now that Siren King had stated that he would not keep Sea Creature Clan’s lives, it was not surprising that Hong San and Prophecy Fairy would suddenly rush to escape.

Young man in white robe witnessed this scene, but there was a trace of sarcasm in his eyes. However, he didn’t stop it immediately.

The golden light of Prophecy Fairy hit the blue light curtain, and the golden light soared again. Various runes that were dancing inside flashed and fused into the blue light.

The pale blue light emitted from the light curtain actually collapsed like snow melting after many runes flashed into it. There was actually a big hole of a few feets on the light curtain after a few second.

As the woman was overjoyed, the golden rainbow flashed. She went out from the hole on the blue light curtain and galloped away into the distance.

On the other side, when Hong San’s figure appeared again. He had already appeared a thousand meters away from the blue light curtain. After the talisman in his hand shook, it turned into a white rainbow. He wanted to escape now.

Jia Lan, who was still in place, and Li Kun, who was seriously injured, looked at the figures of the two who escaped from the light curtain through their secret treasures. Their faces changed several times, but they also had no solution at all.

If she were them in this situation, she would probably not bring any burden.

Ye Tianmei stood quietly in the same place, looking at the back of the two leaving with no expression on her face.

Liu Ming saw it, and his complexions changed a few times. After glancing at Jia Lan’s side, she didn’t look too surprise.

But at this moment, the young man in white robe glanced at the rest of the crowd. After an abrupt smile, he opened his palm and flicked. There were two pale blue lights shooting out from his fingers. They were two light blue needles. It was made of unknown materials. It was deep blue with runes flowing on its surface which seemed pretty mysterious.

The moment the two flying needles shot, they disappeared.

At the next moment, a distance of more than a hundred meters behind Hong San, the space suddenly fluctuated as a light blue flying needle emerged.

Hong San’s face shuddered. He didn’t look back, but he cast a crimson red mace in his hand. There were red runes flowing on its surface. It grew several ten meters in size when he grabbed it in his hand.


Hong San held the mace in his hand tightly and waved behind him.

In an instant, the mace turned into crimson shadows all over the sky like a crimson curtain on the sky, trying to stop the flying needle from coming.


A blue flying needle turned into a pale blue shadow, passing through the crimson shadows transformed by the mace as if there was nothing, and it went into the rainbow transformed by Hong San.

“Magic weapon!”

An incredible sound came from the rainbow, echoing in the sky. But before he finished speaking, another painful scream could be heard.

At the next moment, the crimson curtain disappeared, and the rainbow transformed by Hong San disappeared in a flash, revealing his motionless body.

At this time, Hong San, holding the mace in one hand and his other hand was making a gesture, but there was no injury all over his body. His eyes were filled with terror and unwillingness, and there wasn’t a trace of vitality. He had obviously died under the blue flying needle, even his soul was destroyed.

On the other side of the sky, Prophecy Fairy, who was fleeing, also heard the shouting of Hong San before he died, and her heart trembled. She suddenly reached to her neck and tore out a delicate white jade pendant.

On top of the jade pendant, there was a vivid flame bird imprinted on it, exuding a faint magenta halo.

Prophecy Fairy threw her jade pendant into the air with a wave of her arm without hesitation, then a burst of dazzling red flame on its surface. A magenta flame bird in the size of a palm flew out along with a sharp chirping sound.

During the fluttering of the flame bird’s wings, the flames rolled along. and the figure instantly became the size forty meters in size.

At this moment, another blue flying needle flashed in the vicinity almost at the same time. After it blurred, it went straight to the flame bird.

“Stop it! I am the Fairy of the Red Scale Clan. If I’m alive, to you…”

Prophecy Fairy, after feeling the almost suffocating horror power emitted from the flying needle, her face immediately turned pale and bloodless, and she shouted desperately.

But before she finished speaking, the magenta flame bird behind her was extinguished when the pale blue flying needle pierced through. It didn’t seem to slow a little as it turned into a blue light that penetrated Prophecy Fairy’s head.

Prophecy Fairy’s face was full of unbelievable expression, but the pair of beautiful eyes had lost their vitality. After that, she fell from the sky!

The young man in white robe was still standing still, then the two flying needles flashed back as the space in front of him fluctuated. He waved his sleeve and retrieved the blue flying needle.

“Magic weapon … My Xuan Yin Needle is barely a prototype of a magic weapon at best. It is far from the real magic weapon!” Looking at the two pale blue flying needles in his hand, young man in white robe muttered to himself. Then, he gently grasped, and the flying needle disappeared.

At this moment, his gaze finally turned to Li Kun and Jia Lan.

Because the two were the only two remaining Sea Creature Clan!

Feeling the majestic pressure in the eyes of the young man in white robe, although Li Kun’s face was a little pale, he didn’t really show much fear. However, after a bitter smile, his lips wriggled slightly. He actually sent a voice message to Siren King.

The young man in white robe only listened to a few words, and his expression moved. His eyes flashed a few times.

After being silent for a moment, he finally nodded his head at Li Kun and said lightly, “Since that is the case, I will keep you alive for a while. Just wait and see by the side.”

Hearing that Siren King actually said these two words, everyone on the scene was stunned. They kept guessing what Li Kun said in their mind. He could save his life so easily.

Li Kun gave a complicated look at Jia Lan next to him, and then walked aside silently.

When everyone else’s eyes turned to Jia Lan again, the woman’s face was white and bloodless. She barely smiled and wanted to say something, but the young man in white robe waved his hand unexpectedly. He said faintly, “Based on your succubus physique, and you are not a pure-blood Sea Creature Clan, I will spare you for the time being. From now on, you will serve as my maid.”

Jia Lan was stunned for a while, but after her face became uncertain for a while, she nodded bitterly.

With the existence of an early stage of the Condensation Period, how could she dare to resist at all.

As a result, only Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei were left in the field.

Ye Tianmei had no expression. She just looked at the young man in white robe coldly.

The young man in white robe on the opposite side was putting his hands on his band while narrowing his eyes and examining this woman, then he nodded with satisfaction and said, “Nod bad, you don’t need to take my blow. Just be my cultivation companion.”

As soon as these words were spoken, not only were Wu Yan and others stunned, but even the Beastkin Clan powerhouses such as Qing Qi and Chi Li couldn’t help but be stunned.

Elder Liu’s face was even more sullen..

But after hearing, Ye Tianmei’s face turned dark slightly, she waved her sleeve and a silver flying sword flew out. It suspended in front of her chest and made a buzz trembling sound.

“If you can take my sword and be safe, then we will discuss this!”

“Wonderful, the companion that I look up to is really not an ordinary person! Well, I will not move even a little here to take your sword!” Siren King said with a smile as he clapped.

After Ye Tianmei snorted, the flying sword in front of her chest suddenly burst into a silver-white light, turning into a silver light that soared into the sky.

After the female figure moved, she disappeared directly into the silver light.

At the next moment, a clear chime sounded along with the silver light. A silver rainbow with a hundred more meters condensed. Under a flash, it pounched to the opponent like a silver dragon of the sea.

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